Mrs Harrison Ch. 04

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Ok here is part 4 of the story like a few of you have been asking about. Took awhile, but I think and hope it’s as weird and as pleasing as some of you found the earlier parts. So please enjoy.


Martha arrived back home from her trip out to store the tape of her sons ‘lesson’. She had about an hour before her husband might be coming home, so she figured she had to hurry and clean up any incriminating evidence…like uncuffing her son from his bed. She closed the front door too quietly, just in case her daughter and son were still ‘following’ her last command. She grinned at that last thought as she made her way to her room and retrieved the cuff keys where she had hid them and softly walked toward Chris’s bedroom. Upon opening the door, she found herself pleasantly surprised and smiled to herself as she took in the sight before her.

Seemingly both of her children had fallen asleep after their tryst, because Martha found her son snoring softly with his sister still draped over him, her legs still straddling his hips and her breathing soft and regular. Even after having serious doubts as too her punishment of her son earlier, seeing her two children this way made her smile broadly and she became very curious. She softly moved too the front of the bed, so as to get a better view of the site of their coupling, catching her breath when she saw the hard evidence of her daughters loss of her virginity. Martha could see Jenny’s inner thighs and her son’s pelvic area partly covered in caked blood…not a lot, but enough to tell that her that her innocent daughter was no longer innocent. She knew she had to rouse them, but took one final glance to remember the two of them that way.

“Hey…come on you two….up. Time to wake up…we have to clean up before your father gets home.” Martha said softly as she gently shook both of them. Chris and Jenny both opened their eyes and looked around seemingly confused. Jenny moved her body slightly off her brother before remembering the day’s earlier events. Then she suddenly gasped out loud. “What’s the matter sweetie?” Martha asked her daughter as she reached down and stroked her hair. Jenny looked up at her, still a bit out of it with sleep.

“I’ m pretty sore down there and it hurt when I moved my legs.” Jenny offered in way of explanation to her mother. Martha tried to help her daughter up off her sons bed as Jenny moved to stand. Martha saw her wince a bit more, and noticed her daughters legs wobble as she stood.

“Legs fall asleep?” Martha asked her daughter, guessing her daughter current condition. Jenny smiled slightly up at her mother as she sat back on the bed.

“So are my arm….can I get out of these handcuffs?” Chris asked gruffly, almost in a commanding tone. Martha looked him, her eyebrows raised at him. “Please mother?” He added as he looked away from her face. Martha sighed deeply in regret as well as frustration.

“Do you promise to behave yourself and hold your tongue and temper?” Martha asked him, and he looked back at her, visibly angry at her.

“Yes” He replied, and then glanced away from her, causing her to sigh again. She moved up and unlocked the cuffs, pulling them open and causing her sons arms to drop onto the bed. Chris tried to lift them, but received only pins and needles in reply, but he looked up and could see his fingers wiggle even though it hurt to do so.

“You’ll be fine.” Martha offered as she noticed his actions. She looked at her daughter next to her. “Come on Jenny, you might want to take a shower and wash that blood up, same as you Chris.” Martha said, causing both her children to look down at themselves.

“Jesus, I’m coated in blood.” Chris muttered as he looked at himself then his sister.

“It’s not only blood you’re coated in Chris….I think someone came a lot!” Martha said with a slight giggle, smiling as she watched her children’s reactions.

“Yuck…I’m a mess!” Jenny said as she made a face, then chuckling with her mother.

“Ok, off you go then.” Martha said as she patted her daughters butt softly and quickly pulled back, one finger now slightly wet. She raised the finger, sniffing it…and quickly sucked it into her mouth.

“Ah fucking gross!” Chris muttered in obvious distaste at seeing his mother doing what she did.

“Ah…nasty mommy! I’ve got a nasty Mommy!” Jenny said as she laughed aloud.

“And you’re not my little bitch? Besides, you already knew that when I licked your ass and drank your pee!” Martha said as she chuckled and Jenny nodded as she continued to laugh.

“I didn’t need to hear that!” Chris muttered as he shook his head. Martha turned to her son and grew more serious, though still smiling.

