Mom was Wrong, Again

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Authors Note. This is the second part of “Mom was wrong”. It starts off roughly four months after the first story ended. Jackie is in college and Jenny is trying to figure out what to do with her marriage. Edited by Dance243.


“I am leaving him,” said Jenny to her friend Maggie.

They were in Maggie’s house, out by the pool. It was a late September afternoon and Maggie’s husband, John, was at work.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I can’t stand to be around him any longer. I have tried for months, but I just can’t.”

“Do you know who this other woman is?”

Jenny knew. It was her own daughter, Jackie. She had caught her husband, Peter, fucking in the living room. She hadn’t told Maggie, who the other woman was.

“I think it’s a young woman, possibly a student or something.”

“How in god’s name did he meet her?” said, Maggie after taking a drink of her iced tea.

“I have no idea, and I don’t really care. I just want him out of my life.”

“What about Jackie? How would she take it if you left?”

She would probably be happy. She would have Peter to herself, thought Jenny, but said. “She is a grown up, and in college. I think she can handle it.”

Maggie changed the topic and they discussed her new career. After a couple of hours Jenny stood and said goodbye. When they were at the door Maggie took her arm, and said. “I think you should fight for him. Do you love him?”

Jenny thought about it. Yes, she did, she still loved him. “I do.”

“Then I suggest you do whatever you have to keep him. Don’t let a kid take your husband away from you. She might have firmer boobs and tighter ass, but you are the one he married. Fight for that marriage.”

On the drive home Jenny thought long and hard about what her friend had said. She was right; the problem was that she didn’t know it was her own daughter, she would have to fight for Peter. At the moment Jackie was in college in the next state, and Peter was on one of his sales trips. She had a couple of days to think about it before he came home.

“God, honey, how can you be so tight,” moaned Peter, when he thrust his cock deep inside his daughter’s pussy.

“I don’t know, Dad. I guess it helps working out.”

She was lying under him with her legs wrapped around his waist. She loved that position; he would enter her all the way and spread her pussy wide with his big cock.

“Yes, yes, here I come, Jackie”

“Pull out, I want it over my boobs and belly,” moaned Jackie, her own orgasm was rolling over her.

Peter pulled out and she grabbed his cock and jerked it off. The cum rained down on her tanned skin and left little drops. One landed on her lip and she stuck out her tongue and licked it up.

“You taste good, are you on a new diet?”

Peter breathed hard and looked down on her. “A bit more fruit than usual.”

When he rolled off her and onto the king size bed she got up and went to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she walked naked back into the bedroom.

“How long will you be staying?” she asked.

“Just for tonight, honey. I’m flying to Dallas tomorrow.”

“Oh, so we only have one more night? When will you be back?”

Peter stretched his arms above his head, and gave her an appreciative look. She had a fantastic body, big round boobs, a firm ass and long legs. “Maybe in two months or so.”

“Oh, how will I survive without my favorite cock,” she said and sat down on the bed.

She took him in her hand and after a few minutes he was hard again. She lowered her face as if she was going to blow him, but instead she kissed his glans and stood.

“What?” said Peter.

“I’m hungry, let’s go down for dinner and we can fuck some more later.”

He had checked in at the airport hotel in the city where she was studying. He hadn’t flown in, but drove a rental. The next day he would drive back to the airport he had landed in, and leave the car. The college was close to the airport and that’s why he had chosen it.

In the shower Peter thought long and hard about the situation. It had been two months since the first time he and Jackie had first done it. Since then Jenny had found out and he thought she would file for divorce. He didn’t want that, he was like a kid, he wanted both of them. He loved Jenny, but his desire for Jackie was too strong to ignore. He had been lucky that Jenny hadn’t called the police on them. Even though it was consensual incest, he would still be looking at serious jail time. Maybe it was better to cut it off while he still could.

Over dinner, he brought up the subject and Jackie’s response was not what he had expected.

“Sure anytime you want to. It’s not like I am in love with you. It was just for fun, and to prove mom wrong about men in general.”

He was surprised; he had thought she would be upset. “So you are OK with us ending this after tonight?”

She put down her fork and drank some of her wine. “Yeah Dad, I am sure. Look, I’m in college; I left the skank that used to be me back home. Here I ataköy masöz escort am making new friends and there are plenty of cute guys I can hook up with. I’ll be fine.”

