Mother’s Stallion

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The Baker farmstead sat deep on the plains of the Old South. The year was 1889 and like most prairie families, they were living the dream on the American frontier.

Mary stepped out onto the porch in her long calico skirt and Victorian blouse. She could see her husband toiling in the barn not far away. Her only son Will was cutting wood near a corral of horses. Will was a lean handsome 18 year old…an only child and her pride and joy.

Leaning against the deck rail, Mary watched her boy work. She watched his muscles flex, accentuated by the sheen of sweat covering his youthful body.

After another mighty chop, Will spotted his mother on the porch watching. He gave her a wave. Since he was a young boy, Will had thought his mother was more beautiful than any woman he had ever beheld. Her wavy brown hair fanned out across her shoulders, framing a sweet mature face with gleaming brown eyes and a smile that could melt right through you. Mary was every bit a woman…and built like a brick shit house.

The sexy housewife waved back lovingly and couldn’t help but notice her son’s eyes travel down to the swell of her large matronly breasts. Even packed inside her corset the gorgeous mother’s breasts seemed to shift about with her every move. Mary was proud of her chest. She came from a long line of huge titted women.

Will looked up from her bounteous bossoms to find his mom locking eyes with him, her lips curled into a knowing…almost playful smile.

Bashfully, the teen went back to work, but it wasn’t long before his mom caught his eye once again. Mary strode from the porch towards a cluster of wild flowers. Her jiggling buttocks swayed gracefully beneath her skirt and she peeked back over her shoulder to confirm her suspicion.

Will’s gaze traveled up his mother’s lush frame into her inquisitive eyes. She looked down at the obvious protrusion, making her son aware of the bulge in his trousers. Will buckled in embarrassment. Mary giggled adorably.

Sitting down on the woodpile, Will tried not to make his attention obvious, but his mother was very aware.

Mary slid out of her shoes and moved through the grass on her sexy bare feet. She lowered down onto her knees and plucked a daisy from the ground. A light breeze made her wavy mane flutter as she tucked the flower between her head and ear. She sat back on her heels, straightening her back and thrusting her big busts out so they looked like they could burst right through her blouse.

Will watched intently as she peeked over at him. Her loving eyes seemed to linger behind long fluttering eyelashes before she gave him a cute little wink. It was obvious to Will that his mom was flirting with him and his body was charged with sexual excitement.

Mary gracefully rolled onto her side then onto her tummy. Resting on her elbows, the middle aged mother bent her legs at the knees, throwing her arching little bare feet up and just sort of waving them around a little.

Will carefully squeezed the head of his aching prick bulge as he stared at his mother sprawled out on the grass. He could see her naked calves and flexing bare feet. Her legs were freshly shaven and seemed to glow in the noonday sun.

With her chin resting on her palms, Will could see his mom gazing at him through the grass. Her eyes stared straight into his as if studying his reaction. Mary was like a hungry cat surveying a potential kill.

Time seemed to stop as mother and son were locked in what seemed like a forbidden gaze.

“Get a move on, boy…that wood’s not gonna chop itself.”

It was Walter, Will’s father. He moved past his boy and towards his wife.

Will jumped back to splitting wood. “Sorry, Pa.”

Walter looked at his wife laying on ground. “Well…don’t you look like a fresh peach just fell off the tree.”

“You gon eat me up?” Mary asked.

“Maybe I will.” Walter said plopping down beside her.

“Like hell you will. You ain’t gon do the nasty with me lookin and smellin like a farm hog.”

Walter slapped her ass. “Suppose you better bathe me then.”

Mary gazed across at her son. “I’m fixin to give somebody a bath…but it ain’t you.”

“He ain’t no boy needs his momma to bath him, Mary.”

Mary gave her husband a defiant smile. “He ain’t no man neither. He ain’t laid pipe in a girl, he ain’t a man. I’m fixin to change that real soon. Mother’s duty.”

“Yeah I know. Suppose I need to disappear then…that what you’re sayin?”

“I just need a week with him…maybe two.” Mary said.

“Suppose I could head to Culter Creek….help my brother with that barn.”

“I think that’s a mighty fine idea. Barn building’s bound to keep your body and mind occupied. Not a reason in this world for you to think about what Will and I are doin’ back here at home. A husband could torture himself with such thoughts.”

Thirty minutes later Walter was saddling his horse.

“Where you headin, Pa?” Will asked.

“Helping your uncle for a week or so. Mind your Ma and look after her…you hear beylikdüzü escort me?”

“Yes, sir.”

