Mom , 30+ Years Ch. 01

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My mom split early on. Can’t blame her, dad was a drunk and her life as miserable. She called one day and sort said, “Hey, want to come live with me” and away I went. From south to north via Greyhound!

I had extensive sexual knowledge from a mixture of books, watching real life fuck-fests (dad and various women) and one personal contact with the fairer, and much older, sex. But, that’s another story entirely.

Soon after my arrival in New York, mom caught me twice with girls in her bed. Again, this is an entirely different story.

Multiple encounters with one of these girls ended in pregnancy and marriage, which lasted about nine months………… for both, causing both of us to leave school. The baby was born healthy but the marriage was disastrous and ended badly about six months after the baby was born.

Losing our apartment after the divorce, I did not return home but moved in with my half-brother, who had married a girl from Scotland. Living with Wayne, his wife Alice, and family was like heaven, as there was an endless line of Scottish girls straight from the old country looking for that elusive husband and US citizenship. I was in pussy heaven, but my mother was sick with worry that I might impregnate some Scottish lass and end up (in trouble) married again. I wish I could tell you I fucked every one of them. I got lucky with one of them, but she found out that Trojan was my new friend and lost interest quickly. They all thought I was cute and gave me a lot of attention.

Whenever I would visit my mother or we would go out to dinner, we argued continuously about me coming home and going back to school.

At the end of this line of lovely ladies from the old country was my sister-in-law’s sister, and my mother was certain I was bedding this lass five years my senior. In reality, it was Wayne who was bedding her much to the damnation of his wife. One night at dinner:

“What would you do if I was fucking Press?” She bravely asked.

“Go for it.” He answered unconcerned.

A few days later, after Wayne and her sister had retired to bed, I sat with Alice on the couch. Cussing them verbally, led to crying on my shoulder, to us kissing and to me fucking her there on the couch. You can’t write this stuff. Much to my amazement!

“I fucked Press last night.” She informed Wayne and her sister at breakfast the next morning.

Wayne, again to my amazement, really didn’t care. “Hey, go for it. He said. Things deteriorated, so to speak, to the point where the four of us would be fucking in the same bed and the girls trying to out do each other. My mother would keep it from me for years, but I would eventually find out that Wayne left his wife or her sister, leaving her with five kids. Apparently my secret, me fucking Wayne’s wife, remained a secret.

Then came the evening that mom invited me to dinner. Halfway through dinner the conversation landed on one of the dreaded subject: that of me coming home and going back to school. As usual, an argument ensued transitioning to the living room with coffee, coke and dessert. She gave her very sensible reasons and I my lame excuses. It seemed to go on forever and ever with neither one of us giving ground.

“Look, I’m tired of arguing.” I finally said. “Thank you for dinner. I’ve got to work tomorrow so I need my sleep.” I thought but did not add, as I stood. “I need my pussy too.”

I saw her eyes begin to turn red as she held back the tears. Mom never cried no matter what.

I guess I should add at this point that mom had lost her boyfriend a month earlier. He fell off a high walkway, living for two days. She didn’t cry any then either. Mom, for all intents and purposes, was a man hater. I knew my father and I heard stories of her early childhood. She had reason. She needed one around, I suppose, to help pay the bills, but I knew she only “put out” only as a last resort so to speak. She argued a lot with her boyfriend too!

“Wait! Just wait a minute. I have something to say. Just give me a minute. Damn it!” She stammered.

I turned to face her sitting in the lounge chair, her arms folded and her mouth tight, looking down.

“I really have to go.” I said.

“Look, I’ll make you a deal. You come home and go back to school and I’ll see that you do not go without sex.” She blurted.

I stood there frozen and silent not really knowing exactly what she was suggesting. I knew she had a number of close girlfriends. Was she going to pimp for me? What? She would tell me later, illegal bahis she took my long silence as rejection.

