Mothers’ Day Weekend Ch. 07

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Ch7: Fielding Marshall

Penny’s ruse brings welcome reprisal~


Mel dropped the robe and slipped into the shower with her mom. “I see what you mean about Chase.”

“He’s fucking phenomenal, right?”

“He’s something else for sure.” She ducked under the spray. “You all jizz free, Mom?”

“I think so, honey.” She leaned in to kiss her daughter deeply. “I know we don’t have much time but I really want to thank you for everything in the kitchen. You eating my ass while Chase fucked me was mind blowing; I want to try that on you soon. And I’m so glad you didn’t let him come inside me right before your dad gets home; I don’t think I would have had the will to stop him. You are really so wonderful, and I’m excited about tonite and sharing your dad; he’s really a great lover too and I want us all to enjoy each other fully.”

Mel rinsed the lather from her freshly scrubbed face. “Well we’ll just have to see how it goes Mom, but I hope it does work out for us, too, and that Dad will be okay with everything. Now let’s go brush our teeth and get ready for our mission.”


Marshall balanced the takeout box as he opened the front door. The sun was dipping toward the horizon and a pleasant breeze wafted in thru the open patio doors. The house was empty, quiet; he heard a light splashing and feminine laughter from the pool. He turned into the kitchen to set down the box of food then carried his workpack into his office and set it down near the desk. It had been a couple of long, stressful, boring days and he was ready for some R&R. He turned and stepped back to the living room.

Penny and Mel walked thru the patio door side-by-side, obviously engaged in conversation and laughing. And they were both nude, towels draped around their shoulders. Penny gasped and both of them turned toward him, then quickly pulled their towels closed in front of them and scampered into the master bedroom giggling and pulled the door shut behind them.

Penny’s sexiness never failed to work its magic on him but, as if that wasn’t enough, it was the sight of Mel’s full frontal nudity and her big round ass bouncing beneath the hem of the towel as she turned tail and ran that sent his heart racing and his cock into full alert. He hadn’t seen her naked in about a dozen years, and though he’d certainly noticed and appreciated the filling out of her form since then (‘I am a man after all’ he reasoned), he was not psychologically prepared for the shock that seeing his sexy daughter like this had just imprinted on his mind.

He took a few deep breaths to let his heartbeat stabilize, then he strode purposefully to the bedroom door, wondering what was going on with these two. Penny had seemed a bit off, scattered and inattentive over the past day, and now this surprise. He remembered Penny’s promise of a surprise and felt a thrill at the thoughts his mind suddenly conjured up but quickly rejected them as hopelessly unrealistic.

He knocked at the door and paused. “Just a sec, babe,” Penny called out, and he heard more giggling and shuffling from within. His curiosity piqued.

The door opened a bit and Penny stood framed in the crack, dressed in a silky camisole and clinging lacy boy shorts, enticing but practical. The room was dark behind her, the curtains drawn. Over her head he just glimpsed Mel tying the sash on Penny’s short silky kimono.

“Hey stranger, glad you could make it,” Penny flirted, holding her position. Marshall noticed the flicker of candlelight and smelled sweet sandalwood incense wafting thru the doorway. “We have a special treat on the menu today and we were wondering if you might be interested in partaking.”

Marshall, ready to partake immediately of his sexy wife, assented; “I’m ready for whatever you are serving.”

“Oh goody!” Penny giggled. She opened the door a bit wider as Mel slid in next to her and reached out to hand him a freshly lit joint as she blew a stream of fragrant smoke into his chest.

Marshall was surprised; he’d assumed his daughter, always exploratory, would be experimenting with drugs, and other things he tried not to imagine, since she left for college. But he and Penny had seriously curtailed their use of recreational substances once the kids got older and might figure out what they were doing. He glanced back over his shoulder. “Where are the twins?”

“They went out with Chase for a nite on the town, left us here with the house all to ourselves.” Penny grinned.

“Anyways, Daddy, we are all adults now, so you don’t have to protect us from this sort of thing anymore; we’re old enough to make our own decisions. And didn’t you and Mom used to get high in high school?”

“Penny, did you tell her that?”

“Relax, babe, we’ve been letting go of a lot of secrets today.”

“Yeah Daddy, just chill out a little and let yourself have a good time.”

“Just do what feels good to you, babe. If you don’t want to get high with us you don’t have to, just more for us,” Penny giggled, reaching for the joint.

Finally convinced, he reached out to esenyurt otele gelen escort snatch it before she did and took a long drag, feeling it wash thru him, easing the tension of his unexpectedly prolonged journey.

