Mia in Tokyo

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As she got ready to go to work, Mia took care to look as demure as possible. She wore a conservative black skirt and jacket, topping it with a simple white shirt. With her blonde hair straightened and swinging just above her shoulders, she looked like the perfect, competent secretary.

Grabbing her keys, she left her apartment and rode the elevator to the main floor. The polished finish of the elevator door mirrored her image and she gazed at herself. At 5’6″, she wasn’t much taller than the rest of the women here in Japan, but her icy blonde hair brought her attention wherever she went. The other attention grabber was her curves. Though nearly the same height as Japanese women, her large breasts and generously flaring hips were rare to see in this part of the world. Her last minute inspection ended when the doors to the elevator swished open into the lavishly decorated lobby. The doorman opened the door and she stepped out onto the busy Tokyo street. The slivers of sky visible between the tall buildings held the faint orange glow of sunset. Hailing a cab, she was quickly on her way to Shinjuku district.

Though she might appear to be, Mia wasn’t a secretary, in fact she had only stepped foot in her company’s office a few times. No one who worked there on a regular basis would even know who she was. She worked from other locations, sometimes bars, but mostly at restaurants where management would meet with clients over sake. Her job was to provide entertainment, or companionship during these informal meetings. There was nothing easier than making a deal in the presence of a beautiful woman. On paper, she was the Entertainment Manager, in charge of keeping clients ‘happy’ after regular business hours, and most of these clients tended to be middle aged business men. Men who had a lot of money, a lot of power, and spent very little time at home with their families.

Mia had a unique talent for pleasing men. After spending just a few minutes with them, she knew what they wanted in a companion. She knew which men wanted to be seduced, which ones needed to feel like the hunter, who wanted her to play the innocent secretary, and which preferred her to be the provocative vixen. She loved figuring men out, it was like a puzzle to her, when all the pieces finally clicked into place, she knew exactly what to do.

Not only was Mia able to categorize their desires, but she had another gift that made her perfect for her job, she was absolutely addicted to sex. Few of her boyfriends had ever managed to fully satisfy her, she often resorted to masturbating, even after sex. After a few years of sexually disappointing college boyfriends, she longed to have other experiences out in the world, more satisfying ones she had hoped.

Last year, just before her 24th birthday, her travels took her to Tokyo. It was through pure chance she saw an advertisement seeking a female entertainment companion. She didn’t know what that was at the time, but the vaguely suggestive description intrigued her. The company was surprised to have a foreigner apply, and were cautious about describing the potential duties of the position. Mia bluntly told them the job was exactly what she was looking for. She was addicted to sex, she mentioned, this would provide her with all the sex she desired and a variety of men. They took her at her word and quickly rushed the permit papers to allow her to stay in Japan. They set up a fully furnished luxury apartment for her in less than a week. They opened bank accounts for her and even scheduled cleaning services. She had nothing to worry about except going to work when the call came.

Her work hours usually began late and ended even later. Despite working only a few evenings a month, including bonuses, she made nearly 10 million yen a year. The company paid for her high-rise apartment and expenses, she just had to make sure the clients closed the deal with their company.

As the car pulled up outside a dimly lit restaurant and Mia slid the driver his fare before she slipped out the door. A light rain had begun falling and the doorman quickly ran towards her with an umbrella. Mia was a regular at this restaurant, it was high priced and exclusive, with private dining rooms that were perfect for business dinners.

The click of her heels on the lacquered hardwood floor followed her as she was led to their reserved room. Two pairs of leather shoes lined up neatly outside the room let her know her companions had already arrived. Slipping her shoes off, she slid the door open.

The two men inside the room automatically turned as they heard the door open. They were seated at a low table in the centre of the room. She bowed politely to them before sliding the door closed behind her.

Her boss, Mr. Tanaka broke into a grin when he saw her entering the room. She had never met the other man before and he was looking at her with surprise in his gaze.

“Ahh, Mia! I’m glad you’re here! This is Mr. Yamamoto. He had been meeting with us for the ataşehir escort bayan past few days to see if we can manufacture parts for him. He has to go back to Kyoto tomorrow and we still haven’t worked out all the details. Mr. Yamamoto, this is Mia. She is one of my most capable secretaries. I asked her to join us because I know how you love America. She moved here last year and we were lucky enough to have her work with us.”

“Thank you for inviting me.” Mia bowed once more to the men.

“Please, sit down.” Mr, Yamamoto urged, unable to take his eyes off the young blonde woman who had suddenly entered the room.

