My Girlfriend’s Mother Ch. 03

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Recently I went out one Saturday afternoon to get my hair done. Unfortunately the salon had messed up my booking so I had to re-arrange it, and I got home much earlier than I expected to, feeling very fed up. As I closed the front door I heard a loud moan from upstairs. When I’d left my mum had been visiting, chatting to my husband Robbie. I thought she must have fallen and hurt herself or something, so I rushed upstairs to help her, but as I walked past mine and Robbie’s bedroom I couldn’t believe what I saw. The door was slightly ajar and my eye caught a movement in the full-length mirror at the bottom of our bed. I stared at it – and saw Mum and Robbie, both completely naked on the bed! Not only that, her mouth was wrapped around my husband’s cock, and his face was buried deep in her vagina! I watched for a few seconds in stunned disbelief, then walked in a dreamlike state back downstairs, where I collapsed down on our sofa. I really thought I was going to throw up.

I was completely shocked that my mother and my husband would betray me like that with each other. Of course they had always been close – Robbie used to keep Mum company on Tuesday evenings before we were married, when Dad and I both used to go out for different reasons, and they were still very pally now. Suddenly a little light dawned in my head: quite often when I’d got home on the Tuesdays they’d both seemed quite flushed, and a little dishevelled. Then there had been the little secret smiles that used to pass between them, the little touches of each other’s hands…on my wedding day, two years ago, they had both mysteriously disappeared at the reception for about 20 minutes, and Mum had come back looking very hot and bothered – no, surely not!

I sat on the sofa determined not to cry. Instead I felt a boiling anger building up inside me. I should have gone up and interrupted their disgusting little scene. God, I sucked Robbie off quite regularly, but I never let him lick me down there, it just seemed not nice somehow. I just sat and waited, until I heard my beloved husband clattering down the stairs. When he saw me he looked deeply embarrassed. “Oh, er, hi Jules, I didn’t hear you come in. I’ve just been showing your mum the redecoration in the spare room.” His face quite red, for more than one reason, he blustered, “Erm, I’m just going to nip out for a breath of air, okay? By the way, your hair looks nice.”

A few minutes later Mum came down. She looked embarrassed too, and said, “Hello darling, Robbie was just showing me your new bedspread and curtains. What’s up, you look about as happy as a wet weekend. Oh, couldn’t you get your hair done sweetie? Is that it?” I looked her in the eye and told her no, that wasn’t it – I just wanted to know how long she’d been shagging my husband – I don’t really like using the F word. She looked as stunned as I had felt a few minutes before, and slumped down beside me on the sofa. When she told me they’d started less than three months after my baby brother was born – nearly a whole year before Robbie and I even got engaged – I was absolutely shocked! I couldn’t help it any longer, I just burst into tears. Mum’s next comments didn’t help either. “Come on love, do you think he’d be so good at fucking you if I hadn’t taught him everything I know? I mean, you’re not keeping him satisfied, and as long as I’m shagging him it at least means he’s not turning to other women.”

Totally bewildered by Mum’s bizarre logic I wailed, “Right, I’m going upstairs to pack my things. I never want to see either of you again; and I certainly don’t want to sleep in that bed again.”

Mum put her arm around my shoulders, to try and comfort me I assumed – as if I wanted any comfort from her, the evil old witch! She said so quietly I had to stop sobbing to hear her, “You don’t want to do that love. You know you’d miss that lovely big prick of his.”

As she said it a finger of her right hand started to stroke yabancı escort the skin behind my right ear. That always used to calm me down when I had a tantrum as a little girl, and now, much as I hated her, it was sending lovely tingly feelings down my spine. I was trying to stay angry with her, but…I jumped as I felt her left hand stroking the inside of my bare knee. Suddenly unaccountably nervous, I stuttered, “Mum, what are you doing?”

I jumped again as her hand stole further up my leg, under my skirt, and her tongue started tracing round the inside of my left ear. “Well sweetheart”, she murmured seductively, “I thought maybe if I could make you understand what I give Robbie, why he’s so fond of me, you wouldn’t run away, and you’d stop being quite so angry with us. Would you like me to show you darling?”

She started nibbling my earlobe, and the flat of her hand pressed against the gusset of my panties! I was revolted at the very idea of my own mother touching me up, and offering to – ugh! But what she was doing was sending little sparks right into my brain. As a finger pushed between my pussy lips through the panties, and started to stroke me, I heard my voice, as if it was coming from a complete stranger, moan, “All right Mummy, I suppose I ought to give you a chance.” She chuckled into my ear, then her hands closed on my cheeks, forcing my mouth open. She winked at me then thrust her tongue between my lips. When Robbie kissed me that way it was tender and loving; when Mum did it it was more like an attack on me as her tongue probed the corners of my mouth, sticking down my throat. I thought it was horrible – so I couldn’t understand why my pussy suddenly felt so wet.

