Mums Relief Ch. 07

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We both gave her all we had.

I awoke about an hour and a half later, still lying on my side Mom in front and Alex behind me. His cock was hard and pressing into the small of my back and my cock, which was semi hard, was resting in between Mom’s ass cheeks.

His right arm was draped over me and he rubbed my chest with his fingers. He moved his hand and arm and lowered them to feel my cock and balls. He gently stroked my cock and circled my balls with his fingers. I could feel his cock hardening against me and pushing up my back against my spine, his balls resting on my ass cheeks.

It was so warm in the bed with three bodies all under the one duvet cover that I was sweating profusely.

“Does that feel good,” he said.

“Mmmmm feels real nice to me,” I replied.

“Feels pretty good to me too,” laughed Mom as she turned over towards me. She took hold of my cock along with Alex and started to work me real good. He held the base of it as she took the top half in both her hands.

“Ouch,” I yelled and visibly jumped in the bed, “Steady Alex your pinching my balls”.

“Sorry man I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he replied, but he still had my balls cupped in his other hand, “my they’re heavy,” he said. Mom was pulling and tugging towards the tip of my meat and working one hand against the other. First stretching the skin against the top and the base and then compressing it together revealing the mushroom head.

Her fingers worked the precum round the tip and as there was so much of it she rolled it round my ring. This had the effect of allowing the foreskin to slip and slide so easily over it that she was now squeezing the ring every time she moved it up and down. She took one hand off it and with a swift throw, sent the duvet cover down the bed revealing two thirds of our body’s.

“Turn on your back so I can get at you properly,” she instructed. Alex turned as well, as he sat up on one elbow, with his free hand he was jerking his meat at the sight of Mom and me playing.

“That is just soooo horny you guys,” he said and thrashed his cock for all he was worth. Mom pulled his hand off his cock and told him to pace himself, there was going to be no rush here.

His thick cock was pointing skywards as he eased himself up on his elbow, moving position to make himself comfortable, as well as being able to get a better view of both Mom and me. Alex didn’t want Mom, only me, he had made that very very clear, only me. Although I am bi I would much prefer a woman and Mom was all woman. The experience with a man was very pleasurable and I liked that too, but in a different kind of way. He was very persistent and got horny just looking at my unclothed body, by the size and hardness of his cock he wanted me bad.

Mom sat up and grabbed at my cock with her lips sucking and licking at it for all she was worth.

“Hey I wanted to do that,” said Alex in a sulky kind of voice.

“Well you cant, I got here first and this cock is mine,” said Mom in the same sulky tones. We both laughed …… Alex didn’t.

“Hey, good as this is I gotta be going on my way,” said Alex.

“Don’t go yet,” I said.

“Then fuck me with that pole before I go then,” said Alex.

I looked at Mom and she looked at me and we both nodded. I raised myself up and asked Alex to get into doggy position. He did, thrusting his ass skywards into the air. Mom lubed my cock and held it near the ring, moving the skin back and forth as she held it hard. His brown hole stretched before me and I placed the tip of my cock up to it and gently eased it in half an inch. He was gently rocking slowly back and forth in anticipation of my meat sliding into him.

I gripped his hips made him open his knees wider and whilst he was concentrating on doing that slid two thirds of my cock into his ass. He gasped and moaned and I slammed all the rest, balls deep into him. He started to yell out with the pain and shock of what I was doing and Mom put her hand over his mouth. I ripped it almost out and then slammed it all the way back into him way deep. I kept this up as Mom slipped her hand under him and took a hold of his throbbing cock, and she pulled and tugged topkapı escort at it like a dervish. He was taking huge deep breaths as I slammed in and out and I was grunting every time I went in. My cock started to harden and then I felt it starting off out of my balls and up my meat.

I jetted his ass with lots of creamy come all sent in hot quick streams up his ass, making it hot and sticky as I pulled my meat in and out of him. He groaned some more as come dribbled from his own cock in a gentle flow. He wanted to drop face down and flat on the bed with exhaustion, but I was having none of that. I held his hips hard and made him continue to kneel up for as long as I wanted my still twitching cock inside him.

I still seemed to be coming and I could feel his ass muscles tighten round my cock end making it difficult for the hot come to actually get out of my cock. When I felt I had no more left I let go of him and he fell flat onto the bed. There was still come trapped in my cock and it sprayed out all over his back. Mom pulled her hand out from his thick meat and gradually milked the last juice out of me.

She spread her legs in front of me and pounded her clit with one hand and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her little clitty was a deep shade of red as she worked at it and her pussy was all shiny from her juices.

