Ms. Marca Ch. 30

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Chapter 30: Helps Friend of Colin’s

Did I really want to try this? I reminded myself that this was Derrick, a man in his 70’s tall and skinny guy with a cock that had to be something 30 years ago, it was a good 9.” I looked into his eyes and smiled at him. “I really like to do this,” I assured him.

I dipped my head down and grabbed his cock with my right hand; my hair falling onto his stomach and obscuring his view some. I inhaled deeply his scent of his cock. Looking back up at him I gave him that look of hunger, wanting, needing, the fire in my eyes and heat from my breath told him, but I said it anyway. “In fact I love doing this!”

I stared at his Dick, remembering that some old guys can’t have a full climax and that it is just a little flow of cum. It could be unpleasant for both of us. One thing that kept coming back to me was that he had not had sex for over 5 years as Colin had told me. Derrick groaned as I slowly moved my tongue along the top of his Dick in one long, wet, stroke.

I concentrated hard on giving him a good time as I could, as my tongue swirled very slowly around the head. Then, I took the tip between my lips, and began sucking on it, my tongue continuing to move back across the head of his cock. When I saw it in its fully erect state I was just breathless.

I gulped licked my lips and moved towards it, grabbing it around the midway point and squeezing it. I pumped up and down, feeling the life flowing through it. It was so hard, so alive. I put my tongue against the big bulb head end and licked up some of his drooling cream. I had to suck it some more. I shoved a few more inches up into my mouth. I bit down and chewed, twisting from side to side.

Then I rammed my mouth down until I almost gagged on that big tool. antalya escort I first took him into my mouth. I released him, then opened my mouth further to take more of him. He reached down and held my hair to the side so that he could watch me as I began moving my mouth up and down his Dick to the point that my lips met my hand that was wrapped around it. I continued on, sucking slightly, but not hard enough to impede my movement. I stretched my left hand down to reach for his balls. I began squeezing them very softly, loving their weighty feel in my hand.

I moaned to let him know that I was enjoying myself. I also arched my back so that he would have a better view of my ass. I began squeezing him as I moved my right hand a little up and down the shaft. My lips would occasionally hit my hand, which was getting a little wet. I briefly held back wishing that

I could move my hand and take him all the way in my mouth, but I knew from past experience with older man that they did have the control a younger man has, premature was a big problem with them.

Derrick’s moans began to change, and I knew he was going to come soon. He warned me in the usual way with, “I’m gonna’ come…” I continued on as if I hadn’t heard him, which prompted him to repeat himself a little more forcefully. “I’m gonna’ *COME*!” I raised my left hand and placed it on his right hand and took my thumb and finger to make a ring to give him the universal “OK” sign and mentally braced myself.

His realization of what I was about to do sent him immediately over the edge. I could actually feel his Dick stiffen and shake as he began coming in my mouth. The fluid came out in violent spurts, and I continued sucking on him as he filled my mouth with the silky fluid.

As soon alanya escort as it was over, I released him and immediately swallowed it. “HONEY!” he exclaimed, still panting. “Thank you! Did you mean to do that?” he was apparently shocked. I smiled at him and nodded, thinking that the experience hadn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. He pulled me to him and kissed me, saying, “You didn’t have to do that!” “I know. I like sucken cock and eating cum it wasn’t that bad,” I assured him. “Actually, it was kind of fun.” I smiled again, a little proud of myself.

“The taste was, well… I think a younger guy is sweeter tasting! We both laughed. Really, it wasn’t that bad.” Marca noticed that after a few minutes it was still hard. “Derrick did Colin give you one of his blue pills?” He just smiled!

Anticipating what was to come next, I leaned forward and reached down for his cock. Stroking it I began to slide it up and down my open slit. Then closing my eyes and licking my lips I slowly, carefully, eased the head of his cock into my pussy as inch after inch separate my lips and glided it into me until his entire length was buried in my pussy. I had my head back and mouth open and I started to slowly grind on him getting every last bit of him in me.

Then I slowly raised off until he was completely out of me; his cock and my pussy were totally drenched and glistening in the dim light. Slowly I sat down on it again repeating the whole thing several times just enjoying the feel of him before speeding the pace. Faster and faster I went riding him into the ground, him thrusting up from below me.

Now I could hear myself moans and screams as I fucked him below me, and I kept calling out for him to ram the full length of his belek escort rod into my pussy. “FUCK ME GOD DAMN YOU FUCK MY PUSSY!” I couldn’t believe he had taken that pill he would last forever. But I hit my climax two or three times. Then I rolled off of Derrick and lay down on the bed so that my open legs were ready for him to get on top. Then Derrick positioned himself on top and I guide his cock into my pussy.

Now with him on top pounding into me, I was scratching his back, grabbing his tight ass and fingering his ass hole, trying to run a finger in his hole, and wrapping my legs around his back to pull him into me. His large balls were almost touching the bed, swinging and slapping my ass with each thrust; I called out “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” He continued his fucking for at least a good 10 minutes before he stopped with one last full hard stroke.

His ass and thighs tightened as he shot a thick gush inside me. He pounded my pussy with several more strokes before he collapsed on top of me. I could feel a pool of thick white cum forming on the bed spread as it ran down my ass. I reached down and wiped some off my ass with two fingers. Bringing the fingers to my mouth, I licked some cum then offered my fingers to Derrick. He opened his mouth and took my cum laden fingers in. He tasted my pussy juice now mixed with his cum. He sucked on my fingers and I kissed him.

They lay together for 10 minutes kissing lightly and feeling each other, and smiling and talking a bit. Soon he stood and began to dress as I laid their watching him, his long cock swinging just a few feet in front of my. I got up on my knees and placed my month around his now limp member and pulled it into my month and sucked the last of his juices from him as I tried to get it to come to life again, but he was spent for the day.

I got my jeans and heels on and pulled the sweatshirt over my head and told him to rest, we may need to do this again, as I went out the door.

I look back and smiled at him and said, “Better get a few more blue pills!”

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