Morgan and her Grandpa Pt. 01

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Morgan was an eighteen-year-old blue-eyed beauty with long flowing blonde hair and a petite, toned cheerleaders body. Morgan was barely 5 feet tall, but she stood out due to her massive D cup tits and sexy round ass. By her eighteenth birthday, she already had perfect 34D-24-34 measurements. All the local high school and college boys tried to date her, but none could get her to even go on a date. She kept her good girl image by fooling around with boys out of town that no one would ever find out about.

She was very close to her family especially one man, in particular, her Grandpa Henry. Morgan loved her 70-year-old Grandpa more than anyone and always tried to show him just how much. She also had a very kinky side to her that no one she ever met in person knew about, including the out of town boys she fooled around with. The only people who knew were on this kinky website where she shared naked pictures of herself and told other members about her taboo desires. She was the most popular girl on internet.

One Friday, Morgan had decided to pop by her Grandpa’s house after school, and she finally saw her opening to really make him happy in the way she had been fantasizing for some time. Morgan had knocked on the door a few times, and her Grandpa didn’t answer. His car was in the driveway, so she knew he had to be home. She began to worry, so she used the hidden key from the garden and entered the house. Morgan made her way upstairs and heard some noise coming from the bathroom.

“Are you okay in there?” Morgan said with concern.

“Hey sweetie, I am just having a bath but having a little trouble getting out of the tub.” He was a little embarrassed to admit he had gotten to the age where he wasn’t always strong enough to do the simple things. Morgan without knocking had stepped into the bathroom and found her Grandpa in the tub with just enough bubbles to cover his crotch.

“Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t be in here,” said Grandpa Henry.

“You are going to need someone to help you out of the tub,” replied Morgan with a stern tone. “Are your shoulders acting up again?”

“Yes, they are really bad today.”

“Then you never really scrubbed yourself good, here I will do it.”

“It’s okay, sweetie, you don’t need to do that.”

Morgan wasn’t going to pass up a chance at her Grandpa’s cock, the one she has always wanted the most. “Grandpa it’s okay, I want to help.” Morgan grabbed a washcloth and bent down next to the tub. She began to wash her Grandpa’s shoulders and chest. She kept peeking at his crotch, hoping the bubbles would move enough so she could see his cock.

Grandpa Henry had started to enjoy being scrubbed down and closed his eyes. Morgan saw this as her opportunity as she finally got up the courage to reach under the water and grab his fat soft prick. “Morgan, what are you doing?” shouted Grandpa Henry in absolute shock.

“Every part of you has to be washed, Grandpa.”

“This is not appropriate.”

“You used to wash me.”

“That was different; you were a little kid.” As Grandpa Henry was putting up a fight, Morgan had let go of the washcloth and was now stroking his old prick with her hands.

“Well you can’t mind too much you are not moving my hands away, and your cock is getting hard for me, your sweet little granddaughter.” She massaged and stroked him until bakırköy escort he was semi-hard. “I’m getting all wet. I will just get in with you.” Morgan whipped off her skimpy cheerleader outfit before her Grandpa could even consider protesting. All the teen beauty had been wearing was the uniform, no bra or panties.

She had stepped into the tub slowly giving her Grandpa a nice long look at her toned yet curvy body. He was mesmerized by her giant round perky tits but also disturbed at how much his own granddaughter was turning him on. Morgan then reached back under the water to discover Grandpa was now fully hard. He hadn’t had an erection like this in years.

“Oh somebody likes seeing his naked granddaughter,” Morgan said proudly. “Remember when we used to bathe like this?”

“Like I said, that was different; you are now a full grown woman.”

“Yeah but now we can have some fun. Don’t worry Grandpa; I’ve played with cocks before.”

“You have?”

“Yes, many.”

“How many?”

“Yours is number 10!… and the biggest!”

Grandpa Henry tried to hold back a smile as he said, “Your father told me you hadn’t dated any boys yet.”

