My Last Spring Break

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Glenn Shorrock: “If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing, it’s the time that I spend alone, sailing on the cool and bright clear water.”


+ + +

I’m about to embark on a spring break of a lifetime. This is probably my last spring break. ‘m getting my masters at the University of Miami. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science but my passion is cell phone app development. I have had zero luck selling any of my apps. I have some good ideas but it’s a cutthroat business and I haven’t had my fifteen minutes of fame yet. Even though none have been licensed, I still enjoy making and using them for myself. My name is Ryan and I turned twenty three a month ago.

Unlike most of the crowd at a spring break gathering, I’m going to be cruising the harbors in ‘Six Pack Apps’, a twenty three meter yacht (That’s about seventy five feet for those of you who didn’t realize there would be math involved.) I’ve grown up around water and have enjoyed sailing for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen pictures of me at the wheel of a boat when I was just a few feet tall.

You want to know my secret to success? Choose your parents carefully. My parents live paycheck to paycheck. They’re not poor, they just spend well beyond their incomes. You’re probably wondering how it is that I’ll be floating around the Caribbean in a babe magnet yacht? Thankfully my mother has a very successful sibling.

My mother’s brother, Albert, is a partner in a software company that has successfully marketed several very profitable phone apps. I helped his staff with some sticky inter-module interfaces. For that I get a small royalty check every month. It’s hardly enough to pay the fuel bill for the yacht. Albert has made so much money that he decided that people with his wealth always owned a yacht. Albert discovered he hates spending time on the water.

+ + +

In an effort to avoid taking a sizable hit on disposing his yacht, Albert recruited me to parade it around the Caribbean. I rented a car in Miami to be dropped off at Hilton Head. After losing the car I grabbed a cab to Uncle Albert’s office. He had a credit card issued for my use in keeping the yacht in sharp working condition. In addition, I can withdraw up to five hundred in cash per day for living and marketing expenses. Albert and I talked at length about a marketing strategy. What we hope to accomplish is finding a couple of ladies willing to prance around nude on the deck. We’d take the yacht into international waters then, hopefully, have loud raucous sex in plain view. To hide our identities we plan on wearing Mardi Gras feather masks. Word travels fast when naked ladies are available for viewing.

We talked for a few hours then I took a cab to the marina. My job is to find a buyer for his yacht. I have a week to attract a buyer. My payoff will be ten percent as a finder’s fee. He’s asking three and a half million. If it sells for three I’ll be one happy camper.

I checked my supplies, made a few small purchases, and then set sail for Fort Lauderdale. My best friend, Ralph, is meeting me and will help for three nights. He has an important job interview next week. I would be considered the wingman for Ralph. He has light blond, almost white, hair and very light blue eyes. The girls cannot get enough of Ralph and his baby face. I make no apologies for hustling and bedding one of the losers once Ralph has chosen his pussy for the night. If there’s a downside to Ralph, it would be that he’ll never be accused of outsmarting you. I think he wonders where the sun goes at night.

Before embarking, I placed several ‘For Sale’ signs around the craft. The phone number on the signs belongs to a burner phone I purchased. The message on that phone gives my email address and a website which contains the yacht specs. All I need now is to find some babes who would like to wear little to nothing as we sail from port to port. I also decided to try to make a little coin by displaying an ‘Ask us about day cruises’ sign.

It was Saturday morning and after an uneventful trip I docked ‘Six Pack Apps’ in the calm and quiet pre-dawn waters. I secured the yacht using the dock lines and cleats. I pinned a few ‘Help Wanted’ 3×5 cards on the bulletin board. After a short visit to the harbor office I found the cafe where Ralph and I agreed to meet.

Ralph was waiting for me. We ate a huge breakfast then went back to the yacht. Ralph and I sat on the deck drinking beer. An older couple inquired about a harbor cruise. We told them we were already booked. Around noon Ralph took off for the general store to stock up on snacks. We have a lot of booze already on board, minus the few drinks we’d already downed.

I noticed three bikini clad ladies looking at the bulletin board where I had pinned my cards. I phoned Ralph and encouraged him to see what the ladies were looking to find. After chatting with the ladies for a few minutes, silivri escort Ralph returned and was followed by the three cuties.

Pointing at each “Ryan, we have company. This is Susan, Mary, and Julie.”

