Milky Maids All In A Row Ch. 01

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The letter came as a surprise. After all Nimmi had visited them very recently and that too, for the first time in their life.

“I guess it is a pretty decent thing to do,” Dev’s mother told them when she learned of it. Nimmi was her younger sister and Dev had never met his aunt before.

It was only after Nimmi had gotten to know that Riya, Dev’s wife had given birth to a baby boy, a year ago, that she had come down to the city to visit them.

What had surprised him more was the rather insistent request that Nimmi had made in the letter, urging Dev and his wife to visit the little town where she lived with her husband.

“I had a really good time at your place and it would be fitting if you allow me the opportunity to be your host,” she had written. “Please don’t say no. You had mentioned that you had a vacation coming up next week and that gives you no excuse to deny me the opportunity.

“I have already told you and your beautiful wife about our little town. We intend to have a family get together during the week and are inviting both our children and their spouses to whom I have already informed about your delightful family. They are just as eager to meet with you. As you well know, that both, my son and my daughter are proud parents as well. Hence, let me just say that we want a get together of young parents like Riya and you. Of course, your dad and mom are also invited.”

“Yes, that’s really decent of your sister,” remarked Dev’s father, Vivek, shuffling the newspaper that he had been reading.

Riya, sipping her morning cup of tea looked at her husband across the table around which they were seated.

“But the baby…” her voice trailed off.

“Don’t you worry about little Varun,” Dev’s mother interrupted. “He loves being around us. Besides, what with the two of you busy through out the day at your offices, he spends most of his time with us.”

“Shreya is right, you know,” Vivek said. “We love having the little bloke around us. It’s like getting an opportunity to be parents all over again. We adore him.”

“But both of you have been invited as well!”

“That’s okay, son,” his father answered. “We and the kid will join you a couple of days before you leave from there.”

And so it was that the plans were made. Besides, Dev and Riya had been longing for a break for a long time.

It was late in the evening during the weekend that their parents dropped them off to the railway station. Dev had wanted to take the car, but Vivek had told him that the roads were in bad shape and the train would be a refreshing break. It was a fourteen-hour journey and Nimmi had confirmed that her husband and she would collect them at the station the next morning.

As the train chugged off, Riya fought back the tears, watching her son trying to reach out to his parents.

“Oh come on, Riya,” Dev consoled her as they settled down in the private coupe that his father had reserved for them. “He will be fine and you know it.”

The train left at seven and they would be reaching their destination at about nine next morning. They placed their order for their dinner with the dapper man who had come to check their tickets, and by nine, they were ready for sleep.

It was when they were changing into their night robes that Dev said, “You know something, Riya?”

“What?” she enquired, having peeled off her dress and getting ready to slip into her one-piece cotton nightgown.

“We never fucked in a train!” he laughed, standing there in his shorts, balancing himself against the movements of the swaying train.

She grinned at him, pulling the gown over her shoulders. “Lot of places we never fucked before,” she agreed.

He walked to her, taking her hands in his before she could begin to fasten the row of button that held the gown at the front.

She opened her mouth when he kissed her hungrily, slipping her arms around his shoulders, grinding her crotch against his. She felt his erection pulsating against her belly and she wriggled against it.

Continuing to kiss her, he pushed her back till she stumbled onto the berth, sprawling across it. He lay on top of her, his hands now tugging the straps of her bra down her shoulders to free her breasts.

“Let me take off the bra,” she muttered.

“No time, baby. I’m randy,” he answered, kissing her again, his hands kneading her large breasts.

One year after having given birth to their son and her breasts were still filled with milk. When he squeezed them now, he felt the milk squirt out and spread around them, wetting his palms.

He bent down and took one nipple into his mouth; beginning to suck on it and along with it, swallow the sweet liquid oozing out. She moaned and pushed her hands below fighting to pull his robe up over his thighs.

“Oh God, Dev, yes! Suck my milk, honey, oh yes, I like that, oh god, they are full of milk and need to be sucked out, oh yes, honey, suck them.”

He proceeded to do just that. First, till his mouth filled with the liquid from one teat, izmir escort bayan and then, turning his attention to the other nipple. He licked the whole of the breast to clear the milk spread over it. Then, he fastened his mouth over the entire tit, sucking fiercely.

