Mom’s Penis Treatment Pt. 02

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A special thanks goes to Literotica member, “Smoothed” for help editing and excellent creative input.

This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read “Mom’s Penis Treatment Part I” to get the full story from the beginning.

This is a completely fictional story that depicts a sexual relationship between a mother and her adult son. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.


Connie was forced to assess her behavior toward her son this past week. There was a part of her that felt fearful about what she was doing, that she was betraying her son as his mother. This part was her motherly conscience, and it was losing the argument in her head. What she wanted most was to have a sexual relationship with her son. She knew that. She was not, however, going to stop being his mother just because she wanted to be romantic and physical with him.

Nick was up and showered by 8:00 sharp. A full hour earlier than he normally got up in the summer time. He dressed in white shorts and a tank top. He walked downstairs to the kitchen. The smell of coffee was in the air. He felt great!

“Hello, Nicky!” Connie had a cup in her hand and two yogurts were prepared for the two of them sitting on the kitchen table.

She was also wearing white shorts, only hers were about two sizes too small. As she got up to pour Nick some coffee, he could see about one quarter of her ass cheeks sticking out. Her round ass jiggled slightly as she padded barefoot across the kitchen.

After pouring Nick’s cup, she turned and walked back to the table. Nick almost gasped aloud when he saw her turn. She was sporting a camel toe as well. The thin white shorts were wedged up into her pussy lips, displaying the outline of her pussy mound quite prominently. Nick gulped down a mouthful of yogurt watching her.

Connie’s tight, pink T-shirt left nothing to the imagination either, as Nick could easily see her erect, rose-colored nipples coming through the sheer fabric. What she was wearing was more akin to lingerie than to a summer outfit.

“Wow, Mom! You look great!” Nick felt his dick surge in response to his mother’s outfit. It was stiffening and coming alive again.

“Thank you, Sweetheart!” She was happy to notice that her outfit was serving its intended purpose. She was glad Allen was still out of town as she would never want him to see her dressed like this in front of Nicky.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked.

“Not really. I guess I was pretty worked up when I went to bed last night.” Nick confessed.

“We should definitely talk about relaxation techniques then.” She finished her yogurt and walked into the kitchen.

Nick was eating the yogurt Connie prepared for him. “Sounds good.”

The only thing Nick could think about was when his mom was going to help him with a better way of jacking off. The past week was nothing short of unreal and he had become accustomed to having some sort of physical contact with his mom multiple times each day. The last two orgasms he had were the best in his life, and he wanted more.

There was something Nick found incredibly erotic about their last encounter. He basically jerked off onto his mother. Bringing himself to climax for her, then showering her with cum, had been a taboo fantasy of his for years. He wondered how far he could continue to push this.

Connie was just trying to kill time so it wouldn’t appear that all she was thinking about was her son’s penis. It was killing her to go about her mundane activities when she could be watching her son’s sexy body. It was all she wanted to do. To her surprise, she had found Nick’s masturbation demonstration incredibly arousing. She had never seen someone approach sex with such determination and focus. Connie found herself wondering how this aspect of her son’s personality would manifest itself during actual intercourse.

Connie had always been what she called “covertly sexual.” She routinely wore sexy clothes around the house and liked to read erotic stories every now and then. She was never one to sleep around or have affairs, although she fantasized about it, especially after discovering Allan’s affair with his assistant. She very much enjoyed masturbating to erotica when her husband wasn’t home. Lately, she had been fantasizing about her son’s penis and spending as much time with it as possible. She hadn’t really thought about how far she was willing to take it, but one thing was sure, she didn’t want to stop looking at it, or touching it!

Connie and her son busied themselves by cleaning up the kitchen. Little did each know that the other was anxiously awaiting an appropriate time when Connie could lead the much anticipated masturbation “talk.”

“Thanks for the help, Nicky.” Connie smiled.

“Sure!” Nick sat down at the kitchen table where his mom had sat last night.

He thought he would go ahead and be the one to broach the subject of masturbation, but Connie beat him to it.

“Do you think you’re ready bakırköy üniversiteli escort to try what we talked about last night? Connie felt awkward bringing the subject up, but couldn’t wait a moment longer.

“Yeah, sure. Sounds good!” Nick stood up and faced his mom.

