Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 04

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I stared in disbelief as I watched Bill continue to shoot his cum all over my wife’s face and tits. I pulled my deflating cock from Betty’s ass and slipped off the bed and onto my knees as I listened to my wife scream in pleasure.

“Oh fuck! I’m Cumming! She screamed as Tim pounded her pussy.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Bill said in a low apologetic tone.

I turn my attention to Bill, whose cock was now back in Betty’s mouth as she attempted to suck the last drop of cum from it.

“Bill. It looks like you Cumming all over my wife’s face and tits.” I replied with anger in my voice.

“I can’t believe you two would do this to me.” I continued, the anger becoming more evident.

“Hold on there, old buddy! I’m not the one who just fucked his Mother-In-Law in the ass!” Bill shot back in amazement.

His statement caught me totally off guard and my mouth shut before I could tell him to fuck off and die!

Tim lay still under Betty. Betty was still trying to come to her senses as the visions on the monitor finally registered in her brain.

In my sudden silence, Bill saw his chance and continued.

“That’s right. We know who Mary really is! Hell you think this is her first time here!”

“Who do you think told your wife about our fuck room? So don’t be trying to sound like the innocent victim here!”

Betty rolled off of Tim and sat on the bed. She was using her fingers to wipe Bill’s cum off her face and tits. She would slowly place her fingers in her mouth and lick the cum off as if ice cream had dropped off a cone. My eyes went from Bill’s to hers. Betty’s pussy was steadily dripping Tim’s cum from it onto the satin sheets and she spoke.

“It’s true. For the last four years, whenever we come to visit I take time to come over here and have these two fuck me silly.” Betty said in a low voice.

“And I don’t regret it one bit!” Betty added.

Betty’s candor and the realization I was trying to “call the kettle black” took the righteousness and indignation right out of me, as well as the hurt I had begun to feel.

Tim was the next to speak and I shift my eyes to him. His massive cock still hard, he stroked it as he spoke.

“If we had not left the door to our room open, and Betty had not told your wife. That never would have happened.” Tim said as he threw his gaze toward the monitor.

I saw the scene on the monitor had changed and my ears began to hear my wife’s voice once more. She was now on her back, Bill and Tim were kneeling over her as she put three of her fingers into her pussy while cum was pouring out of it.

“Oh fuck! I can’t believe how much the two of you can cum. I love the feel and taste of it!” I heard her say as I watched her pull her fingers out and place them in her mouth.

Tim’s voice brought my eyes and attention back to him and as he spoke I listened.

Tim told me Betty had been coming over to them for over seven years now. My mind did some quick math and I put the first time around the year of 1999. On her second visit the three of them were down here in the room going at it hot and heavy. Because the room is sound proof and the fact they had left the door open. They never heard my wife come into the house. It seems Betty had made the mistake of parking her car out front and as my wife drove by she spotted it and drove in to check on her.

Bill and Tim had left the front door open and the screen unlocked. When my wife didn’t get an answer she came in. She called out several time and never got an answer as she walked down the hall. As she neared the open hidden door she heard the sounds and went down to investigate. Tim explained my wife must have been standing at the foot of the stairs for over twenty minutes and watched as he and Bill fucked her mother. When the three of them finally realized they were being watched they turned and saw my wife standing there.

My wife had been hypnotized by the sights and sounds of the three of them fucking. When they looked at her she had her blouse open and her tits pulled from her bra. One hand was busy pulling and pinching her hard nipples. She had taken her other hand and pulled up her skirt and was busy fingering her pussy.

“She threatened to tell her father if we didn’t help get her off.” Bill chimed in.

Tim continued his story. He told me they had no choice. Plus the fact my wife was so hot and horny looking as she stood there finger fucking her pussy.

“She was blackmailing us!” Bill added in again.

I looked at Betty who was still nonchalantly taking cum off her tits and eating it down. antalya escort I was amazed she could remain so calm.

“Is this true?” I asked Betty as I watched her.

“Oh it’s true alright, and there is video to prove it all.” Betty replied as she pulled her fingers from her mouth.

