Mommy in the Morning Ch. 02

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This story begins with an attempt to explain the character of Denise. It is pretty bare boned, but I hope you will not let that distract you from the rest of the story. I do hope you enjoy the read.


Within the past year, Denise had discovered the joys of sex. It had really all begun when she lost her virginity to her first serious boyfriend. Her first experience was a sweet one, but it had not been entirely pleasant. As she began to do it more often though, Denise found that she had a voracious sexual appetite. Indeed, her needs quickly outstripped those of her then boyfriend, and before long, she had dumped him.

Denise began a short lived life of sexual debauchery, almost fucking with a different guy every night. With a body like hers, she was never left without someone willing to help scratch her itch. She was slender, with fair-sized breasts, and a lovely ass that was a wonder to behold in motion. In addition, she had brilliantly green eyes, adorable freckles, and dark hair with an appealing dyed blonde streak. All of this, and she put out. It wasn’t long before she was well known around her school for her promiscuous nature.

After a couple of weeks of being extremely sexually active, Denise realized that she wasn’t doing her position in the social hierarchy any favors by sleeping around so much. With a new resolve to be less conspicuous, she began to have less sex.

With her new approach, Denise was able to save what was left of her social status. However, it left her in a new state of almost permanent arousal. This quickly became overwhelming, and Denise was barely able to function.

It was then that Denise reawakened her childhood obsession with masturbation. Her mother, Jean, had quickly squelched this behavior when Denise was younger, and up until now, she hadn’t masturbated for years. When she rediscovered the bliss of “rubbin’ the nubbin,” at first she was able to get off with the merest tickling of her fingers across her clit. However, it didn’t take long until her masturbatory tendencies escalated to new heights to cope with her overwhelming desires.

And this is where we begin to explore the results of Denise’s, and indeed, much of her family’s, captivating lusts.


In the bathroom that she shared with her brother Neil, Denise was being very naughty indeed. She sat atop the furry toilet seat cover, dressed in a tight fitting t-shirt and a white pair of panties. In one hand she held a digital video camera trained on her crotch, and the other hand was pushing aside the front of her panties to reveal her trimmed pussy to the camera.

She had gotten up early this morning with the express purpose of masturbating in the privacy of the bathroom. Denise felt uncomfortable masturbating in her room since it was one of the only rooms in the house without a lock. Remembering the harsh words her mother had spoken to her years ago when she had caught Denise getting off with her pillow, Denise felt it wise to be careful.

When Denise was leaving her room that morning, her eyes had registered the camera, and the thought of saving evidence of herself masturbating left her with delicious tingles in her stomach.

After having exposed her slightly moist pussy to the video camera, Denise had to place the camera on a shelf in order to continue playing with herself. Not bothering to make sure she was in focus, Denise began rubbing her clit through her panties. It didn’t take long before her wetness was soaking through the thin material of her underwear.

On an impulse, she scrunched the front of her panties together with one hand, and the back with her other hand. Denise slowly began to rub her panties up her crack as if she were flossing. The sensations were delicious as they swarmed throughout her body. Her neck had begun to glisten with sweat, and her nipples stood noticeably erect through her shirt.

Closing her eyes, Denise moaned in pleasure. Then, realizing the need for secrecy, she bit her lip to stifle future bursts of aural accompaniment to her ecstasy. The slow rubbing across her genitalia finally got the best of her, and she exploded into orgasm.

“Aaaahhh…” she allowed herself to mumble quietly.

As her body’s quivering began to ease up, Denise shoved two dexterous fingers into her pussy. bakırköy üniversiteli escort She began to stimulate herself in hopes of another quick orgasm. However, it was not to be.

“Denise, remember you’re supposed to be at Talia’s house this morning,” her mother said from the other side of the bathroom door.

Silently cursing to herself for forgetting, Denise replied, “Thanks Mom I forgot.” Quickly putting herself back together, she looked in the mirror to make sure she looked fine.

“Well at least you got off once,” she said with an impish grin to her reflection.


Later that evening, Denise returned home just in time for dinner. Her father had left on a business trip to Florida that morning, so it was dinner for three for a few nights. Denise wasn’t quite sure what her dad was doing in Florida, but she wouldn’t be surprised if it involved some rather scandalous behavior with his secretary. Denise wasn’t quite sure how the rest of her family didn’t see what was going on.

As Denise strolled through the dining room, her mother, Jean, was preparing the table. Neil was already sitting in his chair, and seemed to be indolently enjoying himself. He seemed rather pleased with himself that evening, and Denise was unable to pinpoint the reason why.

“So what’d you do today Neil?” Denise asked.

Grinning with a mysterious smile, he replied, “Not much really, just humped around the house all day.”

Denise took this in without much thought, and made a glance towards her mother who was placing a roast on the table. Jean’s face was a deep red color which Denise attributed to the heat of the kitchen stove.

