Ms. Nancy Ch. 03

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This is part three of the story of Ms. Nancy and how, for a brief time, my masturbation fantasy became a reality. Your comments and criticism are welcome as this is my first time submitting a story to and I want to get better! Thanks in advance.


My cock having been reawakened by the touch of her hand beneath her oversized t-shirt, I looked down at Ms. Nancy. “How much time do we have,” I asked?

“Maybe 20 minutes,” she replied.

“Can I do it again?”

She responded, “Let’s try something different.”

She took the small bottle of baby oil and poured it into her hand. She reached out and gently rubbed it all over my now throbbing cock, sending electric waves of pleasure through my entire body.

“Lock your hands behind your back,” she commanded, “and don’t think this gives you permission to touch me!”

I obeyed. I tilted my head back as I drifted into a tidal wave of ecstasy as this beautiful, forty something woman began to rub her fingertips up and down my swollen cock.

“You have a beautiful penis, I loved seeing it that night you masturbated in my bedroom and then watching it explode just a moment ago.” She whispered, acting as though she might be overheard. “I’ve always admired your smooth muscles and your slender physique. But I had no idea you were hiding this treasure.”

She slowly glided her fingertips over my foreskin and taught shaft. I moaned deeply, soaking in the delightful feel of her caress. She had such soft fingers and hands! I was awash in a sea of pleasure just feeling her delicate skin against mine. I looked down into her eyes and watched as she intently antalya escort surveyed every detail of my rock-hard cock.

“I’m gonna enjoy making you spurt your cum all over again.” She said. “As much as I liked watching you, I think I’m going to like doing it to you even more.”

Her left hand began gently caressing my testicles and she began slowly stroking my penis with those soft, creamy hands. A low moan revealed the utter pleasure she was providing me. The baby oil was a perfect lubricant. Her hand felt so soft and perfect kneading my shaft. She slowly pulled her palm over my cockhead, causing my hips to jerk in response.

“Sensitive, are we?” she looked up at me and smiled. I looked down at her, not believing that my masturbation fantasy was actually doing the stroking for me. “I love what you’re doing to me.” I responded in a small, soft voice. “I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“I wish we had more time,” she whispered, “but Jack or the kids might be home soon. If so, you’re a pervert standing naked and hard out on my patio and I had no idea you were here.”

With that, she began to quicken her pace, going all the way down my shaft and up over the head, watching my hips jerk with each stroke and listening to my quickening breath. She smiled at me with her pearly white teeth as I stared into her eyes. Her big bra-less breasts jiggled beneath her t-shirt as she rubbed my hard-on back and forth. The sight was breathtaking. I didn’t want this to end.

Then she did something I will remember forever. She took her left hand away from my testicles and plunged it down the front of her alanya escort tight jeans, toward her pussy. I looked down and saw the outline of her hand as she started tickling her clit. “Ummmmmmm,” she moaned softly and thrust her head back, signaling her own pleasure.

She seemed to time her stroking of my cock with her own pleasuring of her pussy. I stood there almost in disbelief, my manhood wrapped in her soft hands, watching my masturbation fantasy play with her pussy and my cock at the same time. It was incredible.

Her soft touch and lustful moans, soon had me nearing the brink. “Oh gawwwwd,” I moaned. “You’re gonna make me cum.” My breathing intensified, waves of electricity began to sweep over me, and finally with a loud groan, I said, “Oh baby! I’m cumming!”

“Give it to me, you sexy man,” was her husky reply, and with that she thrust her now clothing covered breasts in front of me. I grunted over and over again as my cum exploded onto her t-shirt. Not as much as before, but far more pleasurable. This time the ecstasy was due to my masturbation fantasy’s touch. She kept stroking me as my orgasm began to subside, and she continued to play with her clit. Her t-shirt was now covered with cum inside and out and she began to rock back and forth as obvious waves of pleasure swept through her.

“Ohhhh, you’re such a sexy man. I loved making you cum.” She said, her hips now bucking against the probe of her own fingers. “Ohhh, yessss!” she cried out. It was such a sexy scene, her big breasts heaving against the oversized t-shirt, her thighs trembling with pleasure. She closed belek escort her eyes and parted her lips and breathed heavily in and out over and over again. I saw her hand begin to move rapidly up and down beneath her jeans. Watching her make herself cum was so hot. I was in awe.

She hadn’t let me go, but held on long after I had been spent as she reached her own climax. On her knees before me, her hands down her jeans, erupting with waves of orgasmic pleasure, she almost seemed to need to hold my cock to keep her balance.

I took it all in. In all my “vast” 18 years of experience, I had never seen anything like this and I thought I never would again.

It was heaven.

Then I heard a car door slam. “Damn,” I thought, “somebody’s here.” Suddenly I snapped out of my post-orgasmic bliss and went on alert.

She looked up “Shit!” she whispered, “get out of here!” She jumped to her feet, threw open the sliding glass door, and rushed through the kitchen toward her bedroom.

I grabbed my clothes and scrambled down the stairs toward the concrete deck below. I saw the front end of my best friend’s car from behind the corner of the house. He was back! I crept underneath the stairway, quickly dressed, and attempted to gather my composure.

I had no doubt that my face was bright red from the exertion of two successive orgasms, the scramble down the stairs, and the fear of getting discovered with my best friend’s mom.

No doubt he’d seen my car. I couldn’t just drive off. I needed a few moments to gather myself. So I decided the best thing to do was to calm down, walk to the front door, and knock!

After about five minutes, I walked around the side of the house, up the driveway, went to the front door, and knocked. His sister answered (I wish I had a story about her, but anyway). I said “It looks like y’all are finally back! I’ve been waiting a while. ‘S he here?”

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