Mindy’s Massage Ch. 06: The First Appointment

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The big day arrived, and after work, Mindy had scheduled her first appointment. One of the things she had learned was to never allow a client near her real apartment, so she had planned on renting a room for the evening. The client she was going to see, had been cleared as safe through Frank, and had scheduled a two hour appointment for twelve hundred dollars. Mindy was amazed that someone would actually pay that much for sex.

She was excited, scared, and nervous as she got ready for the appointment. One of the things that the lady had stressed was cleanliness, so Mindy took two total baths, shaving all her areas carefully and perfectly, and applying lotion all over to make sure she was smooth, soft and silky all over. She wanted her first gentleman to have the time of his life, so she made sure she was perfect. She had checked in to the upscale hotel on her lunch hour so she would be in business attire, and she left her apartment with the room key in her purse and drove to the hotel about an hour before the appointed time.

She was wearing a little flowered sundress with straps over the shoulders, and her tiny high heeled sandals to match, and nothing else. She thought he might enjoy the easy access. Her hair was combed out loose, framing her gorgeous face in highlighted brown perfection and her tan skin glowed from a combination of health, and expensive lotion. She moved like a cat, sleek, and lithe. She walked into the hotel, and took the elevator to the floor her room was on, got into the room, and then retrieved some ice and a couple of soft drinks. She found herself waiting impatiently, fidgeting and nervous. A dozen times she turned the TV on, then back off. She checked her hair and makeup over and over, to be sure she looked as good as she could. She knew that the client was also expected to be immaculately groomed and prepared as well. She understood that they might not be able to control what they looked like, but that they could and would be neat and clean.

She knew only a little about her first client. She knew that he was about fifty five years old, a white man, with a paunch, and balding head, but that he was a very nice man, and that he was an experienced participant and would be kind to her. Frank had assured her of that, and the two conversations she had had on the phone with him indicated the same.

At last, the knock on the door came, and Mindy jumped to answer it. He was right on time, a short, heavy man, carrying a dozen roses, and a box of Godiva chocolates. His face was flushed and once inside the room, he took a look at Mindy and let go a “Wow!” under his breath. “My lord, darling, you are even lovelier than I was told. You are perfect,” he exclaimed. Mindy actually blushed a little from his obvious admiration. She smiled and got him a drink, as they began a little small talk to relax and get acquainted. For several minutes, they sat beside each other on the sofa, talking aimlessly, smiling at each other, and looking each other over.

Mindy didn’t need good looks in a man if he was someone that she could connect with emotionally, and luckily, bostancı escort bayan she could connect at some level with most people. She found Art, his name was Art, to be a pleasant, kind man, married but lonely as his wife was all about the children and grandchildren and had pretty much forgotten Art was still in the family. He had turned to paid companionship rather than a girlfriend or such, as he told Mindy; it was much neater and easier to hide.

After a few moments, his hand dropped to Mindy’s cute knee, gently fondling and caressing her soft, smooth skin. She felt a tingle run through her as she realized what that touch was going to lead to. She leaned back a little to watch his hand begin to play up the inside of her sleek thigh, his fingers tickling, and his palm caressing the softness he found there. She let his hand slide higher, ever closer to finding her secret. He leaned in to gently kiss her on the cheek, before letting his lips touch hers ever so softly.

Mindy liked the gentle kissing, and let her jaw drop open a little to allow his tongue to slip inside her mouth, sliding against hers. She responded positively to his advances, kissing him back, pushing her tongue against his and into his open mouth. She felt his hand reach her crotch on the inside of her thigh, and she felt him tense and heard a little gasp when he realized that she was pantiless. She felt his fingertips brush over her tender mound, and then reach lower to slide gently over her sweet, tiny lips. She felt herself moisten rapidly from his teasing caresses. Their kisses heated up, each tongue earnestly sparring with the other, lips sliding together, hands touching and caressing. Mindy was getting totally turned on, her body starting the familiar ache, her pussy becoming very wet and her nipples becoming hard and sensitive as they played on the sofa. Mindy’s hand had wandered over Art’s stomach and down to his crotch, where she encountered what was an amazingly rigid penis.

He felt her touching it, and whispered, “Thank God for Viagra.” She smiled. Mindy slid off the couch onto her knees on the carpet, getting in between Art’s legs. She fumbled with his belt, then the catch on the pants, and zipper. She got them open and started tugging to get his pants down. She stopped to slip his deck shoes off, and went ahead and removed his socks as well. She then went back to tugging on his pants, gradually working them down his thighs to his knees where they easily slid off. She laid them neatly aside, and turned back to Art in his boxers. Mindy hooked her fingers in the waistband, and tugged them down, letting Art’s rock hard cock spring free, his swollen and tensed balls hanging beneath it. Art’s cock was of average length, and average in diameter and on his dose of Viagra was impressively hard, strutted with blood, and throbbing as Mindy gazed on it, before lifting her fingers under his ball sack and gently stroking the thin skin of his scrotum then hefting the balls on her fingertips.

