My Daughter Wives Ch. 03

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They were pregnant, Erica and Anthea. My daughter/wife/slaves were heavy with child. My children. I was the Master and the Daddy and I had fucked babies into them both. I was happy. They were ecstatic. They wanted so badly to be my real daughters and my real wives and to give me babies. They had achieved their dreams.

We still walked around the house naked, but I had brought back Gretchen to help with the house work and the cooking. Gretchen was paid very well. So well that she did not mind going nude too. She was a perky little German girl with a pixie cut and sweet little tits that pointed out as if looking you right in the eye. I could swear they winked at me once in a while. Her pussy was shaved. I ordered that to be done.

The girls had started showing about a month after I impregnated them. When we went shopping no one thought anything of it. No one thought anything about two nineteen year olds gaining a little weight. So now I had them at home for always.

They loved being with each other alone in their room and just going fucking crazy with pussy munching, even as their bellies swelled. I know that Gretchen would join them sometimes. They told me everything. I was the Master.

I was made a partner in the law firm. That meant I set my own hours and I got incredible amounts of money. I was good at my job. I was worth it to the partnership. I would often go home early to play with my girls and Gretchen.

One day I arrived home. I stripped in the anteroom as usual. I looked out the french doors to see both Erica and Anthea by the pool eating their pussies. I did not disturb them. Instead I went into the kitchen, walked up behind Gretchen, stuck my finger into her pussy from behind and made her moan with lust.

I was hard. I got her juicy with her own cunt come and wiped it on my cock. Then I rammed it into her ass as I bent her over the island in the center of the kitchen. She was whimpering with lust and pleasure and I humped her deeply and thoroughly.

I was really just teasing her. I fucked her until she’d had multiple orgasms and then I withdrew without coming. I liked to spread myself around even if I did not get my nuts off. I left her quivering by the stove trying to get back to preparing dinner. I went in to my master bedroom and had a good, hot shower to wash off her ass leavings.

The girls must have noticed my Mercedes in the drive because they came tripping into my room as I was toweling off.

“Master, may we suck you, please Daddy?” said Erica.

Anthea the bold just got on her knees and started licking my balls. She loved my huge balls.

“Well, love, it seems your sister has already started. Join here. Now!”

Erica wasted no time. She took one ball in her mouth as Anthea took the other. My prick had grown long and curved to the ceiling.

I could not see beneath their big bellies, but I knew each was pinching her clit and fingering her pussy. Both had huge tits and they were getting bigger as their tummies expanded.

I squeezed one from each girl and they moaned as they sucked my balls. Now I grabbed hunks of hair from each side, from each girl, and forced them to start licking and nibbling my cock.

Each one took a turn stroking my cock and sucking on it. Both could lick it at the same time. And both were looking up into my eyes with that pleading look I so loved. They wanted my come as they were coming from their creamy bare cunts. One would suck me deep into her throat and I would fuck deeper, then the other beylikdüzü escort would trade off and do the same.

This continued as they were squirting onto my floor, until I needed to shoot hard, so I moved back and gave them the spraying they wanted. All over their pretty faces, into their eyes and up their noses, which they snorted like cocaine and swallowed, and finally on their huge tits. I covered their faces. They were in heaven.

They spent a lot of time licking each other. They were twins and had starting making love to each other when they came to me at eighteen, and I taught them about sex. Now they were insatiable. They licked and kissed and loved each other as I watched. It was good to see. Then they licked my prick clean for me. Because I was the Master and their Daddy.

When they were about eight months along I was still fucking them almost every day. I would have to switch and fuck just one or the other sometimes. I was not a fucking god. But the other one would always be there too. Watching, playing with her cunt and tits, and ready to hop in and help if needed. For example, to clean up spunk from anyone one who was all cummy.

Gretchen told me she was a mid-wife. She had studied in Germany. This was fortuitous. We could have home births. Oh I had plenty of doctors I could call on to come to my home. Not so innocent docs whom I had defended in court. But it was nice to keep these things in-house, if you know what I mean.

