My Holiday in May Ch. 03

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Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry were in high spirits when they returned from their trip to the market. They had gotten very good prices for the fish they had brought, and it was the most money they had seen in a while, so they were ecstatic — Uncle Larry even went so far as to call me a “good luck charm” because they’d had the best catch they’d seen in years.

Which turned out to be a good thing, because something changed between the time Lucy and Larry got back, and when we sat down for dinner. After making that sly grab for my balls and cock from behind my back, May went off to the kitchen with her Mom while I grabbed a basin of water and headed to an isolated part of the beach to wash myself. I had been a little worried Uncle Larry would follow me there – I would have had a hard time explaining to him why my groin was so wet and smelling of pussy juice – but thankfully, he took the hint that I wanted to wash up on my own and let me go alone.

I made sure to scrub my pubic region thoroughly and paid special attention to my cock and balls – May was a ‘gusher’ and even as I was washing up I could still smell her pussy on me – and then, just as I was about to go back, I remembered to wash my face as well. Not that I had anything against smelling May’s pussy on my own skin, I was more afraid that Uncle Larry would smell his daughter’s cunt on me when we went to sleep tonight.

When I got back, dinner was sitting on the table. Nobody had noticed that May and I hadn’t touched the food that had been left for us for lunch, thank God. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry were still chatting away excitedly about their time at the market. Of May, there was no sign. When she did finally come in, however, I knew something had changed right away.

I knew because she avoided my eyes throughout dinner… and because I could see that she was wearing her underwear under the pyjamas this evening. When we were done eating, she scooted off to the kitchen to help with the washing up while Uncle Larry sat with me to talk about life at college, in the city. Boring stuff, but it beat being ignored all evening, I suppose.

I won’t say I wasn’t perturbed by May’s behaviour, and it wasn’t because it meant I wouldn’t be savouring that delicious pussy either. It was more than that – I surprised myself when it occurred to me that I wasn’t thinking about seeing her naked or wanting to fuck her… instead, I was sad and worried about her. What had happened? Had Aunt Lucy spoken to her? Was she regretting that she had had sex with me?

Those thoughts stayed with me throughout my conversation with Uncle Larry and right up to bedtime. I tossed and turned for a good bit before sleep finally claimed me, and to describe my slumber as ‘disturbed’ would be an understatement of epic proportions. I kept waking up… or at least, I thought I did, after a while… in between dreams of fucking May and getting discovered, May telling me she was pregnant and Uncle Larry bellowing his head off in the living room, waking up in my own room and realising that I no longer had the chance to find out what went wrong with cousin May.

That last dream did it for me. I was wide awake after that, and only then did I realise that it was morning and sunshine was streaming in the window. Damn. Where was May? Was she still pissed off? Why didn’t she come look for me?

I quickly changed up and went outside, noting that it was already 9 o’clock. Wow, that massive spend into May’s cunt must have really drained me. I went round the pens and saw the pigs feeding at their troughs. The chickens and ducks had also been fed too. May had already done my chores. Shit, she must be really mad.

I set out for the field where I knew she’d be working. She was in the furthest corner, wearing… damn, she was wearing the most modest clothing I’d seen on her since I came to the island. What had I done?

“May!” I called out to her and she didn’t even turn around. I knew she heard me and was pretending not to, so I made my way towards her, treading gingerly over the mushy field. When I reached her, she stood up, her back towards me – I could see the outline of her bra clearly under her shirt, so I knew she wasn’t as free-spirited as she had been during my first two days here – and said: “Go away, Charlie.”

Just like that. It wasn’t a shout, it wasn’t a command, just a straightforward request. “Go away, Charlie.” Her tone was dull and her voice soft, so I knew she meant that. “But May…” “I said go away, Charlie.” she said, her voice a little louder now.

You know what? I would’ve done so if it had been any other woman. If she had been someone I’d just wanted to fuck, going away would’ve been a cinch… after all, I’d seen, touched and tasted her body. What was there to fuss over?

But this was May. My cousin May. The little imp who followed me around the last time I was here. The girl with whom I’d played games, climbed trees… the girl whom I’d ‘saved’ from an angry dog the last time out. May, the woman pendik escort whose virginity I’d taken, who gave her body to me just yesterday… no, I wasn’t about to listen to her.