He smiled at her. She was right, she looked so different now. She dressed in nice clothes, and she had a preference for skirts and dresses. She knew she had a good body and liked showing it off without being vulgar. Her hair was its natural dark brown color, and her eyes sparkled in the light from the candles. She was so beautiful, and smart.

Jackie looked down on her dad lying under her. This was the last time she would have his cock inside her and she wanted him in all her holes. First she had given him a long soft blowjob, just licking and gently sucking on his dick. Now she was about to let him slide into her pussy and then she would move so he could enter her ass.

“Ah, I love how you do that,” said Peter.

“What?” Jackie was slowly moving her hips in circles.

“The way you make your pussy massage my cock.”

“Oh that, I don’t know, I just picked it up along the way,” she said.

“I’m almost there, honey.”

“Take me in my ass, Dad, for the last time.”

She lifted herself off his cock and adjusted her position. When his glans entered her tight hole, she gasped and closed her eyes. Then slowly she lowered herself until he was completely inside her.

“Rub my clit.”

Peter used the thumb of his right hand to stimulate her little button, while she rode him up and down. Her breathing became faster and so did his. She threw her head back, and letting a deep moan escape her mouth, then she looked down at him, her eyes glassy from pleasure. “Come inside me.”

“Oh, oh, yes!”

She felt how her father’s cock jerked inside her ass as his cock squirted his juice inside her. His thumb had made her come and while the last waves of the orgasm rolled over her she lay down on his chest. She looked him in the eyes and kissed his mouth softly. “It was nice while it lasted.”

He kissed her back, “It sure was, honey.”

Jenny was in the kitchen when she heard Peter come home. He came in and when he saw her, he said. “Hi, how are you?”

He was a bit worried about the response. They had hardly talked over the last months and Jenny had kept more and more to herself. He had taken up sleeping in the guest bedroom and they hadn’t had sex since the night she caught him with Jackie.

She wiped her hands on a towel which she folded neatly afterwards. “I want a divorce, Peter.”

Even though he had suspected she would want one, it still hurt when she said the words. He sighed and sat down at the table. “Are you sure?”

She stayed by the sink. “Yes, I am. I don’t want the house. I just want you out of my life.”

“What about Jackie?”

She sighed. “She is a big girl now, and she can take care of herself.”

“I don’t want a divorce. What if I told you that what Jackie and I did is behind us, and it won’t happen again? Would you please think about not leaving me?”

Jenny sat down opposite him and leaned back in her chair. She looked at him for a long time before she spoke. “I don’t think you can control your urges, and I am pretty sure it’s the same with Jackie.”

“She doesn’t live here anymore. It’s just you and me.”

“What about Christmas? It’s two months away and then she will be back, under this roof.”

“I can handle it, I promise.”

“Sorry, but I don’t believe you and I don’t trust her. She can be very convincing, you should know that.”

Peter decided to tell her the truth. “Jenny, I just came back from seeing Jackie. We spent one night together and we talked about us. We decided that this could not continue. She said that she was OK with it, and that things were very different for her now.”

“You saw her? Did you fuck?”

Peter lied. “No, I had business close by and decided to pay a surprise visit. I needed to talk to her and bring this disaster to a stop.”

“I don’t believe you, I know you two had sex.”

“You have to believe me. She has changed a lot. She has a great social life. She goes out, meets new people, maybe she will find a boyfriend. It was different there than it was here. And you know as well as I do that she only did it to prove you wrong.”

Jenny felt the guilt. Peter was right; Jackie had told her that all men were the same, including her daddy. Jenny had said no, and just to make a point Jackie had done what she did.

“I need time to think about this, OK.”

Peter smiled at her. “Sure, take the time you need, but please, I don’t want to lose you.”

She got up and left him alone in the kitchen.

During the next few days Jenny made sure she stayed away from Peter. She needed time to think and to decide what she wanted to do. She blamed herself for what had happened. She should have been harder on Peter when she found out about his desires. Instead, she had told him about her uncle who had fucked her on the kitchen sink the day she had turned twenty. ataköy otele gelen escort Maybe that had been the mistake? What if he had thought that because she had done it, it was OK for him to do it? Instead of answers all she managed to produce were more questions. She couldn’t talk to any of her friends, Maggie included. It was a horrible secret to carry alone. In the end she decided to tell Uncle Luke. He would understand her.

