Moonlight Blue: A Kathi Story

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Did you ever notice how things look totally different in moonlight? Moonlight infuses an object with properties that are invisible in either light made by man or the sun. Is it magic or just our imagination, and does it really matter because after all imagination is magic. And so it was that Jon came under the spell of a color that can only be seen at night, moonlight blue.

Jon was returning to bed after a trip to the kitchen and wondered why Kathi had turned the light on in her room. Stopping to look in on her as he passed he saw immediately that it wasn’t the light in Kathi’s room, but the light coming into Kathi’s room. The cloud cover had cleared while Jon was downstairs and the moonlight was flooding through the skylight above Kathi’s bed. The sight of his daughter illuminated by the flood of moonlight was so visually intoxicating that Jon just stood there. His body was frozen in place and his gaze was locked on Kathi.

Jon had seen this outfit on his daughter earlier in the evening and it had the usual effect on him, it drove him crazy, but it hadn’t affected him like this. Kathi came prancing through the family room with this same outfit on. Baby blue panties clinging to every curve of her firm young body; And a baby blue tank top with a rainbow on the front that stretched across her ample breasts. The top didn’t quite cover Kathi’s tummy and the butterfly stud in her navel peeked enticingly out from underneath.

The color had looked fantastic on Kathi earlier, the blue really stood out against her tanned skin. But now the clothes that clung to her body seemed to be giving off a light of their own. It was as if they soaked in the moonlight, then rebroadcast it with even greater intensity and in a more dynamic color. The tan color of her skin was altered by the moonlight as well. It glowed in a lighter, creamier color than earlier in the evening, like coffee with too much milk in it. The rich mahogany color of Kathi’s hair had also changed, he wasn’t sure how. It didn’t matter; he was being drawn in to the room by the moonlit vision. He didn’t remember walking but suddenly he was standing next to Kathi’s bed. The sight illuminated before him also had a baser effect on Jon; it was giving him a raging hard on. The front of his boxers were stretched over his big meaty cock. He fought the urge to climb on his daughter and fuck her brains out; I want to play with her first Jon thought to him self as he smiled wolfishly at his sleeping daughter.

Jon took a deep breath; then another as he continued to eye the moonlit beauty sprawled before him. Kathi wasn’t exactly sleeping in a very lady like position. She was face down on her full sized bed; her arms were tucked up under the pillow on which she rested her head. One leg, the one farthest from him was stretched straight out, but angled away from him as much as it could be. The closest leg to Jon was drawn up at the hip and bent back at the knee. With her legs positioned like this her crotch was spread open just about as far as it would go. The fabric of her intoxicating blue panties was stretched tight and flat across the crack of her ass and tight across her crotch. He could see his daughter’s pussy lips pressing against the crotch of the panties, they formed two small mounds in the otherwise flat surface of the crotch fabric of Kathi’s panties.

Jon couldn’t quite decide what he wanted to do or where he was going to start. Well maybe that wasn’t actually the problem, bizimkent escort the problem was resisting the urge to do what he wanted to do, which was pull the crotch of her panties to the side and stuff her pussy with his meat. Another deep breath and he climbed gingerly on to his daughters bed and positioned himself kneeling between her widely spread legs. He must have moved carefully enough because Kathi didn’t stir one bit. This could be fun Jon thought to himself, Kathi is a pretty heavy sleeper, he wondered how much he could get away with before she woke up.

Jon started with something safe. He touched the tip of his finger to the side of Kathi’s foot and lightly dragged his finger the length of her outstretched leg. This brought hardly any reaction, no movement and only a small whimper as his touch dragged across the ticklish spot behind Kathi’s knee and another whimper when he reached the top of her thigh he softly lets his fingers trace the outline of her panties. Even when he let his fingers brush over the fabric which stretched tautly over her wide spread crotch, this elicited only the smallest of whimpers and then only when he pressed his finger harder against the slit between her legs.