“Actually I’m Mary and that’s Julie” came the correction.

Susan is a redhead with at least 36 D boobs and an apple bottom. She is very fair in complexion, almost pale. She needs to be careful about sun burn. Mary is a blond with a pony tail and also sports 36 D boobs. Susan weighs a little more than Mary so I think her boobs are fuller. Julie is a black haired beauty. She’s a few inches shorter than the other two but her cleavage is the thing dreams are made of. I imagined seeing my cock sliding between those perky tits.

“Nice to meet you ladies. How can we be of service today?”

Julie took the lead “Ralph said you were looking for help selling your boat.”

“Yes we are. Did Ralph disclose what our helpers would be doing?”

“Not really.”

“We’re offering one hundred per day. You would be sunbathing naked on the deck while we cruise along in international waters along the US line. Do you have a problem with that?”

Julie flipped her top up and her tits came into full view. She had a very small patch of white around the nipples.

“Would these work?”

“Absolutely. Better put those away before you draw a crowd. How about you Susan? And you Mary?”

In tandem both sets of boobs came bouncing into view. No tan lines on Mary’s tits but Susan’s were milky white.

“Perfect, put them away. When do we have to have you back here?”

They huddled for a minute then Mary “This time next Friday. We have late afternoon flights that day.”

“Oh, so you are thinking about sleeping on the yacht?”

“If we could. We are here on spring break. We’re all students at Clemson. We thought it would be no problem to get a hotel room but the city is sold out. I guess there’s a home improvement show at the convention center and we don’t have a place to stay.”

“Ralph, chat time.”

Ralph and I agreed that if they would be our sex slaves then we’d house and feed them for the next week.

“Ladies join us.”

After all were in the huddle I whispered “If you want to be our guests then we expect you to be available for Ralph and I to enjoy as we see fit. No expense to you but we get anything we want from you. Do you still want a free week on the yacht?”

Mary spoke up “Would we still get paid? What about food?”

“Yes, you’d each get one hundred times seven days. Six nights free with all you can eat and drink.”

Susan asked “Can you give us a minute?”

It was clear that Mary needed some convincing. Susan was the leader and Julie soon joined in putting the peer pressure on. When they broke the huddle Julie snuggled up next to me and her hand slid into my swim trunks and grabbed my semi-hard cock “I’m in.”

Susan’s hand slipped into Ralph’s trunks “I’m in.”

Mary simply smiled at me “I’m in too.”

My cock was screaming for relief “Ladies grab your bags and we’ll set sail immediately.”

They scrambled back into the harbor office and emptied the lockers they had rented. It took less than five minutes to break the yacht free from its moorings. I sat at the helm and navigated Six Pack Apps into open waters.

“Gather round people.”

The other four joined me near the helm. Julie sat next to me.

“Ralph and Mary you need to cover your tattoos. We are hoping that people will take videos of what’s happening on board, and I don’t want anyone to recognize us. You need to wear the Mardi Gras masks when you’re naked or engaged in sex acts. It’s super important to use lots of sunscreen. Any questions?”

The others left but Julie slipped her hand into my swim trunks. She started to gently stroke my cock. After untying her bottom I fingered her pussy. It was closely cropped and very moist. It took about thirty minutes to find our way out of US territorial waters. I found a spot where some fishing boats had dropped anchor. I did the same.

“Show time ladies! Let’s hope we end up on the internet.”

Julie was naked immediately and proceeded to yank my trunks down. We each grabbed a handful of sunscreen and covered each other quickly. We found our way to the deck and put on the Mardi Gras masks. I had Julie lay down and I sampled her cleavage. I could easily get off in that tit valley. I rolled onto my back and motioned for Julie to start sucking. She squatted and buried my cock in her warm mouth. While I enjoyed her mouth and tongue I spotted Ralph applying sunscreen to both Susan and Mary.

I put on a vocal show “Oh gawd you suck great! Oh yeah, more, more, more!”

I wasn’t faking though and Julie was about to get a mouth full. I erupted but she never slowed down. She grabbed a towel and cleaned up the stray spots of cum. I found another handful of sunscreen and made sure Julie would not get sunburned. I thoroughly enjoyed rubbing şirinevler escort her tits and pussy. It only took a few minutes and I was hard enough to fuck her. I had her stand and spread her legs while leaning into the railing. Her tits were dangling overboard.