She called him on a Monday morning and he said he would call her back when he was alone. It took a couple of hours, but eventually her phone rang.

“Yes?” she said.

“It’s me, what did you want to talk about?”

Jenny sat down on her bed and took a deep breath. “Do you remember that day in my parent’s kitchen?”

Luke chuckled. “Yeah, I do. Why?”

“I want you to promise me that what I am about to tell you never comes out.”

Luke heard the seriousness in his niece’s voice. “Yeah, I promise.”

“Peter has had sex with Jackie, and she was the one who instigated it.”

Luke, who had been frying some eggs while he talked to Jenny turned off the stove and sat down at his kitchen table. He lived alone since he got divorced three years before. He didn’t know what to say. The last time he had seen Jackie, on her graduation, he had had some dirty thoughts himself, and was about to try something when Peter had walked up to him and warned him to stay away. He had thought it was just a father protecting his daughter, but now he understood why Peter had been so aggressive. Maybe there was an opportunity here, he thought.

Clearing his throat, he said. “Oh, wow, I am so sorry to hear that. What can I do to help?”

“Could you come here and talk to Peter. I mean what we did all those years ago, it was a one time thing, some crazy stuff, and it didn’t mean anything.”

Oh, but it did, thought Luke. He had wanted to fuck his niece for years, ever since she grew a pair of tits basically. The problem was that he never got the opportunity. That one summer’s day in the kitchen, it hadn’t been planned. He had walked past outside and seen her in there. His emotions took over and he walked in, lifted her up and fucked her. He had wanted to do it again and again afterwards, but there was never an opportunity. “Sure, Jenny, it was just something that happened. We were young and there were a lot of hormones in the air.”

He had been thirty and she twenty, but who gave a shit. He needed to make her feel safe. He would give his left pinky to get into Jackie’s panties, and as a bonus, he would fuck Jenny again. She wasn’t twenty anymore, but she still looked good. He didn’t worry about Peter, if he butted in he would tell him to stay away or he would go to the police and tell them that he had fucked his own daughter.

“How’s Jackie, by the way?” he asked.

“She is fine. Studying hard and making good grades. She should be back here for Christmas.”

Shit, that was no good. He couldn’t wait two months to put his hands on her. “Well, I think it would be a good idea to bring her home over a weekend. She needs to hear what I will tell Peter.”

The thought of having Peter and Jackie under the same roof so soon didn’t make Jenny feel any better. “Are you sure that is necessary? Can’t you talk to him alone?”

“He has to face her and she him. They have to accept what they have done is wrong and the best way is if they do it together.”

Jenny sighed. “Maybe you are right. I will talk to her and let you know.”

“OK. One more thing, don’t tell Peter that I am coming, or that Jackie is. It’s better if he doesn’t have time to put up his defenses.”

“OK. Take care.”

“You too.”

When he had hung up, Luke enjoyed his breakfast. He was looking forward to doing some talking to Peter and a lot more to Jackie. He wondered if her pussy was tight and if she shaved.

“Jackie, where did you learn to suck cock like that?” asked Trent.

She smiled at him, and thought, if you only knew. “Oh, I guess I picked up a few things over the years and I do enjoy a good porn flick once in a while. You can learn a lot from them.”

Trent stroked her brown hair that was splayed over his stomach. She was lying between his legs with her face turned towards the wall in his bedroom. He could feel her tongue tickle the glans but he didn’t think he could manage another round. They had been at it since she came by after her last class, two hours ago. They had fucked, licked and sucked, and now he needed a break.

“Babe, why don’t you go and get us something cold to drink from the fridge?”

She looked up at him. “Why? I’m fine here licking your cock.”

He sighed, “Because I am thirsty.”

“Well, get it yourself then.”

He pushed her away and got out of bed. Naked, he walked out to the kitchen. Jackie watched him and licked her lips. He had a fantastic body, she thought. They had been fuck friends for two weeks now and she couldn’t get enough of him. He on the other hand didn’t have ataköy rus escort enough stamina, which was kind of strange. After all, he was the captain of the Lacrosse team. She knew she liked to fuck, and a lot. Maybe she needed to cool it down a bit.