I felt her tugging at the hem of my T-shirt and as she pulled it up I obediently raised my arms to let her tug it over my head. I didn’t even realise she’d undone the catch of my bra until I felt her hungry mouth close around one of my titties. Meanwhile her hand was back at my panties, but no longer outside. A finger was twirling lazily in my long, unshorn pubes. I heard her moan “Baby, you’ve got such suckable tits.” It felt as if my whole breast was in her mouth. She bit into my boob while her tongue flicked across my long erect pink nipple. The fingertips of one of her hands tweaked the nipple on my other tittie, while with her other hand she seemed to be pushing at least three fingers into my cunnie. My tumbling mind could scarcely believe that just 15 minutes earlier I’d seen my mother having sex with my husband, and now I was letting her do it to me as well! I suddenly bucked as if I’d been electrocuted as Mum pressed her thumb against my clit. Her voice muffled by my tit in her mouth I heard her mutter “Right love, it seems like your ready.”

I was incapable of resisting as she lifted my bum off the sofa, but as she started to pull my panties down towards my knees I gasped in desperation, “Mum, we must stop, this is incest! It’s against the law.”

She giggled and traced her tongue and lips across my tummy, below my belly button. “It can’t be incest sweetpea, that’s fucking, and we can’t fuck, we’re both girls.” I might have argued a few minutes earlier, but just now, as her hot tongue started licking my inner thighs, it seemed to sort of make sense. She pushed my skirt up around my waist and laid me flat, one foot resting on the floor and the other leg propped up on the back of the sofa. She sighed “Oh sweetie, what a pretty little cunt you’ve got. I’m going to enjoy licking this out.” I felt her long ginger hair tickle my thighs and tummy, and then – ooohhhh Gooooddddd! I had never dreamed anything could feel as sexy as her tongue as she stroked it up my pussy lips. I felt her fingers pull at my lips, stretching them outwards, then she squeezed them on her tongue. I jumped so high I nearly fell off the sofa! She pushed her tongue deep into my cunny and began grazing my clitty with her yeni escort thumb, stroking a finger of her other hand round and round the rim, along my lips. I was beyond ecstasy, I wrapped my arms tightly around my head to try and contain the sobs of joy I could her myself making. When she stopped rimming me and shoved a finger up my bum I literally thought I was going to explode. My hips were rocking back and forth on the sofa, first impaling myself deeper onto her squirming finger, then pushing my pussy back onto Mum’s incredible, beautiful tongue. I felt a roaring, burning feeling building up inside me, that I had rarely experienced with Robbie, and I heard someone screaming as if they were being murdered – and realised it was me! My bum lifted so high off the sofa as I came that I was almost sitting on my mum’s face as she continued to lap at me, licking up every last drop of my nectar.

I sank back into the sofa in a daze, half hoping this was a nightmare, and half hoping that if it was I would never wake up, so the lovely warm squishy feelings inside me would just go on and on. I couldn’t believe that for all these years I had refused to let Robbie do something to me that was so wonderful, so heavenly. I sucked on Mum’s tongue as she pushed it back into my mouth, not even particularly concerned that the sweet sticky taste I was swallowing was my own love juices. I felt her squirming around as she kissed me, then she pulled her head back and, gazing into my eyes, said “It’s Mummy’s term now angel.”

I realised with a shock that in the time she was kissing me she had managed to completely strip off! I’d never seen her naked before; well, except earlier that day, when I saw my husband with his head halfway up her pussy. She had massive boobs, with long, thick brown nipples and big areola spreading several inches across each tit. My pubic hair is long, but Mum’s was an absolute forest, and extended right between her legs and all around her pussy and beyond. Instantly I felt a lead weight form in the pit of my stomach. “Oh, no Mum, I really don’t think I could, I mean, I’ve never, it’s just so…”

She gave me an evil grin and said “Come on now sweetheart, haven’t I always raised you to be a good girl and share things?” As I was trying to think of an answer to that one she put her hand behind my head and pulled it down onto one enormous boob. I just rested my head there for a moment; it felt as lovely and soft as a pillow. Goodness, her nipple was as big as one of my thumbs, and it did actually look quite enticing. Reluctantly at first I slipped my head down towards Mum’s nip, then I slowly closed my lips around it. It really did feel comforting to suck on it, just as I had done 20 years and more ago when I was a little baby. Experimentally I took it between my teeth, biting gently, and flicked my tongue across the end of it. I felt an unexpected surge of pride at the reaction I provoked: Mum’s eyes snapped shut, her jaw went stiff, and she made a sort of long hissing sound. I spent the next few minutes sucking and nibbling each of her nipples in turn as she gasped and sighed. I was just beginning to really enjoy it when she put her hand on the top of my head and pushing me further down her body, between her legs.

