My Brother, My Master

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Summary: A trip to the Amazon has sister submit to her nerdy brother.

Note 1: This is a 2013 Earth Day Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: A special thanks to MAB7991 for editing this and so many of my other stories.


Kevin slammed his hard cock inside my wanton pussy. My pussy tightened around his cock hungry to feel his hot seed explode inside me. “Harder, fuck me harder,” I begged, each forward thrust getting me closer to my own orgasm.

“Come for me sis,” he grunted, slapping my ass.

Obeying like I always did, I frantically rubbed my hard clit as he pounded me hard and fast.

“I’m cloosssse,” I moaned.

“Now slut,” he demanded.

“Fuuuuck,” I screamed, as my orgasm and his hit simultaneously. His cum exploded into me as my juices fought to get out.

A couple of minutes later as we both recovered from our orgasms, Kevin smiled, “Happy Earth Day.”

I laughed, “Happy Earth Day to you too.” As I waited for the traditional ass fuck that was too follow, I reminisced to twenty years ago when we started our incest relations in the Amazon rainforest…on Earth Day.


“You are not serious?” I asked, dad’s words so ludicrous that I was sure I must of heard him wrong.

“Yes, Kerry, it is time we get away from the twenty-four seven plugged in world you and Kevin are so obsessed with,” dad explained.

Sarcasm dripping from me, I retorted, “It’s not the eighties anymore, dad.”

“Well for two weeks it will be the eighties, the eighteen eighties,” he replied back quickly, with his usually corny humour.

“Mom!” I said, looking for help. There is no way she liked this idea. She hated camping, there was no way she wanted to go to Amazon rainforest.

“Your dad is right. It will be good for you and Kevin to go see another part of the world,” Mom answered, before adding, “your brother is excited about the trip.”

“Of course he is,” I quipped sarcastically, glaring at him. It was hard to believe that we had any of the same DNA, despite the fact that we were twins.

“Plus it will be a great way to celebrate Earth Day,” Dad added.

“What day?” I asked.

“Earth Day,” Dad repeated as if that made it clear.

“Earth Day is not a real thing,” I argued.

“Of course it is,” Dad said, clearly beginning to get annoyed by me.

“It’s not a real holiday if we have to go to school,” I pointed out.

“Well this year you will be missing school on Earth Day,” dad shrugged, smiling at his wit.

Twenty more minutes of futile protest landed on deaf ears and apparently instead of doing something cool like going to the mountains, or a beach in Mexico, we were going to the Amazon rain forests.

To make matters worse, I would be celebrating my eighteenth birthday on a plane on our way to a foreign country with my family….my life officially sucked.


The trip there was exhausting as flights were delayed, food was terrible, and I was on the tail end of my period. Because I was miserable and unhappy with this whole trip, I was a complete whiny bitch the entire time. I was clearly getting on my father’s last nerve and it made me try even harder to push him over the edge. My mother, meanwhile, just acted like the journey to hell was all fine and dandy.

To make matters worse, Kevin and I celebrated our 18th birthday in an airport. Mom and dad tried to make it memorable, but I wouldn’t let them. I was pissed off; I should have been celebrating my birthday with my friends not stuck at an airport while our flight was delayed by six hours.

When we finally got onto a plane, a day later, I wished I was back in the airport. The flight was on an eight-passenger plane and had me a nervous wreck. Clearly not the time to learn you may be claustrophobic. I actually held onto my brother and when we hit some turbulence, my hand actually landed directly on Kevin’s very hard cock. I quickly moved it away but two things instantly popped into my head: 1. Was he hard because of me? 2. Wow…by brother was well-endowed.

The look of embarrassment on his face was hilarious. I just shrugged and said, “Oops.”

He didn’t say anything, clearly mortified by having his hard cock felt by his sister. Somehow though it relaxed me as I was no longer worried about the tiny plane crashing as I became fixated on just how big a cock my nerdy brother had.

Deciding to entertain myself during this brutal day, I whispered in his ear, quiet enough no one else could hear, “Was baby brother hard because of me?”

When he didn’t respond, I pushed further, curious if I could provoke an even deeper shade of red in his cheeks. I asked, my tone soft and seductive, “Does my baby brother want to fuck his sister?”

Apparently there was another shade as Kevin’s eyes went big at the question.

“You’re beşiktaş türbanlı escort a virgin, aren’t you, baby brother?” I asked, very confident I was right, this time purposely allowing my hand to land briefly on his stiff cock.