I really enjoyed fucking them while big with child. The huge bellies turned me on. I would fuck Erica from behind with her belly hanging and her huge tits there too. I would ram her so hard she squealed but she always begged for more… But it felt so fucking good to ram her and ram her.

“Fuck me harder Master, oh hell, fuck me good. I’m a slut for you Daddy, please fuck me harder.”

I did. I screwed her and fucked her while her cooze dripped down and covered her thighs. All the while I was mauling those luscious tits. I let her come several times like the whore she was and then I rammed and shot come into her pussy. Her pussy that my baby would come out of in a month or so.

I kept coming and coming because it turned me on to know I would soon be a Daddy. I filled her and she started squirting as she often did when I pulled out. This time I wanted to taste Erica’s pregnant pussy. So I turned her over, looked into her glistening eyes, and went down on her.

I sucked up all that pussy juice and then I kissed her and gave her a mouthful to swallow. She grinned afterwards and kissed me on the neck. Then Anthea, who had been fucking her own cunt with a dildo, came over and licked us both clean.

Next evening I called Anthea for her session. When she came into my room I was not surprised to see Erica too. However, Gretchen followed her in. So, I thought, it was going to be a free for all. Hah!

Anthea was going to be screwed lying on her back. I had her on the edge of the bed with her huge belly ballooning up and her huge tits hanging to the side, fully distended and getting ready for the baby. She needed no lubrication. She was my little slut girl and her pussy was already oozing juice out of it in anticipation of my hard fucking. I took no time, just rammed it in and loved the scream of passion she let out.

With all my force I jammed her full of my thirsting cock. I was the Master and she was my slave. But she loved it anyway. Ramming and grinding I ground my prick into her beyoğlu escort bumping her ass hole with my large balls. I was fucking my baby girl and she would soon have a baby of her own.

Over on the big chair in my room Erica was eating out Gretchen. My daughters loved sex, anywhere, anytime, but only with their Daddy or someone he allowed. I allowed Gretchen because I loved jamming my cock up her ass hole. It was tight and had been virgin before coming to work for me. And she liked me to spill my come on her ass when I shot my wad after screwing that bung hole. She loved the feel of the hot spunk in her ass crack.

But now I was fucking Anthea, and her legs were spread as wide as she could get then, trying to take in more and more of my thrusting dick. I fucked her until her cream was leaking out around my cock and running down the side of the bed.

I kept fucking her until I could not hold back any longer and I pulled out and shot my seed all over her pregnancy bulge and she rubbed it in. She loved spunk on her skin. Then I crawled up over her belly and sat on her tits to feed her my cock. She took it gladly and sucked all the leftover come she could get.

At this time, Erica had to join us, and Gretchen came along. They were both licking Anthea’s cunt and getting all my come and Anthea’s pussy juices. The were both finger fucking the other at the same time. They were both moaning as they ate Anthea and finally broke off and began tribbing right on the floor.

I loved to watch my whore daughters showing all of their sexual sides. Erica and Gretchen scissored until they could take no more coming and collapsed on the floor. Again pussy cream was leaking onto my floor. Gretchen would clean it all up tomorrow.

Just three weeks later Erica went into labor. Her water broke in the afternoon as she was wading in the pool. She cried out and Gretchen came running. They called me at the office and I was home quickly before the child had arrived.

I was there holding her hand in her room and Gretchen was washing her brow. Then Anthea pulled me away and we left the room and went to the chair I had in my master bedroom. She made me sit down and then she started stroking my cock.

“Erica is fine Daddy. You need to relax. Let your daughter take care of you Daddy, please?”

She gave me her look and I started growing larger and larger. On her knees she began to worship my cock.