“Where’s the tape?” I asked as I turned to look at Bill and Tim.

“It’s marked number “3”, June 2000, I think.” Tim answered back to me and pointed to the cabinet on the wall. I raised myself off the floor. As I stood I realized my knees felt weak and it took all my willpower to take the first step toward the cabinet. My mind was in turmoil and each step seemed to last forever. I stopped at the cabinet and took several deep breaths in hope of getting my eyes to focus.

My eyes swept over the video tapes until they rested on the one Tim had mentioned. My arm felt as if it were filled with lead as I reached up and pulled the tape from its place. I turned and headed toward the entertainment center. My knees were weak and my legs felt heavy. I felt like a man who was walking to the gallows. With my mind still in a daze I forced myself to concentrate. I removed the video we’d been watching and let it fall to the floor.

After several attempts I was able to place the new video into the machine and hit the play button. As the monitor came back to life I dropped to the floor and glued my eyes to it. As Betty, Bill and Tim sat on the bed I vaguely heard them whispering. Bill and Tim got off the bed and went into the bathroom, leaving Betty sitting there alone on the bed.

I heard the shower come on as the video began to play. I watch as Bill, Tim and Betty walked up to the bed with the red satin sheets. Betty’s blouse was already open as Bill and Tim helped her out of her clothes. Once naked, the two of them began to kiss and feel Betty’s naked body. I continued to watch and the three of them got into a modified 69 position. Betty lowered her pussy onto Tim’s face while she proceeded to suck his cock. Bill was busy slowly sliding his cock into Betty’s ass while Tim licked her pussy. This went on for several minutes. Grunts and moans came from the speakers all around the room.

As Bill fucked Betty’s ass, Tim would stop licking Betty’s pussy and turn his attention to Bill’s balls that were hanging down, almost resting on his face. I watched as Tim sucked and licked Bill’s balls. Bill shouted he was Cumming as he pounded Betty’s ass. Tim continued to suck his balls and I heard him grunt loudly and watched him shove his hips off the bed, a sign he was Cumming also. Betty tried to swallow it all but failed. Cum ran out of her mouth. The ass fucking and cum in Betty’s mouth triggered her orgasm and her cum squirted into Tim’s mouth. Tim also tried to drink it all but Betty came too much and too fast for him to keep up. That’s when I noticed the expressions on Betty and Bill’s face change. Bill was the first to speak.

“What do we have here? Another horny lady I see.” Bill said as he pulled his cock from Betty’s ass and got off the bed and left the screen.

“Oh my God!” Betty said in surprise and rolled off Tim’s face.

The look on Betty’s face told me she was in shock. Bill could not be seen but I heard him tell Betty and Tim they had one horny bitch on their hands. I heard Bill ask if the surprised guest wanted to play. In anger and disbelief I sat and watched the video.

Betty had placed her hands over her face and I could hear her sobbing. Tim began wiping Bill’s cum that Betty hadn’t swallowed off her face. He than rubbed it onto her tits and the lips of her wet pussy.

“Bring her over here and let’s see if she likes cum pie.” Tim said.

I saw Bill and my wife enter the video. My wife’s blouse and bra were gone and my eyes zoomed in on her tits. There was no way to miss her large, erect nipples. Bill came up behind her and whispered something into her ear. I saw my wife nod her head up and down as Bill reached around to pinch and pull on her nipples. As a moan came from her lips she bent down and with no hesitation she placed her face in between her mother’s spread legs. The camera angle was bad and I could not see what my wife’s tongue was doing but Betty’s sobs soon turned to moans.

Betty’s hands were soon resting on her daughters head. Tim remained on the bed and watched while he slowly stroke his cock. As my wife worked on her mother’s pussy I watched Bill pull my wife’s pants and panties down, removing them along with her shoes. Bill ran his hands over my wife’s ass and with no warning shoved three fingers into my wife’s pussy. I expected antalya rus escort my wife to cry out in pain but instead she moaned in pleasure and rotated her hips in a circle.