I reached out and grabbed her upper arm, and what happened next, happened so fast I only had fleeting impressions of it. May swung round and pushed me square in the chest. Like I said, she’s a strong girl, plus, she caught me by surprise. As I fell, I saw that she had been crying, the tears still gleaming on her cheeks.

I went down like a sack of potatoes. The next thing I know, I’m lying on something soft, and water was dripping on my face. One drop hit my mouth and I knew it was May’s tears I was feeling. Opening my eyes, I looked up at her. She was still crying, and trying to apologise at the same time: “I’m sorry, Charlie, I’m so sorry…”

“It.. it’s alright, May,” I answered as I lifted my head off her lap. “No, it’s not alright,” she said, more tears streaming down her face. She looked so pitiful and so beautiful I grabbed her and pulled her down to lie next to me, and cuddled my angel. She sobbed a bit more, her body shuddering while she lay in my arms.”I’m sorry, Charlie,” she said again after a while. “I… I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s ok, May,” I said, brushing my lips against her ear and feeling the goosebumps rise on her arms. “No harm done, except to my heart.”

She sniffled a bit more, rubbed her nose on my shirt and then asked: “What do you mean?”

“How you behaved… how cold you’ve been to me last night and today,” I explained. “That hurt my heart more than any push could have.”

“Oh,” she said, and I continued: “Did I do something wrong? Did you… regret..?”

“No.. no… well, maybe,” she hid her face in my chest, unwilling to look at me. “I did… like it.”

“Did I hurt you?” I asked. “What did I..?”

“Yes, it did hurt,” she said, burying her head deeper into my chest. “It hurt when you first… went in. And it hurt for a bit after we… finished. But that’s not why…”

“No?” I refused to let the topic go. “So why did you… why did it feel like you didn’t like me anymore?”

“I… Mom told me you were going to go back home at the end of the week,” she replied. “She told me not to get used to having you around too much because you’d be gone and I’d have to do all the chores on my own again.

“That’s when I… when it occurred to me… this can’t last, Charlie. I mean, it feels… good when you are down there… and especially when you’re in there… but you’ll be gone and…”

It dawned on me just why she had suddenly turned cold on me. Cousin May had more than just the hots for me. It made me feel bad, like I’d taken advantage of her. But it also made me feel great too. It was a weird feeling, like nothing I’d felt before.

“So you don’t want me to go?” I asked, using my hand to push her chin up so I could look into her eyes. “You want me to stay?”

She nodded, then said: “But I know you won’t stay, cousin Charlie. This is not your place. It’s not what you’re used to. I want you to stay but I know you won’t be happy here, so I don’t want you to stay too.”

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes as she continued: “It sounds confusing, I know, but I… you should be happy too. I love seeing you smile, it’s like the morning sunshine, and I don’t want to be the reason why you stop smiling.

“Ditto, May,” I replied, and kissed her gently on her lips. I gently swiped the tip of my tongue against her lips and felt them open slightly to accept it. She pressed her lips against mine, offering me a fuller taste and I obliged, sliding my tongue lightly into her mouth.

“Ooooh, Charlie,” she cooed when I stopped to allow us to catch our breaths. “You’re naughty!”

“You’re my inspiration,” I replied and kissed her some more. I don’t know how long we lay there kissing in the field before she suddenly pulled away from me.

I had a moment’s worry that she was reverting to her “cold” persona again… then she sat up and pulled her shirt off in one movement. Before I could say anything else, she had slipped her bra off. I tried to cup her lovely little breasts but she stood up and shucked her pants and panties right off.

Then she stood astride me, letting me take a look at her ripe peach of a pussy. It was just above my head and as I stared at it, she lowered herself on to my face. “Here,” she breathed harshly. “I’ve got something for you to eat.”

I watched the plump lips approach my face, the pink valley opening slightly as she went into a squat. I could see her smaller lips: pink, luscious and already wet, waiting for my tongue as it descended towards my hungry mouth. When it touched my mouth, I was ready — I swiped my tongue right across that deep cleft of hers, sliding up from the depression that marked the entrance to her vagina, up to where her lips joined to form the hood of her clitoris.

