My Beach Fantasy

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It was a warm summer day at the beach; the ocean breeze felt well as it cooled my warming skin. I put lotion on the parts of my body that I could reach but was now struggling to get the rest of my back. I guess you had been watching me from afar in my bikini top that covered just enough of my ample breasts, and the thong that only covered my womanhood, it is a shiny blue bikini I fell in love with at first sight.

You approached me and asked, “If I needed some help putting lotion on my back,” I replied with, “thank you that would be great.” Your hands worked the lotion into my back, so strong yet so gentle in touch. As you massaged the oil into my back, you also relieved some built up tension. Your hands moved down to my buttocks as you stated, “I had missed a few spots, and being the gentleman that you are, you would get them for me,” I smiled to myself.

“Turn around,” you stated, “I wouldn’t want that pretty face of yours getting redder than it already is.”

“Well,” I began, “since you have done the rest of my body, you minds well check to make sure I didn’t miss any spots on my chest.” It was your turn to smile to yourself. Your hands left my face and began rubbing lotion into my chest slowly. I could feel my nipples harden from your touch as desire slowly burned in my loin.

Your hands moved to my stomach and then to my legs rubbing lotion from my ankle and up to the inside of my thigh stopping for a moment and then doing the same thing to the other leg. “I think you are covered darling,” you stated. I replied with, “Well there are areas you missed but I think they are covered for now. With that statement I smiled a smile that only you would know what I was talking about.

As we made small talk I noticed all of your features except for your eyes that were hidden under sunglasses, but I liked what I could see and I wanted to see more. “So you here alone,” you asked. “Yes,” I replied. “You,” I added. You nodded your head and with that I asked, “You would care to join me for the day.”

“Yes, that would be great,” you answered.

We decided to take a walk down the beach as the woman looked at you and the men well they just checked out my tits and ass. I liked having you beside me, and as we talked more I felt as if I had known you forever. escort ataşehir We played like we were kids, teasing each other; I kicked water at you as you kept telling me you were going to throw me into the ocean. I didn’t believe you so I kept pushing you, and the next thing I knew I was being lifted by strong arms, you threw me over your back, and put a hand on my ass as you walked into the water. I was trying to squirm of your grasp but couldn’t. I felt your hold loosens and then I felt the shock of the cold water as my body came in contact with it. I surfaced and you were laughing as you spoke the words “I told you ‘You wait,” I interrupted.

You suddenly pressed your lips against mine, shushing me before I could speak any more words, as your thumbs wiped the running beads of salt water off my face. We kissed for a long time as the waves crashed into us pushing us little by little back to shore. I grasped your shoulders to sturdy myself against the bigger waves. Your lips moved to my neck as my fingers found your chest. I pushed away from you stepping back a few steps, and then lifted off my bikini top saying “you want these you come get them,” and with that I turned around and ran. It wasn’t too long before you caught me spinning me around in my tracks, cupping a breast in your hand as your mouth found my nipple, your free hand pressing my back. I moaned in delight as your mouth engulfed more of my breast nibbling gently at my salty flesh. You once again brought your lips to mine, as our tongues entwined with passion. Your fingertips tracing the space between my breasts and then around my hardened nipples. You removed your lips from mine stating; “we should head back to our spot on the beach”

“but what about my top?” I asked, “Leave it off” was your reply.

As we started our journey back, me topless, tits bouncing, men gawking, wives slapping their husbands, the only difference was this time you held me hand or had your arm around me, stopping briefly to plant a kiss on my breast occasionally. An elderly couple stopped to inform us that we were a “cute couple.” We smiled thanking them and continued. When we reached our belongings you wrapped your arms around me neck and once again kissed me that long sensual kiss that I had become so familiar kadıköy escort with. My breasts pressing against your chest, what a wonderful feeling that was and I was enjoying every moment of it, then you suggested that we go grab a bite to eat. I was famished and obliged to the idea.

We soon returned to the empty sands of the beach, we once again walked, held hands and just talked. I stopped you, kissing your neck and moving my way up to your lips. I looked in your eyes, telling you that “I want you right here and now, please make love to me.” I kissed your lips showing you just how much I wanted to become one with you. My hands roamed your chest through your shirt as your finger released my bikini top, removing it so that my breasts were exposed into the ocean air. We continued our kissing as our hands roamed one another’s body. Heating the cool air around us, my body coming alive with every touch of your hands. My fingers worked to remove your shorts, my mouth watering at the thought of the taste of your cock. I hurry to get it into my mouth, moving up and down your long thick shaft. Your hand at the back of my head thumbs caressing my cheeks while you watched me devour your manhood. Slowly I began to taste precum, ummm your cum is good and I want more. I want to taste your load; I want to feel your cock as it jerks before shooting.

I continue to maneuver your huge hard cock in and out of my throat without gagging. I feel the veins bulging as you begin to shoot your hot wad into my throat, I hum encouraging you for more, I am able to swallow all that you have to offer, without dribbling, and once I have finished I remove your cock from my mouth. You bring me to my feet only to grasp my thong, and slide it down my legs until it reaches my ankles. I step out of it and you toss it aside.

You tease my navel with your tongue, kissing your way down; amazed by my hairless pussy you plant a kiss on my swelling clit. Your hands find the inside of my thighs, pushing, wanting me to spread my legs a little further. Some couples walk by but we don’t care we are too hot and horny for them. Your hands grab my ass cheeks as your mouth finds my clit. You lick it, suck on it and then you dive in. My hands are on your head now, my fingers holding your hair. Your maltepe escort bayan finger finds my slit, inserting it while you continue to play with my clit. My hands find my tits as I bring them to my mouth; I can feel my insides getting wet. I am so hot; you turn me on so much.

You can tell my knees are weakening so you suggest that I lay down on my back. I grab my legs so that I can watch you as you eat me, your tongue moves down to my ass as you taunt my backdoor, and then back up. As your tongue once again plays with my clit you move a finger into my pussy, and one into my ass. I moan but am not sure if you can hear me as the waves crash behind us. Your fingers move quickly in and out of my tight holes. Licking and finger fucking me harder, I scream as the orgasm hits, my body shaking releasing my love juices. You don’t stop until I am done, my body returns to normal but I want to feel your cock beat in and out of me.

I spread my legs inviting your cock inside. You slide your hard pole into my tight pussy, Your cock so big that it took some time to get it adjusted and entirely inside my tight hole. Your hands grasp mine forcing them on each side of my head. I lock my legs around your back as you begin to pump in and out of me. You kiss me, as your chest hairs rubbed my erect nipples. Our breathing becoming heavier. “You feel so good inside me”

“I love your cock, and I want to feel you cum”

“Ummm” was your reply. Your thrusts were becoming more rapid and harder. I could feel each ripple of your cock as it slides in and out of me.

We continued this act of about an hour and only after my fourth orgasm did you even consider that you would cum. By now you could tell that I was ready to cum again and this time you decided to join me. My pussy so slippery from all the orgasms, the little waves reaching shore cooling us, as my squeals of your name got louder. You fucked me harder and faster with moans of your own. We were ready; I arched my back as much as I could be pinned down. You slowed as your cock pulled back and then shot sending wads of cum deep inside me. I crashed your cock with a wave of my own. A grand finale that seemed to take a long time before ceasing. We laid in that position for a while as we continued to kiss one another only getting up and finding our towels because the waves were getting bigger.

That night we went back to your house, took a shower together only to do it again, and then went to bed starting all over again.

Maybe one day this fantasy will become a reality for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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