Mother Examining Son Ch. 02

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Blow Job

After my mind blowing prostate exam and milking, Mother and I needed to clean up as my cum had splattered all over her thighs. Mom suggested a shower together, who was I to think this was a bad idea?

After pulling off her thin t-shirt and wiping much (but not all) of my cum off of her thighs, Mom grabbed me by the hand and led me off to her bedroom bath, which had a large shower stall.

All I could do was watch her taut, tight ass wiggle in her too-small shorts she wore. I didn’t see any panty lines, so she had to have been commando as well as forgoing her bra. Damn! She was HOT and she was SEXY! I let my eyes travel down her legs to her beautiful feet as she rounded the corner in the hall to her bedroom door. Each toe was perfectly manicured, not a drop of paint on any of her toenails. Just simply bare and perfectly formed feet!

We went into her bathroom, she turned to me, her bare breasts barely jiggling. Never before had I imagined b-cup breasts could be SO absolutely enticing, so perfect, so sexy! Her nipples continued to be hard as rocks, begging to be sucked and licked as far as I was concerned.

Mother looked at me, noticing me looking her up and down, unable to keep my eyes on any specific part of her luscious body. I was being given a hall pass and I wanted it to count! I could make out a camel toe with her short shorts wedged up into her crotch.

As my eyes finally returned to her beautiful face, I looked into her blue eyes. She smiled at me with a smile that was equal parts lust, fun and sauciness.

She asked me if I would like to help remove her shorts? “Yes, please” I answered. I knelt on the bath rug in front of her, my eyes level with her belly button. I wanted to plunge my tongue into that button and imagined that it was her pussy that I was plunging into.

I grasped the sides of her shorts, gently pulling down the elastic waistband. Past her hips I slowed lowered the shorts, now seeing the wisps of her pubic hair. I was correct in that she had no panties on, which made it even more enticing to me.

As I lowered the shorts even more, to the junction of her legs, I leaned forward and took a deep inhalation. I wanted to remember the first time I ever smelled my mother’s crotch. I could smell her arousal, mixed with her sweat from several inches away. I wasn’t quite yet brave enough to bury my nose in her pubic hair despite my longing to do so.

I keep sliding the shorts down her legs, past her knees, to her feet. Mother placed both hands on my head for balance as she slowly lifted one foot and then the other as I lifted the shorts away from her. She was now finally completely nude in front of me!

Mother let go of my head, turned to the shower knob and began the water. I stayed on my knees, now looking at her delectable and perfectly formed ass. Again, I wanted to just bury my face into it, smelling and licking her entire ass. Yet I savored the visual, knowing there never again would be a first time to have seen it.

Finally having the water to her liking, Mother turned back to me. “Ok, come on. Let’s get cleaned up.” Again she had that wonderful smile on her face that I found so enticing.

She stepped into the shower stall, I got up off my knees and followed her in. She had her face upturned against the shower spray, again allowing me to gaze upon her perfectly formed ass. I walked up close to her, spooning her in a standing position. I wrapped my arms around her, her shorter height allowing me to cup her breasts in perfect position.

We held this for a moment & the Mother spun around to face me, my arms still around her. My dick, which had discharged such a huge volume of cum only a short time before was coming back to life while pressed against her belly.

I looked down into her blue eyes, feeling like I was holding the most fabulous specimen of a woman that ever existed! All I could think of was, “My father left THIS?”

Mother brought me back from dreaming when she announced that I should wash her first. After all, she said, she had done all the work and should be rewarded for her efforts. I grabbed the bar of soap and began soaping her neck, working my way down her back. She kept her body pressed against me, further fueling the regeneration of my hard-on.

I washed my way down her back, my arms just reaching the tops of her ass cheeks since she was barely over five foot even. I stepped back, breaking our front-to-front contact. I began soaping the front of her, starting again with her neck.

I gently rubbed the bar of soap across her breasts and then switched bizimkent escort to using my hand. I massaged one breast and then the other. I tweaked one nipple between my fingers, eliciting a noticeable moan from her. I stepped back a bit more, bending down to her stomach, still flat as a board despite her age.

I washed her tummy, moving down further to her pubic hair. I again dropped to my knees in order to better reach her lower body. Mother again put both hands on my head for balance, lifting one foot and placing it on my thigh.

This time I began washing from the bottom, soaping her beautiful petite foot, washing between her toes. I worked my way up her calf, washing with both hands, rubbing both sides of her leg. Small dried spots of my cum could be felt as I worked my way up her leg to her thigh.

Just as I got close to her magnificent pussy, she dropped her leg, switching to put the other one on my thigh. I again began at her foot, repeating my detailed washing. Mother began humming that same tuneless sound she did earlier while working her fingers in and out of my ass.

As I again got close to her pubic area, Mother lowered her leg and let go of my head. “Here, this is a better angle” she said.

She turned her back to me and faced the spray. Then she bent over, placing her hands on her knees, thrusting her ass towards me. Her sphincter was clearly visible to me at eye level, almost winking at me. Mother spread her feet as wide as the shower would allow, giving me an even greater view of both her ass and pussy.