“Wow, that’s really tasty,” he exhaled and took another long hit.

“Only the best for my Daddy!” Mel smiled up at him.

“As Marshall passed the joint to Penny, she reached past it to pull him in for a kiss, sucking the smoke out of his lungs, finishing with a flick of tongue. He smiled, recalling how she’d enjoyed taking his seconds like that back in the day.

“Ooooohhh, that looks like fun!” Mel exclaimed.

Penny exhaled as she took the joint from Marshall. She cocked her eyebrow at Mel, “Wanna try?”

“Sure!” Mel replied immediately. Penny took a hit then leaned into her daughter, who pressed her lips against her mom’s and inhaled. Marshall’s heart raced; while he noticed Penny had omitted the tongue, keeping the kiss chaste, it seemed there was a more intimate familiarity between the two than he’d ever noticed before and it excited him.

Mel blew the smoke out and giggled, “That was yummy!” She turned to Marshall, “Can I give you one, Daddy?”

Marshall hesitated, “Mel, I don’t know…”

“Oh come on Daddy, don’t get uptight on me; it’s just a little kiss, no tongue I promise,” she snickered, Penny joining in. Before he could argue she took a quick drag and pressed herself against him, her big, soft breasts mashing into his chest, her full belly brushing firmly against the rigid bulge in his pants as her mouth joined his, head tilting slightly to the right. Marshall was frozen, lips closed, until he felt the playful tip of his daughter’s tongue slide sneakily along their seam and he instinctively opened. Mel began to exhale and he automatically inhaled, pulling the smoke in quickly, feeling a final dart of Mel’s tongue between his lips as they closed. The kiss broke and he searched his daughter’s mischievous eyes as she quickly pressed a finger to his lips. “It’s better when you hold it in a while, Daddy.”

Marshall was reeling and Penny and Mel were cracking up, holding onto each other as they witnessed his shock. He wondered again what was going on with them, then figured maybe they’d just been getting high all day; that would explain Penny’s strange behavior earlier and their goofy playfulness now.

With the stress of running a business and raising a family, it had been far too long since he had really loosened up like this and he decided to relax and follow their lead since they seemed to be having such a good time of it. He took the joint from Mel and hit it hard. Suddenly both ladies were kissing either side of his mouth, obviously vying for his seconds, their hands firm on his chest and his back. He felt little tongue flicks on either side, but Penny was more openly aggressive with hers while Mel was still light and flirty. When he finally exhaled, both of them pressed their lips tight to his in a three way kiss as they sucked to get all they could; their tongues both lightly played in the shared space just before withdrawing.

They both burst into laughter again and Penny said “I think he’s finally loosening up a little.” The pair withdrew, arms around each others waists. “Okay lover, that was the appetizer; now for the entree. Since you’ve been gone working so hard to be a good provider, we decided we should give you a nice massage as a reward.” Penny began unbuttoning his shirt. “So unless you are starving right now, how about you hop in the shower and freshen up for us.” She leaned in to nuzzle into his hairy chest, inhaling his manly scent as her clever fingers worked down the line.

Marshall could hardly believe his luck. He had always loved getting backrubs from Mel, even as a kid she had a firm, sensitive touch that melted away his tension. Penny was pretty good too, although she was usually too busy to make the space for a full on massage; the few times they tried it had quickly evolved into foreplay and sex. Maybe with Mel involved it would be tempered and he’d actually get a good full massage, though part of his mind prayed that the friskiness the two were laying on him now might take over in the end.

He took one last long drag and passed the joint to his wife; she and Mel peeled his shirt down and off his arms as he passed between them headed for the shower.

As soon as he stepped into the shower he urgently stroked his hard cock, not wanting to have to feel self-conscious about it during the massage. As horny as he was right now, his well-practiced hand had his balls emptying under the hot stream in under a minute. He luxuriated in the relaxing cascade, his rational mind spinning against the naughty fantasies bubbling up from his subconscious. He didn’t know quite what to make of Penny and Mel’s odd behavior, but he was determined to just surrender and enjoy the trip, allowing it to go wherever they chose to take it.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, he entered the bedroom.

Penny esenyurt rus escort and Mel sat on the edge of the bed, awaiting him, and rose together as he entered. “Come lay down baby,” Penny patted the matress.