“Is that your sister’s asshole I smell on your breath young man?” Martha said sarcastically to her son, causing him to give her a ‘drop dead’ look. “Well, I think you BOTH should take showers….in separate bathrooms! We haven’t the time to play! Now Chris!” Martha growled halkalı otele gelen escort at her son when he failed to move.

“Yes Madame!” Chris replied as he slowly got up, giving her a hard glare as he walked past her.

“Chris…remember the tape! I don’t want to use it, but I will, and I know how to use the computer to edit it so your sister and I aren’t in it. Understand?” Martha threatened her son, causing him to jerk upright and stand in the doorway.

“Yeah…do you really think I could forget…MOM!” Chris replied with as much pain and sarcasm he could put in his voice, never turning to look at his mother. He waited a second for a response, and then when none came, he continued to the family bathroom. Martha sighed and groaned inwardly, knowing she would regret her earlier punishment of her son. Or at least she called it punishment. She now wondered if her new perverse pleasures were fogging her thoughts. She thought back to what started her new ‘awakening’ and thought about her daughter with her friend, Suzie. Martha walked out of her son’s room and down to hers where Jenny was just now about to hop into the shower in the master bathroom.

“Make sure you get really clean in there, you wouldn’t want to be messy when you go over to Suzie’s tonight would you?” Martha said as she entered the bathroom and looked at Jenny as she was stepping into the shower. She watched her daughters face light up as she gave her mother a huge grin and almost jumped out of the shower and into her mother’s arms.

“Oh thank you mommy! I had almost forgotten about that with everything going on. And I promise do anything with her…you know sexually, or anything about already …doing it here.” Jenny said as she hugged her mother tightly. Martha stroked her hair and grinned.

“Well, you know…I didn’t say you COULDN”T do anything with your friend…but if you’d rather not…” Martha said, trailing off as she pulled away from her daughter and looked into her face. Jenny’s eyes popped open and her mouth hung agape at what her mother said.

“You mean…I can…and you won’t be mad at me?” Jenny asked, smiling at her mother but waiting for the hitch she figured was coming.

“Yes you can sweetie…as long as you tell me every second after you come back home.” Martha replied with a smile on her lips and her heart beating very quickly, thinking about her daughter telling her about her and Suzie later.

“Oh thank you, thank you mommy! I really wanted to go see Suzie and was…curious …you know about her.” Jenny said as she looked at her mother then hugged her again, but this time her mother intercepted her and kissed her daughter on the mouth. They both moaned as they kissed and Jenny seemed to start to respond to her mothers kiss in other ways by rubbing her body on her mothers and having her hands wander. Martha, knowing where this was headed, quickly broke the kiss, though with regret.

“No…you have to shower, and if we continue…” Martha said as she breathed heavily and looked lustfully at her daughter. Jenny groaned slightly in disappointment, but nodded her head in agreement. She leaned in quickly and gave her mother a peck on the lips as she turned and again entered the shower. Martha stood for a second, panting and thinking about joining her daughter in the shower as Jenny turned the water on. But she forced herself away and walked quickly back to Chris’s room to clear all the final evidence of that afternoons activities.

Martha picked up a few things she had left behind that needed to go back to her room. When she returned she saw how messy and stained her sons covers were and not wanting to chance that her husband might see them and get curious, she began stripping his bed. Just as she began, Chris walked back into his room still drying off from his shower. He stopped when he noticed his mother in the room and started to leave, not wanting to be alone with her right now. But her being bent over, her plump ass in the air as she pulled the fitted sheet off of the far corner of the bed stopped him from turning around. He had always found his mothers shape very sexy and even after what she had done to him, he found the look of her ass, especially bent over and straining as she was, very appealing and he couldn’t help staring at her as she did. Finally the cover popped free causing Martha to jerk back and up. She then gathered the bedding up and turned…finding Chris staring at her.

“Uh, hey Chris I didn’t see you…” Martha began to say, then she noticed the very obvious out thrusting of her sons cock which was pointed toward her and she smiled. “Well I guess someone here isn’t completely pissed off at me…” Martha said, covers in one hand as she walked toward the door to the hall and quickly dipped the other hand as she passed her son and swiped a finger across the top of her son’s hard member. Chris jumped back, remembering he was still pissed at halkalı rus escort her and watched her back as she left the room. He looked down at his engorged member and snorted.

