My First Apartment Ch. 6

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I awakened when Connie stirred next to me. I sat up in the bed. I was still between the two women. Kathy was sleeping on her side with her back to me. Connie was on her stomach. I had to pull the covers down and get over Connie so I could get out of bed. My movements disturbed her and she pushed herself up on her elbows.

“Where are you going, Rich?”

“It’s time for me to get up and get ready for classes.”

Connie rolled over and sat up. “That’s too bad.” She put her hand on my hip. “Come closer.” I moved next to the bed. Connie tipped her face up. “Give me a kiss.”

I bent down to kiss her. She moved her hand across my hip to my cock. With her other hand, she guided my hand to one of her breasts. We broke the kiss. “While you are in class, think about me sucking your cock until it is hard so you could fuck my tits.” She leaned towards and planted a kiss on my cock. The she lay back down and snuggled up next to Kathy.

I decided to go upstairs to shower. I walked out of my apartment to check on Lily, Frank and George. Lily had apparently gone upstairs to her bedroom. George and Frank were asleep on the futon where they had been fucking when Kathy, Connie and I left them to go to bed.

The Fun Room was still dimly lighted. George was sleeping on his back. His cock was stuck to his thigh with dried cum and lube. He must have given Frank one last fuck before they fell asleep.

Frank was lying on his stomach over a pile of pillows under his hips. He had his forearms folded under his head for a pillow. His hips and ass were still elevated and his legs were widely splayed. There was dried and drying cum on his back, his ass cheeks and his thighs. His gaping asshole was shiny with lube. It looked like I could push my fist and forearm up Frank’s ass without any resistance. Frank was smiling in his sleep.

This was too good to miss. I went back and got my digital camera. I returned, turned up the lights slightly and took several photos, including close ups. I got the blanket off the sofa where Lily had been sleeping earlier and put it over them. Then I turned the lights off and went upstairs to shower.

While I was showering, there was a tap on the bathroom door. “Rich, it’s Lily. May I come in?”

“Sure.” Lily came in. I opened the shower door slightly. “Good morning, Lily. I’ll be right out.”

Lily sat on the closed toilet seat as I turned off the shower. I opened the shower door, grabbed a towel and began to dry myself.

“Rich, I’ll be leaving later today.”

“Oh, really? That’s too bad. I hate to see you go.”

“Well, I rather hate to leave to, but it is time I got back home. I’ve enjoyed all of our time together, both intimate and otherwise.”

“Me too, Lily.”

“What are your plans for the summer?”

“Well, I’ve applied for a 90-day internship where I can get some on-the-job experience and maybe make some contacts for future work.”

“I hope you get a good internship. And save some time to come visit me. I have several friends whom, I’m sure, you would enjoy meeting.”

I had finished drying myself. I didn’t wrap the towel around my waist because it wasn’t necessary. Neither Lily nor I was embarrassed by nudity. I borrowed some of Frank’s pre-shave and deodorant. “I’d like that, Lily.”

Lily stood. “I’d better let you finish getting ready for class.” She put her arms around me and hugged. I untied and opened her robe. Then we hugged again. I pressed her warm soft body against me.”

“Goodbye for now, Lily. Let’s stay in touch.”

“Take care, Rich.” And Lily left.

I shaved then went back downstairs to get dressed. I went into the bedroom to get my clothes. Kathy and Connie were making out. The covers were kicked completely off the bed and they were lying on their sides, facing each other, as they kissed and caressed each other.

Kathy rolled and turned her head. “Hi Rich. Don’t mind us.”

“Hi Kathy. That’s o.k. I enjoy watching two beautiful women get it on.”

I picked up my camera and snapped a couple of photos. Connie got up on her knees and hung her tits over Kathy’s face. I snapped some more photos, including some close ups of Kathy sucking and licking Connie’s breasts.

Connie was rubbing Kathy’s belly. I took a series of pictures as Connie’s fingers disappeared into Kathy’s pussy. I put the camera down and finished dressing. I figured I’d better get out of there otherwise I might be tempted to join them. And my hard-on was making in difficult to zip up my fly.

Connie turned around and swung her leg over Kathy and positioned her cunt over Kathy’s face. Kathy spread her legs as she pulled Connie’s cunt down to her lips and tongue. I snapped a few more pictures as Connie began to eat Kathy.

