Mountain Art

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My twin sister and I were relaxing in the family cabin after our 6 hour car trip to the mountains. I was thinking about what we could do first. We had the whole week alone in our sister’s house, but tonight, we thought we would stay at the family cabin.

Aimee had left for her gig in Chicago, and had asked Michelle and I to house sit so her cat, Jerome, wouldn’t get too lonely. We think the request for our presence was actually for the cat; not to protect the valuable recording equipment in Aimee’s recording studio. This is thinking typical to most cat owners, and most definitely to our sister Aimee. As I looked around the rustic cabin, I remembered the many fun times we spent here when we were growing up.

Michelle and I are fraternal twins. We grew up together, as twins do, double dating, fighting, reading each others minds: you get the idea. So it was no surprise when Michelle grabbed the keys for the 4-wheeler and I was already on it. She suggested that it would be fun to take our shirts off and soak up some sun while we took a ride. We took our shirts off without hesitation, and found that we were not the least bit embarrassed. We had been naked together many times, under many different circumstances.

Michelle expertly fired up the ATV, and we were off: nipples to the wind. Therein lies the beauty of our family’s mountain getaway. There was 300 acres of beautiful PRIVATE countryside and no one could tell us a thing. Its very freeing to be naked, or almost naked, out in the great outdoors, without the encumbrance of society’s laws. As we drove along the dirt road, we realized there was a fresh new trail up to the left. Michelle, being the daredevil she is, gunned the ATV and took off.

We climbed up the steep trail, and like the mad-woman she is, began hooting and hollering with a zeal. This was similar to her behavior on any roller coaster we had even been on. This zeal is something my sister and I do not share. Once I found my voice and my stomach settled back down where it belongs, I yelled at her and gave her a firm pinch on her buttocks.

“Where in the hell are you going? You’re going to get us killed!”

“I’m going to see who the fuck has the nerve to carve a trail into our land. Hold on!”

“Cool down girl! It was probably just the gas company.”

She didn’t respond, but something must have caught Michelle’s eye, and she glided the ATV to an easy stop. We had reached level ground and Michelle was off the machine and pointing straight up. “See that?”, she whispered.

I looked up and saw what she was pointing at. Up at the very top of the mountain we saw, in the late afternoon sky, smoke from a fire and what looked like some out-buildings; the kind of construction that used to be popular in these parts. We listened and squinted, and soon a chill went up both our spines. The hair stood up on our necks as we both recalled the stories our cousin Lou always liked to tell us when we were growing up. These stories always involved a mysterious, ancient hag that lived at the top of the mountain. We never believed him; and still didn’t, but what we were seeing definitely made us both wonder if those stories could have been true. We realized that whether or not the stories Lou told us were true, we were way up a mountain and there was somebody up here with us!

After a short, whispered battle, we decided to make our way on foot to the top of the mountain and see just what was going on. The dirt path had ended and we were making a great effort to get through the brush as quietly as possible. innovia escort We did pass a new well that the gas company had just sunk; and now it looked to us like someone else had followed the new path and came up this way. We were very close now to what began to look like a camp site at the very top of the mountain. Our immediate goal quickly became finding the source of the incredible smell that we hoped was a cookout. We hadn’t stopped anywhere to eat on the way to our sister’s house, nor had we purchased any provisions yet. We were no longer scared of whoever this was. Instead, we were ravenously hungry after our climb. As we finished our trek up the mountain I began to think this mystery was too much of a coincidence. Maybe it could be the product of Aimee’s imaginative plotting and planning.

As we got closer, we saw a man at the top calling to us. He was bare chested, and he knew our names. As we approached him we realized we didn’t know who the hell he was. When he suddenly came into full view we realized he was more than barechested. He was full monty naked; looking for the world like a native of the mountain. I knew right then that my sister wanted him. He was 6 feet something tall and was positively rippling with muscles. He wasn’t very hairy except for his legs and man-bush. He had a nice smile and was very apologetic for having scared us. He probably chuckled as he watched our stealth approach to his campsite.

