Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 3

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I have received several letters from readers and some of them had asked me to write about “Miss Hairy Armpits 2003”. Instead I replied to them to send entries, which would meet the criteria, which include (i) hairiness and (ii) some sex involved. Here are the ten best entries. I have edited some portions of the story.

My name is Alberto and I live in Milan. I have a fetish for underarm hair and I want to tell you about a girl “Serena” who had the hairiest armpits I have ever seen. She must have been 30 years old and like most Italians she kept her underarms hairy. I have seen many hairy armpits from the jet-black to dark brown but I have never seen any woman with as much hair under her arms than Serena. Her armpit hollows were filled with tufty coarse hair which seemed so long and thick that even when her arms were pressed down it bunched up and pressed out from her sides a couple of inches. When she lifted her arms it was a glorious sight to the see thick foliage in her unshaven armpits.

I first saw her when me and a couple of friends had gone to a party. The booze was flowing and there were lots of young handsome men and pretty women. I was getting bored and feeling nauseous when I went up the stairs and pushed open a bedroom door to use the bathroom. As I pushed the bedroom door open I saw them all.

Serena was inside the room on the bed and there were three of my friends Don, Stefano and Dodo. They were all high and Serena had slipped her blouse from her shoulders. She stood there before me in her sexy, lacy, skimpy white bra, her large firm breasts barely concealed by the flimsy garment. Her tits pushed against her bra, seeming to be trying to break free. Her arms were above her head and thick jet-black luxuriant hair in her unshaven armpits was sticking out lovingly. antalya escort “Get over here!” Don ordered Serena. I could sense her nervousness as she approached him. I slid behind the curtains but I had a great view of the bed and the men.

She gleefully undid Don’ pants as he ordered her saying “Get down on your knees in front of me you hairy slut and suck my cock. Serena sank to her knees before him as he lowered his pants and she slowly reached for his briefs. Stefano put his hand on her breast and squeezed it hard and then slipped his hand inside of her bra, touching her bare tits and running his hands through the coarse twinkling brush of jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. I longed to join them as my erection was bursting inside my pants. He pushed her skimpy bra cup aside, exposing her milky white soft tit, which stood out in sharp contrast to the jet-black bushy hair in her untrimmed underarms.

Serena took the Don’s massive 11-inch cock into her mouth and she began to fondle the balls and wank on the cock with her fingers as she slid it in and out of her mouth. The cock was pulled from her mouth and replaced by Dodo’s even as Stefano pushed his engorged tool into her unshaven sweaty pits.

I could see her furry pussy reacting as she sucked Dodo’s monster cock and an orgasm flooded over her. She moaned as Stefano took his prick from her unshaven armpits and roughly shoved deep into her wet hairy vagina. Now Serena was being fucked from behind and sucking on Dodo’s huge prick. She felt his hips slap against her ass as he pumped his cock deep into her sopping cunt. He started pumping in and out of her slowly but powerfully, letting his full-length slip in and out. She sucked hard on Dodo’s prick and licked it. From the bathroom my cousin Frankie entered alanya escort the bedroom. He was large and she almost gasped as she saw it in all its glory. The helmet was swollen and leaking pre-cum as he wanked it lazily up and down. His balls were also very large and looked heavily laden with his spunk.

All these men in the room did not seem to inhibit the gloriously hirsute Serena. Her armpits were dripping with sweat and a pungent aroma filled the bathroom. I unzipped myself and slowly wanked myself as Frankie sank his cock deep into Serena and her moans filled the room as he shoved his huge prick into her. Stefano had moved in front of her and shoved his prick into her mouth and was face fucking her while Dodo was trying to shove his prick into the rough hair in her left armpit.

After a few hard pumps Frankie removed his cock and pushed Stefano aside. I could see that his cock was massive, perhaps a foot long, rock hard and very thick. “Give my cock a little kiss first before I fuck your hairy twat” he sneered. She put both of her hands around it, wanking the shaft as she sucked on the silky smooth knob. She put half his prick in her mouth and even as she almost choked on it her lips hungrily encircled his cock. He held her head and continued moving her head back and forth as she feverishly nibbled on his cock,

He tapped her on the head and said, “Now get on you hirsute bitch and ride me. Stefano and Dodo fuck her underarms. This bitch likes to feel cock in her coarse bushy armpits” She maneuvered herself until she was straddling him as she rubbed her hairy pussy over his knob, and slowly slid it inside, inch by inch, I closed my eyes and jerked harder on my swollen prick just like Don who was content in feeling the hairy hedges in belek escort her silky armpits and jerking himself. I, of course had no recourse to feeling the bushy armpits but imagining kissing it was keeping my flag up and ready to burst.

Serena’s hirsute pussy was wet and stretched to accommodate Frankie’s monster cock as he began to build up a nice rhythm, rubbing my his cock past the thicket covering her pussy. He pushed in harder and deeper as she sunk her teeth into Frankie’s shoulder as an orgasm ripped through her body. Don got up and with his dick in her hand put it in her mouth and he was pushing her back, powerfully thrusting his now solid tool down into her throat as his hands held her head steady as he deep-fucked her throat with long strokes; grunting with satisfaction every time he thrust into her.

“Let’s all cum on the slut’s hairy armpits! Shove your arms under your head you hirsute bitch and dhow us your bushy armpits” Frankie suddenly cried. I looked on in awe as Serena slid on her back on the bed her arms behind her head as her glistening thatches in her y furry pits drenched in sweat stuck out upwards like an erect penis. The men gathered around her pounding their prick in their hands. I jumped out my prick still in my hand and nobody noticed or cared as I joined them around the fecund hairy woman. She looked up her armpits quivering and the coarse bushy hair awaited the drenching as I awaited Frankie’s orders to release the contents of my balls in her hairy armpits. I felt my balls contract and that feeling that tells you of an impending climax. As soon as I had started to cum, Don followed me as our two spurting cocks emptied themselves onto her jet-black unshaven pits as several large globs of sperm shot up and coated her armpit hair. The effect on Serena was almost electric. Stefano and Dodo couldn’t hold back and finally the mighty engine of Frankie roared depositing gobbles of cum into her armpits. The coarse garden of Serena’s bushy armpits were covered with our juices and I could not think of a sexier hairier woman.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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