“How ’bout you Mom?” she asked.

Her face still a deep red color, Jean said, “Just some chores really…spent some time cleaning your bathroom.” With this, she turned around, and with a strangely mincing step, walked back into the kitchen.

The dinner was pretty standard fare, and apart from some strange conversation, was totally forgettable. Although Denise did notice that Jean seemed to have a hard time sitting. She didn’t think much on it.

After dinner, Denise had to pee very badly. Walking calmly into the bathroom, Denise unceremoniously dropped her pants and plopped onto the commode. As she let a strong stream flow, Denise happened to look at the shelf. She went pale as she realized for the first time that the camera she had used to film herself masturbating was still recording.

Shakily, she grabbed the camera, and sat it on her lap. The battery had run down, and the camera had automatically shutdown. Worrying to herself, all she could think about was whether or not anyone had noticed it.

Quickly finishing her business, Denise traveled to her room across the hall in one giant stride. She shut the door, and quickly dug through the layers of junk in her closet until she found the charger for the camera. Denise fumbled the battery into its charger, and sat down on her bed to anxiously wait for it to charge enough to be able to upload the video to her computer.

Slowly, she began to calm down. The more she thought about it, the more she was sure nobody had noticed the camera. While dinner that evening had seemed rife with mysteries, there was nothing in her family’s manner to indicate they had noticed the camera.

Feeling much more serene a half hour later, Denise removed the battery from its charger, and connected her camera to her computer. She uploaded the camera’s contents onto the computer.

On screen, the video was broken up into a few hours worth of ten second clips. The first ten minutes seemed to consist entirely of her masturbating.

Denise began to highlight the rest of the day’s footage for deletion, when she found a clip of Neil seemingly nude. Filled with curiosity, Denise double clicked that clip. Suddenly she was watching as her brother pissed into the commode. She began to giggle uncontrollably while she watched.

His stream lasted for a full twenty seconds before he dribbled off the last of his urine. With a perfunctory shake he began to turn around towards the shower. Before he completed his turn however, Denise was shocked to her core as a small hand thrust into the picture and grabbed her brother by bakırköy bdsm escort the cock. It surprised her so much that she actually jumped away from the screen a short ways.

Quickly recovering, Denise leaned into the screen to discern more details. As she watched, the hand slowly began to tease its way up and down her brother’s shaft. Denise found her arousal returning full force as she watched her brother’s slowly hardening dick. Part of a woman’s body came into the left side of the screen.

The woman’s physique tended towards being a little chunky, but nothing unattractive, and her breasts hung ponderously. Denise found herself slightly jealous of the woman’s large breasts. Other details were impossible to discern as the toilet, and indeed, bad framing, hid most of the woman’s body.

Neil’s cock seemed to have grown quite large from the mystery woman’s firm ministrations. Denise had to admit to herself that while her brother wasn’t a muscular type, he had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to penis size.

Uncaring about the relative insecurity of her surroundings, Denise allowed her fingers to spelunk underneath her panties until they found and began tenderly administering to her clit. She was more aroused now than she had been in months.

Then it happened. The woman on the screen knelt down onto her knees, and began licking up and down Neil’s hard cock. Denise was rubbing her clit pretty hard, when, suddenly, she recognized the red hair the woman wore long over her shoulder. With a gasp, Denise whispered breathlessly, “Mom?”

There was no denying it. Jean was licking her own son’s cock, and Denise had it on tape. Not only did Denise have the tape, she was getting off on it. Denise had never felt so dirty and foul in her life, yet she wasn’t about to stop what she had started. Even now, her fingers had unbuttoned her jeans, and quick as a wink, she was naked from the waist down.

The display on the screen revealed that Jean was sucking the tip of Neil’s cock into her mouth. This was when Denise came to the conclusion that this would be better with sound. Pausing the video for a moment, she fumbled around her desk for her headphones. Her left hand never ceased playing with her neatly trimmed pussy.

Finding the headphones, she quickly plugged them in, and resumed the tape. Her mother sucked her cheeks in on the screen, and suddenly pulled her mouth off Neil’s cock to make a very wet plopping sound. Denise was immediately gratified with the sound.

Without warning, as Jean’s head began a descent down towards Neil’s cock, he suddenly grabbed the back of her head and thrust himself all the way back in her throat. Caught unprepared, Jean spluttered violently around her son’s cock. He showed no mercy as he began humping his cock down his mother’s throat with reckless abandon.

Shocked as she was by her brother’s dominance over their mother, Denise was even more so when she noticed that Jean made no effort to stop him. In fact, she couldn’t really tell because Jean’s pussy was out of frame, but Denise was fairly certain that her mother was fingering herself as Neil abused her.