I thought the two of them were oblivious to me watching them, but when I started out the door Connie looked up, “Bye, Rich.” Kathy extended an arm above Connie’s ass and waved a hand. She also mumbled something but I couldn’t make out what she said since her face was buried in Connie’s crotch.

They göztepe sınırsız escort resumed their cunnilingus. Frank and George hadn’t moved a muscle. I checked to make sure all the lights were off and went upstairs. I told Lily goodbye again before I left the house.

I caught a quick breakfast before classes began. The day went quickly and I was back at my apartment by three o’clock. The bed had been made and there was no trace, except for a faint aroma of sex, that Connie and Kathy had ever been there.

It was a sunny warm late winter day so I decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Kathy came in as I was changing. She was also wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I stood up and we hugged. Her breasts flattened against my chest.

“Hi Rich. You should have stuck around. We really got it on.”

“I wish I could have, but. What time did Lily leave?”

“I drove her to the airport just before noon. We had lunch there before her flight. She said to tell you goodbye and to come visit her. I think she likes you. Anyway, I wanted to talk with you about fixing up some places for sunbathing. A couple of places that I can be nude.”

“O.k. What’s this sort of sudden interest in nude sunbathing?”

“I don’t know. I just think it would be nice to get an all over tan.”

“Well, lets go outside and look around.” We walked through the Fun Room and out to the patio. There was no sign that there had been a small orgy earlier in the room.

“You know, Kathy, the patio is on the south side of the house so it is going to be in the full sun all afternoon. I think you could put up a privacy fence around it and you could lie out almost all afternoon.”

“What about the rest of the yard?”

“Well, the yard is flat and none of the neighbor’s houses are tall enough to overlook your yard. Have you thought about fencing the back yard? Then there would be several places that would be suitable. Of course the advantage to the patio is that you could come directly out of the house.”

“Frank and I have talked about fencing the back yard, but I like the idea of enclosing the patio. We could open up the patio by moving some of plants and other stuff we’ve put in. Actually, I think we could enlarge it to include some grass inside the fenced in area.”

“I think you could make it just about as large as you want.”

“I’ll discuss it with Frank. He’ll be home shortly. Why don’t you have dinner with us?”

Kathy went back inside. I got one of my textbooks and sat outside until she came to tell me dinner would be ready in about ten minutes. I changed my shorts for light sweatpants, then went upstairs.

We made small talk throughout dinner. There was no mention of the previous evening’s activities until Frank said, “I think I’ll go soak in the hot tube. George pulled and pushed and stretched and bent me in ways that I’m not used too.”

Kathy and I cleaned up the kitchen and the dinner dishes. “Let’s join Frank.”

“Maybe later. I’ve got some stuff to get ready for tomorrow. I might join you after I finish.”

“Please do.” Kathy started down the stairs. I followed her to my apartment entrance. I watched her continue through the Fun Room towards the hot tub.

It took a little more than an hour to get my notes organized and ready for the next day’s classes. I took off my t-shirt and shorts, stepped into a pair of shower shoes and walked to the hot tub.

Kathy was sitting on the edge with her feet in the warm water. She had a book on her lap. Frank was floating on his back. I sat down on the edge, then slipped into the water. Kathy put the book up on a bench then slipped in beside me. Franks stopped floating and moved to the opposite of the tub.

“Too bad we don’t have some wine handy.”

“I can go get some, Frank.”

“No, that’s o.k., Rich. I’ll get out and get some. I want to cool off a little anyway.” Frank stood and turned his back to us. “Damn. My sandals are out of reach.” He leaned forward, lay down on his stomach and stretched. He kicked with his feet and squirmed his hips. When he kicked, he would spread his legs. His asshole was still stretched and gaping from George’s reaming.

Frank finally reached his sandals. He got out of the tub and toweled off before putting them on and walking into the fun room.

“Frank and I talked about a privacy fence around the patio. He thinks it is a good idea. And, a plus, we will be able to open the patio doors and still use the hot tub after the privacy fence is erected.”

“That’s good, Kathy. I’ll help you and Frank build the fence. You could be working on an all over tan by Sunday afternoon. Weather permitting, of course.”

“Even if we had the materials, we couldn’t build it this weekend. Frank is going to a golf clinic. He’s ready for winter to end. And Lisa invited me out to her studio Saturday afternoon. She said she wanted me to model for her.”

“Hmmm. She left a message that she wanted me to come out and have breakfast with her Saturday morning.”