She had by now pushed his shorts down and grasped his hard erect dick in her fist, beginning to jerk the throbbing flesh to and fro. Even as he suckled her, he was reaching down, pulling her gown over her shapely long legs, pushing her panties down over her thighs and cupping her pussy. She sighed and pushed against his hand when he spread his palms over her wet flesh.

“Oh god, put it in, now!” she said shrilly, wanting to be heard over the noise of the train.

He rolled her over so that she was lying on top of him and spread his thighs. She pushed back her hips, held his cock in one hand and spreading the lips of her cunt, gently lowered herself till he was completely inside her.

She clamped her legs together and he felt as if his cock was gripped in a vice, and then, as he continued to suck her tits, began to move up and down over him. He grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks and she held his shoulders as they fucked, swaying along with the movement of the train.

He pulled his face away from her tits so that she could straighten as she rode him. This also enabled him to watch her big tits bouncing heavily. He reached out and squeezed them again, letting the copious flow of the milk spurt out onto his chest.

She reached below them and started to finger her clitoris. She felt his testicles slap against the inside of her thighs as he began to move up and down to assist her.

“Oh shit,” he muttered, his eyes glazed as he stared at her jiggling tits spurting the milk onto his body. “Oh baby, I can’t hold on anymore, oh shit, I can feel it coming, oh, ugghhh…”

His movements suddenly became more frantic as if he was in a hurry. He lifted his legs and wrapped them around the small of her back, digging his fingers into her tits.

“Yes, honey, oh yes, come now, come, baby, with me, now, now!” she told him, her hand moving frenetically over her swollen clit.

She gasped as she felt her orgasm rising up her thighs, through her pelvis and up her spine, arching her back and throwing her head up and away. She dug her nails into his shoulders, feeling his juice filling up her pussy as his body stiffened and he became stiff and rigid.

For a long moment they stayed like that, swaying along with the train, listening to the rhythmic click-clack of the rails on the track.

Finally, she drew back and gingerly got off the berth, her ample chest heaving with the effort of the just concluded exercise. Glancing at his now shriveled dick, she pulled the robe over her body, ignoring her under garments.

He did not bother to dress. He was already snoring.


Nimmi was forty-six, two years younger than his mother. He had been amazed at the similarity between the two sisters when he had first seen the photo albums; later, when she had called on them, he had mentioned to Riya that had not his mother been slightly taller, one would almost mistake them for being twins.

She was five-seven and strongly built. Her wide shoulders supplemented her powerful yet feminine arms. Like his mother, she too was into jogging and aerobics and it showed in her amazingly firm and shapely body. Though her buttocks were large and her thighs quite wide, the jeans that she was wearing when she met up with them at the railway station suited her to a tee. She was wearing a slightly loose shirt and he had a sneaking suspicion that she did so to ensure that wearing anything tighter did not emphasize her big breasts. All this only succeeded in drawing attention to her curves because of the fact that she had a very tiny waist.

Her face was remarkably like his mother’s: the same oval shape, the slightly blue-tinged almond shaped eyes, the faint arcing eyebrows, the thin nose, the full lips and long light brown hair that fell way down to her buttocks.

She introduced them to her husband, a grizzly big man, almost six feet tall with powerful muscles and a lean firm body. Though he was almost fifty, he looked ten years younger. He had a rather large nose, black eyes that seemed to be constantly laughing, a shock of silver gray hair falling down over his shoulders and a generous mouth.

“Hi, I am Ajit,” he had said, offering his large hand to Dev and then to Riya. He insisted on taking their bags and led them to the parking lot.

It was a quaint town where everybody seemed to know each other. Riya counted at least a couple of dozen of the folks waving at her husband’s uncle and aunt.

The huge, sprawling building that belonged to them was however very modern. It had two floors and a large car-parking basement. Dev noticed almost four cars parked there and wondered if all of them belonged to his uncle.

The living room was huge: almost fifty feet wide and seventy long. The furniture was escort izmir of real teak and oak; large sofas and equally large chairs, half a dozen thick mattresses along one side and a well equipped bar covering almost half of one side of the room.