Down the hall Erica was crying out in pain and in my own room I was getting a great blow job. I shot a wad into my slut Anthea’s mouth. Erica was giving birth in the other room and we were enjoying our sex. We heard the child come out squalling. Later I learned it was a boy. Gretchen finished her job well.

Anthea went back into their room and helped Gretchen clean up. I went into the den to have a whiskey and soda. The week before we had stopped going around naked. It seemed to be the right thing to do for when the babies arrived.

That evening I let Anthea sleep with me in my master bedroom while Erica slept in her room down the hall with the child. It was a bonding ceremony. Anthea sucked my prick and I gave her all the come I had. Then she kissed me with lots of fervor and I sucked on her tits. Anthea diddled her clit and pussy and shook with an orgasm as we played in the bed.

It was a long month before Anthea began her labor process. It went flawlessly. Again Gretchen did her job perfectly. I was so glad I had allowed her into our little group.

Anthea bomonti escort started giving birth. The head was exposed and Erica was stroking her brow. The baby popped out and this time we got a girl. It was fine with me. This was all an ongoing part of the plan. I kissed Anthea. I treated my Daughter/Wives in the same way. They both got the same attention.

This time Erica slept with me for the night. Anthea had the babies in a large crib by their bed in their bedroom. The babies slept and Anthea slept. Erica was very tired and also slept deeply. I got up andI went down to Gretchen’s room.

“Hi, lover. I wanted to say great job with the girls. You are one of the best things to come into our lives. I want you to know you are welcome here forever. Now get on your back because I need some pussy. Your cunt is going to get used now.”

Gretchen grinned with anticipation. I mostly fucked her ass. Now she was getting a treat. I first got between her legs, kneeling on the floor, with her legs draped over my shoulders. She was a choice little pixie. Her cunt was tiny and needed some stretching from a large cock. But first it needed to be praised with my lips and tongue.

Her little clittie popped out when I spread her hood with my fingers. It was filled with blood and was rosy red. I bit it and she whimpered but pushed up into my face. I sucked on it. I licked it. Then I moved down and began licking her labia. So sweet and swoolen with lust. I kissed it and nibbled on it. And she had a massive orgasm. She shook and quivered and cried out and begged for more.

I gave her more. I rose up and stuck the head of my cock into her quim. I slowly eased it in as she begged and begged for a hard fuck. I tortured her with my slowness. Her cunt was sucking me in faster and so I rammed it hard and she again cried out and I fucked my maid with all my love and skill. Fucking and fucking harder and deeper and she kept coming over and over.

In the girls’ room down the hall Anthea slept with our children and Erica slept in my master bedroom. Here in Gretchen’s room I knew she was ready for my spunk so I shot strings of it deep into her pussy. I kept coming for a whole minute my cock pumping seed into her. Then I pulled out and took her hand and we went into her own bathroom.

I had her sit on the tub edge and I stuck my cock into her mouth and fucked her face hard and deep.

She needed to learn how I liked it. And she licked me clean and kissed the head of my cock while looking up into my eyes. Now she was going to get what she really loved. I moved her into the tub and waited a few moments while my cock went down. She waited expectantly.

I now was ready to give her the golden shower she wanted. I started pissing into her face with cum mixed with it. She grinned and got it up her nose and into her mouth. I sprayed her thoroughly and then started the shower and we fondled each other as my daughters slept. When we were finished we toweled each other off we dressed and I went back to my master bedroom.

Erica slept peacefully. The house was quiet. I crawled up and got next to Erica. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my chest. I slept well that night.

Awakening in the morning I got up and performed my ablutions and got dressed. I went into the front room and I found both Erica and Anthea nursing their children. It was adorable. But as I said before we were now all wearing clothes for the children.

From then on, when I was alone with one of my daughters I would always suck some milk from a huge tit. It became part of our sexual routine until they stopped producing milk.

The plan was coming to complete fruition. I had my daughters to fuck and my special maid. Who knows what would come next? All I knew for sure was I was the Master.

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