Mother Helped Me to Come Out Pt. 03

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My mother cooed in my ear “its okay Baby, take that cock deep up inside you.” I looked up at the mature stranger whose 8 inch cock was balls deep in my asshole. I was on my back and he held my ankles up as he drilled deep into my guts. I sucked on my own thumb just like I always did to self-sooth myself. My other hand stroked my cock.

Mother and I watched as he removed his T shirt. He has a very well defined torso. He looked about fifty, perhaps a little older, but he was fit. He climbed onto the bench and lowered himself between my legs. He lightly rubbed at my asshole “Hmmm” I moaned out in anticipation. He smiled, and then lowered his mouth and began to lick at my hole. That sent shivers through my whole body.

Mother cooed into my ear, “He is going to fuck you good Baby.”

“FUCK!!” I moaned out as his tongue began to probe my hole. He then moved and started to lick my balls, teasing one at a time, taking one and then the other into his mouth. He then began to lick up the length of my shaft and flicked his tongue over the tip.

He stopped and watched me, as I was breathing harder and harder. He winked at my mother and grinned. He picked up one of the bottles of lube and squirted a large amount onto his fingers. While he was doing this, mother pinched off one of my nostrils as she held the poppers to the other. I took several long deep hits. Everything turned red and time slowed as the poppers induced my body with lust.

He reached for a dildo and lubed it up. He didn’t ask me; he just put it to my asshole, and slowly, and I mean slowly, pushed it into me. He slowly and agonizingly fucked me, slowly driving me insane. He continued to punish me with so much slowness, as he sucked my cock, lightly biting me as he did so. He knew he was torturing me, as my body was now shaking. Mother cradled my head between her naked breasts and held my head so I see this beautiful antalya escort man do wicked things to me.

He withdrew the dildo, and reached for a larger, thicker one. He pushed the thicker dildo into me. It made me wince. He again engulfed my cock into his mouth, as he, more quickly this time, fucked me hard with this rather large rubber cock. “Ohh fuckkkkk Daddyyyyyyy” I panted out, in lustful ecstasy.

He power fucked me harder with the dildo. He hammered and pushed it allthe way into me, stretching my asshole as wide as I thought possible. The more he pushed and twisted it, the easier it became.

“Ready for the next size” he laughed, as he removed the dildo from me. I felt empty. He showed me this black thing that looked a horse cock. He pushed and the head popped into me. Water filled my eyes as he pushed most of it into me. He stopped and allowed me to adjust to its sheer size and girth. Mother gave me more poppers. My heart was pounding and I could hear and feel it in my head. As the poppers did their job, my ass relaxed around the invader, he began to move it in and out of me. He looked into my eyes and could see that they had glazed over with lust and need. He again took my cock back into his mouth, sucking hard and again occasionally biting me.

He abruptly stopped and stood up as his impressive length hung swung up and down leaking cum. He removed large dildo and replaced it with his impressive size.

“Baby, he is going to fuck you hard. Mother is right here with you.” My mother whispered in my ear.

“Yes Maam” I replied as the mature Daddy rammed into me hard enough to force all of the air out of my lungs. He slowly and agonizingly withdrew his cock as my asshole clutched at it. My anus was extended out and the pink prolapse looked like a pink sleeve around his cock. He was turning me into a quivering mess. He then changed pace and antalya rus escort with long hard and fast thrusts he took me…hard.

Mother fed me one of her large breasts which I latched onto with my mouth like a nursing baby. As she did this, she reached down and stroked my cock in time to his thrusts. All of a sudden I began cumming! All over mother’s hand, in streams. With every plunge more cum would be forced out of my cock, and the tighter my asshole would tighten. He never even slowed down; he just kept on going hard and deep.

Mother pulled her breast out of my mouth as she fed me my own cum on her hand and fingers. I licked it all off. As I was doing that, the mature daddy fucked me harder turned on by the sight of my mother feeding me my own cum. I was pushing my ass back onto his cock as he was fucking.

I clenched down with my asshole around his cock as he pulled out in a long slow stroke. The huge mushroom head was caught by my sphincter and the head pulled out my distended anus. Then he began the in stroke and as the mushroom head rubbed against my prostate I was shaking in ecstasy. My sphincter hugs his welcome hardness and my bowels spasm around his length. I savor the feel of his masculine penetration. I feel him slide forward. My anus sends shivering pleasure through my body. My heart beats like a drum welcoming the mature stranger. He slides forward and back in small, ever deeper, slow penetrations. His girth fills me as mother’s tongue snakes in and out of my mouth in a deep nasty kiss. I marvel at the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that come from having a sexy man take me as my own mother assists and kisses me.

Mother pulls away from her kiss to reach for more poppers. “My Baby needs to be Gooned out if he is going to get fucked by a large cock.” Mother holds my head as I take several long, deep antalya ucuz escort hits from the poppers. With each hit I sink deeper into slutville and get so horny!

He pulls out slowly and rams his cock to the hilt in one abrupt movement. He grunts with each thrust. Our bodies slam together with masculine determination. His big beautiful cock is so deep…so wonderfully deep in my body. “Ooo yeah!” he says as he slides his thick and long cock in to my body slowly. He fills me and I am euphoric. I can feel his thickly veined shaft slip through my anus. I shiver in delight. It rubs my prostrate and semen oozes from my cock in drooling webs.

He grabs my waist and fucks me violently. He pounds my ass like a pile driver. Our bodies slap, slap, and slap, together. His cock rules my body. I am his slave. His thrusts blur in to a humming sensation in my ass. My body vibrates like a gong rung by a great big dick. Cum seeps continuously from my penis. I am lost in an agonizingly slow orgasm of mind, body, heart, and soul. He invades me with brute force. I am overcome with the sensation.

I was beginning to feel another orgasm coming. I could tell that he was on the verge too. So I started to clinch my asshole around his cock as he was pulling back, and from his grunting he liked that a lot. I felt cum begin to leak out of my cock again, and I could actually feel his cock head begin to grow. With that I slammed my ass back into his cock as hard as I could and tightened my asshole even tighter. The tightening of my hole and my final thrust onto his cock threw him over the edge, and he erupts a load of his cum all over the inside of my ass. I could actually feel every spurt of his cum as it sprayed my insides. With that I began to shoot even more cum out of my cock into my mother’s waiting mouth.

All three of us stayed still for a moment as we were all still in cloud nine, and you couldn’t blame us. We just had a really good fuck session. After panting for several minutes, he finally came out and he pulled me close to his sweaty body and kissed me on the lips as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Then he kissed my mother and said “I want to fist him now…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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