She moved up on the bed so her head was on the pillow, and closed her eyes. She thought back to her dad’s last visit, and just the thought of fucking him made her hot again. It wasn’t that he was a better lover or had a bigger cock than Trent. It was the forbidden nature of the act that turned her on.

When Trent walked in again, he found Jackie with her legs spread rubbing her clit. “Christ woman, don’t you get enough?”

She opened her eyes and realized what she had been doing. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking about you licking my clit and I became horny again,” she lied.

“Sorry, I got to go to night class in half an hour.”

“No problem, I have to study for my exam. By the way, this weekend I’m going home. I’m leaving on Friday and will be back on Sunday night. Can you take me to the airport?”

“Sure, but why are you going home?”

“My mom says she needs to talk to me. I think my parents are getting a divorce.”

“Wow, I’m sorry. Why, if I may ask?”

She got out of bed and walked over to where he was standing. She took his limp cock in her hand, and said. “I think there is a younger woman involved.”

He kissed her on her lips. “Yeah, I can see how that might be a problem.”

She gave his cock a last squeeze and then headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

The following Friday when Jackie walked out into the arrival area at the airport, she had expected to see her father waiting for her. Instead, it was her mother,

“Hi Mom, I thought you’d be at work.”

“I took today off. I thought we could spend some time together before we go home.”

Jackie had only brought her backpack since she had enough clothes at home to last her over the weekend. As they walked to the parking lot, she said. “Look Mom, I think I know what this is about. You are getting a divorce and I know it’s because of me.”

Without stopping, Jenny said. “Partly it is your fault, but mostly your father’s. He is an adult and should have known better.”

When they reached the car Jackie took her mother’s arm. “I was not a kid when we did what we did. I knew very well what I was doing and I seduced him as much as he seduced me. I would actually go as far as saying I did most of the ground work. I planted the seed in his brain, and then let it grow.”

Jenny looked at her. She was so beautiful in a polo sweater and black pants. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and every once in a while she would move a strain away from her eyes. Her skin was still a little tanned and she wore modest makeup. Gone was the cheaply dressed girl who had begun the seduction. Jenny wondered whether things could have turned out differently if Jackie had dressed more formally around the house.

“OK, you’re right, but that is not an excuse for your father’s behavior. He should have handled the situation better.”

Jenny drove to a café she liked and after parking a block away, they walked together along the sidewalk. There were a lot of people around and several of the men they passed gave them looks.

Jackie elbowed her mother. “See, you’ve still got it. You can find a new man if you insist on going through with the divorce.”

Jenny sighed. She knew she looked good for her age, but that wasn’t the problem. She didn’t know if she had the energy or if she could ever trust a man again after what Peter had done. What if the new guy tried to get into Jackie’s panties? She wasn’t sure she could trust her own daughter. Instead, she said: “Have you met someone on campus?”

Jackie smiled, and as they walked into the café, she said. “Yes, I have met a guy and I like him a lot.”

After ordering coffee and pastries they sat down at a table by the windows. “Who is he,” asked Jenny.

“His name is Trent and he plays Lacrosse. He is a year older than me. We met through some friends and one thing lead to another.”

“I’m happy for you. It’s good that you have someone in your life. I know the last year in high school was horrible for you.”

“Thanks and I know I didn’t do much to make my situation better.”

Jackie ate some of her pastry and then said, “Dressing like a skank and acting like an asshole didn’t make fitting in any easier. I guess it was a way to deal with the anger of losing my friends in Boston.”

Jenny had thought long and hard how to tell her daughter what she was about to tell her now. She cleared her throat, and said. “Jackie, I want you to listen to me carefully now. Uncle Luke is coming later today and he will stay with us for the weekend.”

“Cool, I haven’t seen him in a long time. I think it was at my graduation.”

“Yeah, well, the reason he is coming is to talk with your dad and you about what happened.”

Jackie put down her coffee cup with a loud noise. “Why? Why did you tell him?”

The people around them looked at them and Jenny put her hand on her daughter’s. “Calm down and I’ll tell you.”

Jackie couldn’t believe her mom had told Luke. She took a couple of deep breaths and then nodded. “Go ahead.”

Jenny leaned in closer. “When I turned twenty, Luke had sex with me in my parent’s kitchen.”

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