He gasped as I gave his cock a solid squeeze. He finally spoke as he asked, “Kerry, what are you doing?”

“Just bonding with my brother like mom and dad suggested we do,” I smiled back, my hand still on his cock that just flinched in my hand. “Hmmmmm, am I getting you excited?”

“Kerry, stop,” he demanded quietly, although he never attempted to move my hand.

“So what made your snake come alive?” I asked, slowly rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“I-I-I don’t know,” he stammered clearly distracted by my teasing.

“I think I do,” I purred, as I began to rub his cock faster.

“Oh God,” he groaned.

“Come for your sister, baby brother,” I whispered in his ear, giving a quick nibble on his ear lobe.

A few seconds later he let out a strange, noise as he came in his pants the whole time biting his lip so as to not let out a sound that would make what he just did obvious to the other passengers and especially not to our parents.

I moved my hand away, put my headphones on and closed my eyes amused as hell. At that moment, I still had no intentions of fucking my brother, it was just harmless fun, but apparently, I had planted the seed for him to want to fuck me whether I intended to or not.

We arrived jet lagged, and each of us snappy and needing sleep. Yet, we still had two more hours to travel by vehicle with others. We were squished into a compact bus where I had to sit on my brother’s lap the whole time. It was like the Gods of incest where manipulating our situation from above.

Kevin and I were in the back with an older couple. Once we got started, the journey was a bumpy one and I learned rather quickly that my brother: 1. Has a quick recovery time. 2. Got hard having his sister on his lap.

It probably didn’t help that I purposely ground my ass onto his crotch every time we hit a bump. I wondered if I was wearing my cheerleader skirt right now, could I ride his cock during the long bumpy journey. As soon as the thought popped into my head, I realized I was thinking about fucking my brother. I shook my head at the silly thought and yet the slight dampness in my pussy was impossible to deny.

I glanced at the older couple and saw they were both asleep. Trying to drive my horny brother crazy, I leaned back into him and whispered, “They are asleep. Why don’t you just pull that big cock of yours out of your jeans and let me ride you, baby brother?”

I wasn’t being serious and was taken by surprise when he said firmly, “Get up.”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“Get up so you can touch it first hand, big sister,” Kevin ordered, his confidence coming out of nowhere.

“I was just teasing you,” I replied, suddenly realizing I may have gone too far.

His hand went directly to my crotch area and as his fingers touched my pussy through the thin fabric of my shorts as he said with a smug smile I had never seen him use on me before, “Looks like you were getting off dry humping me.”

“Stop, Kevin,” I weakly protested, even as I moaned lightly, defeating any pretense that I wasn’t getting turned on by my brother’s touch.

This time he whispered in my ear like I had him earlier, all the while his hand was firmly on my now burning pussy, “I think big sister wants her brother’s big cock in her.”

I stammered, “W-w-what, I-no-I.” Even as I protested, the sudden transformation of Kevin was an instant turn-on as I liked my men to be in control.

“Your words say no, but the wetness in that hot cunt of yours and the hunger in your eyes say yes, yes, yes,” he replied, a confidence and cockiness in him I didn’t know existed underneath his nerdy exterior. Also, hearing my brother who can recite verbatim every word of The Lord of the Rings movies saying cunt was shocking…and had my pussy literally ready to burst.

I tried to regain control of the strange power shift that had just occurred. “Do you want me to pull my shorts and panties to the side and ride your cock, baby brother?”

He laughed but a cocky laugh, “No, no, you need to earn my cock.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned stunned by his answer.

“Actually, for now you can straddle my leg and get yourself off like a good little slut,” he said.

“That is enough…” I began, but he put his finger to my lips.

“Ssshhhhh, my sister slut, you wouldn’t want everyone on the bus to know that you are cock hungry for your brother’s cock. Now stop pretending you don’t want this and get yourself off…NOW!”

I couldn’t believe the audacity of my nerdy brother, nor could I believe just how turned on I was. Part of me wanted to slap him silly, to let him know I am the one in charge; yet a larger part of me wanted to obey him and an even larger part of me was dying to get off. I felt my body reposition itself and lower down beşiktaş ucuz escort on his leg. After a brief hesitation, I began grinding my pussy onto his leg like the slut he said I was.

He whispered, “Good girl,” which both humiliated me and at the same time turned me on.

I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to enjoy the submissive task, ignoring who was controlling me, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

As my breathing began to increase my brother surprised me again as he held onto my hips. “Stop,” he ordered.