Yup, no doubt about it Jon thought, Kathi was a sound sleeper, he would need to take it up a notch, well more than a notch, but just one at a time. This time he touched a finger to stretched fabric covering each cheek of her taut ass. Again, very lightly and again began moving them very lightly. He drew tiny circles on the firm surface of the cheeks of her ass. Slowly increasing the size of the circles he was tracing until his fingers were making laps of her ass. This was the first time Jon had touched Kathi’s ass since the little spanking he had given her in the shower. His already stiff dick started throbbing at the thought of what he did after the spanking. He had carried Kathi to his bed, tossed her down on it face first and fucked her sloppy wet pussy from behind, but that was then, for now he had to concentrate on the task at hand, or should he say fingertip.

Jon gave up on the drawing with fingers on Kathi’s ass as a futile gesture. He placed his entire hand on one cheek of his daughters trim firm ass and just let it rest there. He started rubbing the cheek of her ass in a small circular motion. He was pressing harder with his hand than he had with his fingers and the result was an almost immediate moan as the friction of his hand on his daughters ass must have sent a sharp enough signal to her sleeping brain. Jon continued to massage the cheek of Kathi’s magnificent ass and as he did he brought additional signs of life from her sleeping body. Involuntary movement of her hips followed another moan or two. They weren’t big movements, but she was definitely reacting to his touch.

With his hand so close to Kathi’s crotch, Jon again had to fight the desire to pull the panties away from her pussy and ram his hard meat into his daughter’s sleeping body, but as before he was successful in resisting that urge. Instead he touched a finger to the panties, right at the waistband, where the small of her back met the start of the crack of her ass. He applied pressure and his finger started pressing the fabric of Kathi’s panties into the fissure that separated the sweet cheeks of her ass and lead down to the slit of her tight teenage pussy. As Jon’s finger passed from the crack of his daughters ass to the bostancı escort crack of her pussy Kathi released a sleepy moan and her hips moved to the touch of her fathers passing finger. Jon put his finger back at the top and restarted it’s journey down Kathi’s ass crack again ending with his finger pressing her panties into the slit between the soft lips of her pussy. Every time Jon’s finger pressed panties into pussy it felt warmer and moister than it had on the previous stroke.

Nearly every time Jon’s finger slid down his daughter’s crack and slit he coaxed another involuntary moan from her. As he continued to stroke the slit of her pussy the fabric between her legs went from moist to damp; from damp to wet and with the wetness came a darkening spot on the crotch of Kathi’s pretty blue panties. Jon’s stroking finger continued to draw arousal from his sleeping daughter, enlarging the dark wet spot between her legs and causing the arousal to seep through the fabric of her panties.

Jon’s long shaft of man meat stretched the front of his boxers, pressing so hard against them he thought he might burst through. In order to provide some relief he stopped fingering Kathi long enough to remove the distressed garment. Jon’s cock was hard as a rock, engorged with blood pumping through it. The tightly stretched skin coving the throbbing hunk of meat looked shiny in the moonlight. Kneeling between Kathi’s legs with his pounding rod of meat sticking straight out he again just wanted to take his daughter, right now, as she slept. Her pussy was dripping and he wanted her to wake up to the feeling of her father’s big stiff cock filling her tight wet hole. But again he held off, he would keep teasing her until she awoke and then he would make her come to him.

Jon took two fingers and touched the crotch of Kathi’s panties again. The fabric of her tantalizing moonlight blue panties was warm and wet. Jon could smell the musky aroma of Kathi’s arousal as he guided his fingers up and down the oozing slit of his daughter’s pussy. Jon listened to Kathi’s sleepy moans continued and her hips moved ever so slightly to the touch of her father’s fingers. Having heard enough of Kathi’s moans he applied his thumb to the wet crotch of her panties and pressed firmly against daughters clit.

A gasp escaped from Kathi and her head popped up off the pillow, “whaawt” she said in a dry husky voice, still heavy with sleep. She turned her head and saw her father, naked kneeling between her legs. “Daddy?” she said, sounding confused and still asleep. “I was dreaming about having my pussy touched”.