The living room had a wide staircase at its centre leading up to the first floor, branching into two opposite directions. On one side of the room, a high door led to the modern kitchen; the other side had a door that led to a large dining room furnished with an oval shaped table capable of seating at least a couple of dozen people.

The two branches of the wide staircase ended in similar ‘mini-flats’; each in themselves, three bedroom apartments with a living room and kitchenette.

Dev and Riya were shown to an airy room on the first floor overlooking the front of the large compound. They could see the long winding driveway from the balcony.

“Freshen up and join us for breakfast,” Nimmi told them. “Sheena and her husband, as well as Hari and his wife will also be there.”

Sheena and Hari were her children, and suddenly Dev felt a bit apprehensive about meeting them. Though they knew of each other, they never had met before. He was studying for his management at the U.S. and had returned only after finishing his education.

When he met them at the huge table, his feelings of apprehension were at once dispelled. They were very much like Ajit and Nimmi: jovial, warm and friendly. Riya and Dev were immediately put at ease.

Sheena’s baby was with her husband’s parents while Hari and his wife, Mina, had brought their eight-month old girl with them.

“We really wanted to bring the baby along,” Sunil, Sheena’s husband told them. “But my parents insisted we leave him with them.”

“Same here,” grinned Riya. “However, mom and dad are going to join us a couple of days before we leave from here.”

“You have just arrived, so don’t start talking about leaving,” Nimmi told them.

They spent the whole day talking about their lives and jobs. Sheena worked with Sunil in his office.

“That way I ensure he doesn’t eye those pretty typists he has at the office,” Sheena laughed.

“No such luck here,” Mina said. “Hari is a traveling salesman and God knows how many women he gets to meet!”

Dev and Riya told them about their jobs and his uncle was impressed.

Dev found it to be peculiar the familiarity with which his uncle and aunt treated not just their kids, but also their spouses. He guessed that perhaps they were raised that way. They touched each other a lot and there were a lot of hugging and patting cheeks and backs.

Sheena was a lot like her mother as far as looks went. But her body was built along slightly smaller lines. She was just about five three and around a hundred and thirty pounds.

“I’m still trying to lose weight that just increased after the baby,” she pouted.

“Don’t.” Sunil told her. “You are fine as you are.”

Mina was taller; in fact, she was the tallest of all the women there and Dev was aware that he was looking at her quite often. She had a lush body with all the curves in the right places. He thought she looked like a model and was not surprised when Hari told them that she in fact, had been a model before their marriage.

Dev thought that it was all right when his uncle and aunt hugged their children so often; what was curious was the fact that they treated Mina and Sunil in the same manner. A few times, he found his aunt hugging him too and his uncle doing the same with Riya.

It was a strange coincidence that his wife, Sheena and Mina were all young mothers. And much to his embarrassment, he found his eyes straying to their heaving, full bosoms.

He noticed the three women disappearing often to their rooms for short periods, and after one time that Riya had disappeared for a while, he took her aside and asked her where she’d been.

“Silly!” she had whispered back to him. “We have to release the milk once in a way. It gets painful at times.”

“Maybe I can assist you,” he joked.

A couple of times, he noticed either his uncle or aunt or Sunil and Hari follow Sheena or Mina during such situations. And his curiosity was aroused.

It was only after dinner that night and about an hour after they had retired to their bedroom, that they finally caught on to what was going on. Riya and he were discussing in soft voices about the closeness of their hosts when he suddenly felt thirsty and realized that the jug of water in their room was empty.

“I’ll go get some water,” he told her.

“Don’t trip over something,” she said. “You might wake up the whole house.”

It was when he was making his way silently to the ground floor that he realized that it was not necessary to make any noise to wake up the house. He heard faint noises coming from his uncle’s room. It was in the wing opposite to their room.

He froze when he heard a long moan. It was the unmistakable sound of sexual pleasure. He cocked his head towards the source and izmir escort waited.

He set the jug he was carrying on a side table along the stairway and crept to the wing.

The door that led to his uncle and aunt’s room was ajar and he saw the light filtering out from the gap. He walked on the balls of his feet to the room and slowly glanced inside.

What he saw stunned him.

