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There was a knocking at the back door. “Milk delivery!” a female voice chimed.

Steve’s eyes widened as he dropped the morning newspaper and got up from the kitchen table, tightening his robe’s belt. Behind the blinds of the glass door was a curvy silhouette in a baseball cap. He pulled the door open and knew immediately that this was his lucky day.

“Hi Steve,” said Suzie Meyers, one half of Meyer’s Milk Delivery. The morning sun glinted off of her curly blond hair as she stood in the doorway holding a wire basket of milk bottles. She bent forward a little, her large boobs straining the fabric of her white “Got Milk?” t-shirt. “Thirsty?”

“Suzie! It’s great to see you,” said Steve, struggling to make eye contact. “I figured Dan would be on your route for at least another month.”

“No, Dan gets to stay home and be Mommy for a day, that ungrateful bastard.” Steve frowned at the last remark; usually Suzie and Dan couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Suzie continued chatting. “Where’s your sexy half?”

“Wendy’s upstairs having one of her famously long showers.” Steve allowed his eyes to drop to Suzie’s midriff. She still had a cute little tummy, which pushed her t-shirt up and her cut-offs down. He had an urge to place his hand on her, her skin was so soft. He grinned, remembering how he had slowly rubbed her belly the last time and the thrill when his palm brushed over her soft pussy hair.

“Stunning…” he muttered a little too loudly.

“Mind if I come in for a second?” Suzie scooted by Steve, her ass rubbing the knot of his robe as she did. “Let me put these in the fridge.”

Steve stared at Suzie’s bottom, firm and round as ever, sticking out of the fridge. Her cut-offs clung to her generous ass, riding low, revealing yet another cleavage.

“Dan never offers this service,” he said, trying not to sound like he was leering as much as he was.

“I bet you give Wendy all the servicing she wants,” Suzie giggled. “Except when she’s in the mood for some shower-head loving!” Suzie twisted around and caught Steve’s lustful gaze with a naughty grin.

“I service her every chance I get. Sometimes I think I’m too service oriented for her,” he said. He should really look away, but he couldn’t.

“She’s a lucky girl.” Suzie’s eyes lowered to take in the growing bulge rising in Steve’s robe. “Do you think she’d antalya escort mind sharing then?”

“Not while she’s in the shower.” Steve could feel the veins in his head pulsing with excitement.

Suzie shut the fridge and pressed herself against Steve. She was eager! As her hands tugged on his robe he gasped. Her boobs were cool on his chest.

“You don’t mind my milkers?” she asked, looking down bashfully at her triple D delights.

“No!” Steve blurted, cupping her knockers. “Why would I?”

“Dan won’t touch me,” pouted Suzie. “He tried once but…I squirted on him.” She was blushing. Imagine! “He won’t sleep with me cause I’m a fucking cow. But–” she pulled his robe open and sandwiched his cock between her tawny thighs… “I really need to be fucked. I’m so god-damned horny. I haven’t had any since the baby was born. I know that must make me sound like a slut, but I don’t care!” She started rubbing his prick, her jeans dragging his cock up and down.

Steve pushed her off and cocked an ear upstairs. Suzie sprawled, open mouthed by the fridge, staring at Steve’s swelling dong, lusting after his fat helmet head and the gentle but visible curve of his shaft. The sound of running water filled their ears like throbbing dance music.

“Strip,” Steve said, enjoying his new found power.

Suzie nodded eagerly and unbuttoned her cut-offs, dropping them to the tile floor. A tussle of blond pussy glistened between her legs.

“Get on the chair,” she urged. “Let me ride it.”

Steve sat but held up his hand before Suzie could mount. “Your top too.” His eyes were greedy, like a child’s at Christmas.


“I know.” He licked his lips. “I love milk!”

Suzie glanced upstairs. Water was still running and underneath it was a faint musical humming. Tossing her baseball cap on the kitchen table, she shook out her hair and pulled off her t-shirt. Maternity bras came in large sizes but Suzie’s jugs were still squeezed together and overflowing the sides.

“I hate wearing this,” she said, reaching in front and unsnapping the clasps. “It makes me feel so strapped down.” She stretched and arched her back, letting her boobs gently shake back and forth. Steve was amazed at how large and swollen her nipples were–like nozzles.

“Mmm, you running around braless with your nipples poking through your shirt would serik escort be the best advertisement Meyer’s Milk has ever had.” He leaned forward, letting his cock sway between his legs.