I did and looked back at him. “Why?”

“Because you need to earn your right to come, my slut,” he informed me, before adding as my mouth dropped open at his answer, “I think we are about to arrive.”

I turned to look ahead and indeed we were slowing down. I moved off Kevin’s leg, my pussy wet and still needy and glared at him as I whispered, “Don’t you ever call me a slut again.”

Kevin smiled, put his hand to my pussy and returned, “Big sister, you are a slut, my slut and I will call you slut and whatever else I want.”

I let out a moan at his touch, my pussy so close to eruption, and noticed the old man watching like a pervert. Impulsively, I winked at him and deciding to play along with my brother for the old man. I put my hand on Kevin’s cock and said, “May I come, baby brother?”

He chuckled, as he moved his hand away, “We’re here.”

The bus stopped and I was frustrated as Hell.

We got off the bus and mom asked me, “Are you ok, dear?”

“W-w-What? W-w-Why?” I stammered.

“Your cheeks are really red,” she said, concerned and felt my head. “You are a little warm.”

“I-I-I’m fine,” I struggled to get out, mortified that mom might catch on I was burning up all right, and explained, “the bus was a sauna Mom, just one more disaster on this trip of disasters.”

Mom sighed, as I acted like my normal bitchy self and went to dad.

Kevin walked up behind me and whispered, with a chuckle, “Nice cover, sis.”

“Fuck you,” I snapped back.

“All in good time,” he retorted smugly and walked away, leaving me with a thought I had never, ever seriously considered…until now…fucking my brother.


The next two hours was spent hiking and it was exhausting as the heat was unbearable. On top of the heat, my brother drove me nuts as he ignored me completely and was his usual nerdy self, talking to dad about the environment and what different animal species we may find on our trip. Finally, we arrived where we were staying that night…in FUCKING tents.

I asked, my tone implying my disgust, “We are not sleeping here?”

Kevin talked for the first time and it dripped with sarcasm, another thing I didn’t know existed in him, “No Kerry, the five star hotel is just over that hill.”

“Fuck you,” I snapped.

“Language,” my mother said robotically.

Dad said, “Just embrace nature, sweetheart.”

I quipped back, “I want to embrace my cell phone.”

Kevin suggested, his words full of innuendo our parents wouldn’t understand, “Yes, big sis, we are in a new world, embrace new things, try things you have never considered before today, just let yourself go and submit to what you really desire.”

My face went red at the innuendo as my dad agreed, “Exactly, just free yourself of all the crazy social expectations of home and just let go.”

I laughed softly as dad was vaguely agreeing that I should fuck my brother, which right now was beginning to seem like an increasingly good idea. My period gone, I was horny as hell. Kevin’s sexual teasing and shocking aggressive behaviour had me in a sexual state that hadn’t completely simmered.

I finally agreed, looking at Kevin, as I asked dad, “So I should try new things and allow whatever COMES to COME?”

“Exactly sweetheart, what a great philosophy, allow whatever comes to come,” dad agreed excitedly.

Kevin couldn’t hold back a laugh as he agreed, “Yes be sure to take everything that comes your way, no matter how big and hard the obstacle.”

Keeping up with the dripping innuendos, I countered confidently, “I love obstacles to be long and hard, to push me to places I usually wouldn’t go.”

“That’s the spirit, embrace the challenge,” dad said beaming with parental pride.

“Challenge accepted,” I said, staring directly into my brother’s hazel eyes.

“Challenge doubly accepted,” Kevin countered, his nerdy smile suddenly sexy.

“Rad,” Dad said, still stick in his eighties slang. “I knew you would get into it once we got here.” Dad went to get some food ready leaving Kevin and I alone.

“I can’t wait to get into it,” Kevin said.

Playing coy, I retorted, “I’m not sure you would know what to do if you did get into it.”

He moved towards me, sauntering confidently, as he continued, “So many holes to fill and so little time.”

“You’re bluffing,” I countered, my pussy tingling at the possibilities and his cockiness.

“Let’s go for a walk,” he said.

Calling his bluff, I said, “Lead beşiktaş üniversiteli escort the way, Master,” playing flirtatiously.

“Master, I like that,” he nodded, before turning to our parents, “Mom, dad, Kerry and I are going for a walk.”

“Sounds good, but stay on the paths and be back in an hour for dinner,” Dad said.