“Traitor.” He mumbled to himself, wishing that right now he had complete control over his hormones. He didn’t want to admit to himself that he still found his mother attractive just now. “Well shit!” He muttered, then quickly dressed in new clothes and went to the hall closet to get bedding for his bed, closing his bedroom door as he entered his room.

Martha put the incriminating items that needed washing in the washer, and then walked back to the kitchen to try and start supper. She had a hard time thinking of what to fix, her mind being on others things. She stopped when she heard her daughter come out of her bedroom and close the door.

“Thanks again mommy, for letting me go tonight. I will make sure you hear every juicy detail.” Jenny said with a huge grin, standing in the doorway to the living room, her towel covering her torso. Martha smiled at her.

“I hope you do honey, but just remember too be careful and not tell Suzie about what’s been happening. Even if you two do have sex together, she might not understand about what’s gone on here. Ok?” Martha asked her daughter as a quiver of worry ran across her thoughts.

“I know mommy, don’t worry about it. I better go get dressed before daddy shows up. I need to pack a few things to for the sleep over” Jenny said as she turned starting into the living room.

“Good idea, unless you want to give him a heart attack.” Martha said as her daughter left. She then wondered what her husband WOULD do when he found out. And he will find out, sooner or later, she thought to herself with a deep sigh. She then started back searching for supper ideas to get her mind off of her thoughts. After a few more minutes, she decided too give up and order pizza, telling herself it had been a long time since they had pizza…right? Martha sighed again as she dialed the number.

When she finally heard the front door open a short time later, Martha almost jumped out of her skin as she sat in the living room. She closed her eyes and gave a small prayer, in which direction she wasn’t sure, that Chris wouldn’t try and tell his father anything, or indicate in any way the events of the day. She tried to look as if she had been watching TV when Jonathon rounded the corner from the foyer, and not as if her doom approached.

“Hi honey.” Martha said quickly to her husband, trying her best to look glad to see him and not dreading it.

“Hi there yourself beautiful, how was work?” Jonathon asked absentmindedly as he put down his keys down where he kept on the hutch.

“Um well, I stayed home….wasn’t feeling good, and so did Jenny, so we didn’t go to school today.” Martha stated flatly as she tried to look as if she was now watching TV again. Her husband looked up at her.

“You two coming down with something? Did you go to the doctor?” Jonathon asked hoping everyone in the house wasn’t about to become sick.

“Um, well we just wanted to play a bit of hooky…spend some quality time together after the past two days, I’ve been feeling stressed and I agreed that she could go to have her sleep over at Suzie’s house and …well, just wanted to spend time alone with my daughter.” Martha said, trying her hardest for her voice not to crack as she lied through her teeth to her husband, her heart pounding in her chest. Jonathon looked at her funny for a second, causing Martha to feel as if she was about to panic.

“Umm, ok. You haven’t missed much work, or Jenny her classes…fine. So she’s not still in the doghouse for talking back to you?” Jonathon asked his wife. He was thinking she was acting slightly excited or off, but he wasn’t sure and thought it could be his imagination. He loosened his tie and walked into their bedroom to change clothes, still listening to his wife. Martha, not wanting to speak loudly, got up and followed him into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

“No we…talked, and stuff and we’re fine. Umm, how was your day Jon?” Martha asked, trying to calm herself down and get her mind off of the fear of her husband somehow reading her mind or something, and discovering that his wife was now a pervert, she thought to herself.

“Ah ok I guess. We got behind at the plant, and had a lot of people call in, so I actually had to dirty my hands and get a little sweaty. Almost like the old days before I became management.” Jonathon said with a smile as he looked over at his wife as she sat on the edge of the bed. He finished unbuttoning his shirt and took it off, then his undershirt. Martha felt a flash of excitement run through her seeing her husband strip. She thought that with her getting off some earlier during the day and getting her jollies with the kids that she wouldn’t get so turned on now. But if anything she was even more excited seeing halkalı türbanlı escort her husbands body now, slightly dirty and sweaty, and Martha found her breathing increasing not slowing as she had hoped. In fact her blood was rushing and her attention elsewhere that she had failed to hear her husband as he had continued to speak.