“I haven’t… don’t have to date to play with a cock. But I only let three special boys put their cock in my little pussy.” Grandpa Henry’s cocked jumped. “Oh, you like hearing about cock in your granddaughter’s little pussy” grinned Morgan. “But it still looks like a virgin pussy; I will show you.” She stood up in the tub and put her tight little bald snatch inches from her grandpa’s face. Morgan’s puffy virgin looking pussy lips were begging to be touched and licked. Grandpa resisted. “Doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it does,” answered a blushing Grandpa Henry.

“I haven’t let many boys touch it. A lot more girls have.”

“You have been with girls too!”

“Oh yes! I love them. I lost my virginity to Erica, my neighbor. “Do you want to know how many girls have touched my pussy? I know you do, just ask.”

“How many?”

“How many what?” Morgan was enjoying making her grandpa ask dirty questions.

“How many girls have touched your pussy?”

“Thirteen girls have touched my pussy, and I touched all theirs too… Grandpa, stroking your big thick cock is making my pussy tingle. Can you rub it for me?”

“I don’t know, sweetie.”

“That’s okay; you are not ready for that. Is it okay if I rub my little pussy, your cock is making me so horny.”

“Go ahead, sweetie.” Grandpa Henry couldn’t believe what he had just said, but he couldn’t deny he wanted to see his sweet little granddaughter play with her tight snatch.

Morgan put her right hand under the water and found her throbbing clit. She began to buck her hips forward in the warm water which added to the sensation. After a few minutes, she started to go up and down on her fingers deep in her warm pussy in rhythm with her other hand stroking Grandpa Henry’s throbbing cock. The water was splashing all over the place. “Oh Grandpa., Oh Grandpa, you are going to make me cum!! Grandpa, can I cum for you?”

“Yes, sweetie. Cum for Grandpa!” Again, he couldn’t believe what he had just told his granddaughter to do, but there were no regrets. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

“Oh, Grandpa, I’m cumming!” Morgan’s entire body began to shake bakırköy eve gelen escort as she threw her head back. After she had come back to earth, she shouted in appreciation. “Thank you, Grandpa, that was the best orgasm ever!”

“That was because of me, but I’m just your old wrinkly Grandpa?”

“Don’t talk like that Grandpa, I love your body, and I want to touch and kiss you all over. And I like playing with your cock and letting you see my naked body. It’s fun. And I want to make you happy. And my clit is still throbbing.”

Morgan stood up again to show Grandpa Henry her pussy, but more specifically her clit. As she sat back down this time in the tub, she realized the water was no longer warm. “The water is getting cold, time to get you out of the tub.” Morgan helped Grandpa Henry get out of the tub as his boner was still at full mass.

“I will dry you off.” Henry was in good shape for a 70-year-old man. He did have some wrinkles but still somewhat muscular. The attentive granddaughter took her time drying him off and ended up right where she wanted. Just inches away from his raging boner. She again dropped the washcloth and began stroking his thick rod again. Morgan felt he deserved to cum too and she wanted that cum down her throat.

“Have you thought about doing this before sweetie?” he asked.

“Yes… but for a long time now I have wanted not just to touch it, I want to suck it and feel it in my mouth.” Grandpa Henry’s cock twitched so hard it almost popped out of Morgan’s grip. He hadn’t had been sucked off in over 20 years, and even though Morgan was his granddaughter, there was no way he could resist such a gorgeous young girl like her.

Morgan could tell he wanted it almost as much as she did. So, she reached out and began massaging his 70-year-old balls with her other hand. With a devilish grin, she then leaned forward and kissed his throbbing knob. For the next few minutes, Morgan kissed his cock all over and playfully giving it some soft licks. She focused on the glans right below his fat mushroom head. The young beauty then looked up at her Grandpa with her big blue eyes and said, “You want me to suck it now Grandpa?”


“You want your little granddaughter to suck your big thick grandpa cock?”

“More than anything.”

“Will it make you happy?”

“Happier than ever.”

“Can I be your little cock slut?”

