MILFs – Ms. Jones Ch. 01

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“It’s 8:30 at night, where the heck is this guy?” Ms. Jones thought to herself as she checked the time on her phone. “I put on a skirt and jacket over my bikini and I’m still freezing my ass off in here.”

Just as Ms. Jones put her head down, she heard the door to the restroom open. Ms. Jones sat up and listened to the footsteps while staring at the hole in her stall. Two taps rung out against the other side of the stall, also accompanied by the glow of a phone’s screen by the glory hole. Ms. Jones leaned in and checked the phone’s screen.

“MILF_Lover_213, yep, that’s him using the app,” Ms. Jones thought to herself. Ms. Jones pulled her phone out of her jacket and messaged the man on the other side. “Glad you made it! Remember, no words and don’t let me see your face. You don’t have to use a condom, but keep in mind that if you want to cum inside me, you’ll be doing it in my mouth.”

“I’m so fucking glad we found each other,” MILF_Lover_213 typed back. “A MILF offering to suck cock in a gas station bathroom was almost too good to be true.”

Ms. Jones giggled silently and put her phone back in her jacket. The sliding of its zipper was the only sound that echoed in the restroom before clacking of her shoes as she hung it up on the peg. Ms. Jones sat at a distance from the glory hole to let her mysterious lover get a full eyeful of her massive breasts. She pulled up on the straps, letting them bounce up and down before shaking them side to side, then letting them loose by pulling them over the top.

Ms. Jones put her hand up to the hole and gestured for her friend to put his cock through. The stranger unzipped his pants and did just so. Ms. Jones’ eyes grew wider and wider as inch after inch of cock came through. She estimated around 7-8 inches in length with a thick girth to match, not even counting the thickness of the stall keeping the rest from coming through. Ms. Jones ogled the cock a bit before wrapping her hands around it.

She felt the heat and rigidity izmir escort bayan of it thoroughly in her hands before bring her lips to the tip and giving it a kiss. Ms. Jones leaned in and ran her tongue along the underside of the stranger’s tip; the gentle kisses and lapping echoed softly. She slowly worked her way down until she was halfway down the stranger’s dick. The stranger could feel the pulling of his skin as Ms. Jones pulled off to lick his entire underside. “I’d be jerking this cock and sucking on those balls if this hole were bigger,” Ms. Jones thought to herself.

Ms. Jones teased the stranger for a few more seconds before getting off the toilet seat to take her skirt off. The stranger saw Ms. Jones’ white tennis skirt hit the tile then get flicked off to the side before seeing her spread out crotch just below the stall divider as she squatted down. Ms. Jones pinched her rainbow-print bikini bottom and shifted it to the side, exposing her pussy. Two of her fingers entered her soaked pussy as her other hand wrapped around the base of the stranger’s cock.

Quickly, the stranger felt Ms. Jones soft lips slide from his tip all the way down to the stall wall. The stranger let out a deep exhale in an attempt to focus on not cumming early. Ms. Jones smiled with his cock in her mouth before pulling up to the midpoint of his shaft then slamming back down. She kept up this intense tempo until she was eventually sucking and going down so hard that the stall shook and her sucks reverberated.

Saliva poured out of Ms. Jones mouth and puddled below her. She plundered her fingers into her pussy deeper and faster the more she sucked. The stranger let out a muffled groan before sticking his cock in, as far as it could go, through the hole. Ms. Jones felt the warm, wet sensation of his cum shooting out against her back molars and slowed her sucking down. The stranger grabbed the top of the stall divider and continued to dump his load into Ms. Jones’ mouth.

Ms. Jones escort izmir moaned softly and squeezed the stranger’s cock from the bottom to tip like she would with an almost empty toothpaste tube. Instead of swallowing or spitting out his load, she kept it in her mouth and reached for her phone.

“I’ll be looking up to show you what you put out into my mouth, but don’t let me see your face!” she messaged to the stranger.

Mrs. Jones’ stood up and opened her mouth. Semen was splattered all inside of it; so much of it that it nearly submerged her entire tongue. The stranger put his phone up above the stall wall and took several pictures. “Look through the hole,” she messaged him. Ms. Jones put her mouth up to the hole and played around with the stranger’s load, folding it with her tongue before swallowing. She showed the stranger her clean mouth before licking her lips with a smile.

“Let’s do this a lot fucking more,” the stranger messaged her.

“You bet, baby.” Ms. Jones messaged back.

Ms. Jones put her clothes back on and took her leave from the stall. Once outside of the restroom, she headed to her car. Along the way, she ran into a familiar face.

“Nick? Is that you?” she called out.

“Aunt Tammy?” Nick shouted back as he turned around.

“I’m surprised to see you here this late,” Ms. Jones said.

“Yeah, I was just getting gas,” Nick replied.

Ms. Jones and Nick made idle chatter until her phone fell out of her jacket pocket and landed behind her. “Oh, darn.” she said as she turned around to pick it up.

Nick was a healthy 20-year-old college boy who had always noticed that his aunt Tammy’s body was the best he’s ever seen. He often felt ashamed about fantasizing of seeing her naked or them doing the dirty but after seeing her tits fall out of her bikini at the pool once, he became dead-set on seeing more of his aunt in that way.

Ms. Jones bent over to pick up her phone, but struggled with the slippery edges of its izmir escort sleek design. Nick tilted his head down to get a good look at her ass under her skirt, but got a shocking revelation instead.

“Oh my god, she’s wearing the same bikini!” Nick thought to himself.

Nick resumed his normal standing position as Ms. Jones finally picked up her phone and turned back around. “Damn jacket pockets are too small for this huge phone, am I right?” Ms. Jones said while smiling at Nick. “Yeah, phones just keep getting bigger and bigger,” Nick said.

An awkward pause soon followed before Nick decided to pursue his theory.

“So, Auntie, what brought you out here so late?” Nick asked.

“Oh… I was just meeting a friend. She just so happened to be close by so we met up inside to catch up.” Ms. Jones nervously replied.

While Ms. Jones pointed to the gas station to explain her story better, Nick started to notice more details about his aunt’s face. Against her knowledge, there was a lone streak of jizz towards the inside of her cleavage. Her rainbow bikini top also slightly peeked out from behind the top of her green jacket.

Nick’s eyes grew wide as he confirmed that the woman he had met in the stall was in fact his aunt Tammy. His face turned red and his pants grew tight. “I hate to cut you off, Auntie, but I really need to get home now,” Nick said. “Oh, of course! You still have a week left of classes before the summer starts,” Mrs. Jones replied. Ms. Jones gave her nephew a big hug before sending him off and going to her car.

“That was close,” she said to herself. “I need to schedule another “meeting” with that guy I just sucked off.”

Ms. Jones started her car then texted Nick, “remember, we’re meeting up at Grandma’s house on Friday.” “I won’t,” Nick texted back. Switching over her dating app, Ms. Jones’ texted MILF_Lover, “I just ran into my nephew and told him I met a “friend” here lol. I can’t wait to do this again.” Nick was still parked when he got Ms. Jones’ message. “Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing each real soon,” he messaged back.

The two drove out of the gas station and in opposite directions, each anticipating meeting face to face with the stranger from the night.

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