My Indian Mom’s Sexcapades Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: All characters in this work are fictional and bear no resemblance or relation to any individuals living or dead. All characters are above 18 years of age.


This is the continuation of the previous stories. Read my previous stories in this series to get the context.

It’s been 15minutes since mom was fucked by Gokul. I saw the mom’s room door opened. Arnav came, closed the door behind and locked it. I was trying to understand what was going on. Is mom going to be fucked again on the same night? So many thoughts were going on in my mind. Arnav came towards the bed and saw mom on the bed laying down on her side with her ass facing towards him. He leaned and started kissing her ass and the waist. Mom turned around and smiled. She got up and sat at the edge of the bed with her legs on the floor and spreading her pussy. I can see her cleanly shaved pussy from where I am looking. Some moisture on her pussy was shining like a drop of rain on a flower in the morning sunrise.

Arnav quickly removed his clothes and threw on the floor. came closer, knelt down the floor and started licking mom’s cunt. he was moving from the lower beşiktaş türbanlı escort part of the pussy and going all the way up and then coming down. when he started kissing the lower part of the cunt, mom moved her cunt and raising her legs. She might want him to move lower. He was doing it like a dance with his tongue. Mom seems to like in heaven by the way she is closing her eyes and clenching her body. He must have licked and played with it for good 10minutes. Mom suddenly wrapped her legs around him and held him tightly with her legs wrapped around his body. She was holding his head tightly into her pussy. After a good 30 seconds, she let her hand go. Arnav got up and wiped his face with a towel. Mom must have had a good orgasm and released her juices. Arnav’s face is wet with mom’s juices.

Mom got off from the bed. She stood next to the bed, bent & kept her hands on the bed, came in a position so that Arnav can fuck her from behind. Mom is offering Arnav to fuck her from rear this time in a doggy position. He quickly came in position, guided his cock and started fucking her. I hear some noises beşiktaş ucuz escort but couldn’t make anything out of it. He started fucking, slapping on her ass every few seconds and pinching on the side. I can see her ass cheeks becoming red due to his pinching. He was fucking harder and harder. Today, he was going so fast as if he need to leave early. He fucked for good 3 minutes. He suddenly took his cock out and got closer to mom. She quickly took his cock in her mouth. He was not moving much. May be he just released as soon his cock was in mom’s mouth. Mom sucked him clean. They got up, straightened and kissed each other. They were both laughing on something. After they broke the kiss, he bent down and kissed the ass where he was slipping. I realized he is smooching the area which become red due to his slapping. She must have said something about his roughness and he was kissing on the ass to make her feel good.

Arnav quickly wore his clothes and left quietly. Mom went to the bathroom and came back in few minutes.

I was wondering why mom is doing all this. Dad is having successful business and mom beşiktaş üniversiteli escort is having successful business. Why can’t they live together happily. Why do they have to live separately and mom had to cheat dad. I felt deep sympathy for dad.

My cock is hard and i was feeling awkward to touch it. I then saw a light flashing in the next room. It was the phone display. Mom played with the phone, typed something and kept it aside.

My mind was not able to decide what to do. My cock is hard and asking me to touch. My mom is there standing naked. She is the most beautiful woman I ever saw. She is more beautiful than any super model pictures I saw. It felt wrong to touch my cock looking at my mom. Eventually i gave in to my body. I touched and it is asking me to make the release. I don’t want to masturbate looking at my mom. I just closed my eyes and started masturbating. Even when I closed my eyes, my mom’s naked body was going in my mind, how she sucked his friend’s cocks and how they fucked her like a hungry slut. I released in my pajamas and I cleaned it with a tissue. I looked towards mom. She was adjusting her light make up, eyeliner and the lipstick. She sprayed some body fragrance and turned on the table fan. She dried herself off of the sweat. She wore her camisole and the short and sat on the bed. I wondered why she need makeup when she is going to sleep. Is something else coming?

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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