My First Honeypot

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Aj Applegate

When I was nineteen I was a hardcore athlete competing on a D1 college gymnastics team. I was naive growing up in a small town and my experience with the opposite sex was limited to two high school girlfriends who were even more innocent than me. My body was what you would expect from daily double training sessions and I knew I was fit but never thought of myself as attractive.

As my success in competition grew coaches started requiring that I participate in more activities outside of the gym. That was how I found myself at a swanky charity event hosted by a couple that were high profile donors to the sports program. I had to wear a suit and several of the other high profile athletes from the football and basketball teams were at the party mingling. The big name athletes (some who are still big names) garnered all of the attention and I was thankful that I could bland into the background.

The hostess was an unusually stunning woman, blonde and slim with striking cheekbones, like a prettier version of Cameron Diaz. She was wearing a black backless dress and I could not help but notice that without a bra her perfectly sized breasts moved freely as she flowed around the room attending to her guests. She was the most attractive adult woman I had ever seen in in-real-life.

When she introduced herself to me I could feel the sweat start to form on my lower back. She told me that she had seen me on TV at the nationals and commented on some elements of my floor routine. She made awkward small talk asking about my hobbies and how I was enjoying the party. I was honest that I did not have any hobbies aside from my sport and that I didn’t really belong at a party with all of the other nationally celebrated athletes.

Leaning in close to me she told me that gymnasts have more perfect bodies and she doubted any man here could compare to me. I was at a loss for words and unsure how to reply. The moment felt uncomfortable and I felt my heart rate speed up. Was she hitting on me with the sultry tone of her voice or just trying to be nice? Blushing I rambled something about how attractive she was. I worried she might slap me but instead she smiled slyly and suggested I hang around after the party.

The next hour and half was an emotional and hormonal tug of war. I wanted to leave and escape the situation but I also felt a sense of anticipation to know what she wanted. It occurred to me that she was married and my feelings of desire started to blend with fear. Her husband appeared to be a few years older than her, tall and not unattractive but clearly not in her league. As the party came to an end and the last guests were leaving, this seductive older woman locked her eyes on mine and smiled.

While she was saying goodbye to her last guest, her husband walked toward me reaching out his hand to shake mine. He introduced himself and told me that his wife seemed smitten with me and I should have as much fun as I wanted now that everyone was gone. His tone and mannerism was strangely calming and almost reassuring. It was now clear what this woman wanted and my hormones finally started to overpower my nerves.

He talked to me about other athletes at the kaynarca şişman escort party until his wife came over to interrupt us. They exchanged a friendly smile and quick peck on the lips as she invited me with her to tour their house. She showed me their gym, a large media room that had at least 25 chairs and finally an enormous bedroom with soft, romantic lighting accents. The room was comfortable and intimate. She watched me intently as I processed the moment. I looked into her eyes and instinctively glanced down at her breasts and the silhouette of her body under the dress.

As my glare returned to her eyes, she gazed at me intensely while her hands reached behind her neck. Gracefully she pulled the shoulder of her dress to the side and with a subtle shimmy of her body the dress fell to the floor. Almost daring me to admire her body, we stood there looking into each others eyes as she took my jacket and shirt off. She leaned in to kiss me as her hands explored my bare torso. I placed my hands on her lower back nervously like it was a high school dance and I let her tongue into my mouth.

There was no sense or urgency. I was so lost in the moment that I felt sadness when our mouths separated and she began kissing my neck and chest. Moving slowly she kissed a trail down my tone abs and kneeled in front of me. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and reached into my boxers. When she felt me and realized how far down she needed to reach to fully retrieve my manhood, she looked up at me and let out an eager mmmm sound.

Rather than just put me into her mouth me she played with my hard shaft admiring my unexpected size. She playfully told me that apparently an athletic cup could hide a lot under tights and she ran her tongue up the length of my shaft. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth and took me in with one graceful deep stroke. It took every ounce of my self control not to let go right then. As she worked on me it became easier to control myself and I moaned as her skills were in a different league than anything I had ever imagined.

When she stopped I almost begged her to keep going. She stood up and for the first time I was able to take in how visually stunning her body was. Her breasts were not big, but not small and stood out perfectly with small pointy nipples. Her stomach was flat with soft muscular ripples and her legs looked longer and leaner than I would have guessed. Her pubic hair was completely shaved and her bottom looked full but rock solid as she let me to her bed.

We played together for what felt like forever as our naked bodies intertwined as we kissed tirelessly. My hardness subsided during moments that felt more intimate and returned instantly when she began to get more physical. She whispered that she admired my patience and asked about my experiences with other women. I told her about my high school girlfriends and my innocence seemed to escalate her affections.

It was probably a mistake but I asked about her husband. She smiled and explained that it turns him on when she plays with other men and that sometimes he likes to join, especially for firsts. I wasn’t kurtköy escort sure how to process what she was telling me so when she asked if would feel comfortable if he joined, I rationalized that this all felt so good, it might be ok sometime. She kissed me appreciatively and in a voice not meant for me, asked if he was there. The bedroom door was open and her husband walked in wearing a robe.