On the king size bed in the center of the room lay his uncle, stark naked. His daughter-in-law, Mina was seated on it cross-legged and his head was in her lap. She was bent down in the classical gesture of a mother feeding a baby.

His uncle had one of her tit stuffed in his mouth and was sucking on it. Standing on the bed was Sunil, slightly bent down at the waist. Mina was holding the base of his erect cock in her hand, sucking on the bulbous head.

His aunt was sprawled on top of her daughter on the floor beside the bed. She was sucking voraciously on her Sheena’s large tits, while her son was hunched behind her, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Dev felt hot under his gown. My God, he thought. What the hell was going on here? A family orgy?

He noticed the abundance of milk. There was a copious flow oozing out of Mina’s tits; in fact, when Ajit was suckling on one nipple, he was using his hand to squeeze the other, urging the milk to spurt out.

On the floor, there was a puddle of milk lying around Sheena’s tits and his aunt was licking furiously at it.

In spite of himself, he felt his own cock stir and harden inside his pajamas. It was like watching an X-rated film.

He watched his aunt rising off her daughter’s body. She was now on her knees, her palms flat on the floor above Sheena’s head.

“Oh god, Hari, fuck me, oh yes, harder, harder, yes, yes, I’m going to come, oh god, yes, fuck me, yes, deeper, son, deeper,” she whimpered.

Sheena inserted one hand below and began to finger her mother’s clit.

“Give it to her, Hari,” she encouraged him, “Give it to her, sock your cock inside her hole, and fuck her!”

Nimmi quivered and then shuddered. Dev realized what had happened; she had reached her climax and it was almost as if he felt the chilling tingle of her over stimulated nerves. She groaned with joy as Hari pressed further inside her all the way to the hilt, now holding his mother by her long hair.

Her powerful orgasm had her in its grip and she shuddered and moaned under the upheaval, finally collapsing down on top of Sheena, who now jammed one finger in her own pussy. Nimmi rolled off her daughter’s body and lay flat on her back on the floor, her chest heaving furiously.

Hari’s cock was still hard; he had obviously not ejaculated yet, and he now straddled his sister’s body, dragging his knees along the floor till his cock flopped against her milky wet tits.

Sheena continued to plunge her finger in and out of her own pussy as Hari arranged himself on her top. His glistening cock now nestled between her tits and he cupped them, causing more of her milk to leak out.

“Hmmm. Nicely lubricated, sis,” he commented, now pushing her tits together to create a cavern for his cock to piston in and out of them. There was hardly any friction because of the excessive lubrication caused by the milk and his mother’s cunt juices around his cock.

On the bed, Sunil was holding Mina’s face with his hands, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Ajit was still sucking on one of her tit and she had taken his erect cock in her hand, jerking it up and down in time with the fucking motions of Sunil’s cock in her mouth.

Dev was suddenly startled when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He twisted around. It was Riya, standing beside him, the look on her face as stunned as had been on his face moments ago.

“What’s this?” she whispered.

“Beats me,” he replied, realizing that his heart was thudding like a trip hammer. “I heard noises and decided to investigate.”

He felt ridiculous, as if he was trying to justify himself. He tried to will his cock to go down. It had erected considerably after having watched the events unfolding before his eyes.

“They are sick!” his wife exclaimed, staring inside the room. They were standing in the dark and he knew it was impossible for anyone in the room to make them out.

He decided to be truthful. They had never hidden anything from each other, including their most secret feelings.

“If you look at it without connecting their relations together, it is highly erotic,” he murmured. He was suddenly aware of his wife’s tits pushing into his arm from under her thin almost transparent gown.

“Dev!” she admonished him. “Don’t be crazy. You can’t forget that there are parents and in-laws in there. That’s plain incest!”

He watched his aunt dragging herself on her elbows towards where her son’s cock was sliding to and fro between his sister’s tits. His cock jerked again as Nimmi lowered her face to lick the milk off the tits, occasionally letting her tongue sweep over her son’s shaft.

“What’s a little fun among the family?” he whispered to Riya. “I find this very erotic. Feel me.”

He took her hand and guided it to his swollen crotch, pressing it against his pajama. She pulled it away angrily.

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