Frank göztepe ucuz escort returned with a three glasses of a sparkling wine. We didn’t talk any more about what Lisa’s plans might be. Frank handed each of us a glass. He sat the tray down, got back into the tub and then picked up his glass.

“Here’s to good friends and good times.” We clinked glasses.

“You know, Frank, if we are going to clink glasses in the hot tub, we ought to use plastic.”

“Aw, no one drinks wine from plastic.”

“I’d hate to break a glass in the tub.”

“You’ve got a point. I’ll pick some up tomorrow. No sense in tempting fate with these tulip glasses.”

We sipped the wine and talked about the privacy fence and the plans for the patio until Frank excused himself, “I’ve got a one day road trip, so if I’m going to leave early from here, I’d better turn in.”

“Good night, Frank. I’ll be up shortly.”

Kathy and I sat quietly. “You should have stuck around this morning, Connie really got me going.”

“Well. . .”

“She began fingering my ass while she went down on me.”


“I haven’t done much of that before, although Frank has occasionally worked one or two fingers in and has said he really wants to butt fuck me. Her fingers felt kind of good there. She went out into the Fun Room and came back with a vibrating dildo. I don’t know where she found it.”

“Probably had it in her purse.”

“I suppose you are right. Anyway, she started using it around my butthole.”


“And in a few minutes I had most of a nine inch vibrating dildo up my ass and three or four of Connie’s fingers in my cunt.”

“Did you like it?”

“Did I like it! I had the biggest orgasm that I’ve had in months. Connie said she thought my cunt muscles were either going to crush her fingers or suck her hand and wrist inside.”

“Did you like it well enough to do it again?”

“Yes, but I’d rather have a warm cock up my butt, rather that a cold vibrating dildo.”

“That ought to please and excite Frank.”

Kathy paused. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Rich, I’d rather do it with you first. Then if I enjoy it then, I’ll let Frank have the pleasure of butt fucking me.”

“Well, o.k.”

“I’m in no hurry to do it. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take the plunge. Now, let’s finish our wine. Tomorrow will be here soon.”

The rest of the week went quietly and quickly. Kathy did some sketches of different layouts for the patio and looked up different fence styles. Frank asked me to help him make some measurements and estimate the number of posts, planks, etc. for the privacy fence.

I guess the near orgy with Lily, Connie and George, and the three of us satiated any desire for sex. We didn’t even spend much time in the hot tub. I didn’t hear Kathy and Frank doing anything upstairs and the only time I got off was when I jerked off a couple of times before showering.

Actually, I kind of enjoy standing over the sink and whacking off. There is a full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. I can watch myself in this mirror and the mirror over the sink as I fist my meat until I drop a load in the sink. Still, by the weekend I was as horny as I had ever been.

On Saturday morning, I heard Frank leave for his golf clinic. When I was ready to leave for Lisa’s, I went upstairs and looked in on Kathy. She was washing up their breakfast dishes. “Good morning.” I picked up the towel and began to dry a plate.

“Good morning, Rich. Are you on your way to breakfast with Lisa?”

“Yes. I’m a little early. I wanted to see how you were.” I continued to dry as Kathy washed.

“We’re fine. Will you still be at Lisa’s this afternoon?”

“I don’t know. She was rather vague about everything, other than she wanted to show me what she had been working on.”

“That was the same with me. She finally asked if I would sit for a few photos. I said yes, so now I guess I’ll find out what is on her mind when I get there. She never mention a thing about me coming out when we played our usual session of Bridge with Connie and Ruth the other day.”

We finished the dishes. I was hanging up the towel with Kathy hugged me. “Thanks for the help. Rich. Maybe I’ll see you at Lisa’s.”

As I drove out to Lisa’s, I thought about how good it felt to have Kathy’s body pressed against mine. I parked my car in the pole barn, next to Lisa’s. I was halfway to the house when she came running out to meet me.

She ran up to me and threw her arms around me in a big hug. “Rich, I’m so glad you could come! I’m so excited about showing you what I’ve been doing!”

I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up in a hug. “Hi! You act like it has been forever since we’ve seen each other. It’s been just a couple of weeks.”

“It’s been over three weeks, Rich!”

I put her down. She was wearing blue jeans and a flannel long sleeve shirt. She didn’t have on any makeup and her hair was done up in two little ponytails. kadıköy anal escort “You look great! And you are letting your hair grow.”

Lisa spun around with her arms out. “Do you like it? I was tired of the pixie look.”

