Mom’s Beach House

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“Darlin’,” Mattie mewed as she walked barefooted to Jim’s car parked in front of her house. “Nice to see you son.”

A successful engineer, Jim enjoyed infrequent visits to the shore where she lived in a sparsely housed area. A recent divorce and a new job in a new town had left him only a hundred miles away. He waved and watched her bikini covered youthful body. She was having an effect.

“How’s Paul?” he asked when she was still ten feet away. Paul was her most recent squeeze and lover. A boy toy some would say.

“That bum.” She laughed and flipped her hand as if throwing a basketball towards the hoop. “How was the drive?” She wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him closer for a kiss, just a hello kind of kiss.

“Whew,” he said holding her waist. “You are such a piece of eye candy.” He laughed and stepped back to admire her.

She ran her hand under her long hair and leaned back to model for him. “Maybe I can get you to take some pictures of me.” She twisted to expose the other side and back. “Ah, you don’t have to.” She stopped modeling with one hand resting on the side of her hip. “Come on in and get into your swimsuit.”

The car door slammed and he watched her hips slip side to side as she walked. “Damn,” he whispered just loud enough for her to hear.

“You approve?” she said glancing over her shoulder. “Shame on you.” She giggled and opened the screen door to the beach house.

Jim glanced around and noticed a woman on the porch of the house across the street watching. She blew him a kiss and went into her house. He smiled and followed Mattie.

She leaned against the doorframe of the bedroom as he unzipped his overnight bag. “Had a dream last night,” she whispered. “Oh la, la.”

“‘Bout some young guy I bet. You are a horny chick.”

“Yeah. I like to be ridden hard and long.” He glanced up and she was cupping her left breast with one hand. “Been a while too.” She began pulling the top edge of her top down. The dark edge of her nipple peaked out and she let go. It hid again.

“Mom-m,” he protested in mock disgust.

“Read a naughty book that Julie gave me … the woman across the street. She lets me read them after she finishes. I swear she must rub them between her legs….” She laughed without finishing the remark.

“What was this one about?” He stood holding his swimsuit in one hand and watching her still leaning against the doorframe.

She turned and arched her back out from the varnished wood, her head tilted back with her hair dangling over one shoulder. An arm stretched high and touching the top of the frame. “Ah … some lonely horny mother being fucked by her son.” Her was voice deep and sultry. She straightened and sauntered towards him. “It turned me on.” Her fingertips rested just inside the side of the waistband of her black swimsuit bottom.

“So you have thought about this?”

“Oh-h hell-l yeah-h.” The drawl of the words was low and slow. The fingers wiggled the swimsuit down an inch then stopped.

“A pussy is aksaray escort a pussy after all.” She laughed.

“You’re my mother.”

“So-o-o. Julie and her son make love. She told me.” She looked at his face. “Listen, I saw your expression out by the car.”

“Yeah-h.” He stopped and looked at her — the fifty-year-old body looking like it was only thirty. His hand dropped over the growing bulge in his pants.

“You won’t have a more willing woman begging you.”

“It’s not like I’ve never undressed you in my mind a thousand times. Guess you were the first woman I beat off thinking about.”

“Such flattery.” She smiled and wiggled the bottom down along her legs. “Not so bad, am I?” She kicked the bottom high with her foot and caught it in her hand. The other dragged through her neatly trimmed hair between her thighs. He watched. She spread the opening slightly. He watched. “Son, don’t make me beg.” She began to step back into the bottoms.

A knock on the door spoiled the moment. “Hi Julie,” he heard her say as he changed into his swimsuit. The door shut and more talk occurred until he walked into the living room. “This is Julie, from across the street.”

He watched her moving towards him — as lovely as Mattie only ten years younger. He introduced himself and held his hand out. Rather than shaking it, she embraced him tightly. Her nipples pressed though the thin swimsuit top and her lips wrapped around his. Her tongue wormed its way inside his mouth and searched for his tongue. It found it quickly.

His eyes opened long enough to find Mattie standing close behind Julie and massaging her shoulders, her lips resting against her neck.

“You two, ah….”

“Yup,” Mattie cooed washing Julie’s neck with the word. “Often and for hours at a time.”

Julie pulled back. “We read naughty trashy books to each other and then act out parts.”

“So, am I about to be part of a scene?” He giggled as he watched Julie’s hand slide up the inside of Mattie’s thigh and rest against the crotch of the swimsuit bottom.

He tried to picture his mother sucking on Julie’s pussy and his mouth dangled slightly open.

“Yeah, we eat each other’s pussy,” his mother groaned as if reading his mind. “She tastes damn fine too, comes real easy as well.”

Julie purred deeply, her hand pressing harder against the fabric leaving the outline of Mattie’s slit quite visible.

“Just you two, or do other’s get involved in this Payton Place?”

“Nope, just us. I got tired of the young surfers.”

“Me too,” Julie added. “She’s emotionally more fun.”

His hand rested atop his swimsuit trying failing to hide the erection just below the fabric of the boxer type swimsuit. He turned and walked towards the backdoor. “How’s the water today?” He looked back over his shoulder to see them tightly embraced, their lips locked together.

They parted long enough for Mattie to say, “Fine. We’ll be here.” They locked lips again.

He turned to watch. “Da-amn-n,” anal yapan escort he drawled. He leaned against the large archway separating the living room from the kitchen.