She turned her head back towards me, again with that saucy smile on her face. “How’s this, John? Have enough room to reach everything?” she asked.

I replied, “Oh, yes! It’s perfect, just as your body is. I’ve never seen a more beautiful ass or pussy in my life!”

“Why thank you, John. Flattery might get you somewhere” she giggled as she wiggled her ass at me slowly.

I took the bar of soap and ran it around my hands, lathering them up. I then ran the edge of my hand down the crack of her ass, from her spine to her asshole. Mother flinched just a tiny bit as I crossed her asshole and gave another moan.

I kept running the edge of hand up and down her crack, pressing a bit more with each passing motion. I again soaped my hands, holding my hand palm up as I cupped her pussy.

I didn’t even have to move my hand because as soon as my hand touched her pussy, Mother began a rocking motion, moving her pussy against my hand. I felt her pussy from the top of her bush all the way beck down to her asshole. My thumb would rub against her asshole, eliciting more another moan each time I rubbed it.

I then removed my hand and soaped it again, this time with more soap than earlier. I placed my thumb directly on her asshole and began to rub it, increasing the pressure and speed. Her moans became louder and continuous by now. She began a circular motion with her ass, pressing against my thumb. With a gentle push, I entered my mother’s ass with my thumb.

“Unnnngh!” mother exclaimed when my thumb bottomed out. What possible worry I had about hurting her went completely away as she pushed back against my thumb, grinding herself on it, virtually impaling her ass on it.

I began to move it in and out of her ass, timing my movements with the motions of her movements. We established a nice rhythm that continued for a few moments. By now my dick had reached full fledged hard-on status.

Mother somehow must’ve sensed my dick’s recovery or perhaps she would’ve done it anyway, but she stood straight up and my thumb popped out of her ass.

“Stand up” she ordered rather than asked. I quickly stood up while she took the bar of soap in her hands. She lathered up my dick, almost making me shoot as she soaped my glans.

Once she had my dick covered in soap, she again turned her back to me and thrust her ass towards me. “Replace your thumb with your dick!” she again ordered.

I could hardly believe what she said! Man, talk about a fantasy come true! I grabbed her hips in both hands as I moved up behind her. She reached back and took my dick in her hand and lined it up with her asshole.

Before I could do a thing, she thrust her ass back against me, driving my 6″ dick into her ass. I went about halfway into her on her initial thrust, then she thrust again and hit rock bottom on the second one.

We both let out loud yelps as we enjoyed the sensation of having my dick buried in her ass. She quit thrusting and simply ground her ass against me. I bostancı escort wrapped my arms around her chest, squeezing her as tightly as I could, somehow hoping I could transmit the feelings of pleasure via my hugs.

Mother had one hand braced against the shower wall to use as help to grind against me. The other hand I noticed had gone down to her clit, rubbing it in circles. I began to slowly stroke her ass, hoping I wouldn’t cum in just a few strokes, wanting to make this last a bit.

I picked up some speed and then more speed as my excitement carried me away. We both began another chorus of cries of pleasure as I began to pound her ass. My hip bones hammered her ass cheeks as I maxed out my speed and depths of thrusts. Her ass clinched as she cried out great gasps of pleasure.

I took one of my hands & pushed it in place of hers over her clit. I began to duplicate her rubbing motion, allowing her to grab my remaining arm around her body with both of her hands. She took both feet & curled them backwards, wrapping them around my calves. Her entire weight was supported by my arms & my dick, allowing her to push back against my dick with even more force.

Both of us were shouting words of encouragement and pleasure at the other, telling us how good it felt to the other one. Mother stopped yelling and moaning only when she took my arm in her mouth, biting firmly but not painfully down on it. All the while I kept pounding her ass as if my life depended on it.

“Fuck your mother in her ass, John!” she began to shout over and over. It became a chanting mantra, each time a bit louder, a bit more passionate. I never knew I would ever feel such excitement in my life as what I felt at that moment. All I knew was that I had to repeat this event whenever possible, however possible.

Finally, I felt the boiling beginning in my balls. I knew I was going to spray the inside of my own mother’s ass with my cum. I intensified the rubbing of her clit as I screamed in her ear, “I’m going to cum soon, going to cum deep into your ass, Mother!”

“Yes!” she cried. “I want to feel my son’s cum in my ass! I’m almost there myself! Keep going just a minute more!”

I don’t know how she did it, but Mother squeezed her asshole even tighter, making my dick feel like it was in a vise. Another two or three pumps and I knew I was going to erupt deep into her body.

“Mother, you’re making me cum! I’m cumming in your ass, Mother!” I shouted. Despite my earlier orgasm when Mother fingered my own ass, I began to shoot great gobs of cum inside her. I squeezed her body so tightly it was a wonder I didn’t crack one of her ribs.

As the first spurt erupted from my dick, Mother began to scream that she too was cumming. I quit rubbing her clit & just held my hand tightly against it as she rubbed her body against both my hand and my dick in her ass. I squirted four or five times before I emptied my dick in her ass.

Mother unwrapped her feet from my legs and set both of them back on the shower floor. She still pressed her ass against me, still holding onto my arm with strength that surprised me. Slowly our breathing began to slow back down from a gallop.

