Milk and Cookies Mom Ch. 02

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David knew he only had seconds. He acted quickly.

Back to his bedroom he went, making sure the light was out, door closed. He heard the cupboard door being closed, the rattle of the key in the lock. He heard his Mother come back across the landing and into her bedroom.

The young man now stealthily left his room and positioned himself at a keyhole for the second time that evening. There was his Mother back in her robe, the one who a few moments ago had been tied in self-bondage, getting herself off with a large vibrator. David knelt down as carefully as he could and peered in.

June dropped her robe and began to untie the black corset that she’d been wearing, her breasts, a pleasing, maternal size, spilled into view. For a moment, June looked back into the mirror and ran her hands over her breasts as she breathed in and out. Her eyes closed, she was still swooning from the effects of her climax. David dared not to breath, his erection stretched against his boxers.

The Mother blew out slowly and deeply and then bent over to pick up her robe. David drank in the sight of his Mother’s shapely legs and arse framed only in her tan stockings as she fumbled with the robe.

She found the cupboard key and walked over to her bedroom wardrobe, opened it and picked up a navy blue court shoe that David recognised from an old work outfit. She dropped the key inside, replaced the heel and closed the wardrobe. She gathered up her robe and put it back on.

It was then June turned towards the bedroom door.

David only saw her turn, he knew she would be heading for the bathroom and so he went back to his room. He pulled his door closed and flopped down into the chair by his desk immediately. The lad couldn’t take it anymore and immediately took out his cock to start masturbating. His mind became clouded with visions of his Mother’s tied body, writhing in pleasure, saying his name, urging him to cum. When he did he imagine his cum splattering all over his Mother’s tied naked body. He slept restlessly that night and in the morning thought immediately of the cupboard key.

The next morning he tried to behave as normally as he could do. By the time he got down to breakfast his mother was already dressed in her own version of fifties domestic perfection. She wore a dark blue skirt suit, but of course for breakfast, the apron was in place. For an awful moment David thought she was wearing the navy blue heels from her bedroom, meaning she would have rehidden the key. But no – it was a pair of matching blue strappy sandals with a one inch heel.

“Going out, Mum?”

June placed a milk jug carefully in front of her Son and David caught a glimpse of cleavage.

“Yes dear, have to visit Mrs Warren to discuss the OAPs Christmas party, it always comes around so fast!”

David still had trouble reconciling this woman with the woman in the fetish stilettos with the dildo buried in her pussy. He tried to concentrate on eating his cereal.

“And what about you? No college?”

“Revision day,” the boy lied.

“Well make sure you actually do some, sweetie.” June grinned at him and then removed her apron. She click-clacked on the kitchen tiles to him and kissed his forehead, her hand brushed his ear and he felt a sudden tingle in his loins. His whole body involuntarily stiffened.

“Alright, baby?”

“Sure, Mum, just the, um, thought of all that revision!”

“Well I have to go the shops first izmir escort bayan and then to Mrs Warren’s coffee morning. Oh – can you hoover for me, please?”

“Sure!” replied David, but in truth he was waiting for the front door to close.

As June left, her Son tidied away the breakfast things. He was waiting, he didn’t want to be caught, he wanted to be sure she’d gone. He showered first and took the opportunity to wank again. He didn’t cum this time, he wanted to savour this feeling and as he dried off, his cock bobbed playfully in front of him.

He trod carefully into his Mother’s bedroom. He’d been in plenty of times before, but never to the extent of going through her things. His first instinct was to go straight for the key, but instead he looked into her dresser. Familiar items of underwear were there, he dug inside. White cotton panties, some lacy panties, but nothing like the corset he had seen the night before. Frustrated he shut the door and went to the wardrobe.

David peered at his Mother’s heel collection, arranged in neat pairs. He smiled, he did like that his Mother wore shoes like these. He then found the one he was looking for and expectantly turned it upside down. The cupboard key fell into his palm. He grasped it and left for the kitchen cupboard.

Meanwhile June was balancing a cup of coffee on a delicately crossed leg in Mrs Warren’s delicately appointed living room. The estimable Mrs Warren was explaining about how there were increasing numbers of old people needing their charity dinner and that if they didn’t die off soon, the charity may soon be bankrupt.

June was focusing on the coffee table.

Positioned in the centre of the room the table was about two feet off of the floor and about one and half feet wide. It was covered in recipe ideas, cups and a few magazines, but in June’s mind it had taken on a different use.

The table was now in her living room and she was laying on top of it. She pictured herself in a tight, tiny French maid’s outfit complete with black seamed stockings and her black, shiny fetish heels. She was laying on her front, breasts squashed against the table-top, her two wrists bound the bottoms of the front table legs, her arse and pussy pushed invitingly up in the air at the other end of the table. Her mouth was coated in bright red lipstick and was currently open with awe at the sight of her Son’s naked body. David stood there, muscular and imperious, his cock erect, red and angry in front of her.

“How dare you? How DARE YOU?” David asked her, his arms folded. “You want ME to vacuum? That is YOUR JOB!”

“I’m sorry, David, Mummy won’t do it again, Mummy promises!”

“Make it up to me, Mother. Come on, quickly, open up!”

June opened her bright red lips as David slid his cock deep inside it. The Mother began to suck like her life depended on it. She wrapped her tongue around the salty length of his cock, her Son’s own penis. He was goading her, telling her to take him in deeper. She widened her mouth for him, she loved the feeling, it completed her.

David wasn’t content with a blow job though, he pulled away from his Mother’s warm mouth and circled her bound body in favour of her warm pussy.

“OHHHH!” June shouted as David’s thick cock pushed its way into her warm flesh. She shook in her bondage as he began to thrust against her needy, steaming cunt. Her moaning got louder and she alternated between obscenities escort izmir and her Son’s name.

