Mom , Me Ch. 02

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Understanding Mom’s Needs

My mind was trying to decipher and make sense of all I had experienced this night with my mom. Here I was lying beside my mom in her bed and we were both naked. I could hear her breathing as she slept next to me. She said she wanted me to sleep with her until she fell asleep because she didn’t like going to bed at night alone. But why did she want me to sit next to her on the couch in our living room and watch a movie? And a romantic one to boot! She didn’t even really watch the movie, she was sitting next to me in her transparent nightgown holding my hand flat against her thigh and leaning her head against my shoulder. She barely said anything to me, then after about twenty minutes she asked me if I would rub her back. She sat erect removing her gown and stretched out on the couch, laying on her stomach and placing her head on my gym shorts. I began rubbing her beautiful smooth soft skin and within a few minutes I heard low moans slip from her lips, and when I rubbed her firm smooth ass the moans showed she was enjoying my intimate touching even more.

And when I moved my finger down over and into the crack in her ass, she even whispered to me how good it felt. I was becoming more aroused with her moans of pleasure and her sweet whispers of how it felt to have me rubbing her body. My penis was enlarging the more we were engaged in this activity. I know mom felt my penis hardening. She couldn’t help it since her head was lying very close to it. She should have been able to feel my cock jumping around in my shorts. But when she turned her body so her head was facing my stomach instead of toward the TV, I felt the tip of her lips touching the end of my penis. When I felt her touching the end of my penis I became hard and more aroused. In fact I was sure my penis was pushing against her pussy lips. I was beginning to get hard and my breathing was getting more noticeable. I wondered what would happen if I had an orgasm while her lips were touching the tip of my penis?

Then, she suddenly got up and wanted to rub my back. Did she know I was close to having an orgasm? She told me to lay my head on her naked lap, and since I was lying on my tummy with my mouth and nose positioned very near her pussy lips, so near that I could smell the sweetness of her body. I loved feeling her soft fingers caressing my body. But other thoughts bahis firmaları wanted to explore her pussy with my tongue then I realized this was my mom, and I froze, I was even afraid to breathe. My testicles were burning with lust for my mom, and I felt guilty thinking what I wanted to do with her. Then mom must have realized what she was doing was wrong, and she abruptly said that we needed to go to bed because I needed a good night’s sleep to do well at school the next morning. We got into her bed and she turned and kissed me on my lips and then she turned away from me and fell asleep without another word passing between us.

But I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to fuck her, but she had turned her body away from me and fell asleep. I decide to return to my room and get in my own bed. Once in my bed I could finally get what I needed to satisfy my sexual lusts. I kept thinking how close my lips had been to the entrance of her sweet smelling pussy, and I didn’t even get to lick it, or insert my tongue inside of it. I was going crazy. Then the thought occurred to me that maybe I wouldn’t ever be that close to her pussy again. I moan with regret and began to stoke my hardened penis to satisfy my carnal nature.

I awoke around five a.m. and heard soft moaning sounds coming from my mom’s bedroom. Was she satisfying her needs for affection? I had heard these sounds often in the early morning as I woke from a night’s sleep. Her moans brought back the memories of last night and I began to masturbate along with her.

As I said before, mom and dad were never shy or embarrassed in displaying their affection for one another in public, and they were always holding hands and kissing and enjoying one another’s company.

With my thoughts of last night of having my face buried between her legs and feeling how close my lips were to the entrance of her pussy, I began stroking myself. My eyes were closed and the only image in my head was my mother fucking me hard and furious. Then I felt the presence of another near me and I opened my eyes and saw my mom bending over me. The top of her flimsy nightgown revealed her two beautiful and gorgeous breasts hanging in front of me as she touched my leg with her hand and said, “Oh, Billy, you must really miss Jennifer!”