“God Damn Tim! She as wet and horny as her mother!” Bill said.

“I’m going to clean up a bit. Keep them both horny and wet.” Bill added as he walked out of view of the camera.

In the background I heard the shower come on as I watched Tim move off the bed and stand behind my wife. Just as Bill had down, he ran his hands over my wife’s ass and than slid most of his hand into her pussy that was stuck up in the air.

“It looks like you enjoy eating pussy.” Tim said in a deep voice.

My wife brought her head up just long enough to reply.

“It’s been so long. I forgot how good it tastes.” she stated in a voice I didn’t recognize.

“You two quit talking and get back to work!” I heard Betty say in between moans and gasping for air.

As I sat and watched the video Betty had moved off the bed and was now standing near me. She softly rested a hand on my shoulder. I realized my anger and disbelief had now turned to lust and amazement as I watched Tim sink his massively thick cock into my wife’s pussy.

My wife stopped licking her mother’s pussy and I heard her say.

“Oh Shit! I’ve never felt something that thick in my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“Oh honey, suck your mother’s clit and make me cum!” Betty added.

Without realizing my cock had once again swollen and my right hand was now slowly stroking up and down the hard shaft. I placed my left hand on Betty’s hand that was resting on my shoulder as a sign I knew she was there. In response Betty sat down next to me and replaced my hand on my cock with hers.

“Every time I watch this video I get so horny!” Betty said in a low whisper and lowered her head into my lap.

In one quick movement Betty’s mouth took in not only my entire cock but my balls as well. As Betty sucked my cock I rested one hand on her head while the other pinched and pulled on her nipples. I knew this action alone would make her cum and minutes later she moaned out as her pussy spasm and she squirted her cum onto the sheepskin rug under us.

As I watched the video I felt my balls tighten, a sure sign I was close to Cumming. I pulled Betty’s head off my cock and told her to slide her pussy down over my hard shaft. Betty threw her legs over my lap and impaled herself on my cock. Betty’s back was now to the main monitor but she was able to watch the monitors over the two beds.

I continued to watch the monitor as Tim fucked my wife while she sucked her own mother’s clit. On the video Betty screamed out and I watched her throw her hips off the bed and into her daughters face. As I watched this Betty was slowly moving up and down on my cock. I heard the bathroom door open. I glanced quickly toward them and I watched Bill and Tim come out with towels wrapped around each others waist.

I am sure they did not know what to expect as they came out. Seeing Betty riding my cock gave them some reassurance they would not die today.

“You OK buddy?” Bill asked hesitantly.

“Yeah.” I replied with a grunt.

“I’ve only got three demands.” I added one word at a time, trying to stay off my building orgasm.

“Name them!” Both Bill and Tim said in unison.

I took my eyes off the video and looked both Bill and Tim in the eyes. I had noticed when they came out of the bathroom Tim was sprouting a semi hard cock. This made me wonder just what they were doing while showering.

“One. Bill, get down on your knees and suck Tim’s cock!” I said in a demanding tone.

Bill smiled and dropped to his knees while he pulled the towel from Tim’s waist. With no hesitation he swallowed Tim’s cock. Tim moaned as Bill reached up and cupped his balls. Somehow the sight of Bill sucking Tim’s cock did not surprise me. From what I had seen today I gathered both men were bisexual and I had been correct.

Betty and I watched the two men while see rode my cock. The sight of it and the fact that Betty said it was so hot triggered my orgasm. In turn Betty’s orgasm soaked my cock and balls as well as the sheepskin rug. As my orgasm ended I took several deep breaths and with Betty still sitting on my lap I continued with my demands.

“Second. My wife will never know that I know. I’ll cut your balls off!” I said.

“Third. That church lady Bitch Cindy has been a pain in my ass for a long time. Now I’m going to be a pain in her ass. You two know what I mean?” I antalya ucuz escort said in a fatherly tone.

Bill moaned a yes and shook his head up and down, never letting Tim’s cock out of his mouth.