Why was this so appealing? Why was she so wet? This was rape, this was incest, this was her Son abusing her body for his own sexual pleasure and she LOVED IT. Could she be enough for him? The worry soon passed as the wound spring of her orgasm began to tighten. David was slamming his cock inside her, owning her completely. She wanted to be flooded with his cum, all of it, wanted to accept his seed, to keep him cumming, to drain him, to satisfy him. Yes, yes she would do it, Mummy could take care of his every need, Mummy would suck him and fuck him every day, Mummy would let him use her body until he threw her aside and he was spent, yes fuck Mummy, David, fuck Mummy!!!-

“And that sounds like a good stuffing!”

“What?!” June jumped in the air spilling coffee over her skirt. Mrs Warren frowned at her.

“The stuffing Mrs Timms is going to make, June, for the dinner. Are you sure you’ll alright?”

June realised she was bright red as Mrs Warren went to fetch a tea towel.

Half an hour later and June was walking back along the street to her own house. Even now she felt wobbly, amazed at the power of her own imagination. She hadn’t cum (thank God!) but her day dreaming of getting fucked by David in such a wanton and brutal way had made her wet. She could feel her damp panties as she walked and the pleasing brief friction of her stockingtops. The wind began to brush against her skin and it felt pleasant. Damn, she was still horny.

June tried to think about other things, her fundraising activities, new curtains for the spare bedroom, anything but David, but the image of him forcing himself inside her would not go away. It was madness, insanity, but that part of her that she kept locked-up, safely caged-up in the kitchen cupboard was now out and demanding to be heard.

She got back to the house, opened up the front door and went in. It was quiet.


“Up here, Mum.” Ah, he was revising.

June stepped upstairs and popped her head into David’s bedroom.

“Well how’s it going?”

“Not bad, just struggling with History.”

June smiled.

“Did you hoover?”

“Oh, no I didn’t I’m sorry… I’ll do it now.”

“No, no, I-” stammered June. “I’ll do it. Need to change though, your Mother managed to spill coffee all over herself.”

David raised his eyebrows and his Mother went to her own room, shutting the door behind her.

June’s mind was working overtime. He’s home, we’re alone, it’s not like I can ask him to bend me over the bed. Then she thought: well, at least I can give him a show.

Back in David’s room, the young man reflected on his morning. He’d opened the kitchen cupboard and got access to the chest.

He’d removed each of the items he recognised from the night before – the dildo (which he’d studied for a whole two minutes before gently kissing the tip), the handcuffs, the fetish stilettos, the gag… They all belonged to a world that should never have met his Mother and yet here they were.

Why? Why did she need this stuff, why couldn’t she just find a man and settle down? Someone to share this house with.

It took David another five minutes to realise HE was the man of the house.

The cuffs, the gag, it all screamed ‘Restrain me! Control me!’. David sighed and a tight knot of nervousness grew in his stomach. He’d need to izmir escort do this very carefully indeed.

He’d replaced everything back the way he’d found it. Chest locked. Cupboard locked. Key returned. Realising his Mother would be back, he returned to his books.

David heard June emerge from her bedroom and then looked up, what he saw took his breath away. She had changed into a skirt that ended mid-thigh and clung to her body like a second skin. It was simple, black and devastatingly effective. Her usual nude stockings remained and ended in a pair of black heels, two inches high with a white trim. The outfit was set-off with a tight white sweater. She once more stopped at David’s door.

“Anything you need, darling?”


“OK, well, I’m going to hoover downstairs.”

And with that she strode off.

The familiar bulge in David’s pants was back and he scrambled up, grabbing a book as he did. He hurtled down the stairs and walked into the living room.

Oh good, she thought. He’s here.

David settled into an armchair and pretended to look at his book. In the centre of the room June bent down to the hoover and unravelled the power cable. He was looking, she knew it, he was watching her body and she loved it. Fractionally slowly she moved her arse from side to side.

June gathered up the power cord and flashing David a smile walked slowly, one foot in front of the other to the socket. She bent over once more making sure David had a good view.

Her horny Son watched this little performance with fascination. Was this display for him? Was this one of her control games? This time, as she walked back to the vacuum he smiled at her and she returned it. He once more pretended to be into his book.

June began to move the hoover around the room, trying to ignore the fact that David was ogling her while simultaneously loving it. She took every opportunity to wiggle her arse, bend over and flex. David got hotter and hotter, his erection now pressing painfully against his jeans. Then she moved the vacuum towards him. Once more they exchanged smiles and June leaned forward pushing the hoover towards her Son. This time, David was treated to more cleavage than this morning, June’s white sweater was loose and as she moved the vacuum over by his chair her breasts, which he could see encased in a satiny white bra, jiggled pleasingly in front of him.

“Mum, you missed a bit down there!” he called over the vacuum’s drone. David pointed to a spot behind the chair.

June smiled and nodded and leaned over him pushing her arse right into his face. He gasped as he saw her stocking tops peek out from below the skirt.

I hope you’re getting a good look, Son, she thought.

David indicated another spot only this time was a little more direct with his command. June smiled once more and obediently went to the other corner. Inwardly David groaned as his sexy Mother displayed her body for him. God he wanted her, he had to have her! Those legs, that arse!

A few more pushes with the hoover and David’s cock was straining in his jeans, the bulge was now visible, he was leaking pre-cum. June then switched it off.

Putting her hands on her hips, she grinned at him.

“Well, David, is this OK? I’m glad you pointed out those spots I’d missed.”

David considered his next words carefully and decided to go for it.

“You did, Mum, but perhaps I should make sure you get all the spots in all the rooms.”

June nodded.

“You’d better come with me to the dining room then.”

And with butterflies in their stomachs and pulses racing, Son followed Mother to the next room to begin the game again.

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