I heard her words, but I was somewhat embarrassed that my mom had caught me in the act of masturbation, kaçak iddaa and looking into her concerned face, I blurted out, “No, mom, I wasn’t focusing on Jennifer, I was thinking only of you!” Her facial expression changed instantaneously She seemed very pleased with my declaration. My eyes wee gazing at her beautifully shaped breasts and I didn’t realize she had gotten herself onto my bed. Then I felt her cool hands fasten around my cock and she whispered “Let me help you cum Billy.” She began to stroke my penis by moving her hands up and down my hardening shaft. “She whispered, “Billy, you have a very large penis. I like it a lot.” She bent her head down and took it between her lips and squeezed my mushroom. The she moved her tongue around the top of my penis and slid her tongue all the way down the underside of my shaft.

Then she took my penis into her mouth and began to caress it lovingly. She increased the speed of her strokes and I was moving my body to match her rhythm. I felt so loved and understood and it didn’t take me long to feel I was close to having an orgasm. She felt my heavy breathing and she could see it in my facial expression. She said, “When you are ready go ahead and cum, honey. I want to take all of your sweetness inside of me.” My balls were burning with excitement and I felt the build up to my orgasm and I burst forth my first load into her mouth, she didn’t let go of her grip, and then I follow that with another blast of seed and I saw that she was thrilled, and then there was another load that leapt forward and she swallowed every drop. She back off the tip and said, “Oh, Billy, your cum is so sweet and salty, just like I like it. How do you feel now son?”

“Oh, mom, that was so wonderful! I’ve never had that much cum come out of me. I never knew it could feel this good. Thanks mom. I love you.”

She kissed me hard on the lips and then she put her mouth around my penis head and squeezed it as hard as she could and I moaned with delight. She swallowed the whole shaft again and did that several times before releasing her mouth from my penis. She told me she wanted to make sure she got all of my sweet cum. Then she licked my whole penis with her tongue. When she was through she lay beside me lifting her nightgown up and asking me to suck her tits. They were so shapely and firm and smooth and I became aroused again. She smiled at me and kaçak bahis told me how wonderful it was to get me off. Then she said, “Did you really have me in mind when you were masturbating Billy?

“Oh, yes, mom. I really had you in mind.”

“That’s wonderful to heard, because when I was masturbating this morning Billy, I had you in my mind.”


“Yes, I am telling you the truth.”

“Oh, god, that is wonderful to hear. I love you mom.”

“I love you Billy. Lay here for a few minutes. I am going to the bathroom and clean up, then I will go and make some breakfast for us both.” She turned toward me and gave me a super wet kiss and swirled her tongue around a couple of times inside of my mouth. Then she said, “Oh, I feel your enormous penis pushing against me leg.” She reached for it and moved her body and head so she could bend down and kiss the tip of it again. Then she said, “You’re going to have to wait until Billy gets home from school little penis.” She kissed my penis head several more times and giggled as my cock twitched back and forth in her hand.

After I got up, I showered and dressed and went out to the kitchen and mom was still wearing her flimsy nightgown as she cooked our breakfast. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. After we finished eating, I helped her wash and put away the dishes. She said you better get going or you will be late for school. She turned to get my lunch bag, but I grabbed her from behind and cupped my hands under her breast. She leaned back against my body and said, “I think you like my breasts a lot, don’t you Billy?”

I continued to fondle her breasts and felt her nipples pop out when I touched them. She didn’t try to stop my caressing and I heard her soft pleasing moan and I felt my penis hardening again. “I whispered into her ear, “Mom, I want to make love to you.”

She smiled and said, “I want you to make love to me, Billy whenever you want it, but I think you better go to school now, or I will have to write Mr. Johnson a note telling him you were late because you were fondling your mom and lost track of the time.” We both laughed and she turned around and put one hand behind my head and the other hand grabbed my hardened penis bulging against my pants and she put her tongue deep inside my mouth and played with my tongue. Then she back away, and looking deeply into my eyes and said, scoot, get to school, but come home directly and I will give you a treat.”

I kissed her lips again and grabbed my books and lunch bag and was out the door with a song playing inside my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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