Mika Waits For Daddy Ch. 01

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Enduring an agonizing week of Daddy working night shifts was finally coming to an end tonight, little Mika sat in bed thinking to herself. This was the first time ever since their first night of pleasures together 6 months ago on Mika’s 18th birthday, that little Mika was alone. As it was only Mika and her Daddy together now, they were very close to start with and now that Daddy had showed her pleasures, she needed him even more. Hugging herself tightly with a smile on her face as she spoke into the room, “ohhhhh” moaning out loud, “Daddy, hurry home.” Her finger’s going up to her lips, she kisses the tips softly, and blew a kiss to her Daddy.

Little Mika wanted tonight to be so special for her Daddy; she was bursting with excitement to finally get her Daddy all to herself. As all week long with Daddy working late and her senior classes keeping her so busy, it wasn’t possible for them to be together, it had been an agonizingly lonely week for little Mika.

Knowing that her Daddy loved her entire body smooth and baby soft, Mika spent hours pampering her skin and making everything so soft and smooth. First softening her skin for hours in the bath then using her favorite body sugar scrub cleansing every inch of her sweet little body. Carefully shaving her legs arms and lil pussy leaving her skin satiny soft for her Daddy’s touches. An involuntary little groan “mmmmmmmm” now escapes lil Mika’s lips as she visually and physically remembers the feeling that came from her Daddy’s touches, the memory now making her lil pussy heat up and ache for more of Daddies kisses and touches.

Now lying in bed waiting, she knew the next few hours were going to be the hardest. Mika lay there snuggled back into all her fluffy pillows, thinking of how much she loved her Daddy, and how crazy he made her with his touches. “I have the best Daddy in the whole world” she thinks to herself. “Ohhhhhh Daddy,” she thinks in her mind, “oh god Daddy I need your kisses your touches so badly.”

Absent mindedly while lying there, little Mika’s hands had already been roaming all over her quivering body. Stretching out like a little kitten looking for caresses, feeling the need in her body, the desire for touches, Mika’s fingers slid down her body till they reached her throbbing lil pussy. Anyone watching could see that little Mika was nearly loosing her mind with need for her Daddies touches.

Arching her slender hips up off the bed a lusty groan escapes her lips as izmir escort bayan her fingers slide into her panties. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moans out, as her fingers push into her glistening wet little puss. A “gasp” and then another moan as little Mika’s hips fall to the bed, her long legs opening wide, her thighs falling to the bed as her fingers madly try to make the pleasure come that her Daddy had showed her could happen. But frustratingly so, Mika wasn’t getting the same feeling.

Not knowing that her Daddy had been able to leave early tonight and had come home in a rush to see his baby girl. Little Mika was right in the middle of an agonizing moan of frustration as her Daddy opened her bedroom door catching his lil sweetheart trying desperately to please herself. So lost in her effort to please herself, lil Mika didn’t notice her Daddy was watching. Stifling a groan of desire, Mika’s Daddy slowly backed out the door thinking to himself, “I will have a quick shower, and then come back and pleasure my baby.”

Holding in another groan as he walked to the shower room his shaft continuing to throb and grow in his pants, he quickly removed his clothing still groaning, showering faster than he had ever done in his life. “God that was the sweetest, sexiest site I have ever seen” he thought to himself. The sight of his baby girl lying on her bed in only her little teeny frilly pastel pink g-string panties and matching little tiny spaghetti strapped baby doll top that barely covered her little panties. As another surge of need for his lil Mika coursed through him, “Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Daddy groaned out loud again as he grabbed the towel drying off as he hurried back to his lil Mika’s room.

On opening the door to his Mika’s room, Daddy is taken over with lust as he sees his lil girl sprawled out on her bed. Her lil baby doll top now pushed up over her swollen breasts, as she is squeezing and pulling on her hard little nipples simultaneously while rubbing at her little glistening wet pussy like mad.

“Daddies home” her Daddy lustfully groans out as he slides onto the bed scooping his lil Mika up into his arms muffling her scream of joy as he covers his lil Mika’s lips with a hungry devouring kiss. Throwing her arms around her Daddy, little Mika moans lustfully and kisses her Daddy all over his face. “Ooooohhhhhhhhhh Daddy your home,” wrapping her little body around his, “oooohhhhhhh Daddy please fuck me now, right now escort izmir Daddy. Oh Daddy, I need you so bad.”

