My Father in Law

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Curt and I had been married right after graduating high school. Curt’s father Mitch, taught us the importance of saving every penny we could make. Soon after Curt and I bought out first home, right down the street from my husbands parents, Mitch and Rose.

Mitch and Rose could not be any different, Mitch fun to be around, always smiling and making jokes and cutting up.

Rose, Curt’s mother, she liked being alone and she loved her television. Soon as Curt walked through the door, she would jump to her feet, and practically run to get to Curt as fast as she could. Curt was a mommas boy.

Curt and his father was close, they usually hung together on weekends doing this or that project. I think Mitch was lonely, and loved Curt’s company.

I felt sorry for Mitch, he made sure Rose had whatever Rose wanted. She never had to work outside the home, but sadly she never seemed to appreciate anything, other then Curt’s company.

Five years into my marriage, Rose booted Mitch out of the bedroom they shared, she said Mitch snoring drove her nuts. As usual Mitch would apologize to Rose, and let it be.

It wasn’t until many years later, I learned first hand Mitch did not snore, at least when he was sleeping beside me anyway.

Curt was a carbon copy of his mother. They were so alike. Curt was just as withdrawn as Rose, and he loved his alone time as much as Rose did.

Curt was changing, he wasn’t interested in sex like he use to be, I thought sex was alright with Curt, but later I would learn sex with Curt was just so-so.

Mitch spent a lot of time at our house, truth is he probably found excuses to be away from Rose. I never minded Mitch being around all the time. Years later Curt and Rose assumed Mitch and I had our affair years before we actually did.

I tried every way possible to make Curt happy, I am sure now, there is no one who could make that happen.

I tried to spice up our sex life, different positions and such, Curt just wasn’t interested. The early years of our marriage Curt had always wanted to try anal sex, I was scared and the thought never really appealed to me.

I would have never dreamed years later I would adore anal sex, not with Curt, but with Curt’s father.

Curt was working out of town and he asked Mitch to look in after me. Mitch stopped by every evening to see if I needed anything and he would leave for home soon as he saw I was sarıyer escort good.

Friday night came Mitch stopped by, I told him I was fine and was gonna watch a movie and have a little wine. He left soon after, but he came back several hours later.

“Up for some company” Mitch asked, I smiled and said for you, anytime. I poured the wine and started the movie, we talked through the entire movie. Mitch opened up and told me Rose was difficult to live with, and he told me he was lonely.

I understood Mitch’s situation, I basically was living the same life as Mitch was. The more Mitch drank the more he opened up. He told me he and Rose had not been intimate in over ten years. He also told me, he needed and craved female campaionship. I totally understood what Mitch was saying. He deserved it in my eyes.

Mitch all the sudden leaned in to kiss me. I felt his lips on mine, I opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue. Mitch was a great kisser, his kiss set my soul on fire. I never wanted that kiss to end.

Mitch broke the kiss and started apologizing

“I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

I told Mitch I enjoyed the kiss, I told Mitch I would love for him to kiss me again.

I could feel my nipples hardening and he set my vagina on fire from just a couple of kisses. I knew it was not right, but damn it sure felt wonderful.

Mitch and I set on the couch kissing like a couple of teenagers, he would try to stop himself, like me, Mitch could not stop. This felt to good to stop.

I took Mitch’s hand and placed it on my right breast, he was rubbing my breast through my shirt. I wanted Mitch, we both were painting and moaning. We both had needs that night.

As he was kissing me I raised my top off, there I was, my naked breast exposed to Mitch. He started at my breast, like he had never seen any before.

Mitch was palming my breast with both hands, I brought Mitch’s mouth to my breast. His mouth and tongue felt so good on my breast, he would go from one to other.

I climbed up in Mitch’s lap, I could feel his harness under me. I kissed Mitch and moved my way down to his neck, to his ear, blowing in it. Mitch had his eyes closed and I knew it had been years since he felt anything like this. I tugged at Mitch’s shirt, I ran my nails down his chest, I kissed down Mitch’s chest. I could fee his cock jump. I stood and sefaköy escort went to my knees to unfasten his belt. I needed his cock to be free, as much as he needed it.