I stared in horror at the huge open red gash in front of me, entirely surrounded by coarse damp hair. As if she was asking me to make her a cup of tea, Mum murmured, “Come on sweetheart, be a good girl and eat Mummy’s cunt for her.” I was terrified at the idea – it looked as if I could drown in there! But then I thought, perhaps if I didn’t do it for her, she wouldn’t do it for me again…then I wouldn’t get those wonderful zizzy feelings all through me again…as I moved my face close to it I breathed in and a rich, musky aroma filled my head, making me feel quite faint. I didn’t really know what to do but I closed my eyes and thrust my face forward, as if I was diving into yenibosna escort a swimming pool.

Mum yelped, and for a second I thought I must have hurt her, but when I opened my eyes I realised my nose was brushing right across her clitty. She obviously liked that, so I carried on, and stuck my tongue straight out into the centre of her burning hot hole. I waggled it around and her hips bucked. Then I started doing what she’d done to me, running my fingers round the edge of her pussy, along her big fleshy lips. As her thighs rubbed against my head I heard a muffled voice saying “Fucking hell Julie, are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I felt another welling of pride that I seemed to be satisfying my mum, and I admitted to myself that I really did like the taste after all – it was even nicer than my pussy had tasted on her tongue.

I started moving everything, nose, tongue, fingers faster, and Mum reacted like an air raid siren, wailing in a low tone that gradually rose in pitch and volume until she seemed to be screaming. When she started squirming around so much I had to grab her thighs to hold her in place I knew she must be close to coming and, remembering what she’d done for me, I reached under her and pushed a finger hard into her bum. She really did scream then, and I felt her thrust her cunny hard down onto my face.

I thought Mum would be tired after that, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened. In a flash she had scuttled round under me like a crab, and those heavenly feelings started in my own pussy again as she gripped my bum cheeks between her fingers and shoved her face into me. For I don’t know how long we lay there licking each other’s holes, nibbling and prodding each other’s clitties, gasping, sighing and sobbing as we came over and over onto each other’s tongues. Eventually I turned round so that we were face to face again and planted a big kiss on my lovely Mum’s face. As we continued to kiss her hand stole into my aching pussy again and she started stroking my clit over and over. The feeling was so fantastic I nearly bit her tongue off! After a while she said, slightly hesitantly, “Jules my love, you probably don’t realise it, but you’ve got a huge clitty. You know I told you girls can’t fuck? Well, that’s not strictly true. Shall I show you?”

All my doubts were gone by now, I just wanted this amazing feeling of arousal to go on and on. I nodded, my eyes wide. I assumed she must have some sort of strap-on cock that she wanted to screw me with; but I was in for a real surprise. She turned away from me and lifted my bum off the sofa, then slid one of her legs underneath me, the other lying across my tummy. I didn’t get it at first, but then she shuffled up a bit and… Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! This is it I thought, I’m going to die, my heart can’t take this. Mum pressed her slit hard up against mine and started rubbing them against each other. This time the bolts of lightning shot straight up from my cunt to my brain and back down again, bouncing back and forth between them. I found I was breathing in huge gasps, my chest heaving as I rubbed back against Mum, both of us moaning and squealing with the pleasure of it. I don’t have any hair around my pussy lips, but Mum has loads and her ginger mopp tickled against me as we screwed each other. One of her feet waved near my face and I grabbed it and started sucking on her big toe, just as if it was a spare prick. Mum kept lingering every time my clit came into direct contact with her cunt, her eyes screwed tightly shut and her tongue lolling out as her head shook from side to side. I had already had more orgasms already in that one afternoon than in my entire life before, and here came another one…

“What the fuck…” Robbie was standing in the doorway, staring at us with eyes like dinner plates. God, I’d forgotten all about him. I couldn’t have stopped at that moment even if I’d wanted to, and my eyes fluttered shut as Mum pressed her pussy really hard into mine, and she sucked all of my toes on one foot into her mouth. I thought Robbie would probably be really annoyed at Mum and me, and probably quite hurt…so why was he ripping off his clothes as he watched us, and why was his prick so stiff and red?

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