A week of celibacy for Daddy took its toll upon hearing his Mika’s words; “please fuck me daddy” drove him over the edge. Wanting nothing else but to have his now throbbing shaft deep inside his little Mika… Daddy hesitates for one second before he tosses his pleasure starved baby girl onto her back pulling her thighs open and plunging his hard pleasure tool into his baby girls hot and ready to be fucked lil pussy.

Watching his hard swollen shaft disappear into his baby’s beautiful dripping wet little pussy sent shock waves of pleasure through him. Looking down he thought, “my little Mika is everything I ever dreamed of, so sweet and loving, and completely made for pleasure.” His sweet baby girl before his eyes had now transformed into a wild nymph writhing and bucking into him like a little an untamed little animal.

“Ohhhhhhhaahhhh… ooooaaahhhhhhhhh Daddy” Mika screamed out, “Fuck me Daddy, oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, yes, ooohhh Daddy don’t stop.” Driven on by his Mika’s wild and naughty screams for more, Daddy goes crazy moving like a piston in and out of his Mika’s pussy, his little pussy now. “God I am the luckiest Daddy” he thinks again as he grabs his Mika’s hips pulling her up off the bed and up to him so he could thrust even deeper into her perfect lil pussy.

To Mika it felt like her Daddy’s love tool was going straight up into her tummy as she wrapped her legs tight around his hips, with each thrust hitting that spot that drove her crazy for touches. Every time Mika felt her Daddy’s love tool hit deep at that spot she would wildly arch up off the bed trying to reach for her Daddy, but falling back between each thrust. “Ooohhhhhh Daddy, no more no more” she would cry out, then in the next breath screaming out, “Don’t stop Daddy, ooohhhhhhh my god, daddy, daddy, daddy, oooohhhhhhhhhhh” a long continuous moan screaming out from Mika.

This is what she needed Mika thought to herself in her delirious state of mind, as her Daddy pumped in and out of her telling her what a beautiful girl she was. “Ooohhh Mika, daddy loves fucking you baby girl, I love it when you scream for daddy, your little pussy is so perfect for Daddy’s cock, oh yes baby, yes baby, scream for your Daddy. Give me your pleasure baby, soak Daddy’s cock with your sweet honey.”

All week long Mika had been dreaming of this, nothing in this world izmir escort could be better than making wild love with her Daddy. Lying there beneath her daddy unable to control the thrashing of her body any longer, little Mika starts to scream, soft whimpering and loud gasping sobs escaping between each thrust of her Daddy’s throbbing shaft.

Daddy now holding his girl tightly down to the bed to control her wild trembling and thrashing body, holds her tight as he grinds deeper and faster into his lil girls pussy. Knowing that his Mika needs him to show his lust for her by taking her body for his own pleasure and making her surrender that final control over to him. Knowing that even on her own she was the kind of girl that would never be able to experience this kind of ecstasy on her own. As his little Mika naturally fought to hang onto each breath and spasm of her body trying to control it, but with him she would always surrender everything as he would never allow her not to surrender. This he had learned the very first time he showed his Mika what pleasure was.

Daddy now feeling his own orgasm building, pulls his Mika, his little lover into his arms holding her tighter to him holding her as he plunges deeper and faster into her hot little pussy. Until finally, her arms and legs wrap tightly around him like a vice screaming out in surrendered ecstasy, screaming, “daddy, daddy, daddy over and over again.

With a final thunderous growl “ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh,” Daddy explodes like never before feeling his pleasure juice pumping out deep into his Mika’s pussy. Soft breathless sobs now coming from his baby girl makes Daddy’s heart bursts with love as he continues to slowly pump in and out of his girl, holding her tight to his heart until all her trembles and soft lust made sobs have stopped.

Wrapped up in her Daddy’s arms was the most wonderful place to be in the world thought Mika as she lay quietly in her Daddy’s arms. “I Love You Daddy,” finally the first words that come from his baby’s sweet little lips, “I Love You to my Baby girl,” Daddy loves you so much. Holding his girl tighter again, Daddy rolls over onto his back bringing his Mika up and over him, their bodies still together as one, pulling her close again.

“Ohhhh Daddy,” another soft sigh escaping from Mika as she lays her head down on her Daddy’s chest, feeling like the most loved and happiest girl in the whole world. “You’re the best daddy” little Mika whispers again as she drifts into peaceful sleep. “I love you too my baby girl Daddy whispers back, pulling his Mika closer falling asleep feeling like the luckiest man and daddy in the world, feeling so lucky to have a girl who loves him like she does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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