“Will do,” Kevin agreed, grabbing my hand and leading me to the path.

Once out of our parent’s sight, I asked coyly, “Are you taking me somewhere secluded to ravish me?”

“Something like that,” he responded, his tone implying duplicity.

I followed curious and horny, although I was still convinced he was just playing me, like I was him. As we walked along, I pondered, ‘What if he is serious? Would I actually commit incest with my brother? His cock sure seemed impressive hidden in his jeans, and I do love a big cock, but he is my brother, my nerdy brother.’

I was pulled back from my strange conversation with myself when Kevin eventually stopped and said, “This is perfect.”

“What is perfect?” I asked seeing nothing out of the ordinary I hadn’t seen the past ten minutes of walking.

“This place,” he said, surprising me once more as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His hard cock outlined in his blue briefs.

“What are you doing?” I gasped, knowing full well what he was doing just not able to fully believe all the innuendo had been more than just harmless teasing.

“Making my sister, my slut,” he answered.

“Excuse me?” I asked, surprised by his frankness and name calling, even as my panties got undeniably damp.

“Stop playing innocent. Your mouth is literally watering, I can see it from here. Plus, your cunt is probably soaking wet like it was when you were humping my leg,” he confidently assessed.

“That was just playful teasing,” I said, even as I stared at his cock in his underwear.

“Was it?” He asked, “Your red cheeks and moaning seemed to say something else.”

“It was a sauna in there,” I defended.

“We’ll that could defend the cheeks, but not the moaning or the wet spot you left on my knee,” he countered.

“I did?” I asked, surprised.

“Want to smell?” asked, pointing to his knee.

“No, I think I am alright,” I replied.

“Now come and suck my cock,” he ordered, pulling down his shorts and revealing seven solid inches of hardness.

My pussy leaked slightly at the sight of my brother’s cock, but I pretended otherwise. “In your dreams.”

“No, in my dreams you and Carla are in a lesbo sixty-nine and I saunter in and make you both my cheerleading sex slaves,” he countered, slowly stroking his cock.

“You pervert,” I shot back. Carla was my best friend and cheerleading captain, and although she was gorgeous, we had never dyked out.

“You’re the one drooling over your brother’s cock,” he said.

“You’re the one who wants your sister to suck your cock,” I shot back, even as I imagined his cock shooting his load down my throat. Although common among girls, most give head because it is expected not because they like it, as for me I love it. I loved a cock growing in my mouth, loved the stiff warmth in my mouth and loved the unique taste of cum, every man different, even each load from the same guy subtly different.

“Funny how you didn’t deny you are hungry for my cock,” he continued.

“Funny how you can’t get laid so you think you can bully me,” I countered, trying to one up him.

“I have been laid many times,” he answered, surprising me.

“As if,” I quipped.

“I lost my virginity to Mrs. Sheets and the band trip at Christmas was quite the learning experience. Apparently that American Pie chick wasn’t lying about band chicks,” Kevin revealed.

I gasped. Mrs. Sheets was mom’s best friend and married to a handsome lawyer. “Bullshit,” I said, calling his bluff.

He shrugged, “If I had my cell I could show you some photos. She is an amazing cocksucker, you could probably learn a thing or two from her.”

“I have never had any complaints,” I shrugged.

“Well let me compare, on your knees my sister slut,” he ordered.

Part of me wanted to slap him in the face, but a bigger part of me wanted to obey. His cock looked so deliciously appetizing.

“This is a onetime offer, sis,” he said. “On your knees now or forever hold your peace.”

Letting go of my moral issues of incest, I moved towards him and dropped to my knees.

“Good girl,” he said, holding his cock for me.

“You are turning me into a bad girl,” I teased, reaching for his cock.

“My bad girl,” he firmly clarified.

“Mmmmmm, you are so naughty, Kevin,” I purred, his throbbing cock in my hand.

“You have no idea,” he smiled ominously. “Now suck your brother’s cock.”

Unable to deny the forbidden fruit any longer, I opened my mouth and took his mushroom top between my lips. The soft moan from his mouth made me smile around his cock as I shifted the power back to me. I was now in control and I revelled in that power.

I swirled my tongue around his cockhead, recalling his words that Mrs. Sheets was an amazing cocksucker and deciding to prove to him I was better. I realized as I began to slowly move up and down the first couple of inches of his cock that I was trying to prove to my brother I was a good cocksucker, but ignored the ridiculousness of it and focused on giving him an amazing blow job.

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