Mother’s Needs Ch. 03

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A continuing story of a boy with a huge cock and a mother who adored him and that cock.

I called Tay the next day as requested. She was still shocked over what had happened just 14 hours earlier.

“Carla. Your boy is incredible! But aren’t you afraid of the rumors and gossip? I mean after all, he is your son.”

“I am, but I don’t care. If only you and I know, I think the secret is safe. I trust you!” I told Tay over the phone.

“Well, if you say so. I just worry. I know it would hurt me during my divorce if I was caught with your son. My husband would have a hay day!”

“Listen Tay. If you do not want to be involved, no one is forcing you. I will keep the incident safe with me. You secret is safe.”

There was a short pause on the other end from Tay. “Now hold on. I never said I did not want to fuck Kenny again. I said I was worried about rumors. Damn right I want that cock again. I want you both. Being sexually free is exhilarating! I just have to be careful until the divorce is final.”

“I understand. Want to play this afternoon? Kenny is gone this weekend seeing his Dad. He is going to tell him where he is playing baseball next year. I am sure it will be a big deal. He left this morning and will be back Monday. We have the weekend if you want to come stay.”

Tay did not hesitate. “I will be over in a couple hours. I will bring some wine and we can lounge by the pool and make love at night!”

“Sounds perfect!” I purred into the phone. “See you soon!”

The weekend was perfect. Tay and I made love each day, afternoon, and night. Nothing wild mind you, but I think she and I could spend the rest of our lives together. We spoke about it and will wait until her divorce is settled. I can see myself loving her forever. I never thought I would be attracted to the same sex, but it has been eye opening and very normal feeling. We have the same ideas, the same mindset and most importantly, we want to make sure Kenny is taken care of!

As Tay was leaving Monday, she kissed me and and pulled me close, “I love you Carla. I am in love with you. I think I have been since we first met.

“I love you halkalı otele gelen escort too Tay. I have never been so happy!”

Tay jumped in her car and gave a wave as she left.

Now to get Kenny from the airport. I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up. I put on a sun dress and some tiny panties. I left my breasts unhindered. I knew Kenny would like them that way. As I drove the breeze flowed through the car. I had the top down and was really enjoying the convertible Camaro I bought with my settlement. Life was good and could only get better. After I bought a house on the beach and a car for Kenny and me, I had an investment company set me up. I will never worry about money again, nor will Kenny.

I pulled up to pick up and found Kenny right where we planned.

“Hi Mom!!” Kenny said jumping in and kissing me on the cheek.

“Hi baby! How was the trip? Did your Dad take all the credit for your success as you thought?” I asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Actually, Dad was quite nice. He said he was proud of me and backed me on my decision. The whole weekend was very good. My sisters were all there and Cammie was also very nice to me.”

“I am so glad it went well. It is about time they treated you like you were family.”

Kenny had 4 half sisters and a step sister. Twins who were his age, and two others younger. He also had a stepsister who was 22 from the hag my ex married.

I say hag, but she was a beautiful lady in reality. I call her a hag because she broke up my marriage.

“What did you all do while you were there?” I asked Kenny.

“We just hung out at the house. Dad had a pool put in so that was nice. Not as nice as ours, but a pool is a pool. Did you know Dad bought Cammie boobs?”

That caught me off guard, especially coming from Kenny, who never spoke of her to me.

“He never has. Are they nice?” I had to ask.

“They are big, but I prefer yours. Natural is better. Hers didn’t feel right.”

“Natural is always…wait? What did you say Kenny?”

Kenny looked at me sheepishly.

“Did you feel them. Did she halkalı rus escort let you? What happened?”

“Well…the first day I was there, I was missing you so I was looking at your pic on my phone and masturbating. Cammie just walked in and found me. Her face turned red and she started to leave but I stopped her. I told her she had seen mine, now I wanted to see hers.”

“She peeled off her top and showed them to me. They are big Mom. Huge in fact. I felt them and rubbed her nipples. She seemed to like it. She asked to watch me jack off, so I gave her the show. I came all over the towel I had, and she just stared in amazement.”

“Cammie made me promise not to tell Dad. I told her I wouldn’t.”

Smiling, I said, “Wow, Kenny. See, I told you that cock was magic.”

Kenny smiled back. “Well 2 hours or so after that, Dan ran to the store. Cammie came out to the pool and asked me to come inside. When I got inside, I fucked her. I fucked her right in her ass Mom, just like you taught me. Then I slapped her ass with my cock and went out to the pool.”

“My, my, my Kenny. Aren’t you a little slut.”

“Are you mad Mom? I hope I did not hurt your feelings. I missed you and you know I love you.”

“No baby. Actually I am quite proud. You are becoming a sexual presence that women cannot deny. Just be careful. You don’t want babies all over the place!”

“I am Mom. I promise!”

“Good boy Kenny. Now, you have anything left for your old Mom?”

We stopped and switched places. Kenny drove and I sucked his cock all the way home. Top down, tits out. I got a lot of honks of appreciation on the way home.

When we got home, Kenny dropped off his bags and met me in the bedroom. I noticed he had shaved smooth. It made things actually look bigger.

“I see you shaved. What made you do that?”

“I didn’t. Laura and Lisa did.”

“Your sisters? I created a monster! Tell me more.”

“Well, Dad, Cammie and the 2 younger girls went shopping leaving me, Laura and Lisa home. I saw them looking at me funny and then I realized my cock was hanging out the leg of my halkalı türbanlı escort trunks. One thing led to another and pretty soon they talked me into letting them shave me.”

“That’s it? Nothing else?” I demanded.

“Well, they would not let me fuck them, but they sucked me and jacked me off. They were scared of me, I think. But I did cover them in cum. They both have little boobs Mom. They were kind of cute!”

I laughed. I could not believe it. A little while ago, my baby was a virgin. Now he is fucking and getting sucked by everyone he could. Included his stepmom and sisters. I created a monster.

“Are you mad Mom? I am sorry, but I was horny, and you weren’t with me.”

“No Kenny. Just jealous. I am sure they will talk about you forever. I just hope you Dad won’t find out.”

“Yeah. Me too. I fucked Cammie’s pussy before I left. She is on the pill and I wore a condom, but it broke. I think it is all good.”

“My God Kenny. She better not get pregnant. That would be very bad! I hope she wasn’t lying!”

Even as mad as I was, I still needed to get fucked. I knew I was safe and that was good enough for me.

“Just fuck me Kenny. Fuck me and make me cum. I have missed you. I missed your cock.”

Kenny entered me from the rear. My slippery love tunnel soaked from his exploits. I came in an instant. He fucked me like a wild animal. Doggie, missionary, cowboy, reverse cowboy, Doggie again and again. I lost track of orgasms. He came on me twice and finally a third time in me. We fucked for almost 4 hours, only stopping to get some water and catch our breath.

We fell asleep and awoke the next morning late.

“KENNY! You are late for school!! We need to hurry!”

Kenny jumped up and ran to the shower and was out the door in 15 minutes.

I showered and washed the cum off me. I was Kenny’s cum dump. I was happy to do so. I loved him and he loved me. Better than any other man ever had.

Over the few months Kenny and my relationship grew. Tay moved in with us. Her divorce was final, and she came out ahead. She gave her ex the house and cars. He in return, was ordered alimony in the form of $1000 a month. We never worked a day after that. We both quit our jobs. Kenny graduated high school and eventually was drafted 2 years later in the first round of the MLB draft. My prediction came true and Tay was soon pregnant. They married. I was proud of him. But then again, I also shared their bed.

Life was good. Until Cammie showed up…

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