My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 01

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Bad News Cometh

This is a corrected version. Removed a few mistakes.


Angie walked into her bedroom to find her husband, Dave, with a gun to his head.

“No!” she screamed.

Dave was sitting on the edge of the bed holding the letter from the bank telling of the imminent foreclosure on their home. The letter had triggered this desperate act.

Angie ran to Dave. She fell at his feet and hugged his legs. She was crying and said,

“Honey, please put the gun down.”

“Angie, I’ve failed you and the kids. My life insurance will let you keep the house.”

“No. Don’t do it. We love you so much.”

“I’m a failure. I can’t find a job. Bree has had to drop out of college and the bank’s going to take our home.”

“Dave, it’s not your fault. Elkhart has the worst unemployment in the country. You can’t blame yourself for Wall Street ruining the economy. We’ll get by. We have for 20 years.”

Dave listened to his wife. He put the gun down. He and Angie hugged and cried.

Dave and Angie had lived their whole life in Elkhart, Indiana. They had been high school sweethearts. When he was a senior and otele gelen escort she was a junior, she’d gotten pregnant and dropped out. They got married two months later when Dave graduated. He immediately went to work building RV’s. He worked hard and was a good provider for Angie and their daughter Bree.

Another daughter, Chloe, came along two years later. This pregnancy was a rough one. Angie’s doctors recommended that she not have more children so Dave got a vasectomy. He didn’t even hold a grudge when 6 months later Angie was put on birth control pills to help with irregular periods and other female issues.

The RV business went to shit in 2009. Elkhart was especially hard hit since it is the RV capital of the USA. Dave lost his job of 20 years. He found another only to be laid off from that one too. Now he couldn’t find anything. They were in serious financial trouble. When Angie lost her retail job, things snowballed to the point where they were going to lose their house.


The next morning, Angie woke Dave with kisses. She pulled off her nightgown exposing her small breasts. They pendik escort were as petite as she was and Angie was 5′ 4″ tall and only 105 pounds. She was a slender woman with good legs and a great ass. She rubbed her modest boobs on her husband’s face as she reached for his manhood. Dave latched on to one of her oversize brown nipples and sucked hard.

“Morning lover,” she purred.

Angie wanted to cheer up her depressed husband with a rare for her “Good Morning” fuck. When she discovered his lack of morning wood, she ripped her tit out of his mouth and ducked her head under the sheets. She sucked on his soft dick and tongued his appendage.

When he didn’t respond as usual, Angie decided she needed to pull out all the stops. She shimmied out of her white cotton panties and planted her furry pussy on Dave’s face. He savored the heat and the aroma of her snatch. He gorged himself on her delectable sex. The couple lovingly pleasured each other.

When Dave was at full mast, Angie flipped herself around and mounted her man. He entered her easily, her sopping vagina was used to — and well used by — Dave’s cock. rus escort

Dave loved his wife. He had never cheated on her. He was amazed at the enormous pleasure he derived from a hole he’d fucked for twenty years. Angie was a small woman with a tight body. Even after the birth of two kids, her pussy was always warm, always wet and always snug. That could be said of many women. What made Angie special was that she was a hungry lover; she fucked with a fierce wildness that he knew he would never tire of.

Angie smiled at her beloved. This was the only man she had loved and the only lover she had ever known. She rocked him hard. She was determined to make him forget their money troubles, if only for a few minutes. It was working.

Dave reached for her boobs and latched on to her nipples. Her breasts weren’t much to speak of, but her nipples delighted Dave. They were thick, brown and rubbery. He pulled and twisted them. When teased out to their full length, they were almost as big as her diminutive breasts.

“Oh…oohhh,” Angie moaned as her husband played roughly with her nipples. She responded to his touch by increasing the force and speed of their coupling.

Dave watched as her eyes closed and her head rolled from side to side. She was close and so was he. He pulled her to him and kissed her sensitive neck as he jackhammered her sex. They moaned as they came. Their orgasms were followed by kisses and a warm smile.

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