“Hmmm? Uh, yeah. I love advertising!” said Suzie, sucking on her finger, looking at Steve’s member. “Can I? Can I please? I really want to.” She stroked Steve’s leg.

“Climb on.” Steve leaned back.

Suzie swung a leg over Steve and, bending forward a bit, he guided his cock into her pussy. Her boobs pressed into Steve’s face as his large cock head tunneled into her surprisingly tight pussy. She was slick as hell, but was grunting and groaning to get him into her.

“Oh — ohhh,” she moaned, swaying back and forth, her hands on Steve’s shoulders. Her boobs bounced steadily against his face. As he gasped with the pleasure of the stacked blond trying to get down his pole, he found one of her large nipples in his mouth. What he did next came naturally.

“No!” she cried and tried to arch away. But the change in position loosened her pussy and she slithered down him. “Oh god, yes!” she said in a stifled yell, as she slid down onto his lap.

His lips tightened onto her nipple and he took another timid suck. Warm milk began to leak into his mouth. It was creamy!

“Oh no,” she moaned, rocking her hips involuntarily. “She wouldn’t take the breast this morning and I didn’t have time to express any. My boobs are so sore and full.” She started to rock up and down on his cock.

“I like this kind of milk delivery,” he growled, squeezing her tit roughly. “You milk the bull and I’ll milk the cow.” He took her nipple back into his mouth and began to suck hard and insistently.

“Oww!! Ohhh!” Milk gushed into his mouth — hot and tasty. Her boobs smelled like warm bread and her cunt clenched round his dick hungrily.

“Ride it, baby! Ride it.” He squeezed her other nipple and milk immediately began to leak from it. “What beautiful teats!” He tensed and his cock swelled even larger and harder.

“Oh god! Oh my god! It is so big!” She pressed against the floor and began fucking his cock, slurping up and down him.

“Spray me and I’ll give you a filling.” He grasped her nipples, thumb and index fingers, and began tugging in a syncopated rhythm. Just like a farmer with a cow: a very sexy slutty cow.

“Oh side escort my! Oh my!” she gasped and jets of milk sprayed out of her jugs into Steve’s open mouth and onto his chest, running down him and soaking his crotch.

“I’m gonna cum! Please! I’m gonna cum!” Suzie wailed.

Steve swept Suzie off her feet and with a strength he didn’t know he possessed, he grasped her firm little ass and rocked her up and down his cock, faster and faster, as she writhed and cried out for him to fuck her even faster. She began to squeeze her nipples herself and the volume of milk increased. He was a flood in milk, nearly all white.

“Yes baby! I’m cuuuuuming all over you!” she cried. “Oh, oh, oh, oh!” She squeezed her boobs letting Steve have a giant gulp of milk. Steve’s throbbing member spewed its load into her hard and fast. As Steve felt the orgasm rushing through him, he lifted Suzie and laid her across the kitchen table. She wiggled with pleasure as he thrust his cum shooting prong in and out of her. As he emptied his load into her velvet cunt he drank deep of her knockers, milk coursing down his throat. Suzie cried out softly, her own orgasm pounding against her soft pussy walls, and slowly stroking Steve’s head as they rode their bliss into sticky silence.


The shower door opened.

“Steve?” asked Wendy, her eyes covered with shampoo. “Is that you?” Wendy’s pale white skin glowed under the soft bathroom lights. She left off touching her bushy red pussy and went back to kneading the shampoo into her long red mane.

Large hands forced her hands up against the wall and spread her legs, police style.

“Steve? What are you doing?” A large prick pushed its way into her wide and willing pussy. “Steve! Oh! God! What’s got into you? And what’s that smell?”

“Just feeling frisky today,” said Steve as he grasped Wendy’s ass and started to fuck her briskly.

“Oh, yes! Very frisky!!” Wendy moaned as his bulging member pushed her towards climax. “What’s that smell, baby?”

“Oh, Dan spilled some milk.” Steve thrust faster and faster, feeling the next load coming.

“Did he trip over his erection?” Wendy squeezed around Steve’s cock milking him, glorying in Steve’s hands all over her soapy boobs. “He’s been staring at me really hard on his last visit. I guess Suzie is too busy with her new one.” She gasped and began to moan. “I’ve been wearing that slutty little nightie to give him an extra boner.”

“What a tramp you are!” Steve pulled his cock out of Wendy’s ass and shot his load all over her bottom and back. “We’d better soap you up again.”

“Yes, boss.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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