He looked at my naked body with his wives bare breasts pressed against me and asked me if it was ok if he watched me have her. My brain spun as it calculated options. My body was throbbing and I realized saying no might end the moment. My agreement prompted her to eagerly straddle me and lock onto my mouth with a deep tongue kiss.

While she straddled me moving back and forth I repositioned my body so my shaft was centered to enjoy her wetness sliding against me. She noticed the shift and gave me an approving look as she reached down and grabbed my shaft. She rubbed the tip my bare shaft through her wetness and softly asked me how badly I wanted her. I was rambling intelligible pillow talk lost in ecstasy as she gently slid her wetness down on me consuming my swollen manhood inside of her.

Her thrusts became more aggressive once her body adjusted to my size. I desperately tried to think of anything to deprogram the urgent need my body felt to climax. I was so enamored with the beautiful woman that I felt like I was in a movie. I was trying with all my effort to make sure I pleased her. The harder I tried the more she responded.

Off to the left sitting in the chair I noticed her husband had opened his robe and was stroking his erect penis as he watched us. It felt uncomfortable that this was his wife and I insecurely studied the details of his manhood wondering about their sex life together. He saw me looking and seemed to enjoy the attention as he stroked himself a little more quickly. She saw our interaction and gestured to him. Within seconds he was standing on the bed above us, with his penis in her mouth and she continued to ride me with distracted gyrations of her hips.

Tired of multi-tasking she slid off of my shaft and sucked him eagerly. I was unsure what to do until she reached down, grabbed my shaft and motioned me toward her. We were both standing naked on the bed while she kneeled in front of us taking turns pleasing us with her mouth. Seeing another erect man so close to me was somehow empowering. I was nearly twice his size, thicker with my youthful veins bulging and for the first time in my life I felt a twinge of sexual confidence.

Wanting more she stopped and told me to take her however I wanted. I was unsure what I wanted so I told her to get on her back. Spreading her legs and pushing myself into she gave me a look of excitement. She turned slightly to position her head at the edge of the bed and her husband slid himself into her open mouth. Feeling empowered I pushed harder and deeper into her, she gasped between thrusts from her husbands penis. Her head was hanging over the bed as he had sex with her mouth. I pushed deeper inside of her. She slipped his penis from her mouth and pulled me forward to kurtköy escort bayan kiss her. The moment felt as though it should feel wrong, but it didn’t.

Exploring my mouth with her tongue she was still stroking him. Gently she led his shaft into our kiss and her free hand softy motioned my head to stay close. I felt the skin of his penis against my lips and tongue and tried to maneuver around him to resume the kiss. She was holding his shaft and steered it into my mouth. Her kisses corralled him further into my mouth until his swollen cock head was fully in my mouth. She was gently encouraging me and telling how turned on she was. I was trying not to lose control finish inside of her as I allowed her husband’s hard penis to slide in and out of my mouth.

My new married lover was whispering how amazing I felt as she traced the rim of my ear gently with her tongue. When she told me she wanted to share him with me, for a moment I was confused and then I fell the smooth skin of his shaft swelling and hardening in my mouth. The husband let out a moan and I felt my mouth filling with warm viscous fluid. The volume quickly overwhelmed me as he gently held my head pushing deeper into my throat with progressively easier strokes. I tried not to gag as his warm release overwhelmed my mouth and dripped down my chin. To breath I was forced to swallow and as his softening shaft slid out of my mouth it was quickly replaced enthusiastic tongue kiss from the wife.

The husband left the room. The wife looked at me warmly and thanked me for going along with their fantasy and playfully asked me how I would like her to finish me. I was dazed and had almost forgotten I was still mostly hard inside of her. Unsure what I wanted I deferred to her desires and she instructed me to turn her over onto her stomach. I quickly hardened when in a more aggressive tone she ordered me to give it to her hard. With my large shaft fully engorged I pushed into her roughly and she squealed. I was ready to finish almost instantly. I asked her if I should pull out but instead she was eager for me to fill her. With only a few hard, tired strokes the spasm of orgasm spread through my body and room spun in my brain.

After climaxing I became more aware of the reality what had happened. I was laying in a married couples bedroom, with dry semen on my chin and the wives body fluids dripping from my still swollen shaft. Her husband returned to the room and quickly began performing oral on her as I laid there next to them. Her climax was sudden and intense, she reached over and grabbed my hand, looking into my eyes as she peaked.

We all laid silently in the bed for a while. I felt eager to leave but was unsure how to initiate the departure. She sensed my feelings and asked if I needed to go. As I dressed she went to got a robe from her bathroom and then walked out to the front hall with me. She kissed me intimately and the moment felt authentic – there was a connection between us that I had never felt. I wondered if it was mutual. She asked me if I visit again soon and without hesitation I said that I would.

Only two nights later I got a call and my new married lover came to my apartment and spent the night. We made love multiple times that evening and barely spoke of our first night together or her husband. Over the course of the next year we saw each other weekly, usually solo, sometimes in a threesome, one time in a foursome and a few times she asked that I see him solo and I obliged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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