I gently stroked the inside of her thighs as she continued her mission. Tiny beads of sweat ran down her chest and into her cleavage as well as small globules standing out on her forehead. It was a gorgeous sight to see and as I stroked her legs Alex turned his head to watch what we were doing. She gradually worked her way to a boiling orgasm and seemed to yell out as she came, although in reality it was no more than normal loudness.

“I need more of you, I need more cock and I need more play and I just need so much more,” she said in a low quiet voice. I leaned forward and gently kissed her, running my lips and tongue all over her lips.

“Your going to get all I have and then some more, my darling, I love you so much,” I responded and kissed her deeply again.

“Boy you two have it real bad eh?” queried Alex.

Neither of us responded to his question. Alex left the house giving a cheek kiss to Mom and a full on mouth kiss to me.

“Not your type eh?” said Mom.

“No, men are men and that’s ok, but women are what I like best. There’s just nothing quite like the taste and smell and feel of a nice warm pussy,” I said as I got up and made my way to the bathroom.

“Are you going to shower now?” I asked.

“I’m just going to lay here and relax for a half hour my darling,” she replied.

The phone rang and Mom answered.

“Oh hi, yes … yes.. of course I remember you, of course .. why not, ok lets do that be there at 7 and I’ll meet you,” she said.

“That was the black guy I told you about, looks like he’s interested in seeing me this evening, he’s in town for another seminar,” she said

“Ho ho,” I said and winked at her “bring him home and lets have some fun maybe?”

“Oh you bad boy,” mom smiled and laughed as she went out to the bathroom.

It seemed like a lifetime until I heard a car pull into the driveway and the key went into the front door lock.

“That’s ok come on in and meet my boy here,” mom said in a low voice.

“Hi nice to meet you,” said the black guy. He was tall well built and very very black, not coffee coloured but solid black. He had a really good manly strong handshake and he smelled good too.

“Nice to meet you too,” I responded “Here, take a seat on the settee.”

“Thanks, nice home you have,” he said.

“Why thank you, would you like a drink or coffee,” mom asked.

“I’ll have a vodka if you don’t mind with ice and a splash of coke, if that’s ok,” he said.

“Sure no problem,” mom said and went on in to the kitchen.

He and I made some small talk and then of course it struck me that I didn’t know his name and he said it was Tom when I asked him. I asked him if he wanted to take off his jacket as it was hot in the room. He stood up and while taking off his jacket I weighed him up and down. türbanlı escort I could see a bulge in his pants that looked pretty serious to me. His chest and back had a fine curl of hair on them, his back was wet with sweat. I didn’t think it was that hot but maybe he was anxious.

“Wow a strip,” mom said as she came back with a drink for all three of us. He sat in the centre of the settee and mom sat next to him at the far end from me. Handing out the drinks she succeeded in brushing her tits against his chest and arm and that produced a reaction I could see straight away.

“So how did you and Tom get on this evening then mom?” I asked.

“We did just fine thank you, didn’t we Tom?” mom replied.

“It was good, I wasn’t sure whether you would accept the dinner date or not,” he said ” but I’m sure glad you did this is real cosy”. Moms hand dropped from her glass onto his knee and then she stroked further up his leg. His hard was bursting from his pants and he seemed to be sweating even more.

“Are you very hot Tom?” I asked.

“Yes I’m as hot as hell to be honest with you and I know its not the room temperature,” he responded.

I put my hand on his knee and I think that really threw him, but just in time mom leaned into him and kissed him full on the lips. Straight away he kissed her back and although it was obvious that he was uneasy about me being there, his lust for mom overcame any doubts he had. My hand had moved further up his thigh and at last I could feel some part of his cock but I wasn’t sure just what part. Moms hand had also moved even further up and she was fiddling with the clasp on his waistband. She flicked it open and tugged down the zipper until she had the front of his grey Calvin Clines exposed to her gaze. Her hand went into the front of them as I held the elasticated waistband out and she visibly gasped.

“Oh sweet Jesus, I died and gone to heaven,” she said in an outburst.

“You like what you find?” Tom said.

“Oh yes yes,” said mom. She started to take this monster trouser snake out of its hiding place and it seemed to go on for ever. I had been feeling at a point at which it was actually bent in two. It must have been somewhere round about 12″ long and very thick. She pulled it out very gently, but that wasn’t fast enough for Tom and his hand yanked at it and pulled it all out so it was straight up in the air and getting stiffer every second. Boy was that some cock I thought to myself and without thinking my hand slid over his pants and I took hold of the base of the thing and gripped it tightly.

“Hey nice one young man, your gonna join in with this too?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I responded.

