Mowing and Moaning

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It had been a few days since my 20 year old step daughter, Karen, and I had sex.

Karen seemed quite at ease. She had been milling about in the kitchen with us at various times and watching television at night in the living room. Apparently she was not feeling or acting awkward about it, which was good.

This particular Saturday, my girlfriend Dawn, was working in the kitchen on some baking project. She was making cookies and other things to bring into work the following week.

I was sneaking in randomly trying to grab one before being shooed away.

Karen came into the kitchen and was talking with her mom about something going on with one of her friends.

I immediately took notice of her top. She has a some shirts, that very nicely show off some of her cleavage. Karen caught me glancing more than once.

She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

My weekend chores were to change the oil on Dawn’s vehicle. And rotate her tires. So I changed into my crappy jeans and shirt.

Out to the garage I went. Thankfully, getting to the oil filter was not too bad. So the mess was minimal.

While I worked on her car, the neighbor’s cat wandered over and jumped up on my car out on the drive, and laid on the roof. It was in the shade for now.

“Cat on a hot car roof,” I thought.

I hear the house door open, while I am under the vehicle getting the drain plug off. I positioned the drain pan underneath.

“What are you doing?” Karen says, as she walks over to the open hood of her mom’s car.

“Oh it’s oil change and tire rotation time.” I said. “Could you grab me that roll of paper towels on the bench?”

She rolls it under the vehicle to me.

“What are you up to today?” I asked.

“I need to go over to the electronics store and get a new charge cord for my phone.” She said.

“Well before you do, I can check my box of spare cords. I might have one.” I said.

“For an iPhone?” She said.

“Oh. halkalı eve gelen escort Well probably not then.” I said.

I got the drain plug out and wiped off my hands and slid out from under while it drained. Meanwhile, I worked on getting the oil filter loose.

Karen leaned against the side of the car, showing her boobs quite nicely. I see a bit of black lace from her bra.

She knows I am clearly enjoying glancing at them. My dick starts to get a bit larger.

“When I’m done with your mom’s car, I’m going to start mowing. I’ll probably still be mowing by the time you get back.”

It was always a good two hours on the riding mower to get all the grass cut.

“I guess you will be all hot and sweaty then later.” She said, as she went back inside the house to get her keys and purse.

So Karen left, and my work continued. I finished the oil change and then rotated Dawn’s tires and checked the pressures.

I went back inside afterwards for a break, grabbed a cookie, and told Dawn I was done and that I’d be onto mowing soon.

I grabbed my hat and sunglasses after slathering on some sunblock. Out I went to the back porch. I checked the oil on the mower and filled it with fuel.

It would have been great if I could use the higher speeds on the mower. But the yard was anything but smooth. There were only a few sections I could really go faster.

It was just after sunset by the time I was finally finishing up with the trimming and picking weeds.

Karen was not back yet. She must have gone to some other places.

I closed the garage door and came in, all dusty now. I stripped off my clothes and tossed them in the washer and headed right to the shower.

It’s amazing the layer of dust that accumulates on the back of your neck while mowing.

Afterwards, I got dressed, and laid down on the daybed in the office and fell sound asleep.

I felt a tap on my shoulder halkalı grup yapan escort and woke.

“Dinner is ready.” Karen said.

“Mmmm…I see you made it back. Did you get your cord?” I asked while stretching.

“Yep. Then I met a friend over at the bookstore and we hung out for a while.” She said.

I got up and went out to the kitchen. Dawn was finishing the pasta. We all grabbed plates and got some noodles and sauce. We sat out in the living room and relaxed the remainder of the night.

Dawn was a night owl. She would be up until probably 1am. I wasn’t going to last that long. It was going on 11pm. I went to the office to check some things online.

My eyes were growing tired, after a half hour. I heard the shared bath shower. Karen was in there. I shut down the computer. I went to the master bath and brushed and flossed. I stripped off my jeans and flopped into bed after closing the door.

I woke to the motion of Dawn climbing into bed. It was about 1:20am by then. I could hear dogs barking in the distance outside.

Dawn fell asleep fast as usual. And then she started to snore as usual. I forgot to put my ear plugs in. Damn.

I knew I would have to shuffle over to the daybed in the office again. It was just trying to motivate myself to move at that point.

My mind wandered to when Karen and I had sex on the daybed. I loved how she looked with my cock in her mouth and how nice and tight her pussy was.

I rolled on my back and felt my shaft hardening. I sighed. Reaching into my shorts, I took it in my hand and stroked it lightly. It was fully hard in a minute.

Slipping out of bed, I took my pillow with and went to the master bedroom door and walked out, closing it to the sound of Dawn snoring.

I walked down the darkened hall on cold tile. I pulled the covers on the daybed back and tossed the pillow down onto the bed. I was going to just lie down. But halkalı masöz escort I stopped and felt my cock again through my shorts.

Going over to Karen’s bedroom door, I quietly opened it. The room was dark. I closed the door almost all the way.

I walked over to her bed, and pushed my shorts off. My cock needed that pussy. I pulled the blanket up and slid in next to her as she quickly woke.

She initially was startled, and then felt my hand on her pussy. I stroked her gently with my fingers.

Karen sighed and moved her hips a bit. My hard cock was pressing into her hip.

I could feel her get wet as she became more excited. I gently stroked my finger up and down her clit.

Her hand reached down by her side and found my cock. The pre-cum making the head slippery in her fingers.

I leaned over, and took her breast in my mouth. She was naked tonight, no clothes to impede me.

My cock became more rigid in her hand as I sucked her nipple. She was moaning.

“When you cum, I’m going to get on top and fuck you.” I said softly.

She said “Yes.” Her breathing getting deeper as my fingers applied a bit more pressure to her clit.

“Oh…oh..ahh…mmm.” She muttered and started to shake as she squeezed my cock harder.

And then her hips were working with my fingers as she fully peaked into her orgasm. I was slowly fucking her hand with my cock as she came.

I got on top of her, pushed her legs slightly apart and leaned forward to kiss her. My cock slid into her deep.

She moaned as we kissed.

“I need to fill your pussy.” I breathed into her ear.

“Oh yes…please.” She breathed heavily.

Her hot lips grabbed my shaft like a vise, as I buried it deep with every thrust. And then when I felt myself cumming, I just held my shaft deep in her, letting it pulse and fill her pussy. I knew she could feel my warm cum flowing into her.

I let out a long groan as my shaft pulsed and drained fully.

“Ohhh that was nice.” I whispered in her ear, breathing harder. “I love how your pussy feels.”

I kissed her gently.

“Thank you.” I said.

I got out of her bed and picked up my shorts.

As I put my shorts back on in the office next door, I laid down, and fell asleep soon after.

It was a night of sweet young pussy dreams.

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