His name was Dean, and he was camping here at the top of the mountain. Apparently he was one of Aimee’s friends from her college days. He started showing us around and apologizing that he was naked. He said he wasn’t expecting company. And then he added, “So soon.” His smile and his voice were intoxicating. He was a real hunk. And, all ours in this mystical place. I could tell that Michelle felt the same way, and was getting very hot and bothered. I think we both forgot about our hunger at that time. I thought at the time that Michelle was probably kicking herself put putting her shirt back on. What a scene that might have been!

After the introductions, Dean started to show us what he was doing up here. He had been camping here for a while, by the look of things. There were actually two lean-to structures that Dean said he built from all the tree branches. He had also made an area to prepare food and had an assortment of art supplies lying around. I admired his campsite at the summit of this beautiful mountain. I marveled at how good he was with his hands, that he had been able to create this shelter from the things that mother nature gave him.

Dean immediately made us comfortable at his campsite. Soon we were drinking cans of Bud and feasting on chips and hot dogs. Right away we decided to join Dean in his nakedness. Dean didn’t seem to mind. He looked very encouraged, in fact. Dean and my sister were beautiful to behold as was the incredible view from Dean’s campsite. We told him his site selection was perfect. The view from the top of the mountain was incredible. No city lights or noise pollution. And the smell of all the lush greenery was intoxicating. The sun was waining in the sky as we lit up a doob and talked for a while. Dean, who suddenly seemed energized, began to set up his canvas and paints.

Dean had come up the mountain to paint nature. We noticed he had also painted himself. He looked very much like a Native American minus the loin cloth. We both reveled in finding such a free spirit. We began to notice that Dean considered us a part of istanbul escort nature as well, since he was now facing us from behind his easel. We realized we were going to be subjects in his painting. Instead of posing, Dean wisely told us not to move a muscle. Dean said he wanted to capture everything as it was right then. We held still, as time froze in that perfect moment, while Dean frantically painted. We had only to watch his face and body movements for a few seconds and we were mesmerized. We both looked right at him and tried to take all of him in, as his artist’s eye did the same.

By the time Dean finished his painting, we were both asleep and it was twilight. We both gradually awoke to Dean positioning himself between us. He then covered us with a sleeping bag that smelled of earth and Dean. A very cozy cocoon, containing 3 very hot, open-minded people. Very quickly there were hands everywhere.

I had been naked with my sister many times, and I found that I was very comfortable taking this next step of sharing a man with her. We shared everything else; why not?

Dean climbed up on top of Michelle, and she began to moan. There was enough light from the fire to see that Michelle’s pussy was very wet. I also could see that Dean’s huge man-piece was dangling tantalizingly in the air, headed right for my sister’s tight, dripping twat.

Dean dropped down as if doing a push up and took Mimi’s right nipple into his mouth. At the same time, I saw the huge reddened mushroom head of Dean’s schlong make intimate contact with Mi’s succulent pussy lips. Their union was a source of joy for us all.

I let Dean get his cock all the way in my sister’s hot pussy, and knew right then there was no turning back. I summoned my courage then willed my hand over to Dean’s asscrack. I began fingering his hairy crack, and as my fingers got closer and closer to his puckered aperture realized that my finger tips were getting hotter an hotter. When I found what I sought, I heard Dean lightly moan in response to my touch. From the sound he made, I got the impression that no one had ever touched him there before. I kept my hand where it was gainfully employed and positioned my mouth right on my sister’s other engorged nipple. She gasped and bucked; then sighed and relaxed. She began to enjoy all of the stimulation and sensual feelings created our impromptu tryst. I felt my sister’s whole body moving as my mouth tried to keep hold of her nipple. Dean was making obscene noises as his piece of meat was vigorously exploring my sister’s hot pussy.

