Mother-in-law Games for Real Ch. 02

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This past weekend, my hubby and I spent a lovely full day with my substitute Mom Irene. Irene has decided to help us out with out threesome fantasises involving my mother.

The first time we did that was in a hotel, this time we spent the day at her house and once again for the whole day Irene pretended to be my mother Joan. So as I relate the story of what happened Saturday it is my Mom who was involved even if she wasn’t actually present.

It started as before with us relating a fantasy to Irene and then acting it out.

Andrew was lying on my Mom’s bed, she was out shopping with me and he had taken the opportunity to have some fun using my set of keys to her house. He was wearing a pair of her black lacy panties and licking a used pair of white lacy ones. On the bed beside him were several photos of my mother in various states of undress and several of her masturbating with different sex toys. He was well into his session when Mom and I arrived home. Mom plonked down her bags of Christmas shopping and said that she was desperate for a pee.

Andrew was completely unaware of our presence until the bedroom door opened and my Mom walked in to use the en-suite facilities.

“Shit, shit,” he said between clenched teeth as my Mom just stared at him in amazement.

“What are you doing?” Mom screamed.

I heard the noise and ran to the bedroom to be confronted by my mother just staring at my half naked husband whilst he tried to fix his embarrassment.

“Look I’m sorry, what can I say,” Andrew said.

My Mom turned to me and said “Did you know he was a pervert?”

I smiled and said “Well I knew he had a thing for you Mom.”

“What, how?”

“Well he has mentioned it before, he told me that ever since he has known you, he has sorta fantasised about you.”

“And you don’t care,” Mom said “You’re okay with it.”

“Well to be honest Mom, I don’t mind, all men have fantasises and I think it is better to know what they are.”

Andrew climbed off the bed and came over to us.

“I’m sorry Joan, but when it comes to you I can’t help myself, Al knows that I like to think about you and even jerk off doing that,” he said.

My Mom looked him in the eye and then just reached out for a hug.

Andrew took her in his arms and held her rubbing her back gently and then kissing the top of her head. His kisses moved down to her cheek and then she turned her face toward him and my Mom and husband kissed full on the mouth. Her hand went up behind his head and her lips played with his as their kisses became more passionate. I noticed that my hubby’s cock had grown hard again inside my mother’s panties and I watched as beylikdüzü ucuz escort he thrust it against her.

His lips moved down to her neck and she lifted her head as he covered it with wet kisses. His hands had now moved from her back and one was fondling her arse and the other her large left tit.

“I’m desperate to fuck you Joany,” he said to her.

She didn’t reply but her hand enveloped his cock through the panties he was wearing.

I watched as my husband expertly unbuttoned my Mom’s blouse and I stepped forward to help him ease it off her. I stood behind Mom and ran my fingers over her back and then released the catch on her bra. It fell from her and her large tits dropped onto her stomach and Andrew took one in each hand, feeling their weight as he lifted them to his mouth. I unzipped Mom’s skirt and it fell from her revealing her lovely arse encased in black lacy panties.

As Andrew sucked and fondled my Mom’s tits, I knelt down and kissed her arse through her knickers.

“Oh Ally baby, that is good, kiss Mommy’s bum darling.”

I pulled my Mom’s panties down and nuzzled into her lovely arse cheeks, pulling them apart with my fingers as I ran my tongue up and down her crack.

“Oh yes suck my tits Andrew, bite my nipples,” Mom moaned. As she did she leaned slightly forward and her lovely tight butt hole came into view. My tongue went straight for it and I was soon rimming her arse, poking my tongue in as far as it would go.

“Lick Mommy’s butt babe, Mmmmm that is so good, you’re going to make Mommy cum with that tongue of yours,” she moaned.

Andrew pulled my Mom onto the bed and they started to kiss passionately as she reached for his hard cock and started to wank him off.

I watched as my Mom played with him, his pre-cum staining the front of her panties.

Mom looked at me, “Do you like watching Mommy wank your husband off?”

“Yes Mom, I do,” I replied.

Mom pulled down the front of the black panties Andrew had on, to release his cock.

“Oh yes this is for Mommy’s not little girls,” she said.

She pulled at his cock until Andrew was moaning heavily,

“I’m going to cum,” he said.

“Over my tits babe,” Mom said.

Andrew knelt up and I watched his spunk spurt out and splatter across my mother’s chest.

As he finished she lifted her flabby breasts up, “Come and lick your boy’s cream off me,” she said.

I did as I was told and licked Andrew’s spunk off Mom’s tits.

“Taste good?” she asked.

“Wonderful Mom.”

“Suck Mommy’s nipples dear, take one all the way into your pretty little mouth,” she beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort demanded.