“Make a lot of noise. Let’s get the attention of the nearby boats.”

Ralph was pounding his cock into Mary. Susan was rubbing on both of them. With Mary and Julie screaming, the neighbors had lost interest in fishing and were all equipped with binoculars.

Susan whispered loudly “Look over there, that guy is jacking off.”

“Well tease him. Put your fingers in your mouth and suck them!”

“Now there’s another one jacking off. Unreal.”

Ralph shot his load and I followed shortly thereafter. Julie certainly seemed to enjoy it but I wasn’t sure how much of it was acting. I made my way over to Susan and started fingering her pussy. She made sure the nearby boats knew she was cumming.

It was super erotic watching three naked ladies casually getting drinks, food, and enjoying the sun. Ralph was raising the anchor as I mapped out our next stop. The ladies got into it. Whenever we approached another craft they would stand, wave, and play with themselves or each other. We found another popular fishing spot and dropped anchor again.

“Susan, could I see you on the deck?”

She wiggled over and we started making out. I noticed she was wearing rings on every finger but not on her thumbs. I grabbed a handful of sunscreen and had fun applying it to every inch of her body. We moved near the edge and Susan went onto all fours. I spread her legs and easily slid my cock into her hot pussy. She was quite an actress screaming and shouting ‘Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me!’

She was genuinely pushing back hard against me and her orgasm was the real thing. I kept it up for a few more minutes then emptied into her pussy.

“This is going to be a fun week” she whispered.

Ralph was doing Mary again and she was exceptionally vocal. A few boats slowed as they approached and the ladies weren’t shy at all. When the men on the other boats offered to come aboard, I had Ralph recover the anchor and I navigated away. A few men on some of the boats had dropped their trunks and the ladies were pointing out the bigger cocks.

“Ladies, find something to cover yourself. We’re going to cruise around a harbor then call it a day and find an isolated spot for the evening.”

Once we were close to shore everyone’s cell phones started working again. Ralph and the ladies were busy texting away.

With drinks in hand and masks in place the ladies flirted with every boat we encountered. It was almost 7 pm by the time we dropped anchor for the night. I turned on the electric mesh. It’s somewhat like an electric fence. If someone tries to sneak onto the yacht they will end up as fish food. The yacht also has a very sophisticated motion detection system complete with flood lights. For added security there are two AK-47s mounted on opposite sides of the helm.

There’s a satellite dish for internet and television. I used the internet to order fuel and supplies. I checked my email and found that I had received two inquiries about the boat. The website counter had increased by thirty. At least we’re getting some hits. I responded to both emails.

While Julie and Mary were busy making dinner, Susan was on the internet.

“There’s a video of us!”

Everyone crowded around and watched. On some amateur porn site the video captured me fucking Susan and Ralph fucking Mary. It showed the ‘For Sale” signs a few times.

My cell phone still worked so I located a mechanic. There was an odd noise when the engine shifted gears.

“Ladies, we need to dock in the morning for some maintenance. Pass a sheet around and put down what kind of food we need to pick up for you. While I’m busy with the mechanic you can catch a cab to the grocery store.”

All of the ladies took turns using the computer. They occasionally whispered amongst themselves. Ralph had passed out in the smaller bedroom. Once the sun goes down you need a robe. The ladies chose to wear theirs open. I took turns visiting each of the ladies, sucking on their nipples, and fingering their pussies.

Susan and Julie shed their robes and were on the big bed. Mary and I were on the entertainment room couch. She had my cock buried deep in her mouth. I pulled Mary up and encouraged her to mount my cock. She was easily the tightest of the three pussies.

Mary giggled and turned my head towards the bedroom. Susan and Julie were licking each other’s pussies. Since Susan was on top, Ralph positioned his cock and had no problem sliding it into Susan’s snatch. Susan must have been very good at licking slits as Julie began grunting and whimpering then cried out with pleasure. It was enough for Ralph to unload into Susan’s pussy. I let loose of my jizz up Mary’s canal. She refused to quit hugging me until my limp cock şişli escort dropped out of her pussy.

Ralph pulled Julie into the small bedroom and I led Mary into the big bedroom. With Susan on the edge, I moved to the middle and Mary made it three across.

“Tell me about those rings Susan.”