“Hey Martha….you awake?” Martha heard her husband say as he motioned with his hand in front of her eyes. “You ok, you sure you aren’t sick? You’re very flushed and don’t look all here.” Jonathon asked her as he bent over her and placed his hands at her shoulders. Martha looked up at him, then looked down slightly to see her husbands dangling member between his legs as he stood in front of her. “You ok Martha?” Jonathon asked her as he lowered his face closer to hers and looked at her face closely.

“No, I might be sick…I think I might need an injection.” Martha said to her husband seriously. Jonathon then felt his wife’s hand as she touched the underside of his hanging member, causing it to jerk up and her husband to grin broadly. She then smiled up at him as he stood up.

“An injection huh…I think I can take care of that.” Jonathon said as he chuckled as his wife wrapped her hand around his expanding member.

“Well I think I can take care of this!” Martha moaned out as she leaned forward and opening her lips, enveloped the head of her husbands cock, causing him to groan loudly. He looked down as she began bobbing head, taking more of him into her mouth.

“Oh shit Martha…you take your horny pills today?” Jonathon said playfully as he rubbed the back of her hair with his hands. Martha moaned around his cock and nodded her head. She nursed on his now rock hard cock for another minute, then pulled her mouth off his large organ with an audible wet pop.

“Your turn now stud!” Martha said as she threw herself back on the bed, lifting her ass off of the bed and pulling her skirt up to her stomach, pulling her panties off and kicking them at her husband with a giggle. Jonathon shook his head in amazement that his wife was so horny; thinking she rarely acted this wanton.

“What have you done with my wife you slutty bitch?” Jonathon asked her, a huge grin covering his face, knowing his wife liked to be talked dirty too and called names when she was really horny.

“I killed her and took her place so you would tongue my pussy….so shut the fuck up and get to work!” Martha growled out, her face totally serious and a fire in her eyes as she bucked her hips to her husband as if trying to shorten the time it took him to reach her.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Jonathon said, needing no more word play and seeing that his wife really wanted it badly, grabbed her hips in midair and dove his face into his wife’s thighs and began licking her like an animal. She responded by grinding her pussy into his thrusting tongue as if to suffocate him. He held onto her hips hard and began fucking her hard with his tongue. He then placed one hand under her butt to hold her hips in the air as he moved the other hand to the top of her bush and began to use his thumb on her clit as his tongue went deeply into her.

“Oh God Jon…uhhh…that’s it…like that….oohhh gawd…that’s it….uuhh…oh shiii…oohhhh…..ARGGHHHH!” Martha cried out as her body responded quickly to her husband’s menstruations and started an orgasm. Her body buck even more then before and it was all Jonathon could do to hold her up as he continued his assault with his thumb and tongue. He could feel her pussy around his tongue as his wife came and he felt his organ surge with wanting…wanting to be buried in this source of great heat and feeling. So, with them otherwise occupied, it was that both of them didn’t notice the door to their bedroom open slightly, or the person peaking between the opening.

Jenny quickly got dressed in her room and took time to pick out the right outfit to wear tomorrow. After placing that in her overnight bag, she grabbed a few other items she might want overnight, then left her room and grabbed her stuff from the family bathroom that she would need after her shower over at Suzie’s house. No way did she want to go without her toothbrush or shampoo, Jenny thought. Then again, with what they were probably going to do, she could probably LEAVE her toothbrush and just use Suzie’s, Jenny thought with a grin on her face. Still smiling at her thoughts of later tonight, Jenny packed everything up and dropped her bag on her bed.

The plan was for her mother or father to take her over and drop her off, and the next night one of Suzie’s parents would bring her back home. At least that HAD been the plan before everything that happened these past two days, Jenny thought. She better check with her mother and make sure if she wanted Jenny to be picked up by them or still be dropped off by Suzie’s parents. Jenny walked through the living room, noticing neither her mother nor father were there. She thought she had heard her father come in a bit ago while packing. Jenny then walked to the kitchen and still no parents, she then turned to walk the few steps to their bedroom, figuring they were inside. Just as she reached their door and was about to knock on the door, she heard a lot of noises….sounding much like her mother did when very excited, Jenny thought.

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