As we both began to recuperate, my dick began to soften. Her tight ass eventually caused it to slowly pop out, dribbling cum out of her ass as well.

She began to straighten up and slowly spun around to face me. I kept both arms around her, pulling her tightly against me in post-orgasmic bliss. She put both of her arms around my neck, looking me square in the eyes. She pulled on her arms, both lowering me and raising her on her tiptoes. She proceeded to French kiss me deeply and wetly. I kept both of my hands on her ass cheeks while returned her passion in our kiss. I gently massaged both cheeks, never wanting to wake up from this delectable fantastic experience.

Finally we both came up for air from our kiss. Mother went back flat on her feet, resting her head against my chest, he hands also holding my ass cheeks. The water still poured down on us from the shower head, washing some of the sweat off of us.

“Wow, that was possibly the strongest orgasm I have ever had in my life” said Mother. “I knew I was in a dry spell since your father had left but I didn’t think it was going to be that intense when I got back up on a dick.” Again, I saw her show me that wicked smile I loved so much.

“It would seem that my ass needs washing again, John. Would you be so kind, please?”

We slowly and gently pulled apart, allowing the shower stream to wash büyükçekmece escort off our body fronts. I again knelt down on my knees as Mother again spun around, showing me her ass. This time the view was different, cum dribbling out of her ass hole.

I again soaped up my hand, sliding the edge of it up and down the crack of her ass. Mother made sounds again, only this time it was more of a gentle sound of appreciation rather than lust.

I soaped my middle finger, sliding it into her ass. I wiggled it around, feeling my cum. I kept sliding it in and out for several minutes, each time pulling out less of my cum. After several minutes, I knew I about had her as clean as I was going to get her.

Mother then turned back towards me, soaping her hands. She gently grabbed my dick, slowly running both hands all around it, moving them up and down in a twisting motion. When she finished washing it, she moved to let the spray wash off all of the soap.

She turned off the water and we exited the shower. We each took a bath towel and dried the other off. I began at her petite feet, she made me bend over and began at my head. No words were spoken, it was almost as if we didn’t want to interrupt the moment.

After drying each other and throwing the towels on the shower rod to dry, we again embraced. I buried my nose in Mother’s short haircut, she buried her face in my chest. We held each other tightly, letting our sensations speak for each of us.

Eventually Mother raised her face from my chest to look at me. That quirky smile came back on her face as we looked at each other. Her hands remained on my ass, my hands were on her lower back.

“What say we get something to eat?” she said. “I think we’ve extinguished a couple of fires here tonight and could use some refueling.”

“Sounds like a plan” I replied. “Good” she said. “After we eat, I’d like to discuss some better sleeping arrangements with us if you don’t mind?”

I had a big smile as I asked her, “Will that mean that we can begin to sleep together?”

“Certainly” she said. “As long as you’re ok with it and we both can maintain our study habits. I don’t want either one of us to flunk out of school.”

We went down the hall to go get dressed but Mother surprised me by following me into my bedroom. Without saying a word, she went to my dresser drawer and pulled out a long t-shirt of mine. She slipped it over her head, allowing it to settle down her petite frame. It ended about 3-4 inches below her pussy.

She said, “Well, I think this will do for me. Is it ok if I wear your shirts around the house? They’re much more comfortable than anything I have and I like the freedom they give me.”

I assured her I had no objections to her wearing anything of mine. I quickly threw on a pair of running shorts, not bothering with any underwear either. We then headed out to the kitchen in search of something to fix for dinner.

Mother told me to sit down and she’d whip up something for us to eat. I watched her as she bent over to pull out pans, my t-shirt riding up enough to allow me an unobstructed view of her ass and pussy. She even seemed to spread her legs as if she wanted me to have a better view of her most intimate area.

As she began making dinner, she brought up my father’s sister, Aunt Betty. Despite their divorce, Mother and Aunt Betty remained close friends. In fact, it was Aunt Betty’s career as a nurse that helped spur Mother on to medical school.

Once the food was going on the stove, Mother came over to me and plopped herself in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close as she snuggled into my body. She then gave me something else to think about.

“You know, John. There’s another thing that I need help with and to practice on. I need to work on how to give a proper enema. Would it be ok with you if I asked your Aunt Betty to show me how to do it? That is, are you ok with her showing me how but using you so I can watch?”

All I could think of was having two sexy and gorgeous women playing with my ass was something I could easily get used to. I had no hesitation when I agreed to doing anything Mother needed to help her in medical classes.

“Good” she said. “I’ll call her tomorrow and see when our schedules might all line up. Then Mother got that saucy smile again. “How about later tonight, after we’ve both done our studying, we go to bed and you let me ride your dick with my pussy? You’ve had my ass, I know you’d want my pussy too, I’d think?”

I quickly agreed as we again went into a sloppy, wet French kiss. We only stopped when we began to smell the food getting hot and she jumped up to attend dinner.

I leaned back in the chair and wondered which would be more exciting: my own mother riding my dick or my Aunt Betty giving me an enema while Mother watched?

Seemed like it would be close either way…

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