Marshall climbed onto the bed, unsure about what to do with the towel. Penny took hold of the front and pulled it open, admiring his body for a moment then smiling at him. “Go face down.” She held the towel up to cover him from Mel’s view as he settled onto the matress, then spread it out flat across his ass. He felt Mel lay her hands on his back from the other side of the bed and Penny followed suit. Four hands began roaming all over his back, rubbing and kneading at the knots of tension he held there.

He began to surrender to the bliss the touch brought him and small groans escaped his lips occasionally. After a while, they both began working down the well defined muscles of his arms and finished with thorough hand massages. He felt them both rise simultaneously and move to the end of the bed, recommencing at his feet and working their way up his legs. Marshall was deeply relaxed when he felt the towel lifted away and both sets of hands stroked over his bare ass.

“You’ve got a cute butt, Daddy,” Mel giggled and gave it a playful swat and squeeze before beginning to seriously knead at the deep muscles. Neither his wife nor his daughter seemed at all shy about digging into his ass or exploring down into the juncture of his inner thighs, brushing against his perineum and causing his cock to start stiffening below him. Someone, Penny he guessed, tho it was hard to keep track of the hands, trailed their fingertips deliberately up the crack of his ass and applied a few little pulses of pressure against his anus, finishing the job, leaving his cock uncomfortably firm beneath him.

“Okay babe, time to turn over,” Penny urged him.

Marshall didn’t move, unsure what to do about his raging hardon.

“C’mon daddy, don’t be shy,” Mel giggled as she nudged his hip. “I bet he has a stiffy,” she whispered loudly across his back. Both of them giggled but neither of them moved to cover him, they just stroked his ass, thighs and back and rocked his hips side to side between them, working his straining cock against the matress.

“C’mon daddy, roll over so we can finish you off,” Mel teased, grabbing his opposite hip and forcefully pulling him onto his side, revealing his engorged state to his wife. Penny just joined in, planting her hands on his chest and thigh and pushing him over to his back. Her hand stroked up from his thigh and over his hard cock, giving it a loving squeeze. Then both ladies scooted him back to the middle of the bed and placed their hands on his chest and his thighs.

“Wow Daddy, you have a really pretty dick too,” Mel snickered, setting Penny off as well.

“Melanie! Don’t embarrass your dad,” she chided.

“Well it’s only fair, since he got to see us naked, we should get the same,” Mel teased.

“Don’t let her get to you babe, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” Penny soothed.

“I’ll say!” Mel agreed. “Don’t worry about it, Daddy, it’s natural, and it’s nothing I haven’t seen already.”

Marshall was stunned, speechless. Suddenly reality had taken a turn into unfamiliar but incredibly arousing territory as his wife and daughter casually commented on his engorged genitalia. He worried about his ability to maintain his honor as a husband and father as unspeakable desires flooded his mind.

The ladies had apparently had their fill of teasing and were getting back to some serious massage on his chest, pressing deep into his pecs and the lines between his ribs, kneading down his firm belly, maneuvering around his pulsing erection to rake across his hips and along his quads. He was beginning to feel like everything might actually be alright, that maybe the herb had just spun him out for a minute, crafting crazy fantasies in his mind.

Then he heard quick whispers and a giggle and the hands left him. He opened his eyes as Penny swung a leg over him, straddling his hips, nestling his cock in the lace covered crevice of her ass, and began massaging up his neck. Mel moved down to the end of the bed and began pulling and twisting his toes. Penny worked along his jaw and massaged his scalp as Mel knelt between his legs trailing her fingertips lightly up along them until they ran into her mom’s ass and she rested her hands on his hips.

“How’s my big, strong stud feeling?” Penny cooed as she lightly stroked her husband’s face and hair. “Are you ready for desert?” She raised up slightly on her knees and Marshall felt Mel’s hands move together to gather his genitals between them.

“Penny…” he looked up into her eyes with a mix of confusion and lust. She smoothed his brow.

“If you don’t want this you can say no and we will stop. But we know what we want and we’ve both been waiting a while to give it to you.”

Marshall felt his daughter’s warm, wet mouth slip over the tip of his cock and sink along his shaft; esenyurt türbanlı escort a long moan escaped his lips.

“You don’t have to fight it, sweetheart; your babygirl is all grown up now and she knows what she wants to give you. She wants to make you feel good and show you how much she loves you. Isn’t that right, honey?”

Mel’s mouth pulled off his cock. “God, Daddy, your dick is so big and hard and I love sucking it in my sweet, little mouth!”