May gasped but did not waver, keeping her pubis steady maltepe escort as my tongue wiped at her clit. I reached up and pulled her hips down, completing the fusion of her pubis and my mouth, before starting to work on giving her a good licking. She did her level best to stay in that position while I ate her out, but the sensations must have become a bit too intense for her after a while, because she slowly sagged backwards, lying down on my body. I had to raise my head in order to keep my mouth and tongue firmly attached to her leaking groin — no easy feat, I assure you — but I could at least use my hand to pull her pubis up towards my mouth.

She began to come not long afterwards. This time, she couldn’t clamp my head between her thighs, but I knew she was coming anyway because I could actually feel her liquids gushing against my mouth and running down my chin and throat. She didn’t scream this time, but it didn’t matter… the convulsions that shook her body as she peaked were evidence enough of how much she enjoyed it.

All this time, I was still clothed, so when she was done, the front of my tee shirt was completely drenched. I let her lie there on top of me, her exposed vulva gleaming with my saliva and her juices lying right on top of my wet chest. After she had regained her breath, she rolled off me.

I thought that was it, especially since she had expressed some reservations about the sex, but I was wrong. She sat up, still gasping slightly, grabbed my shorts and briefs, and pulled them down to my ankles. My prick, released from its constrictive prison, sprung into view immediately. It looked like an angry exclamation, demanding immediate attention.

“Ooooh. What do we have here?” she teased as she clasped her hand around the stem, making my cock twitch impatiently. “It looks like you need some help, Charlie.”

“What kind of help can you give?” I grinned at her. I was so horny and hard, a hand job would’ve suited me. Assuming, of course, that May actually knew how to give one.

But that was not what she had in mind. Moving quickly, she straddled my body, putting her squelching wet pussy square on my lower belly, just in front of my throbbing cock. Looking into my eyes, she lowered her body towards me, pushing her hips backwards. I felt the wet slash of her sex sliding down until it met the stem of my cock. Then, she arched her back and began slowly humping her wet pussy against my hard-on. I felt my cock sliding about in her slippery valley, the head occasionally dipping into her vagina. I cocked my hips and tried to push it in each time it happened, and each time, she pulled away so that my cock slipped out.

“What’s the matter, cuz?” she teased as it happened again. “Somewhere you wanna go?” Damn, she was good. I don’t know how she knew to do what to do, but whatever she did raised my level of arousal bit by agonising bit. “Yeah,” I growled, grabbing her hips and trying to push her towards my aching prong.

“Oh no you don’t,” she giggled, putting her hands on mine and arching her back so I didn’t manage to penetrate her. “Not so easy, Charlie!” “You’re driving me nuts, May,” I groaned as she continued rubbing her vulva up against my cock. “I don’t know if I can hold it for much longer.”

“Oh, in that case…” she said, moving her hips once more and capturing my cockhead with her vagina. “Better not… let it go… to waste!” May drove her pubis backwards, impaling herself on my prick. If anything, it felt tighter in there than it did yesterday… it felt like my foreskin was being rubbed off my prick, that was how tight she was.

When I was all the way inside her, May stopped and looked me right in the eye. “I’ve got you down there… inside me,” she said. “Never want to let you go.”

I looked her right back in the eye and replied: “I never want to go either.” Then I moved my pelvic muscles, making my cock twitch in her and making her gasp. Rocking back, she pressed even more of my cock into her pussy. I knew she was filled to the brim because I could feel the back of her sheath press against my cockhead.

“Then don’t,” she said, before closing her eyes. “Don’t go.” As she said this, she began to rotate her hips slowly, gently massaging my cock with her pussy. I waited patiently for her to build up steam, enjoying the sensation of her body on top of mine, her flesh clinging to mine… then when she began to speed up, I brought my knees up and began slowly thrusting into her, in time with her own movements.

“Oh. Charlie. Oh, Charlie,” she cooed as she increased her tempo, and I did the same. Her breathing was becoming more ragged, and I could feel her inner flesh quivering as she approached her orgasm. “Oh Charlie. Oh. Oh. Oh. OH! OH! OH CHARLIE!” she began to scream as I felt her sheath convulse and begin milking at my cock.

That was my cue. I speeded up my pace, thrusting harder and harder into her, until I could feel it boiling up from my balls. “Oh May! I… May, I’m.. kartal escort Ohh Mayyy!” I groaned as I plunged my cock as deep as it would go into her and began spurting my come into her.