And said. “My ass is just as good as any you’ve ever had your cock in. I’m going to bed. You can join me on make sure the door is locked when you leave.”

I felt a mixture of unbelief, shock and, I’m embarrassed to say, a bit of humor. She wasn’t suggesting? But, I remained like a statue as she got up and entered her bedroom. Only my head turned. A bedroom separated from the living room only by a waist high bookcase that divided the double doorway. Her headboard butted up against this bookcase. Wide open as it was, I stood watching her undress. She undressed totally, letting her clothes drop at her feet. Later, I would learn later that she intentionally bent over to retrieve them on a moment’s decision, giving me a cock teasing look at her lavishly bushed treasure.

You must understand, that we were separated for six long years or more, and then, only together for slightly more than two years. Also, to this day, I wonder why she had rounded up my older half brother before me. She had never gotten along with Wayne. She was really infuriated when Wayne had gotten Alice pregnant.

But anyway, finally, a cloud cleared and I knew exactly what she was proposing. Without a look in my direction, she pulled the bed sheets back and entered the bed, moving against and facing the wall, which was not her normal sleeping spot. She’d left room for me.

I looked at the two huge windows that were 21 steps from the main street of the town we lived in. Windows I had used for girl watching on so many occasions. The shades were up about 2 feet:

“Oh hell!” I thought. “What if old man Sherman is peeking into people’s windows again!” I gingerly walked to the Windows and pulled the shades down.

Mom, hearing the shades being drawn, “Damn, you’d think I would have done that before getting bear-ass naked.”

“Everything’s cool. His lights are still on.” I replied, knowing that she would understand that he only window peeked when his lights were off.

I began to unbutton my shirt and continued until I stood naked. I glanced briefly at my rock hard cock, noting as always, it bent slightly up. I studied the shape that was my mother underneath the light sheet she had pulled up over her. I walked to the bed lifted the sheet. I stood a long moment enjoying her naked form. Her ass mostly.

Living in a small apartment, made privacy a hard thing. While never having seen mom totally naked before, it was not unusual to see her only in a bra or asking me to shut my eyes as she rushed through the living room in a towel to her bedroom, allowing me a quick peek. Mom was a walker. Hell, we walked everywhere…………. . Her 5’6″ frame was in good shape for her 39 years and she attracted the attention of men if the streets are not too busy. She had a great walk and I was not beyond noticing that fact. If pushed, I would compare her to Dr. Joyce Brothers, who I had a crush on back then. Mom’s hair, though, was curly and sort of strawberry blonde rather than blonde like the doctor.

I entering the bed and moved in close to spoon behind her. My erection pinned between us. Being an ass man, I (yes hesitantly) began there with my left hand. I explored her posterior lovingly but boldly. My middle finger explored the crack of her ass, taunting but not touching her pussy as I moved down to her thighs. Moving back to your ass for a few minutes, I continued to her back and massaged it lovingly. (As I write is, it appears to me you may be laughing? I had motives. two-fold. I was nervous as hell, first. Secondly, I had no intentions of getting all lustful and carried away.)

“OOuuuuu.” She whispered. “That feels good. I take it we have a deal?”

“I’ll tell Wayne tomorrow I’m moving back home.” I replied, this causing the more anxiety than lying here playing with my mother’s ass.

Mom reached behind her and took hold of my rock hard cock. I moved back a little bit to give her room and her fingers tiptoed over my erection from the tip to my balls. I in turn began to kiss her back and neck as my hand moved to explore her once forbidden treasure. She maneuvered to allow me access.

I was immediately struck, pleasantly I might add, by the amount of hair I encountered as I explored her treasure. I was rewarded by her soft moans and a tightening of her ass as my middle finger found many points of pleasure.

“It’s been so long, Press.” She moaned.