Julie tugged Mattie’s top upwards and Mattie raised her arm as she pulled it over the head. The breasts dropped free, the nipples already erect. Julie bent down and took one nipple between her lips, some of the breast too. “Ah-h,” Mattie moaned loudly over the surf.

Julie’s kisses worked their way up to Mattie’s mouth as they waltzed to the sofa. They finished undressing and Mattie positioned her face squarely between Julie’s parted thighs. “Oh-h yeah-h,” Julie roared. Her hips roamed slightly above the seat cushion and pressed tightly against Mattie’s lips. “Oh-h yeah-h,” she began to roar more frequently.

Jim’s hand strolled along the shaft of his cock inside his swimsuit as he walked to the sofa opposite to the one where the women enjoyed each other.

By now, Julie’s words were not understandable, but she was just as loud. Mattie was even having trouble controlling the hips as Julie wildly flung her hands against the sofa. “God! God Mattie!” Soon she calmed down and lay still. “Yeah-h-h Mattie.”

“Who finishes him?” Julie softly whispered.

They walked on their knees around the low table until one was on each side of his legs. Their hands pulled at the waistband exposing what he was doing to himself.

“You’ll go blind,” Mattie teased as she pulled his hand free and Julie’s hand resumed the action. She leaned in and kissed at the head and then underside of the shaft. “Hmmm,” she purred. “Better than in the stories.”

They joined hand along the shaft. Lips danced around the head. His fluid launched high between their almost touching lips. One tongue, then the other dabbed in the stream pulling at it. “Yummy.” Mattie mewed. Julie added some comment. Jim was too far into heaven to understand.

Mattie shared her cum coated lips with Julie. Julie alternated tasting her lips and swabbing her tongue between them. “Very good.”

Jim walked towards the house from the turquoise water and bounding waves, his feet occasionally kicking the sugar white sand high in the air. Small white cumulus clouds filled the light blue sky. “Wow!” The words filled the space around him and not heard elsewhere because of the roar of the surf. His mind filled with scenes of his mother and Julie. Both were women most men would kill to be with. “Wow!” A new blast of sand filled the air. “Wow!”

Mattie and Julie lay butt naked on the two lounge chairs, their hips towards the sky. He stopped at the third step, the last one before the deck began, and watched the slightly tanned asses staring at him. Their legs spread slightly exposing their slits nicely. He imagined how the openings were talking to him, asking him to feast. He was hungry.

Their feet spread slightly more. Their hips wiggled and rocked upwards. They exposed what he was looking at even more. He rested on the lounge chair atakent escort with his mother, his hand resting on the cheek of one hip. His thumb dug between them and fell inside the opening of the sopping wet pussy. She rocked her ass upwards again, letting his thumb settle deep within her. He could feel her squeeze tightly. “Ah-h,” she groaned equally as deep as his thumb.

He twisted around and replaced the digit with several fingers massaging the front of the channel. His hand stayed in the same place as she rocked her hips humping his digits. “Oh god-d Jim. Oh god-d.” Her head rested on the towel and faced Julie. Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes wide. “Oh-h.” She bit on her lower lip as her hips rocked faster. “Oh-h-h.”

Julie watched with her hand under herself moaning and rocking her hips in time with Mattie’s hips. “Ah-h. Oh-h.” The chorus became louder, more in tune. Soon, only the surf was heard as the hips grew still.

Mattie rolled onto her back, her feet resting on either side of the lounge chair, her hand behind her head. She exposed herself completely to her son. “I know you want to.” She glanced at him sitting next to her. “I know I want you more than ever.” Her eyes closed and her tongue dragged though her lips and a hand dragged across a breast. “Yeah-h.”

He leaned between her thighs and dabbed his lips on the folds of skin he had just been touching. The fragrance inviting, good, plentiful. He pulled one side into his mouth, slipped his tongue over the wetness.

“Oh-h,” floated down from her mouth as she watched.

Julie moved to the other side. “Yeah-h.” She leaned down and suckled a nipple. “Yeah-h.” The drawled moan blew across the breast.

His finger trolled the other side of from his lips then dug the clit free. “Good,” blew warm over it.

Julie’s mouth absorbed the “Oh-h”, her tongue now filling where it had come from.

His lips rolled around the swollen bud of her clit. Her hips rocked upwards. His lips squeezed. The women moaned together. His tongue flicked the skin. Her hips bucked and began to ride his face, squirming side to side, searching for release once again. A last thrust, release again. Still hips lay on the cushion.

“Please,” she softly whispered. Her hand pulled at his upper arm. He moved his face closer to hers. She could feel him enter. Her legs wrapped him, held him, guided him.

Julie sat on the other lounge chair, her hand massage between her thighs, the other kneading a breast.

“Yeah-h. Slowly-y. Love it.” Her words encouraged, helped. “Ah-h. Almost. Enjoy. Come.”

Julie moved closer and fondled his balls, rolling them in one hand. “Good.” She leaned down and kissed a buttock. “Take your time. Enjoy. Looking forward to having you in me.” She kissed the same place again.

They all stood under the shower on the deck, the warm water raining gently upon them as they bathed each other in near silence. Julie twisted the knob and Mattie picked up a towel. Together they patted Jim dry.

“Wish I’d known you two were so willing. Hell, I’m not complaining.” Jim twisted to allow access to other parts of his body.

“But you do now,” Mattie said.

Julie held his still erect cock and pecked at his lips between sentences. “Plenty of time. Not the only weekend. Not the only time. Plenty of time.”

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