“It wasn’t a dream baby”, Jon said to her, “I’ve been fingering your sloppy twat, but now its time for something different”.

“Mmmmmm, daddy”, Kathi moaned as she stared at her fathers long thick cock. Her eyes never left her daddy’s magnificent cock which looked like it had been chiseled from stone it was so hard. “Am I going to get your beautiful cock tonight daddy”, you could hear the desire building in her voice as she spoke. She reached back with one hand, stretching her arm and touching the tip of her fathers quivering hard on with the tips of her fingers. “Put this big guy right into your little girls pussy, okay daddy”, she said lustily.

Jon laughed and batted his daughter’s hand away from his hard meaty erection. “You’re such a slut Kathi” he said to her, playing with her in his stern daddy voice.

“Daddy, büyükçekmece escort don’t say that”, Kathi whimpered, “just fuck me good, okay daddy” she pleaded as she once again reached back to touch her daddy’s throbbing meat.

Again Jon batted Kathi’s hand away and called her a slut. “You want to be fucked you little slut then you fuck yourself. You want my cock in your slutty cunt then you do it. Stick your ass up in the air and push your sloppy twat over my cock and fuck yourself on it”.

“Oh daddy”, Kathi complained, but even as she was complaining she had pulled up her knees and was lifting her ass into the air to search for her father’s hard on with her crotch. Kathi look back at her father, kneeling upright behind her, one hand on his hip and one waving his big thick meat at her saying, “come on slut, come get it if this is what you want”. Kathi was moving back toward him, pulling the crotch of her wet panties aside, she was hoping to feel the hot hard tip of her father cock against her, but she didn’t and her backward movement became more desperate as she longed to feel her father’s fat hard cock fill her young cunt.

“THERE IT WAS”, these words screamed in Kathi’s mind as she felt head of her daddy’s cock touch the inside of her thigh. Frantically she moved and was rewarded with the hard fat head of her father’s meaty cock pushing the lips of her pussy aside and entering her flooded gash.

“DADDY”, Kathi screamed as her father moved back and pulled himself from between the lips of her dripping pussy. Her fathers voice mocked her as he said, “you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you slut”.

Kathi drove her ass back in the direction of her teasing father and felt his cock slide up the crack of her ass. Frenzied movements followed that contact as she gyrated and twisted. Kathi tried to locate the tip of her father’s cock with the lips of her pussy. Finally she was rewarded with the sensation of the lips of her sloppy pussy being parted by daddy’s meaty rod. Like a rabid animal she howled and she shoved backward impaling herself on her daddy’s big fat cock. Jon pulled back, but he had reached the end of the bed and Kathi pursued him, grinding her crotch hard against his. Burying her father’s erection deep inside her tight young pussy. Kathi’s insides stretched to accommodate her father’s big thick meat rod and she was getting light headed at the feeling of being filled by her father.

Grunting like a rutting buck Kathi’s rotating hips ground her crotch into her Jon’s and kept his meat buried deep inside her. Kathi’s grunting and gasping gave way to screaming as her orgasm swept over her like a wave crashing to the shore. During her orgasm Kathi pumped her pussy up and down the considerable length of her fathers cock. Finally she was spent and flopped face first on her bed, her pussy releasing it grip on daddy’s cock letting it pop out of her and spring back to attention.

Looking down at his daughters gasping body Jon took his cunt juice coated hard on in his hand and let it slid slowly up and down its length. Jon’s fingers closed more tightly around the substantial girth of his cock he increased the pace if his hands pumping motion.

After very little effort silently Jon shot ribbons of his creamy load through the air. They landed on Kathi’s back and ass making dark blue lines on her moonlight blue tee top and panties. Jon let the last drop of his seed fall to Kathi’s ass making a perfectly round dark blue spot on them.

He climbed off the bed and walked toward the door of his daughter’s room, leaving his boxers on the floor. In her haze of contentment Kathi heard her father say as he left her, “God Kathi, you’re such a slut”. Smiling she went almost immediately back to sleep.

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