“Charlie, I… it feels hot… so wonderful!” May exclaimed as I came into her body. “Oooooh!” From the way her vagina was moving, I think she might have had another orgasm when I came. I wasn’t sure because the sensation of unloading my come into her was so overwhelming.

OK, I know I thought that I’d come as much as I’d ever had yesterday, but today was even more awesome. I didn’t ‘gray out’ like I did yesterday, but I swear I came for longer today. I don’t know how long that was, but when I was done, May was lying on top of me and breathing softly, her eyes closed. My cock was still inside her, but I could feel our fluids flowing past her vulva, down the stem of my cock to my balls.

“Fuck, May… that was… incredible,” I gasped and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She reached up with her hand, caressed my face and kissed my chin. “It was for me too,” she confessed. “Actually, it was even better than yesterday, and yesterday was awesome!”

“Really?” I laughed. “Wow, I’m complimented.” She beamed: “I like… you know, after we… did it yesterday… I went to wash up and it… your, um. stuff came out when I was washing. It tickled and… it reminded me of you.”

“Oh? It tickled?” I grinned at her. “Thought you said it was painful.”

“Yes, it was!” she said. “I was hurting a bit down there until your stuff started coming out. Then it sort of tingled and tickled…”

“I’m sorry I hurt you then,” I teased. “Oh, so you’re sorry we… did it?” she countered.

“No, no, of course not,” I replied before she could get upset. “I meant I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I… when you first put it inside, it was a little painful,” she admitted. “But it was a lot more… interesting than painful, so I… wanted you to continue.”

“Interesting? In what way?” I teased her again.

“You… you’re too much, cuz,” she pouted, realising that I was teasing her. “I was sorry I hurt you just now but you’re making me less sorry now.”

“Ok, ok, now I’m sorry, ok May?” I quickly apologised. “To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure you wanted to, you know, do it. And honestly, I slipped and it went in. I wasn’t intending to go all the way. At least, not if you didn’t want to.”

“Oh, so you didn’t want to do it with me then?” she asked, her eyes flashing. “You spent all that time looking at my… down there, and you didn’t want to..?”

“Hey, hey, of course I wanted to, May,” I was quick to reply again. “So you knew I was looking at your um, pussy? When did you find out?”

May’s eyes darkened. “I… Charlie I don’t know… I think I wanted you to notice me so bad I used my body to seduce you.”

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing, May,” I countered. “But you needn’t have. I noticed you the moment I saw you.”

“I just… what if… I mean, I used my body to get your attention, but I don’t know… what if you’re only interested in my body, Charlie? I have a friend who met a city guy on holiday here and she got pregnant and he disappeared and she couldn’t ever find him again. It was a huge scandal in the village. What if..?”

As she finally poured out her doubts to me, I realised the depth of her worry. The poor girl thought I would take advantage of her, just like someone had done so with her friend. “So you think I’ll do the same thing, cousin?” I asked, feigning disappointment. “Then why did we just do it? Why did you want to..?”

“Because I… I wanted to, Charlie,” she replied, tears springing to her eyes once more. “I knew you could walk away and pretend nothing happened but I still wanted to. Does that make me a loose woman?”

“No, May,” I sighed. “I’ll never think of you that way. The truth is, when I first saw your pussy, all I wanted was to keep seeing it. All the way from the dock to the farm, it was all I wanted. Even the next day, it was all I thought about.

May turned away. She didn’t say a thing but I could tell she was embarrassed.

“OK, eating your pussy out and the sex was a spur of the moment thing, but after that… you know what, May? I stopped thinking about doing it with you. Especially when you turned cold.”

“So you didn’t want to do it with me anymore?” she cried, turning towards me. I saw water at the edges of her eyes, threatening to spill over. “You didn’t want to do it just now?”

“No, May, let me finish,” I said evenly. “I meant it stopped being a focus. Especially when you didn’t want to speak to me or look at me. Look, if it was only your body or the sex, I wouldn’t have been upset at all. I had a lousy night last night because I didn’t know what I’d done and I didn’t know what you were angry about. Why would I even care about those things if you didn’t matter to me?”

May smiled and pushed her head into my chest in a gesture of affection. I continued: “You know, the truth is, I don’t know why I feel the way I do, but I do feel that way, and i can’t deny it. You said you don’t want me to go, May… I honestly don’t know how I can go back to my life in the city, knowing you are here, holding my heart.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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