Walter sped off on his horse and as young Will watched him disappear, Mary stepped up behind him. “When I was a little girl, my Pa had two horses. When they was bred they made the most beautiful colt I ever seen. You could just look at that thing and you knew…that he was born to be a stud. For two long years that colt followed his momma around that farm…sniffin at her cunny and doin his best to mount her. I still remember that colt had the biggest putter I ever seen. Every time he got close, that daddy horse would kick it away…doin his best to protect what was his. Then one day my Pa took that daddy horse into town…leaving that mare and her colt all alone. As soon as that colt’s daddy left the corral…that momma mare thew her ass at him faster than wolves in a hen house. What we didn’t realize was that that mare wanted her colt’s putter deep inside her even more than he did. She wanted her baby to mount her. She wanted to make him a stallion….and she did.”

Mary took her son’s hand, turning him to face her. “I know you’ve been sniffin. It’s a mother’s duty teach her boy how to rub bellies. Your Pa’s gonna be gone as long as we need him to. I have his full blessing…to take my boy and make him a man….”

Mary’s face glowed with excitement. “To make him a stallion.”

Will could hardly breathe. The loving mother took her boy’s hand and led him into the farmhouse.

“Put a couple more logs on the fire…momma’s gonna draw you a bath.” Mary said.

After following through with his mother’s request Will watched his mom fill the tub with pots of steaming hot water. Just watching Mary move about was an erotic experience. Her curvaceous body moved with grace and confidence and young Will marveled at her trembling breasts and swaying buttocks.

Mary stepped over and slowly unbuttoned her son’s shirt. She peeled it off then tenderly grazed her nails down his lean chest, gazing up at him through slitted eyelids. “You wan kiss me like a man?”

Will nodded nervously. Mary stepped forward, her eyes fixed on his as she circled her hands around his neck. Her big pouty lips puckered as she rose up on her tip toes and connected with her target.

Will’s body trembled as he felt her soft lips mash into his. Mary planted a series of slow sensual kisses, combing her fingers through the hair on the back of his head. Her eyes were now closed tight. “Mmmmm, that’s right darlin…let your momma give you some sugar,” she said between kisses.

She kissed him softly a few more times. “I’m gon give you some wet kisses now. Gon show your whistle how to dance with my dribblin dart.”

Will felt his mom snake her tongue into his mouth. It scooped his own tongue up and flailed around it. The youngster caught on quickly, making his tongue twist and flutter against hers.

“Mmmmnnn.” Mary moaned, impressed by her son’s early progress.

For two full minutes their tongues battled. The lusty mother displayed her experience, eating at her boys lips, rolling and twisting her strong experienced tongue through his mouth. Finally, they seperated.

“Damnations, Will Baker…you sure you haven’t been locking lips with those Taylor girls?”

“I’m sure momma…why?”

Mary put her hands on her wide hips, smiling proudly. “You’re smoochin pretty good for a virgin…that’s all.”

Will’s face turned a shade of red. “Oh…thanks, Momma.”

“Now don’t you go gettin’ bashful on me. I’m about to take off them trousers and I have me a feelin’ when I see what’s inside I’m gon be givin’ you all sorts a compliments.”

Mary crouched down and unbuckled her son belt. She pulled his pants down and Will’s erect penis sprung free wagging lewdly in front of her. The long smooth shaft curved slightly upward as it stretched way out. Mary fed her son a lusty grin as she gazed at the big mushroom cap flaring out like head of a hooded cobra.

“Ohhhhhhh darlin…I ain’t never seen such a thinga beauty. Just look a the way it’s stuck out there like that…just throbbin’ for Momma’s attention.”

Will was nearly out of breath. “I ain’t never seen it this stiff before.”

“Well I will confess that just lookin at that thing’s makin’ me all gooshy between my thighs…so you best make room in that tub cuz I’m fixin to get in with ya.”

Will seemed surprised. “You mean…naked?”

Mary giggled, unbuttoning her blouse. “Of course naked. It wouldn’t be much of a bath otherwise.”

Will’s mother peeled off her blouse, revealing her tightened corset. Her gigantic tits were straining to get out. Bulging tit meat was literally spilling over the top. Will gazed at them and hopped in the tub as Mary gracefully removed her skirt.

With her back to her boy, Mary pulled her bloomer’s half way down her meaty buttocks, then stopped, peeking back at Will. “I’m thinkin you better do what comes natural about now, darlin son of mine…and if that means beylikdüzü eve gelen escort pleasin your pisser in that tub while you watch your momma undress then I suppose you better get to pullin.”

Will jumped to his knees inside the tub and started jerking his soapy cock, waiting for his mother’s next move.