Each little illegal bahis siteleri shudder of her ass, caused her to tug at my cock. Each little tug at my cock, caused the barrier against lust to falter a little. The barrier faltered when I shoved my middle finger into her pussy rather than easing it into her. It faltered more when her response was to lift her ass and push against my finger as she moaned appreciatively. My response to all of this was to begin a slow finger-fuck that quickly became a frantic, two fingered “how deep can I push them” and “is she going to yank it off”, dive into a lustful blaze. I began to try to climb atop her as she maneuvered to allow it, chest down. Reluctantly, I pulled my fingers from her and she released the hold on my cock. Her legs spread as she lifted her ass to accommodate my effort to stick my cock in her. This is not the way I had it planned. I wanted a meaningful, passionate, loving missionary style fuck. Something that would please a man hating woman like my mother. No matter that this was my preferred position if I had a vote.

“AAHHHHH! Damn!” She yelled, as I pushed into her.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to be so rough.” I apologized, without any real thought or feeling.

“No. You’re fine, baby. It’s the hair. You pulled hair is all.”

I felt no further comment was needed and I proceeded to please the woman underneath me. I was intoxicated by her reaction to the finger fucking…. the two finger fucking. I did not know whether she was appeasing me as to our deal, but it did not seem so. And now, it seemed that she was enjoying the fucking she was receiving. My cock had never felt harder and every plunge seemed to elicit a satisfying moan. Her ass flexed upward in rhythm to obtain the deepest penetration. Much to my annoyance, and my personal willingness to ignore it, the ringing phone caused mom to cease her pushing.

“Shit! Let me up!” She barked, briskly maneuvering out from under me. “It’s probably Mrs. Agiston. I was so close. She was supposed to call earlier about work tomorrow. I have to talk to her.”

“REALLY! What the hell!” My mind shouted, but not necessarily in that order.

“Hello Alice.” My mother said, trying hard to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. “Yes, of course he is here. We’re having dinner. (Pause) tell Wayne he’ll be home when he gets there. (Pause) I’ll tell him. Goodnight Alice.”

I could not see her as she said, “I got to pee”, leaving me there thinking how sensual it was knowing my mother had just left bed fucking me and had stood naked talking to Alice on the phone. Listening intently, I could hear her peeing in the bathroom, which was promoting my erection to stay hard.

You may find it interesting that the shades did not hinder the light from the city streets from illuminating the two front rooms of our apartment. Facing the street, my bedroom on the left and the moms on the right. My bedroom had one very large window. The illumination made our incestuous fornication difficult to ignore as we both knew exactly whom we were fucking, but it made the viewing very nice as my mother returned to the bedroom and walked to the windows to peek out. Especially when she turned to come back to the bed. I had never seen so much hair between a woman’s legs. And her thighs did not touch.

“You think we should let old man Sherman spy on us screwing?”

“He’d Only blackmail you into screwing him.” I replied, using her word rather than mine………fuck.. “and I’d be jealous.”

Mom entered the bed and rolled to her back. Holding her arms in a beckoning posture she said “where were we?”. I maneuvered between her ever-widening legs as she reached to grip my cock and guide it back into her. Her legs locked around my waist. “I’m going to screw you all night.” She whispered, as I began a slow penetrating rhythm. Her ass immediately matched my thrust and Her heels tapped lightly on my buttocks. “So, you like screwing your mom?” She whispered seductively. I felt the need to assert myself and lied a bit. Yes, to date, your pussy is the best I’ve had.” You could hear a bit of surprise in her voice as she continued, “Well! I suppose I’d best get used to being jealous.” A minute later. “I suppose you’ll want to screw me every night?” I was not to know the future. That our incestuous relationship would continue for many years. But I knew I had two years of high school left. Maybe mother dearest accepted that part of the deal was fucking me anytime I wanted. So I replied, “I’m going to screw canlı bahis siteleri (I really need to get this woman to use the word fuck, I thought) you every night, during the day, twice on weekends and in every room in every place in this house.”

“Push it deeper Press!” She softly commanded.