“Yes, you can, sweetie, now be a good little cock slut and put Grandpa’s cock in that little mouth of yours.” That’s all she needed to hear as she opened wide and tried to devour his very thick rod. It was not easy for her; it was by far the thickest dick she ever tried to suck. “You can do it, sweetie, just relax your jaw.” Morgan really struggled to get her mouth around his massively thick prick. But nothing was going to stop her from pleasing her Grandpa, and his words of encouragement were helping. Before long, she could take more than half of Grandpa in her mouth, but she would not be satisfied until his big mushroom head was hitting the back of her throat.

Grandpa Henry at this point was no longer trying to hide his enjoyment. He had come to terms quickly with the fact he loved his granddaughter sucking his cock and would let her do it whenever she wanted from that day forward. She pulled bakırköy grup yapan escort his dick out of her mouth for a moment to make sure he was enjoying her servicing him with her mouth. “Does that feel good Grandpa?”

“Amazing, you are such good granddaughter and cock sucker.”

“Just want to make you happy.”

“Then keep sucking grandpa’s dick, sweetie.”

After Morgan’s jaw relaxed, she was finally able to deep throat the largest cock she had ever seen. The gagging sounds were driving Grandpa Henry wild, and he couldn’t hold back anymore, his old legs were giving out, he reached forward and grabbed the sink as he shot stream after stream of hot cum down his granddaughter’s throat. It took Morgan a few seconds to swallow all of it; she was surprised such an old man could blow such a big load. “Mmmm… Grandpa, you taste so good. Sucking your cock and tasting your cum has made your little granddaughter so wet.”

It took Grandpa Henry a few minutes to catch his breath and steady his legs. As he stood there composing himself, Morgan rubbed his back with one hand and massaged his softening cock with the other. When he was able to let go of the sink, Morgan said, “look Grandpa at my soaking wet little pussy.”

He turned to get a good look and replied with pride, “that’s beautiful, sweetie.”

Morgan touched her wet snatch then put her fingers in her mouth. “I think from now on you will wash your favourite grandpa after school and then play with my big grandpa cock all you want. But only if you agree to two things.”

“Anything Grandpa!”

“You never tell anyone and next time I get to play with your tight little pussy.”

“Absolutely!.. anything to make you happy, Grandpa!” Morgan kissed Grandpa Henry on the lips, and he got a taste of her sweet pussy juice. “And there is something I haven’t shown you yet.” The blonde beauty turned around and proceeded to spread her sweet round cheeks apart, which gave her Grandpa a perfect view of her tight little virgin asshole. “Maybe you can play with that too!”

Morgan noticed Grandpa’s cock had sprung back to life. She thought the site of her virgin asshole might have that effect on him.

With a smile from ear to ear, Morgan said, “I should take care of that before I leave.”

Morgan quickly got backs on her knees and devoured his throbbing boner again. This time, he decided to take control. “Follow my instructions, honey. She obeyed like a good little whore and put her arms behind her back as she opened wide. He then grabbed the back of her head and began to thrust his thick cock in and out of her mouth like a piston. Her saliva flew out of the sides of her mouth as she gagged on her Grandpa’s thick dick. He was quickly running out of energy, luckily for him, he was ready to blow his load. She gasped for her air as he pulled out of her mouth. He then shot his man seed all over her face as he let out an animalistic grunt. Morgan wiped the cum off her face with her fingers then sucked them dry. She was thrilled that she was able to satisfy Grandpa Henry and get him to treat her like a whore. Morgan then licked the cum off her Grandpa’s cock.

“I will see you tomorrow Grandpa.” Morgan gave her Grandpa’s softening cock one last kiss then got her cheerleader uniform off the floor and left for home.

Morgan was so proud of herself for pleasing her Grandpa and for finally living out one of her fantasies. She went home and finger fucked herself for hours thinking of what happened and what she planned on making happen in the future. Grandpa, however, didn’t touch his cock again that day, he knew he had to rest up for his granddaughter’s next visit.

To be continued…

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