Mary grinned at him, then sent the bloomers sliding down her smooth legs. She stepped out of them and with her luscious backside pointed at Will, Mary reached down to pick them up.

Will panted lustfully, fisting his pecker as he gazed at his mother’s gorgeous ass. He could see the crinkled ring of her butthole, peeking out between two rounded ass globes and the light patch of dark pubic fur surrounding the split of her twat.

The lascivious mother licked her lips as she stood up straight and untied her corset. Within moments her large breasts were spilling out onto her chest. Will’s tongue about hit the floor as the naked mother stepped towards the tub. At the tips of her bobbling breast were huge thick areola and big rubbery nipples.

As she stepped into the tub, Mary glanced down at her boys rigid prick as his fist slipped up and down its length. “Heavens boy, you tug that pud any harder you’re libel to pull the meat straight from the bone,” she giggled.

Will sat back down in the water, his fist still clasping his rod. In a flash, Mary dropped to her knees then sent herself splashing through the water and sliding her wet curvy body up onto her son. She let out a playful scream as she clutched onto him, throwing her arms around his neck.

With her soft tummy now trapped against his fisted prick, Mary felt her son stroke, fueled by the spongy tits that were now mashed against his chest. Her warm curvy body slipped around against her youngster as she tried to settle on top of him. This caused her to giggle and scream playfully.

“Oh wow momma!” The teen sighed excitedly, watching her tits slip and slosh against his naked skin.

“Baby, you better let go of that mating meat and hold onto me!” Mary said with a giggle.

Will folded his arms around her. “I got ya, Momma.”

Mary smiled down at him, her excited stare only inches away. “Ok….you got me….so now what you gon do?”

“Kiss you I suppose.”

“Well then you better get to kissin.” Mary said with a grin.

Mother and son mashed their lips together and kissed hungrily. Minutes of wet tongue twisting action passed before Mary giggled. “I do believe we got a red hot poker between us.”

Will smiled bashfully.

Mary looked down at the throbbing purple cockhead peeking out from between their tummies. “We best wrap that thing in somethin before it scortches our bellies like a brandin iron.”

Mary slipped down Will’s body until his throbbing peter rested between her tits. She pressed her pendulous boobs together, trapping it between them. “Mmmm, let momma give that pud a nice soft bunny rub.”

Will watched his shiny cock nob peek out from between the tops of Mary’s smothering tits. “Ohh, Momma!” he muttered.

Mary held her tits tightly together and moved her torso up and down, milking Will’s slick prick with her tits. Will threw his head back with delight.

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby?” Mary asked.

“Suuure does.” the boy gasped.

Mary looked down, watching the flaring shiny bulb emerge and the yawning piss slit bubbling with hot precum. “Just look at that big juicy throb nob…cappin that loooong slab a prick. My baby boy’s all grown up and ready to lay some pipe aren’t ya, sugar bear.”

“Uh huh.”

As Mary fucked her boy’s dick in the warm valley between her luscious breasts, she bent down and flicked her tongue around the tip. Will’s body shuttered.

“D’ya like that, sugar?” Mary asked between licks.

“Yeah, Momma…I ain’t never felt anything so good,” he answered, feeling the satiny flesh and slippery wetness.

Each time the shiny tip rose up from between her tits, Mary fluttered her tongue around on it. All the while, her big brown eyes gazed up at her boy, watching him whimper in pleasure.

“Ohh…I’m fixin’ to explode down there real soon!” Will announced.

Mary pumped his prick faster between her smothering tits. “Oh sweet darlin…you gon bust a nut for meeee?!”

Will’s ass clenched and rose from the tub. His legs trembled as cum shot up his throbbing pecker. “OHHH MOMMAAA!!!”

The first milky spurt struck Mary in the chin. The second and third erupted between her boobs and bubbled up to form a creamy pool on her cleavage. The buxom mother pulled at the squirting boner with her tits as gobs of cum squirted out the tip. She continued until he was milked dry.

“Well if I didn’t need a bath before, I certainly do now. I ain’t never seen so much seed spurt out a peter before.”

“Sorry bout the mess, Momma.” Will panted.

“Now don’t you go apologizin… The moment I wrapped that pig in a blanket…I knew it was gon spit. And I knew darn beylikdüzü masöz escort well you was storin’ all sorts a virgin sperm in that big sack a balls.”

Will’s eyes were fixed on the cum coated mams. “You want me to wash em for ya, Momma?”