Perhaps realizing that Jean had to breathe, Neil dislodged himself from her throat to the sound of her coughing violently. He grabbed his now slimy cock, and began thumping it across her face. Denise was both revolted and turned on when she saw that her mother was smiling.

“Please son. I want you inside me.” Jean pleaded.

In reply, Neil helped her stand up and moved her over to the sink counter. Denise could no longer see Neil, only her mother as she bent herself over the sink. Her breasts mashed into the counter, and her face was a short distance above the sink basin. She turned her face backwards so that she could face her son with a wanton look of lust.

A sharp slap resounded in Denise’s headphones, accompanied by her mother’s moan. This was quickly followed by a louder slap as Denise realized that Neil was spanking Jean’s ass.

“Do you like it when I smack your butt?” Neil asked Jean.

“Oh yes honey, but please…” Smack! She was interrupted. “Please call me Mommy.”

During the whole exchange, Denise had begun to masturbate herself into a frenzy. She felt the outer edges bakırköy elit escort of orgasm seeping in, and she was wildly humping her pussy up in the air as if to meet an imaginary cock. Her face and neck were all sweaty, and her fingers were now saturated with her vaginal secretions. Suddenly the orgasm leapt through her, and she was writhing backwards in her bed with her eyes closed. The orgasm ebbed and flowed throughout her body, and all the while, in her ears the action continued.


“Owiieee…owieee!!!” her mother screamed.

Smack! Smack!

“Mommy likes it when I punish her. Does Mommy want it inside her?” Neil taunted.


“Oh God, Neil! Just put it in me already!”

This was followed by several more resounding slaps before there was a sudden susurration in sound. Although still reeling from her orgasm, Denise quickly sat upwards to see what happened next. Her mother’s head was in the sink basin looking utterly submissive, but her brother was still nowhere to be found on screen.

Denise heard a splurting sound, and then she saw her mother suddenly tense up. Jean’s head shot upwards and looked back towards Neil in fright.

“Oh honey, not there, I don’t even let your father do it there!”

Denise could hear the lecherous grin in Neil’s voice as he said, “You said you wanted it inside you Mommy!” At hearing the word “Mommy” Jean quickly returned to her submissive posture.

Somewhat dense after having had an orgasm, Denise was lightly playing with herself even though confused as to what was going on. She watched as her mother began gasping in what Denise thought was pleasure. The longer she watched however, the more she realized how uncomfortable her mother was. After a moment, Neil began thrusting into his mother with tremendous force. Every thrust sent Jean scooting further forward, and was accompanied by a loud smacking sound as Neil’s balls slapped against his mother.

After a moment, it began to dawn on Denise why her mother was in such discomfort. With amazement, Denise realized that it was because…

“I can’t believe you’re in my ass!” Jean moaned through clenched teeth.

The words were all it took to set Denise off into another orgasm. Her mind was overloaded by all the incestuous lust that was taking place, and before she knew what was happening, Denise had blacked out.


Denise awoke without confusion, and to the sound of wet sucking sounds. She leaned upwards on her bed to look down at her unclothed lower half. Her pussy lips were still drenched in fluid, so she knew she hadn’t been out too long. Scooting her ass forward to view the computer better, she felt a large wet spot on the sheets below her butt.

On the screen, her mother was once again sucking down Neil’s cock. However, this time, he was sitting on top of the sink as his mother fellated him. Seeing his face, Denise thought he looked like he was only allowing Jean to suck his cock out of compassion for her. He was no longer putting any real effort into it, but she was bobbing her head up and down hard.

Before Denise could become aroused once again, Neil suddenly pulled his cock from Jean’s mouth and jizz exploded onto her face. Denise was thrilled by the way her mother seemed to dive back onto his cock trying to suck down as much of him as she could.

“I hope Mommy likes what she tastes,” Neil began, “I still can’t believe she’s doing this after I was in her ass.”

Jean made no reply, and never once allowed her lips to stray from his cock until he was drained dry. Finally satiated, Jean dislodged her son’s now flaccid cock from her mouth.

“Please help Mommy get off now,” Jean plead to her son.

Seemingly abashed, Neil replied, “Sorry Mom, I have to go out for a bit. I’ll make it up to you tonight though.”

Jean looked hurt as her son left the room. Denise thought she may have even noticed a tear rolling down her cheek. As soon as Neil was gone though, Jean stood up and turned around to lean against the counter. She wiped her cheek where Neil had jizzed. Looking woeful, she rolled the semen through her fingers. Then, much to Denise’s surprise, lowered the hand to her pussy and began rubbing the ejaculate all over. Her knees buckled as she began to furiously masturbate. It didn’t take long before her body was wrought with orgasmic spasms.

Looking upon her mother, Denise’s loins burned with lust. Denise was beginning to realize that her sexual needs were no longer a problem. With a slut like her mother living with her, Denise was sure she would never need to be uncontrollably horny again.

To be continued…(hopefully)

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