Connie sat down in the chair facing her son. Her heart was pounding in her chest, despite her demure demeanor. Without another word, she reached out with both hands and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Nick’s shorts. He just stood there with his hands by his side. It was almost as if they had both silently agreed that it was Connie’s motherly duty to get his dick out. For Connie’s part, she couldn’t wait to see his cock again.

Of course, Nick’s penis was still hard from seeing his mother’s outfit. When she pulled his shorts down past his thighs, Nick’s erection sprung eagerly up in her face. There was only some slight discoloration in the skin that would indicate there had ever been anything wrong with it.

At first, Connie delicately lifted his penis with her thumb and index finger, inspecting it.

“Your penis is looking much, much better!” Connie then fully wrapped her hand around it and used this occasion to hold his throbbing, hard, thick piece of meat. Nick sighed as he watched her small, warm hand try to close around his shaft. Her fingers were far from touching and it made Nick’s swollen dick look even bigger.

She was pretending to examine, but she was actually just holding it and stroking it in a far more sexual fashion.

“Thanks, Mom!” He smiled anxiously.

“Now, last night when I observed how you masturbated, I noticed you were far too rough on yourself. You gripped your penis too tightly and stroked it too violently.” She spoke as if she was giving a clinical diagnosis.

“I did?” Nick was playing along.

“Why don’t you hold your hand out.” Connie opened a bottle of commercial sex lubricant and poured some into her son’s hand.

“Let me guide you as you wrap your hand around your penis.”

Connie placed her open hand under her son’s and moved it to his erect shaft. As Nick grabbed his dick, his mom’s hand was over his. As he gripped it, his mom’s hand gripped his hand.

“Let your hand move with mine.” Connie was leaning forward enough so that Nick could see her breasts from the opening at the top of her shirt. Her eyes were locked on his penis, watching both their hands as they began the stroking motion together.

Nick felt his mother’s hand move his up, then down along his rock-hard cock. She was using his hand to jack him off. The first thing he thought was ‘she is going too slow.’ After this, he noticed a delay in his reaction to her rhythm. It was awkward.

“It’s too slow and I don’t understand what the point of this is, Mom.” Nick was frustrated.

Connie had to rethink what it was she was trying to do. On one hand, she wanted to help her son. On the other, she also was in this for her own sexual gratification. It was, however, important to her that it didn’t look like she was doing this for herself. What she really wanted was to jack him off; to stroke him steadily until he couldn’t help but to explode. And having his cum on her, she wanted nothing more than to sit there, her face covered with his young, hot cum, but she felt that she couldn’t take those liberties just yet.

“Okay. I’m going to show you what I mean.”

She removed her hand from over his and squirted a generous amount of lubricant into her palm. She slipped off of the chair, onto her knees on the kitchen floor before her son, and then gripped his giant dick in her hand. Until now, she had never grabbed it with the intention to masturbate her son. Her previous efforts were involved with spreading lotion on it and nursing it back to health, or examining it…nothing as overt as this. She was crossing yet another line.

“Slow your strokes down.” She suggested, then began demonstrating.

Connie used the slippery lube to slide up and down his insanely fat dick. She continued stroking at a slow, deliberate pace. She smiled, watching her hand glide. It made a steady “SCHLICK” sound on his shaft with each stroke.

‘I love my Nicky’s penis.’ She thought quietly as she stared blatantly at her hand jacking him off.

“Keep stroking it slowly while you think of sexual thoughts.” Connie suggested. “Are you thinking them now?”

Nick didn’t need to think of sexual thoughts. His mom was on her knees in front of him talking to him in a soft, sexy voice and stroking his dick. Her hand felt incredible. This wasn’t masturbation, it was sex.

He was so stimulated that he couldn’t answer right away.

“If the lubricant begins to dry out, add more immediately.” Connie demonstrated by taking the bottle in her other hand and dispensing more. She liberally applied the lube over her hand and her son’s dick. So much so that the excess began dripping down onto Nick’s balls.

Connie’s bakırköy bdsm escort languid strokes pleased Nick, but he wasn’t used to this pace. “Mom, you aren’t going fast enough, but it does feel very good!”