“I think that sounds like a mighty fine idea,” she answered, sliding down between Will’s legs, with her back to his chest. “Boy your age needs to learn how to handle a lady’s charms. This’ll make for a great time to practice.”

Mary handed her son the soap and he timidly reached around and began lathering up her lucsious breasts. The naked mother turned her head and fed him a stern gaze. “What do you think you’re doin?”

“Well, you said I could….”

“I said you could handle em. You’re pawin’ at em like a little boy.” Mary giggled.

“Sorry, Momma.”

“Baby, sorry ain’t gon make a girl get to drippin. Now you better take hold and start squeezin’ these titties like a man.” Mary said.

Will sunk his fingers into her soft breast flesh and started kneading. Mary thrust her chest out and they both watched Will’s hands squeeze and pull at her wet soapy tits.

“That a boy….that’s how you handle Momma’s big jiggle bosoms. See how you’re makin those cherry red tips harden up?”

Will could see that her nipples were now huge and engorged as they slipped between his fingers. “Uhh…uh huh.”

“Tell me what that means, baby?”

“Does it mean that they’s needin’ sucked?” Will asked timidly.

Mary fed him a beaming smile. “Oh darlin, that’s exactly right. When you see those saps harden up like that…you best get yourself under them cream jugs and start suckin like a baby.”

“Well…no way my mouth can get to em from here, Momma.”

Mary fed him a sly smile. “Well what you gon do about that?”

“Well, I…”

“Don’t you get backward, Will Thompson…now you take hold of me n roll me over.” Mary commanded.

“But what if I was to hurt you?”

Mary raised her voice. “I’m gon take you over my knee I have to tell you again. Now you stop actin’ like a boy and manhandle me!!”

Will clutched her around the waist and forcefully spun her around. Mary slid up his body and knelt over him so that the lucky teen found his face between her big dangling breasts. He wasted no time clamping his lips around an engorged nipple.

“Now then that wasn’t so hard…was it? Now listen here, darlin…us ladies, we ain’t the fragile little angels you think we are. We may present ourselves frail prim and propper , but when it comes to lovin’…we ain’t afraid to get rough. Understand?”

“Mmmm hmm.” Will hummed, his mouth full of breastmeat.

Will plowed his tongue against the bumpy ridges on Mary’s areola, flicking it across her rubbery nip. It popped from his mouth and he licked up into her soft cleavage. The wet pendulous tits bobbled against his excited face and he found himself licking and sucking the underside.

He felt Mary’s soapy hand circle his still rock hard prick and gently stroke. “!!! Had your bell rung and you’s still as stiff as a ax. Makes a lady wonder just how many times in a night she can make that big juicy bell go ring a ding ding.”

Will whimpered, his face plastered in squishy tit flesh as Mary stroked her long nails across his sensitive glans. Mom licked her lips hugrily as she gazed back at his pointing erection.

“So young…sooo beautiful,” she whispered. “You know…we stay in this tub any longer…we’re likely to shrivel up like prunes.”

Will spoke between sucks. “I could stay like this forever.”

Mary giggled. “I’m sure you could, sugar.”Her tits drug across his mouth as she brought her face down close to his. “But Momma’s got a better place for us tonight.”

Mom and son got out and dried off. Will couldn’t tear his eyes away from his mom’s lush body. Mary snapped him from his trance. “Sounds like a storm’s comin’. You best go out and make sure the horses are in the barn.”

“Ok, Momma.”

Will threw on his pants and boots. As he prepared to go out, he noticed his mother slowly creeping towards him. She was still naked, just holding the towel loosely against her curvy body. Her hair was still wet and slicked back and she seemed to be staring lovingly as she stepped closer.

“You okay, Momma?”

Mary sashayed her wet naked body up to her son and began tenderly kissing his chest. She kissed one of his nipples and flickered her tongue against it. Mary gazed up at him, her eyes blazing with lust. “Hurry back to me,” she whispered as thunder roared in the distance.

Will had never rounded the horses so quickly. Lightning flashed as wind began to whip around the farm. Once everything was secure, Will rushed back to the house, his boner threatening to tear a hole in his trousers.

Once back inside, he noticed the main room was dark, except for the glow of the fireplace. “Momma?”

A soft seductive voice answered from the back bedroom. “In here, sugar.”

Will stepped into his parents bedroom and gasped as he saw his mother sprawled out on their big bed naked. Mary was on her tummy, her silky legs bent and her cute little feet kicked up playfully above her rounded buttocks. Propped on her elbows, her big soft tits were half flattened against the mattress. She gazed at her boy with a lusty smile. “Pull them trousers back off…and come get into bed with Momma.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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