Mitch raised up so I could pull his jeans down, Mitch sat in his boxers only. I wanted to make Mitch feel good, Mitch raised me about the time I was ready to pull his boxers down.

He kissed me as he tugged to pull my shorts down, I stood before Mitch in just a pink thong. Mitch ‘s eyes stayed fixed on my eyes and he asked

“Are you sure”

I shook my head yes, I was sure I wanted Mitch at that moment, probably more so then I ever wanted his son Curt.

Mitch sat on the floor on his knees, he puled off my thong with his teeth, he spread my legs, I knew what was coming next.

Mitch looked me in the eye, a look as if he were looking for my approval. I raised up a little and placed my hand on the back on his head and pulled him to my vagina.

I could feel his breath, Mitch’s tongue parted my lips, and he went at my pussy like a wild animal eating his prey. Mitch’s tongue felt amazing to me, Mitch was moaning as he was he ate me, he was hungry, and me, his daughter in law had his food and I was feeding him.

Mitch could tell I was close, I was close to a orgasm, he lifted my legs higher and darted his tongue in and out of me, he would then circle his tongue against my clit.

“Come on baby cum for me” Mitch was saying.

I places both my hands on Mitch’s head I pulled him in deeper, my hips were rocking back and fourth to meet his tongue.

“That’s it baby come on cum for me.”

I felt my body begin to shake as I rode my orgasm that my father in law was giving me. I was moaning, and saying to Mitch, eat my pussy.

When Mitch was through lapping up all the juices I produced for him, because of him, he kissed up my stomach to my mouth and kissed me.

“Taste this baby, you taste amazing.”

I was breathless, and I wanted to return the same wonderful, powerful and so intense Orgasm to him, just like he just gave to me.

I smiled at Mitch as told him, lets get rid of the boxers baby. He did as he was told. I raised forward off the couch as he stood up. I saw Mitch’s cock, and thought how in the hell could Rose ever refuse Mitch’s cock. He was bigger then his son.

I stroked his cock, my hand gripped around his cock, I licked the head silivri escort of Mitch’s cock, I licked underneath the tip of his cock. Mitch just watched and moaned. I opened my mouth and took his cock in, inch by inch. I gagged trying to get all of his cock in my mouth.

Mitch started rocking his hips, his head would tilt back, he would close his eyes, then he would open his eyes and watch me, as I watched his face.

“Oh fuck baby, feels amazing, your going to make me cum baby.” Mitch was telling me.

Just then I felt his first blast of cum hit my mouth, then another and another, Mitch was giving me a mouthful and I wanted all he could give me.

When Mitch was done emptying inside my mouth, he fell forward on me. We both laughed, and situated ourselves on the couch side by side. Mitch pulled me tightly to him, he was trying to catch his breath, and he was wearing a big smile.

We sat together, both us was quiet, I was still trying to process what just happened between us. I did know, I wanted this to happen again.

“A penny for your thoughts” Mitch asked.

I told Mitch he was incredible, he blushed.

“You were amazing baby” and he pulled me tighter.

I asked him if he had any regrets, he shook his head no, I told him neither did i. I wanted to feel Mitch inside me, from the second I saw his cock, I craved it to be deep within me.

Mitch’s cell rang, it was Curt, he didn’t bother to call me, he called his father and told him Mom is worried where are you.

Mitch was trying to make up a excuse, I stood and went to the bathroom. I came back in the living room and sat on the couch.

“That was Curt and he said Rose called him worried about me.”

I told Mitch maybe you should go and he agreed. He kissed me, and thanked me for a wonderful satisfying evening and smiled and left.

Later that evening I got a text from Mitch, a picture of his cock standing straight up with a messages saying see what you do to me. I had to masturbate after that, imagining Mitch making love to me is what pushed me over the edge and made me have another orgasm.

That night I laid in bed thinking about what Mitch and I had done. I did feel bad for Rose and Curt, I never would want either to be hurt because of what Mitch and I had done.

The following day, Mitch stopped by to check on me, we both agreed this would never happen again between us, we both gave into a moment of weakness.

Curt came back home, nothing changed between Curt and i. I kept my secret and Mitch did too. Mitch and I tried to go on and act is if nothing ever happened. But still deep within me I wanted to feel Mitch’s cock inside me. Several months later, I got my wish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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