“Well, Nicky, we are trying to change your method so you need to focus and try. If you keep stroking it the way you were you will develop abrasions and they will turn to cuts and the whole process will result in the condition you just recovered from.”

Connie continued to stroke his cock as she spoke to him. She used one hand to hold his huge balls that she had largely neglected up to this point while the other stroked him in a steady, slow rhythm. His balls were giant and heavy. She lifted them up and allowed them to weigh in her palm. His skin felt young. She had forgotten what a young man’s skin felt like.

The room was quiet, except for the steady, wet stroking sound.

After a few minutes, Connie said “Why don’t you try now.”

Nick put some lube on his dick and started pumping furiously. Connie still sat on her knees and stuck her chest out for his benefit.

Nick looked down at his mom and stroked away. He knew he was going too fast based upon what she had suggested, but the whole scene was just too fucking hot for him to handle and he needed to cum. Badly. He could feel his balls aching for relief.

“Too fast, Nick. Stop and feel how hot it is getting.” His mom grabbed his hand and stopped his stroking.

“You’re right, Mom. The shaft is pretty hot and I don’t feel as sensitive as when you were doing it more slowly. I’m making it numb.”

She pointed out: “Yes, and that actually extends the time in which it takes to have an orgasm.”

Nick stopped stroking himself and let his arms fall to his sides. There was no reason for his mom to keep stroking his cock now, the lesson was over. She had demonstrated her point and now there was for all practicalities no reason for her to continue touching him. Nick wanted to see what she would do.

Without missing a beat, Connie added lube to her own hand and then started to cover his cock again. One hand wrapped around his shaft and the other held his balls. She began stroking it using the same speed that she was using before. This time, Nick was relaxed and he was aware of the difference between his method and his mom’s. He also realized that his mom was as into this as much as he was and this turned him on like nothing he had ever experienced.

“Focus on what it is that turns you on, Nicky. Feel your hand stimulate your foreskin under the tip of your…” her eyes rose to meet her son’s, “cock,” she said deliberately, before lowering her gaze back to the task at hand. Connie was talking to her son in a sexy voice as she made love to his cock with her hand.

“Take your time and relax when you masturbate,” she said in a soothing tone. “Don’t be in a rush. If you don’t have enough time, save it for later, it will feel more intense if you put it off every now and then.”

All of this sexy advice was really getting to Nick. Watching his mom slowly jack him off while she was looking at his cock in her hands, and dressed so…slutty was really bringing him to the edge. He loved hearing the sound of her wet hand on his thick cock.

Connie was determined to stroke his cock to a slow, mind-blowing orgasm.

Her strokes were consistent and deep. She moved her hand up and down his shaft as she watched her hand cover his young dick.

“Does that feel good to you, Nicky?” She looked up at him, making eye contact, smiling.

Nicky responded “yes,” but did not look his mother in the eyes.

“Look me in the eyes, Nicky,” she demanded.

Their gaze met. Nick looked into his mother’s eyes and saw sexual lust. He felt a very deep desire that he realized he would probably not get with any other woman…ever.

“Oh God, Mom.”

“Yes, baby,” she responded. She felt Nick’s cock swell slightly in her grip.

Their eyes were locked onto each other. The sexual energy was powerful and obvious to both.

He was beginning to understand the difference between how he jacked off and the slow, deliberate masturbation technique his mom was using.

“Oh… Mom…”

Connie’s pace slowed slightly. She could tell her son was getting close. She wanted to prolong the buildup to his climax. Connie knew that a slow, tapering buildup would lead to a much longer, more voluminous ejaculation for her son. She wanted to see the look on his face as he experienced the intensity of protracted orgasm at her hands.

“You like how Mommy’s hand feels, Nicky.” Connie was excited by the act of incest that she was engaged in. She had never in her life been more turned on than she was at this moment. The house was silent, save for the sound of her stroking. The lighting, the air, the scent of her son, was all perfect…all so sexually charged.

As Connie massaged her son’s balls, she felt them tighten, pulling up bakırköy elit escort closer to his body. She began to feel the skin of his cock tense. A familiar trembling started. She saw it in his knees, felt it in his dick. It became harder than she’d ever felt it before.

Connie was thinking about how sexy and delicious his cum tasted from last night and how she had been thinking about it all morning. She wanted more.