“You got it!” Tim grunted as he shot his load into his best friend’s mouth.

Betty and I watched as Tim shot wad after wad into Bill’s mouth. I was amazed. Bill never let one drop escape his mouth. The sight of it was too much for Betty and she jumped off my lap and devoured Bill’s cock. In seconds he was shooting his own load down Betty’s throat.

I sat back, pulling up a few pillows and watched the rest of the video. I watched as Betty moved off the bed and as Bill came back into the scene. Bill got on the bed and fed my wife his cock. This was where they must have cut the video and the portion I had watched while I fucked my Mother-In-law’s ass.

(Eight Months Later)

A lot has happened since that day. Some good, some bad.

Two weeks later the In-laws moved closer, only thirty minutes away. This allows Betty to come over whenever she feels the need for some serious fucking and sucking. Which by the way is at least once a week. Sometimes she would take on the three of us. If not. She’d fuck whoever was available at the time.

A week after the In-laws moved my wife and I took a weekend getaway with the travel trailer. Once camp was set up in a remote area of the campground I grabbed myself a beer and pulled the video of my wife’s gangbang from a cabinet where I’d hidden it. I handed it to my wife, telling her to watch it and went outside to drink my beer. Several minutes later she came out of the trailer in tears telling me she was sorry and ashamed. In a soft gently voice I told her it was alright and that I wanted to do the same thing with her. She wiped away her tears and a small smile came to her lips.

“I’d love that.” She said in a sexy voice.

“I was hoping you would.” I replied and took out my cell phone and dialed a number.

Imagine the surprise my wife got when her own mother drove up to our campsite! I had those two women for two days! I was their private “fuck-toy”. I even got to watch them enjoy each other’s pussy while I rested.

Bill had gone away on a three week business trip. We were all surprised when he came home sporting a new wife! It seems the love bug hit him hard. He and his wife are still together. Since the marriage my wife and I had gotten into swinging with them. She’s a great fuck! And loves to eat pussy also!

When Bill came home with the new wife Tim took over the house the two of them had built. Bill and his wife bought a place just down the road. Tim continued on for about three or four weeks as the sole user of the fuck room. Once or twice I joined him in fucking one of the town’s upstanding, civic minded women. I never dreamed I’d get to fuck the mayor’s wife in the ass!

Almost two three months to the day I’d participated in the gangbang of my Mother-In-Law Tim got stupid drunk. We were to find out that he had fallen in love with Ellen, the secretary. We all guessed that being the odd man out now caused him to think with his cock rather than his brain.

In a drunken stupor Tim called Ellen’s home and proceed to confess his love to Ellen’s husband. When Ellen’s husband told him to go pound sand, Tim told him he was going to come over and take his wife away from him. A short time later Tim showed up at Ellen’s home and kicked in the door. He was promptly shot four times and died before he hit the floor. It was determined to be a justifiable shooting. Ellen’s husband, who’s my boss, is a Captain on our local sheriff’s Office.

The funeral was a sight to behold! Ninety percent of those attending were women. Not a one had a dry eye, including my wife. Tim’s massive cock was going to be missed. Standing there, listening to the preacher I became aware that Cindy, the church lady had move up beside me and in a low voice said she was really going to miss Tim and all his help.

I leaned over and as I whispered in her ear I placed a hand on her ass. With a quick pat I told her I’d continued to help her which brought a smile to my lips and a soft thank you from Cindy. Oh yeah! I’ve been a pain in her ass several times. She’s one of those women who just love getting a hard cock in their ass.

I tried to listen to what the preacher was saying, but he didn’t know Tim and most of what he was saying was plain bullshit! My mind drifted and I thought of that day, eight months ago when a fantasy became a lesson in life. I lowered my head so that no one would see the “shit eating” grin on my face as I thought of what I used to tell Bill and Tim.

“Pussy and gunpowder, Live by one. Die by the other. Love the smell of both of them”

I’m still not sure what that life lesson really is. I’m too busy fucking and don’t have time to contemplate it.

The End.

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