I grabbed her right tit and covered her hard nipple with my mouth, sucking it and teasing it with my tongue.

Mom leaned over on her side and Andrew positioned himself behind her and I soon realised he was fucking her from behind.

I reached down with my hand and felt my husband’s cock filling my Mom’s twat. I rubbed her slowly as his cock moved in and out of her dripping pussy.

Andrew fucked her for a while before moving on to me.

With my Mom’s help, he stripped me off and she told him to fuck my arse whist she watched.

Soon I was naked and lying on my side and Andrew’s cock was fucking my tight butt hole whilst my Mom finger fucked my pussy.

“Oh my little girl has got a nice tight pussy, so wet too,” she said lifting her fingers to her mouth to lick off my juices.

For the next ten minutes Andrew took it in turns to fuck my arse then Mom’s then my pussy and then hers until he eventually shot his load for a second time up Mom’s cunt.

She then made him lick her pussy and share the resulting residue with me.

Andrew lay back on the bed with a limp dick and my Mom flicked it and said “Well I think it is time we made Ally our little toilet slave.”

Mom helped Andrew up and the two of them led me into the bathroom. I was then told to lay on the floor by Mom and she stood over me and told Andrew to stand in front of me.

“Piss on her,” she told him.

Mom held his limp dick and after a few seconds, Andrew started to pee, his hot piss splashed down on to my stomach and shaven pussy. As he did this, suddenly there was a little hiss and my Mom started to urinate as she stood over me, her pee splashed down onto my tits. As the two of them continued to wet my body with their piss, I added to the mess by having a tremendous orgasm and my cum literally spurted from me onto the bathroom floor.

As soon as Mom finished I was up and licking the remnants of her piss from her cunt and then she told me to suck the last drops from my hubby’s cock too.

Mom continued to play with Andrew’s cock and it was soon semi erect again and she told me to watch again as he forced it into her very wet pussy.

Watching my hubby shag my Mom was simply amazing and it wasn’t long until my cum was running down my legs once again.

After that session we had a bit of a rest to recover and Mom made lunch, which we ate together in the lounge, all of us still naked.

After lunch, Mom wanted some more fun, which began with a strawberry yoghurt. This beyoğlu escort was smeared over her pussy, pubic hair and arse and Andrew and I spent a good 5 minutes licking it off for her, causing her to cum in my mouth as we finished. With her pussy wet and Andrew’s cock hard once again, Mom lay back on her sofa and once again she told her little girl to watch as Andrew fucked her.

I sat back on an easy chair and frigged myself off as he pounded her and I think the three of us all reached orgasm at the same time.

Once again I had the delight of licking my Mom’s cunt after my hubby had fucked her and the taste of his cum mixed with hers was just wonderful.

After that session, we all got dressed and went out to a pub in the country for a drink. When we left it was dark and it had been snowing again, so we took our time getting back to Mom’s house and on the way Mom needed to pee again, so Andrew pulled over into a side road in the country. I got out with Mom and the two of us dropped our knickers and started to pee whilst Andrew watched. Mom put her hand in my stream and I in hers and we were soon feeding my hubby each other’s piss. We leaned against the car and told him to get his cock out and even though it was very cold, he was as hard as ever and the two of us used our pee soaked hands to wank him off until he came all over Mom’s skirt.

When we got back to hers and before we had to leave, I let Andrew have Mom again, but the poor sod just couldn’t get it up after a whole day of sex, so he had to use a vibro on her whilst she sucked his limp cock, but it made her cum again so everyone was happy.

We are hoping to see Irene again in the New Year and hoping she will remain my substitute Mom.

However I do have good news from yesterday.

Some of you may know that my husband has been trying to soften my Mom up and thinks he is getting somewhere. Now with the realisation that I am happy for him to give it a go as long as things don’t get awkward, he has been more bold with her. Yesterday he played the good son in law and went and bought her a few bits and pieces so she didn’t have to go out in the snow.

She was very happy and they had some tea together and he deliberately got a very noticeable hard on and he says he caught her having a few sly glances and when he left she gave him a big hug and he pressed his cock against her stomach. Not only did she not flinch back, but she squeezed him even tighter and gave him a kiss on the mouth, instead of the usual cheek. He left it at that but when he goes round after work tomorrow, he will see how things are and see if he can take it any further. I have told him to be careful but the thought of my Mom loving the feeling of Andrew’s erect cock against her makes my pussy drip with excitement. I really hope the horny bitch has a good feel and it’s not long before she is wrapping her lips around his tool and then if our luck holds, I might finally get a lick of her lovely wet pussy.

With that thought I will leave you and have a nice session on my own.

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