“Give me your cum, Nicky.” She opened her mouth and situated it in front of his cock as she continued to stroke it.

Nick watched his mom open her mouth. He saw the strands of spit break as her lips parted. Her gaping lips looked soft and red. Her tongue looked warm and wet. He lost it when he saw that his mom wanted him to cum in her mouth.

Connie held her mouth open, waiting for her son to fill it with cum. She made a faint “aaaaaahhh,” as she stuck out her tongue.

“Oh…oh…fuck! Mom!” His brain signaled that his orgasm was imminent. Nick felt his body relent, like water finally coming to a boil. His climax fired deep in his core, down in the pit of his stomach. The pleasure surged through him more intensely than he’d ever felt before. He had to grasp his hands together behind his back to keep from taking charge of his cock.

While staring up at her son’s shocked face, Connie pumped his cock slowly. Nick’s body jerked and Connie felt a sharp, warm spray hit in the back of her mouth. He was cumming. She closed her eyes and kept stroking.

Her son’s hot cum streamed right into her mouth with her every stroke. She gripped the base of his cock and squeezed the shaft tightly. She felt each knot of cum work through her tight grip at its base, then pulse up his shaft before launching out. Her squeezing pressure forced his delicious semen to fire even harder into her welcoming mouth. She continuously massaged his clenching balls.

Nick watched as each white burst exploded out of him and disappeared into his mom’s open mouth. He panted, spurting again and again. The pleasure caused him to see stars in his eyes. He gripped the side of the table as his knees threatened to buckle. The combination of his physical stimulation together with his passionate love for the woman providing him the stimulation produced a near-crippling climax.

His orgasm drew on, and seconds seemed to stretch into minutes as he kept cumming and cumming.

Connie blinked her eyes open to look up at Nick, feeling her mouth was nearly full. She closed her mouth briefly to swallow quickly, taking a shot of cum on her chin, then opening again.

‘My God, that is so unbelievable,’ she thought. More cum sprayed into her mouth as she continued to milk her son’s thick, hot tool. She swallowed the copious amount of fluid and savored the lesser amount as his orgasm dissipated.

Nick fell on the chair next to his mom and relaxed, catching his breath. Connie licked her lips and relished his taste.

“Oh my God. Thanks, Mom.” He sat in the chair for a few moments silent. Connie laid her head on his leg as he rested.

“You really opened up my eyes to what an orgasm could and should be. I was doing it wrong.” Nick was being sincere. He had never experienced such a climax in all his life, although he recognized that most of the reason was that his mom had caused it and that it wasn’t a typical masturbation experience.

“I’m glad I was able to teach you a better way. Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble from now on. I know I don’t have to say this, but it would be best if we never mentioned this to anyone else.” Connie got up and sat down in a chair across the table from Nick.

“Of course, Mom.” Nick promised.

“This is just something between you and me and it is nobody else’s business.”

“Absolutely, Mom.”

Nick was excited at the prospect of a continued sexual relationship with his mom, but didn’t know how to go about arranging it. He had already exceeded his fantasies and had achieved more than he could ever hope to in a very short period of time, but he still wanted to fuck her. He was also interested in pleasing her.

After a busy morning, Connie relaxed in the living room and finished a book she was reading while Nick worked on a paper for his summer class. The two came back together and had a nice lunch on the patio.

Nick helped his mother clear the dishes and the two relaxed in the living room on the couch and turned on the TV.

The television was on a channel that had an infomercial about a kitchen mop.

Nick sat at the end of the couch. He was surprised to see his mom lie down and put her head in his lap. This, of course caused a slow erection to build within him. His cock began to stiffen and rise inside his shorts next to his mom’s head.

The two continued to watch the infomercial, evidence that each was thinking about what was happening on the couch and not what was on TV.

Connie could feel the pulsing in Nick’s shorts. She wanted his cock again. Her mind had been stuck on his amazing appendage for the past five hours since she jacked him off just this morning. She wasn’t sure how to go about asking for it so she defaulted to her tried-and-true method.

“Why don’t you take your shorts off, Nick. You look uncomfortable, and I want to see the condition you are in after this morning.” Connie asked in one of her motherly tones.

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