My Dragon Brothers Ch. 01

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I know what you’re thinking.

“Did I read the title right?” Yes you did.

Here let me start at the beginning.

My father is a dragon shifter.

His wife was also.

You know, mostly dragon blooded.

My two twin older brothers are full blooded shifters as is everyone in this village, well everyone accept me.

His wife died giving birth to the twins.

After the twins mother died my father went to the human world and fooled around with one.

Nine months later I was delivered by a very pissed off shifter.

See it was against the rules to fornicate with humans so I was a disgrace to his name.

As much as my father wanted to get rid of me, l had some dragon in me and he couldn’t seem to ditch me.

My father brought me home and said I probably needed a name.

So now eighteen years later they call me-

“AMELINDA!” My father yelled angrily, snapping me out of my memories.

“Yes father?” I ask softly, knowing with his excellent hearing he can hear me upstairs.

“Where’s my green sword?” He walked quickly down the stairs.

I set the last glass plate at the table then walked back to the counter.

“It’s on the porch, I cleaned the blood off of it.”

His foot steps slowed but he still headed toward the kitchen.

I’d spent all day cooking steaks and sides, innovia escort so had to say I was pretty proud of myself.

Setting the potato’s down on the table I wiped my hands on my sides.

My red hair was up in a bun but a wild strand had broken free.

I tucked it behind my ear as Father came into the room.

“Smells good too bad I have to patrol tonight.” He said gruffly, making his way into the kitchen.

I turned with a knowing smile toward the counter and picked up the large pan with effort,

spinning around so he could see it.

“There are four in here, will that be enough for the whole patrol?”

He gave me a look of surprise then nodded.

“I think so.” With that he took the pan and walked out.

Sighing heavily I lean against the counter.

It’s not as if I was expect a hug or anything but a thank you would have sufficed.

The timer to the oven rung and I put on my mitts.

Bending over I opened it.

Then let out a squeak as something hard hit my ass.

I spin to see Landon standing there with a mischievous smile on his face.

I scowl up at him but it isn’t the least bit intimidating to the six and a half foot man towering over my five foot frame.

“Stop it.” I turn back around and pull both of the pans out quickly.

“Those istanbul escort mitts make you look ridiculous.” Knucker says with a chuckle as he strides into the room.

“Well unless I want to burn my hands to a crisp I’ll continue to look ridiculous.”

I retort slipping the mitts off and putting them on the wall.

As if to prove a point Landon walks over and picks up a pan with his bare hand.

I roll my eyes but smile.

Dragon shifters could put their hands over an open flame and it wouldn’t affect them.

“But I don’t have fire resistant ability’s, human remember?”

“Half human.” Knucker said with his mouth full.

I spin to see him eating the potato’s.

I rush over and thump his arm. “Not until we’re all sitting down!”

He holds his arm looking wounded.

I know though that even if I hit him as hard as I could, I’d never be able to actually hurt him.

It took a lot of energy to shift so they were so very muscled it wasn’t funny.

I had a slender body and wasn’t exactly bad looking, so I thanked my lucky stars for that at least.

I take the end chair while they take one on each side of me.

Giving them a swift nod, we all start to eat.

“How’s training?” I ask between bites of potato’s.

“Boring cause I’m basically kadıköy escort a god now.” Knucker said with his mouth full of food.

A glob of mash potato’s went flying through the air, landing in Knucker’s hair.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the bewildered look on his face.

“Some god.” Landon said inbetween laughter.

Another glob went flying and landed on Landon’s shoulder.

They looked at each other from across the table angrily.

“Maybe we sh-” I try but I’m too late.

Faster than I can process the tables flipped and they’re wrestling on the floor.

I can see their dragon features as they start shifting slightly.

Both their claws are out and their heads support large horns.

“Boys! Stop this!” I shout and stand quickly trying to get through to them.

They start to roll, clawing and biting at each other.

I know I’ve gotten too close when a stray claw fly’s my way.

Flinching, I wait for the impact.

The claw barely misses my skin, but slices straight through by tank and bra.

Opening my eyes slowly I see the boys have stopped fighting.

In fact they’re staring at me.

Or more accurately the large hole that’s now exposed most of my breasts.

I was still breathing heavily and my chest rose and fell rapidly.

Their eyes start glowing a bright blue as they just stare at me.

I’ve only seen that look one other time.

When we’d gone to a ceremony were most of the women were naked.

It had been.. lust that inspired that kind of reaction.

Now my heart was beating frantically, but for a whole other reason.

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