Mum’s Helping Hand

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Double Penetration

Wendy! you have to tell me what the problem is. Look at you! you look awful, not eating, smoking for the first time since we were teenagers. I’m really worried,is it you and Steve, has the bastard got someone else?

I was sitting at the kitchen table, a complete wreck, sobbing whenever I remembered. Tracy, my younger sister was probably the only person I could tell, but could I, surely she would despise me for the pervert I am. I have to tell someone though or I don;t know what I will do, I am so scared, so ashamed. I told her everything.

It all began with Scott’s accident, he fractured both wrists broken and a leg. He spent a week in hospital before he was let home but was still an invalid. It’s the little things you forget about when someone is incapacitated, cutting food, holding drinks and then the more personal requirements.

I was at the time a happily married 38 year old housewife, five ten, rich brown hair, well bottle brown now, slim with what I would call a nice pair of boobs, 34C. I brought Scott home in the car Monday morning, Tess was at Uni, that’s my daughter she 20 and quite the stunner. My husband got on a plane to Sydney that morning and wouldn’t be home for a week or so.

it was lovely having Scott home, I settled him in his room with a TV and DVDs and got on with life. After three hours I decided that bloody bell is going to have to disappear, I’ve been up and down with drinks and food all morning. As I entered his room he looked rather uncomfortable and was squirming around.

He was busting to pee! I didn’t think of this at the hospital, just brought him home in his pyjamas. I put on the parents, is that all! face as if this happens every day. Inside I was panicking, what the hell can do? He isn’t a little şirinevler escort boy anymore, he’s a grown man of eighteen.

Don’t worry we’ll think of something. Lets just get you to the bathroom.

I slowly helped him out of bed and into the bathroom, his left leg had a cast up to his knee and both arms elbow to wrist. I stood him in front of the toilet and from behind put my arms round him to help. Mum! what are you doing? he was frantic,

Scott I have to do something! what else can we do?

Look lets be adult about this, it’s embarrassing enough but has to be done. With that I moved behind him again, put my right hand around his waist to the front and slid it through his open pyjama fly. He had no underpants on so I came in contact with him immediately , As I touched him he gave out a moan or was it a sigh. I can’t remember, all I remember is how embarrassed I was. I aimed him at the toilet and he relaxed and let out a great stream of pee.

As he finished I shook him to get rid of any dribbles, I’ve seen my husband pee enough times to know how it’s done. I felt Scott catch his breath, I thought I also felt him filling with blood, yes he felt thicker! Oh my God, I’m giving him an erection! I quickly put him away and helped him back to bed. I tried not to let him see how red my face had become as I rushed back to the bathroom to wash my hands.

It became easier the next couple of times, but the next day he was rather sweaty and uncomfortable so cleaning him was the next priority. He was naked apart from a small towel covering his modesty, starting at the top I washed and dried as I went, his face, body, legs, then turned him to wash his back. When I got lower I knew what I had to do şirinevler elit escort so ploughed straight on. I washed his buttocks then slid the soapy washcloth between his cheeks to wash around his anus, as I did he gave an almighty moan.

Sorry mum! you just surprised me. I kept cleaning him then rinsed, it was when I turned him I should have realised what may happen. The towel was now covering a more substantial mound. I cleaned his legs to the top and we both knew what was next. I removed the towel and opened his legs. I couldn’t help but see he was more than half erect, filling quickly but still not hard. I gently washed his balls which brought a little moan, I went straight for his shaft to finish quickly, however I didn’t take into account an eighteen year old with no hand movement for nearly two weeks.

As I began to wash him he stiffened to be fully erect, he had quite an impressive cock I thought, but immediately put it out of my mind, what the hell was I thinking. I had only washed up and down a couple of times when he screamed stop! I thought I had hurt him, but then he gave a load groan and I felt his cock pulse. Oh shit, I’ve made him come! He lay back as cum began spurting from him. I don’t know why I did what I did next, perhaps just to make sure he was fully empty so it didn’t happen again too soon. I held onto his shaft and began stroking him, he moaned again and a it seemed to promote another great spurt of cum. I kept stroking until he settled and just gave the occasional twitch as if having a fit.

His eyes were shut, he looked suddenly so serene, like a little boy again. I had a tiny smile on my face as he opened his eyes and looked up at me. We both suddenly realised I was still şirinevler escort gently pulling his cock as it slowly softened. I pulled away, trying to remain calm and act like a professional nurse. Well, lets clean you up shall we? I’m so sorry mum…….. shh! it’s perfectly natural, don’t worry about it.

Life goes on, but inside I was mortified at what I had done. We carried on as if nothing had happened I kept on helping with ‘all’ his toilet needs, you can imagine how embarrassed we both were. Then a couple of days after the bed bath I was cleaning Scott again and noticed the towel gradually moving, until he was obviously fully erect. He must be in agony poor thing, that’s when I decided.

Scott, don’t ever tell anyone and I mean anyone, this will be our secret. Now close your eyes and I will help you. I removed the towel and soaped up my hands, then holding his cock in my right hand I began slowly wanking my son. I talked softly to him, who is that girl you like who I see you talking to at the mall……. Jessica! yes, just keep your eye’s closed and imagine Jessica’s hand slowly masturbating you.

I slowly pulled him, the head of his penis grew bulbous and purple, after a few minutes and re-soaping my hand, I took his balls in my left hand and gently rolled them in my palm, at the same time I gave gentle squeezes and pulled them. I don’t know what experience Scott has with the fairer sex but he didn’t last too long under my administrations. His breathing came short and sharp, he was pushing his cock through my fist as if trying to fuck it, then he stopped and his cock erupted with come. I kept wanking him until every last drop had been drained, then slowed down and held him very gently, barely caressing his penis.

He opened his eyes and gave a sleepy smile, thanks mum. I promise it will be our secret.

Now, three months later the household is back to normal. Scott is back at school, he starts Uni in a few months. There is just one difference, every week or so Scott ask for my special help………………….. and I can’t refuse my baby!

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