Mom’s Birthday Present

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I finally made it to my eighteenth birthday. It was not exactly how I wanted it. My father had split with my Mom. I hadn’t heard from him in some time. Mom said she would have something special for me so I was excited for that.

I like to work out at the gym. I got back home from my workout. I thought my Mom was going to cook a special meal for me. I was wrong. When I walked into the house my Mom was standing there in her bathrobe. It was late in the afternoon. I wondered what was going on.

Mom walked over to me. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth.

“Happy birthday Kevin!” She told me.

I sure wasn’t expecting a kiss like that. Then my Mom surprised me. She pulled on the belt of her bathrobe. The robe came free and then fell to the floor. I was now looking at my Mom’s naked body. My Mom was a full figured woman. Her tits hung down onto her chest. She had wide hips and her pubic hair was trimmed back.

I must have stood there with my mouth open. Mom knelt down in front of me. She tugged ataköy anal yapan escort on the shorts I had been wearing to the gym. My cock came free. I admit I was starting to get a little hard seeing my Mom’s nude body like that. She took hold of my cock and brought it to her lips. She ended up inhaling me.

Mom didn’t just suck on my head. She took me all the way down to the root. She was also squeezing my balls. I can tell you it didn’t take long before I was completely hard. I knew Mom wasn’t going to pull away but I placed my hand on the back of her head. Mom would look up at my face. She didn’t have to worry. I was enjoying every second of this.

The most erotic part was when my mother reached around and pushed a finger into my ass. She was wiggling it around. All I know was that I was close to popping. I tried to control my urges but I finally let go. I grunted and started spurting into my Mom’s mouth. She didn’t pull back at all. She swallowed everything I gave her.

I ataköy bdsm escort had a lot of cum stored up that day. I looked down to see my seed running down my Mom’s chin. A few minutes of that and I was empty. My Mom pulled off of me. She used her fingers and gathered up my load. She ended swallowing everything I had.

“Did you enjoy your birthday present?”

I told that was the best thing that ever happened to me. Mom went to the bathroom and cleaned up some. She came back and took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom. We got onto the bed. Mom got my shirt off and she began to rub her big tits against my chest. I didn’t think it possible but I was getting hard again.

Mom told me to lie back. She ended up mounting my midsection. She reached back and guided my erection to her hole. She lowered herself onto my stiff prick. My Mom felt so tight. I reached out and took her ass cheeks in both hands. We started to get into a fucking motion.

I pushed up as my Mom ataköy elit escort lowered her wet pussy onto my dick. Mom began to moan and get loud.

“I need you Kevin. Fuck me hard!”

I took my mother deep and hard that day. My hands soon found my Mom’s tits. I rubbed against her nipples and then I squeezed her large melons. My Mom really got into it when I played with her tits. I could feel her pussy going into convulsions as I punished her pussy with my fat cock.

I was surprised we went as long as we did. I could tell that my Mom was having these intense orgasms. I managed to give my mother’s pussy a dose of my cum. This was something I would never forget. I seeded my Mom’s belly with my sticky cum. Mom finally collapsed onto my chest after we finished.

“Hold me Kevin,” she pleaded with me.

Mom was on top of me. Her hard nipples were pressed into my chest. We kissed each other to end our love session. I found out that my mother was just waiting for the day she could fuck me. That day arrived. We now enjoy each other almost daily. Mom can’t seem to get enough of my cock. She says she loves the feel of my bare rod.

Mom is taking pills to prevent becoming pregnant. I told her I would love to give her a big belly. Mom says she would have to think about that. I have a feeling I will wear her down at some point. I want to breed my mother.

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