I gently got up and took in the scene of their union. It was hotter than I could have envisioned. Dean’s muscular butt was in the air as he was gliding his cock into my sister’s steamy twat. His muscles would contract and work together as he skillfully extracted his meat and began rubbing Michelle’s pussy lips and clit with his swollen dick head, until she would scream for him to shove it back in. After more of this than she could take, my wonderful sister decided to get up on all fours and take it doggy style. This was no easy feat, since she was not willing to let even one inch of Dean’s hot cock escape from her inferno. She rotated as did Dean. It was like he had read Michelle’s script. Now his butt was higher in the air, and at a new position which was, coincidentally, very near my waiting mouth.

Dean’s flesh was so beautiful. He was nearly hairless, except for the special area between his sack and his butt hole. I went for this first; and it was kadıköy escort mind blowing for both of us. I began licking Deans hairy hole like a kid licks a lollypop. His moans almost made me squirt. He really began to let my sister have it then. Michelle must have been really tight because her pussy was literally slurping on his big tool. Dean started to push his puckered hole back onto my tongue every time he pulled his meat out of Michelles dripping pussy. He began grinding his hairy bush into my sister’s, and alternately was rubbing his hairy hole all over my face. I took this opportunity to reach down and put my hand around his hot nut sack. It felt so hot and fuzzy. I think he liked the ball play due to the way he moaned while I fondled his family jewels.

Dean’s balls were huge. One hung way lower, but his whole sack was functioning as one unit. It was so big and tight that I could hardly move his big balls around. He seemed to like what I was doing so I continued man handling his nut sack and giving his ass hole a rim job. My tongue never felt anything so tight or hot.

Dean suddenly stopped the action and explained that he didn’t want to come yet. What he suggested next startled both Michelle and me, but it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince us. Dean had suggested that we both give it to my sister at the same time.

I think we both decided that this scenario was very rare and would most likely never happen again. We both decided to say, “Fuck It!” and not pass up this experience. Michelle turned on her side and gave us the go ahead. Dean decided to turn around first and put his cock in my sisters mouth. This made him very hard and even more ready for the main event. Dean used this opportunity to eat my sister’s pussy at the same time. Good thing we were way up a mountain because if we were anywhere else people would have certainly heard us. Since I was already positioned behind my sister, I took the opportunity to begin slowly putting my 8 inches into her poop shoot. She tensed up at first, but as Dean’s tongue and cock did their magic I found I could slide it easily into home.

When I was all the way in I told Dean it won’t be long. I’m sure he couldn’t blame me. Dean stopped what he was doing and turned around, then laid on his side. Immediately he began cupping my sister’s titties with his big strong hands. I reached down, and for the first time, held Dean’s throbbing boner. I could not wrap my hand around it, but I sure tried. I jacked it a few times and gave his balls a good squeeze. Then I guided Dean’s monster cock to the opening of my sister’s beautiful pussy pie. Dean must have felt the heat from her firey cunt. This was all the invitation he needed, as he grunted and then, deftly pushed his big pole all the way in.

The feeling for all of us was overwhelming. I grabbed Dean’s ass cheek and my sister’s boob, and pumped that tight hole for all I was worth. Dean grabbed my ass for similar leverage and ran the fingers of his other hand through my sister’s naturally curly hair. My sister moaned and yelled, “Don’t ever stop!”

Quickly, the sap rose up from our balls.

Dean said, “Fill her up buddy!”

As the first spurt came from my cock I felt Dean’s cock spasming in Michelle’s pussy. It was like Dean and I were sharing a neural connection to one huge cock, stuffed inside the same incredible hot pussy. Michelle yelled “Ohhhh” when she felt the scalding cum hitting her insides. It seemed like five minutes went by until everyone stopped pulsating and ejaculating.

We slept together that night and every night since. Officially, Dean is now Michelle’s boyfriend; but unofficially, the three of us know how to share. Dean’s painting of Aimee’s twin siblings now hangs at my sister’s house; over the fireplace. I wonder sometimes if that is exactly what she had in mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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