I began in earnest to fuck her. Not a fast rhythm, but a determined deep, penetrating thrust, pulling my shaft almost clear before the next thrust. This caused her to moan and fuck me with intent to stab herself to death. In short minutes, I knew she was climbing the ladder. Every thrust pushed her closer to the top.

“Fuck me, Sis!” I commanded, using her family nickname. “Fuck your boy good.”

“I’ll fuck you good, Press.” She lustfully muttered, as I thought how easy her vocabulary had switched.

It was everything I could do to keep from exploding. I wanted to fill her belly with my warm milky cum. But, I was taught well. That older lady years ago; That the lady comes (cums) first; And especially at such a monumental time as this I wasn’t about to break that Cardinal rule.

It was about this time that it occurred to me that I had my cock balls deep in my mom. And we were fucking unprotected…….. as far as I knew. Yes, I had thought about this earlier but figured it would come up later. It was about this time:

“PRESS! I’m cuming!” Mom shrieked??: Anyway, she was quite loud. She froze momentarily before her ass broke into a fucking frenzy of activity.

It was by no means a long-lasting frenzy of activity, but to her credit, and my joy, she was desirous of my cum inside her belly. Really! She was telling me in no uncertain terms. I left it up to her as to the sanity of ejaculating into her. I grabbed her ass with both hands, much to her pleasure I might add, and lost myself in the task demanded of me. My mind reeled; her still firm breast with short fat nipples (damn, which I had not sucked on yet. How could I have missed them?), her sweet smell, her thighs that did not touch near her crotch, her not so long legs that were wrapped around me and her tight pussy covered with so much hair. My mind screamed; “The hair! All that HAIR! Covering her pussy! Covering her fuck hole! Hiding it from me! But I found it! I found it!”

“AAAGGGGGGGGG!” I growled, and I had never growled before. Or been that loud.

As I exploded into her, I gave two of three hard thrust and then pushed deep, pulsing my ass without any stroking of my cock. I wanted my cum to flow deep into her belly.

“Ohhhhh! Yes Press!” She moaned. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The deed accomplished. But, my 17-year-old cock was still hard. I did not withdraw from mom but only slowed, releasing her ass and sliding my hands under her shoulders, supporting myself on my elbows.

“I’m going to fuck your ass off.” I whispered in her ear.

“I believe you.” She breathed out, her 39 years showing.

I began to re-reel her attributes through my mind again. I wish I could tell you what mom was thinking as I continued to fuck her. All I can say is, within minutes her breathing increased and her ass was matching my thrust. Realizing she was again aroused, I maneuvered to my knees while pushing her knees towards her chest and putting my knees against her buttocks. Control who the back of her legs to help support them. I did not have to ask. As I long stroked into her, my right hand sought her mound, the thumb dropping into the forest of hair covering her pussy. When my thumb touched my shaft, I gently pulled up through her soppy pussy lips until I received the response I was seeking; a jolt of her ass and an accompanying expression of approval. My thumb had her clit and I proceeded to torment the little jewel.

“AAAggggoooo!” She lamented, as I pushed deep into her. With every third stroke I pushed deep, happily receiving a facsimile of “AAAgggoooo!”. With an occasional, “your sweet mother-fucker!” Or such. She lifted her head numerous times to see our coupling.

I have always wished that a woman could contain herself for a lengthy time while receiving direct stimulation to her clit. Haven’t found one yet and I am closing on 61. Mom was really trying too. Within a few short minutes, the orgasm swept over her. I could sense that she was getting very close and I said to her, “look at me” then “hold it, Sis. Hold it.” Her expression went from determination to I surrender. As she came, we were looking into each other’s eyes and at the time it was extremely intoxicating. Intoxicating enough, that I placed my hands back on her thighs and pumped into her with a slow deliberate rhythm until I shot my load into her. This, happily, for both of us, I think, took a bit longer. All the while, looking into each other’s eyes.

End of chapter 1.

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