“Cool,” he said and started to kiss and lick at moms lips. She moved her hand onto the end of this monster and rubbed it up and down, it was a full 12″ long and very thick, it was as black as coal with just the helmet a slightly paler shade with bits of pink showing through. As it got harder and harder more pink showed at the tip but the rest was still solid black. I rubbed it at the base and I could feel it slightly pulsing and twitching as we both played with it.

He stopped kissing mom and pushed himself back into the settee and looked down at his cock as we both worked at it.

“Do me all the way,” he said in a breathless voice ” Oh yeh, do me do me,” he continued louder and louder. Mom pulled at the tip and I circled the base with both hands now and as I did I felt a sudden twitch at the base and wowee a huge jet of pure white cum shot up in the air, like 18″ high and covered both mom and me in cum. He continued to pump it out and we both slowed our rubbing in time with his jets into the sky. His cock twitched and pumped for what seemed like ages as he unloaded a massive amount of cum into our hands.

“Oh man, Oh man,” he said totally breathless, as we continued to rub his cock and balls.

“Lets do him some more, but upstairs, shall we?” mom said to me across his sweating face and chest.

Mom stood up and pulled him up and I followed them both upstairs to the main bedroom. By the time we got into the room mom tüyap escort had unbuttoned everything that could be unbuttoned on her and I stood behind Tom almost totally naked except for my boxers which I slid down to my feet. She unclipped her bra and slid gently and provocatively out of her tiny thong. We both moved onto the bed and as Tom gazed with wonder at us he started to slowly undo his shirt. My hands went straight to moms pussy which was wet and sticky from her precum. My cock was now fully erect and mom had her hands round it jerking it up and down. Tome seemed to suddenly speed up his undressing and soon was knelt in front of us and stroking his pole back into life again.

Mom got up into doggy position and Tom moved towards her and as he did I took a firm hold of his cock and guided its tip into moms waiting pussy lips.

“Gently now,” I told him as he started to push forward. I held the middle part of this monster as he lined it up to slide into moms waiting pussy. It was thick, real thick and she gasped as got the first 3 inches into her then he continued to slide it in. He shuffled forward on the bed so that he could get the rest into her and begged me to play with his balls from the back. I let go of the thing and moved behind him, he had a terrific ass and I stroked it and let my hands drop to his ball sack and into his ass crack as he plunged his snake into mom. I rubbed at his balls and onto his shaft as it slid in and out of her pussy. He filled her completely with this cock which was shining with her juices and stood out against her white and tanned skin. My fingers slipped easily onto moms clit and back onto his cock shaft as he pounded his meat into her. Soon mom was moaning that she was coming and in a second get started to pulse his load into her. Yet another giant load left his balls and shot into her hot sticky sweaty pussy, stuffed full of his gorgeous cock.

He held moms hips until he had finished pumping her pussy and then let her drop to the bed completely exhausted from the pounding. His cock was still semi hard dangling in front of him and I made a grab at it with both hands from behind and took the tip into my right hand and gently rubbed it as though I was going to bring him off. I moved round his side and he semi turned round towards me, taking my cock in his right hand and massaging it. His cock came back hard and strong and I wondered where we were going to go from here but I shouldn’t have worried because he slowly lowered himself down to the bed and started to suck my cock. He took the tip and savaged it with his big lips and tongue, lashing it with long slow licks. The contrast of my white and pink cock disappearing inside his huge black mouth made me come within seconds and although I warned him I was coming he never backed off for a second and took my whole load at one go, swallowing it all down and licking the flowing end drops for all he was worth. I gathered myself back together again and got him to kneel back up and I lowered myself down to his cock and did the whole works on him, but of course, there was no way I could get all that thick long cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked and licked and sucked and in no time at all he was whimpering as he started to grit his teeth and the spunk flowed up the monster pipe and on into my mouth. He seemed to have as much as he did the first time as he unloaded all the cream into my mouth, as he gripped my shoulders and pulled my head further up his cock shaft.

Having drunk all his cum and licked my face and hands dry of it all he slumped down onto the bed. Mom in the meantime had been watching us and clit rubbing once more and I now helped her. Tom got up on one elbow to watch us and stroked at his cock as he did. I stroked my cock back to a hard with my left hand as I rubbed her clit with my right hand. When I had a sufficient hard I pushed it at her pussy entrance and started to slowly enter her. Tom by this time was franticly rubbing the monster meat and his eyes nearly popped out as I pushed the whole of my cock into moms pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. We both came in seconds and as I pulled out she leant forward to lick the few drops of creamy cum from the tip. Tom was working his cock like a mad man and shot another load or spunk over both me and mom as he came for the third or fourth time.

We all slumped back on the bed as we ended what had been a fantastic session, we all drifted off to sleep. But there would still be the morning fresh and new.

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