She leaned forward to place a kiss on the inside of Art’s thigh. She felt her cheek brush ümraniye escort the rigid shaft of Art’s cock, which was thrusting straight out from his body. Art evidently felt it too, as he shuddered all over from the gentle sensation. She kissed slowly up his thigh, to the point that she could slide over onto his tight ball sack. She nuzzled gently into his balls, using her cheeks, her lips and even her nose to caress them, driving Art crazy with the sensation. He trembled in excitement as her lips touched the swollen head of his rigid penis. She kissed it softly, and then slowly slid her pursed lips over the soft skin, feeling the tension in it. She slowly let her lips open, until the head of the fat cock slid partly into her mouth. Inside her mouth, she used her tongue on the pulsating head, sliding it against the skin, feeling his reaction, and tasting the clean, sexy taste of him.

Mindy let her mouth open farther, and let the cock slide farther in. Slowly, she took it as far as she could, let the head touch the back of her throat, and then began working slowly and sensuously up and down on the cock in her mouth. She continued sucking for several minutes, changing speed, pressure, and technique as she sucked, allowing Art all the pleasure she could. Mindy felt herself getting wetter, her excitement rising from the contact with a male, and the closeness of the male body and sex organs. She knew that her little cunny was already leaking juices onto her thighs, as she could feel herself soaking wet. She realized from this encounter that she was turned on by men that she would have never imagined could get to her.

She slowly left his throbbing cock and kissed up his torso, his shirt hanging open and his hairy chest and stomach hanging over his crotch. She used her lips and her tongue to caress his skin, settling in on his nipples, going from one to the other, licking and sucking gently as he moaned and shuddered in pure lust.

Mindy stood and unzipped her dress, which was all she had on and let it drop from her exquisite body, watching the worshipful look on Art’s face as he first saw her completely naked. She took his hand and led him to the king size bed, sliding his shirt off his shoulders and pushing him back onto the soft bed. She kneeled between his spread legs and began to concentrate on sucking his hard, throbbing prick again as she began to anticipate accepting his penis into her hot little body. For quite a while, Mindy used her whole mouth to caress all of Art’s cock. It was throbbing and pulsating as she sucked it.

She broke loose long enough to use her tongue all over his wrinkled ball sack, pulling each testicle into her mouth, sucking them and running her tongue around and over them, licking lower until her tongue was below the skin of his scrotum, teasing the crack of his butt cheeks. She worked back up to take his rock hard cock into her hot sucking mouth again.

Finally, Art pulled her off him, and stood and guided her onto the bed, laying her down on her back, and crawling between the luscious spread thighs, kissing his way from her escort kartal ankles up to her knees along the soft silky skin of her calves and then on up, onto the sleek beauty that were the insides of her perfect thighs. He finally found his way to the tiny pink slot that was Mindy’s hot little pussy. First tickling around it with his tongue, he then closed his mouth over it, thrusting his tongue into her. He slid his tongue in and out of her vaginal opening for a couple minutes before he began to use his tongue on the little button at the very top of her slit. She began to tremble and moan softly, feeling all the thrilling sensations run through her body as he ate her. She enjoyed his ministrations to her sex completely, as he worked to make her cum.

After a few minutes, she began to shudder and shake, tensing all over as she began to orgasm against his mouth. She tensed completely and moaned louder as she almost curled into a ball, cumming as she felt his tongue still in her. Then she was so sensitive she had to get him out of her, the feelings just too strong for her to maintain the contact. She pulled him up, giggling in delight as he stretched out half on her and half beside her, his hard throbbing cock lying against her sleek, smooth, tan thigh. She kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, tasting herself on him. She was totally excited and turned on by this older, overweight but sexy man. She began to pull him onto her, feeling him settle in between her smooth thighs.

Then he hesitated a minute, looking into her eyes. “Honey,” he said, ” its up to you, but most girls use a condom for this. Its for their safety mostly. I don’t need one with you but if you want one, its okay by me.”

Mindy looked at him for a moment. She had some in her purse, but she hated the nasty rubber smell and feel of them inside her. It wasn’t as exciting as skin on skin and the feel of cum filling her. She shook her head, and pulled him to her once again. She opened herself and allowed him to push his hardness into her slick, wet, softness. She felt the hard throbbing penis fill her, bare and skin to skin. The thought of it made her shudder with the thrill. They began to move with the rhythm as old as time, as he fucked her there. After a long time, and several position changes, Mindy was on her knees, her face against the mattress, as Art thrust hard into her hot and open pussy from behind. He tensed and groaned as he began to empty his balls into her. Right after he started to cum, she began to cum too, totally into the passionate sex they were having.

A couple hours later, they finally left each other, over an hour longer than he had requested and totally exhausted by each other. Mindy was thrilled with the sex, and almost forgot the heavy envelope that Art handed her as they left the room. She tucked it into her purse and didn’t look at it again until she got home. It had been sealed but was ripped open when he handed it to her, and when she counted the money, instead of twelve hundred there was two thousand dollars in it. Mindy’s mouth fell open in amazement. She had just had the time of her life, and had made two thousand dollars in cash. She hardly slept that night, mind racing with all the possibilities she could imagine with making that kind of money. She couldn’t wait to call Frank the next morning. She wondered if this was really possible.

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