“Oh fuck, Penny!” Marshall exclaimed as his cock was again enveloped in his daughter’s mouth

“That’s right babe, you like how it feels, don’t you?” Penny began pinching and twisting at his nipples. “Tell your babygirl how much you like it, tell her what a good job she’s doing sucking her daddy’s big dick.”

“Oh fuck, Mel, it feels so good!” he moaned; she responded by swallowing him into her throat.

Penny lifted the front of her camisole to rest on the shelf of her jutting rack and peered down across her chest at her husband. “Play with Mommy’s titties, babe.” Marshall slid his hands up his wife’s sides to cup her full breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples as his daughter pulled off his cock and gasped for air.

“Fuck, Daddy, I love eating your dick!” she moaned, then slathered her tongue down his shaft and sucked his balls.

“Doesn’t our babygirl have the sweetest dirty little mouth? I know just how good she can use it too, cause she made me cum so hard eating my pussy with it today.” She slid a hand inside her panties to stroke her slushy slit.

“Oh fuck, Penny.”

Penny chuckled, “That turns you on, doesn’t it stud? I think you’d like to watch that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh fuck!”

Tell us babe, would you like to watch our daughter eat Mommy’s pussy til I cum all over her face?”

“Oh fuck yeah!”

Mel pulled off his cock and scooched up to straddle his thighs, pressing his standing cock between her velvety mound and Penny’s lacy asscrack. Her hands slid around her mom’s belly, one diving down into her panties while the other joined his hands groping her tits. Her smiling face appeared over Penny’s shoulder

“Daddy, are you sure you’re not mad about me and Mommy dyking out? Cause I really love it when she licks my pussy and tonguefucks my little asshole too!”

“Oh fuck, Mel!”

Marshall stared on raptly as his wife and daughter started making out, rolling their hips together with his straining cock wedged between them as their fingers danced together in Penny’s pussy.

“Honey, I want to feel your mouth on my pussy! Will you show Daddy how good you lick me right now?”

“Mommy, I’d love to do that if he wants me to. Do you want to watch me suck Mommy’s pussy right now, Daddy?”

“Fuck yeah, baby!”

Penny stood and shimmied her panties down her thighs then braced herself against the wall, looking down at Marshall’s awed expression as he watched his daughter settle her face into his wife’s crotch and devour her soaking snatch. Mel wrapped a hand around her dad’s cock and pulled it in firm, languid strokes.

Marshall watched in amazement as his daughter worked intently on his wife’s eager cunt, plunging her tongue into her mom’s slick hole and sucking her clit until Penny shuddered and moaned “Oh babe, she eats my pussy soooooo goooooooooood!!” while gushing a wash of juices over her daughter’s face.

Mel kept nuzzling as her mom drifted down from her peak. Suddenly Penny gasped “Oh fuck babe, she’s sticking her tongue up my asshole now! Your daughter is such a dirty little girl!”

Mel popped forward between her mom’s legs. “Daddy, can you believe I’d never eaten an asshole before, til Mommy told me how much she loves it when you do it to her. Now I just can’t get enough of it! Thanks for the inspiration, Daddy!” She leaned her pussy smeared face down and kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.

Momentarily neglected, Penny pulled off her camisole and ditched her panties. She squatted behind Mel and pushed against her back, scooting her forward a bit. Marshall felt the moist warmth of Mel’s thong-covered vulva drag along his rigid cock, coming to rest directly over his tip, the velvet-encased lips yielding to mold around his hardness.

Penny grabbed the front of Mel’s robe, pulling it open and back over her shoulders, putting her daughter’s luscious tits on full display for her husband. She nuzzled into Mel’s curls and nipped at her nape while she reached around to grope the delectable mounds.

“Look at these titties, babe; don’t you just want to suck on these things?”

“Fuck yeah, baby!”

“Do it, Daddy! Suck on my big titties!” Mel leaned forward and dangled her ripe breasts in Marshall’s face, swaying them side to side, dragging her stiff nipples across his face until he managed to catch one between his lips. “Oh fuck yes, Daddy, I love that!”

Penny caught a handful of Mel’s curls and pulled her head back. “Let’s prop your Dad up for a better view, honey.” She pulled Mel upright (Marshall, latched to her nipple, raising up along with her) and reached around to pile all the pillows directly behind her husband, supporting him in an inclined posture. As he settled back against them, she slid down along Mel’s back and flipped up the robe to uncover their daughter’s expansive ass. She quickly kissed Marshall’s balls, then slid her face into Mel’s crack, pulling her thong to the side.

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