“I like it, Lisa. You look good enough to eat.”

“Oh, Rich!” She laughed and lightly punched me on the chest. “Is that all you think about? However, I am starved so let’s go eat!” Lisa turned and ran towards the house.

I jogged after her. She surely had a cute little butt, which her tight jeans emphasized.

Lisa took off the shirt and hung it on a peg inside the door. I followed her into the kitchen. She was wearing a sleeveless top under the shirt. I watched as she slipped an apron over her head. “Could you fix a couple of Bloody Mary’s? Everything is in the refrigerator.”

I put two glasses in the freezer compartment before I got out the juice, vodka and the other ingredients and began to mix a pitcher full. “Whatever you are making smells great, Lisa.”

“I’m making a quiche. I hope it turns out well. I wanted to try a souffle, but I’ve never made a successful one before, so I figured I would stay with something that works. And it is good to eat.”

“We’ll be ready to eat in a minute.” I took the glasses out of the freezer and poured the drinks. After garnishing them with celery stalks, I carried them to the dining room table. Lisa followed with the quiche.

After sampling the quiche, we talked as we ate. “This is delicious.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I like it very much. Tell me, what have you been working on?”

“I’ll show you after we finish breakfast. Would you like a cup of coffee.?” She poured two cups anyway. And we continued to chat about general things as we ate.

“Stack the dishes in the sink. I’ll do them later.”

“Let’s do them now, Lisa. I’ll wash if you dry.”

“Rich, I want you to see what I’ve been working on.”

“Come on, Lisa. If we don’t do a quick wash up, you’ll probably end up doing these dishes late tonight. Besides, anticipation is half the fun. Right?”

“You’re probably right. You’ll really wash?”

I began to fill the sink. “Yes, I’ll wash.”

It took the two of us just a few minutes to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. “I can hardly wait to show you!”

“Lead on.” I followed her through the house to her studio. A large object, covered by a sheet, was sitting on the bench Lisa used for sculpting clay. There were several easels around the bench. They were also covered with sheets. Over by the windows was a second bench with a sheet covered mound shaped object.

Lisa pulled the sheet from over the object on the first bench. She unveiled a detailed clay sculpture of a nude reclining male torso. “You don’t think it too, err, anatomically accurate, do you?”

“No. I think it is realistic and rather bold.”

“Good. I like to think it is a handsome and strong torso.”

I was standing behind Lisa as we looked at her work. I put my arms around her and hugged her to me. I bent down to kiss the side of her face and nuzzle her. “You smell good,”

Lisa turned in my arms and tipped her face up. We kissed. “And taste good, too.”

Lisa leaned her head against my chest as she rubbed across my shirt with one of her hands. “The sculpture is how I see you.” She slipped out of my arms and pulled the covers off of two of the easels. “See.” The easels held blow ups of a number of the nude photos which Lisa had taken of me.

“I used the photos to guide and, I like to think, inspire me.” She touched the crotch of the sculpture. “Although,” she grinned “I believe I sculpted this from personal experience and memory.”

I hugged Lisa again. “What are you working on now? Over there.”

Lisa pulled the sheet off the mound on the other bench. “I’d like to do a companion female torso.” She uncovered an easel which contained several nude pictures of herself in various reclining poses. “I took these as a guide, but I’m not big enough in the tit department to be much of an inspiration.”

I turned her to face me. “I find your tits to be pretty inspiring.” I tipped her face back and kissed her. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck and I slipped my hand down her back. I cupped her cute butt and pressed her against me. The kiss became a tongue tangling, mouth probing French kiss as I felt the stirrings of a hard-on and felt Lisa’s hard nipples pressing into my chest.

We broke the kiss and continued to hold each other close. A clock chimed in another room. Lisa looked up. “It’s later than I thought. Kathy will be here any minute now.”

“Well, I’d better get out of your way then.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I mentioned to Kathy that you invited me over for breakfast and to see what you were working on, she said that you had asked her to come over and pose or model for you. So I’d better be going.”

“Why don’t you wait until Kathy arrives. I want to ask her if she will pose for some topless or, hopefully, fully nude photos. Her full breasted voluptuousness is how I see the female torso.”

The doorbell rang. Lisa went to answer it. I followed her to the door. She and Kathy kissed and hugged in greeting. “Hi, Rich.”

“Hello, Kathy. I’m just leaving.”

“I’m trying to get him to stay until at least I can show you what I am trying to do.”

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