“Well the ones on my pinkies are promise rings. None of them turned into a husband. The ones on my index fingers are either from my mom or her mom. The one on my right ring finger is my engagement ring, and the one on my left ring finger is my wedding band. The others are gifts from lovers or boyfriends.”

“You’re married?”

“That I am. Almost two years now.”

“I’ve never met anyone who had an open marriage.”

“He started it. He’s trying hard to close that Pandora’s Box. I’m just doing this to torture him. Sooner or later he’ll figure out that his cheating killed our marriage.”

“Mary, what’s your story?”

“I’ve had two steady boyfriends. I’m a prude. I doubled the number of guys I’ve had sex with today. You’re much better than Ralph.”

“I agree” added Susan “you’re at least an inch longer than my hubby but he has a fatter cock than you. I liked it when you did me doggy style. That extra inch tickled me just right.”

“I’ll have to try that” Mary grinned.

I rolled over Susan, turned the lights out, and then settled back into the middle. Both ladies took turns using the bathroom then snuggled with me. With all the wine and beer we had ingested, sleep came easy.

+ + +

When dawn approached I eased out of the bed. After turning off the electric webbing I dove into the cold waters. After rinsing off for a minute I climbed back aboard. I made a pot of coffee and was enjoying my first cup when I felt hands working their way towards my cock.

“Do me doggy style” whispered Mary.

Mary positioned herself on the couch and I pulled her back onto my cock. She was working her pussy muscles and moaning as I drove my cock as far as it could go. Slowly out then hard back in. I kept this up for several minutes. Mary was fingering her clit and then groaned, stiffened, and spasmed. I only lasted a few more strokes before releasing my first load of the day.

“I watched you dive into the bay. I’m not much of a swimmer so watch me ok?”

She strolled out to the edge and jumped in. After a minute of rinsing out her pussy she climbed back aboard. I wrapped her in a towel, kissed her, and held her close. She held me that way until Ralph stuck his head out.

“When are we headed to shore?”

“I’m getting ready now. We need to pull in the anchor. The shops won’t be open until 8 am but we could have breakfast while the boat is being worked on.”

“Breakfast sounds good.”

So much for dropping a hint about the anchor. I sent Mary on her way with another kiss. Unlike the previous kisses, this was a passionate one from Mary. I didn’t mind at all.

After navigating into the harbor I docked near the maintenance shed. Everyone was dressed appropriately and the cells phones were all buzzing. As we waited for our breakfast order I handed out yesterday’s pay.

“Here’s your Benjamin for yesterday. Mary, here’s another to pay for the groceries today. There’s more if you need more.”

The ladies kept in touch and when the yacht was seaworthy again I sent Mary a text. They returned with a few bags of groceries and a few other bags.

Day two was a little more relaxed than day one. The ladies were easily earning their pay. There were many boat horns blaring throughout the day. One of the purchases they had made was a strap-on dildo. When Ralph and I were limp, which was occurring more and more, they took turns strap-on fucking each other. The appreciative crowd enjoyed the show.

I did Susan doggy style again and a few hours later I enjoyed Mary cowgirl style. Later in the afternoon I titty fucked Julie then filled her pussy. Mary seemed to be avoiding Ralph who really didn’t seem to notice. He plowed into Susan at least three times.

One of the boats that we let get close sold us some weed. Anything goes out in international waters.

After enjoying the weed and eating a nice dinner, we settled into the entertainment room. As Ralph and Julie were snuggling in the hot tub, Mary was trying to get my cock up. Susan was alternating between fingering Mary and Julie. I was using my toes to tease Susan’s pussy.

Mary announced “I’m sleeping with Ryan again.”

Susan added “It worked last night. I’ll sleep with Ryan too.”

“Come on Julie, they don’t want us around” joked Ralph.

With Susan and Mary on their backs I slid in between them and alternated sucking their nipples. I was fingering both and the slushing sounds were very erotic. Both were extremely horny. Susan was playing with my nut sack and Mary was rubbing my cock. I pushed Mary’s legs apart and she guided my cock in. I thrust about ten times then hopped over in between Susan’s legs and she guided my cock in. After about ten thrusts I returned to Mary. I was able to keep this up for fifteen minutes before shooting a weak stream of cum into Mary.

Mary rolled onto Susan and licked her until she orgasmed. We took turns in the bathroom, turned out the lights, and snuggled together. The grunts and groans from the other bedroom died off and we got a little sleep.

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