Mia did in fact look very out of place in the room. Traditionally decorated with wood and paper covered walls and a low table without chairs, it was not a place you would usually see a westerner. She knelt down on the tatami mat floor beside Mr. Yamamoto.

Mia reached for the tiny bottle of sake and poured each of the men a drink, sitting back quietly while they continued to discuss business. Though she was rarely addressed, she felt the eyes of the men on her occasionally as they snuck glances at her.

An hour, and several bottles of sake later, the two Japanese men were much less reserved. Mr Yamamoto’s face was flushed from the alcohol and he was enjoying sharing jokes with her boss. Mia met Mr. Tanaka’s eyes and nodded slightly, giving him the sign it was time for her to work her magic.

On cue, Mr. Tanaka reached into his pocket for his phone, seemingly to casually check for notifications. It was a routine they had done many times before.

“Oh! There’s a call I need to make. I’m sorry, but I need to step out for a little while.” Mr. Tanaka told Mr. Yamamoto. He rose from the floor and reached for the sliding door. As he put his shoes back on he glanced at Mia. “Mia, please keep Mr. Yamamoto company until I get back. This might take a little while.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll do my best.” Mia nodded to him as he shut the door. His footsteps echoed as he walked down the hallway away from their room.

Her companion, Mr. Yamamoto, seemed to suddenly grow nervous. He seemed a little anxious to be alone with her, a foreigner. Though she spoke some Japanese, she was far from fluent. Without Mr. Tanaka there to translate for him, he would have to rely on his grade-school English.

Sensing his nervousness, Mia poured him another glass of sake. Accepting the glass with a shy nod, he downed the sake in a single shot, but in his haste, a drop of liquor dribbled down his chin. Mia reached out and wiped it away, startling him.

“Don’t be nervous,” she told him, “I don’t bite.” He nervously laughed with her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve never been alone with an American woman before. I’m not confident in my English.”

“Your English seems fine to me, much better than my Japanese.” He seemed to glow under her praise. Straightening his posture, he looked at her directly. She could see that though he was nearing 60, he still had traces of his youth. His salt and pepper hair was neatly cut and styled, his face clean shaven, with wrinkles only appearing when he smiled. Though he obviously was slim, his age had started to cause him to develop a bit of a tummy that was spilling over top of his belt. He was still a good looking man, and she could feel her body begin to naturally respond to him. Following his gaze, she smiled to herself as she found he was captivated with her chest.

He was startled when she began to unbutton her suit jacket. She fanned her face “It’s so hot in here. I can’t seem to cool off.” He nodded and his eyes followed her movements as she pulled the coat off, the buttons on her shirt straining to keep closed as she moved. Her coat had hidden the size of her breasts, and without it, he could clearly see them pushing at her shirt.

Mr. Yamamoto cleared his throat and quickly looked back at the table in front of them. He was getting turned on, but he was trying to hide it. Glancing at his hand holding his now empty sake cup, she could see why, he was married. A simple gold band circled his finger.

Sensing he wouldn’t fall for her charms easily, she moved on to the next phase in her plan. Moving swiftly, she moved behind him and started to run her hands down the lapels of his suit coat. He froze as she leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Aren’t you hot too?” As though answering her siren’s call, without knowing he was doing it, he nodded. “Then let’s take your coat off, too.”

He didn’t resist her as she pulled his coat off, his body moved at her will. “There! Isn’t that better?” she asked once he was also left in just his dress shirt. He nodded, now watching her closely.

“What is your suit made from? It feels so nice.”

“Silk,” he replied, his voice somewhat hoarse.

“Ahhh. No wonder.” She stealthily placed her hand on his thigh. “It feels so expensive.” He jerked as her hand inched further up his thigh, the warmth of his body radiating through the escort kadıköy thin material. His hand grasped hers just before it could reach his crotch.

“Wh…what are you doing?” He stuttered in shock.

“Shhh…you don’t want others to hear us, do you?” She pulled his hand over to her lap, guiding it below the hem of her skirt. He tried to pull it back, but she held on firmly, dragging his warm fingers until they touched the most intimate part of her. She forced his hand to cup her, letting him feel the dampness soaking her thin panties. His fingers instinctively moved against her, seeking the source of the wetness he could feel. Even after she let go of his hand, it stayed where she had held it. He was captivated by her.

While his fingers shyly investigated between her legs, Mia once again traced her way up his thigh, this time making it to his crotch without interruption. She felt the bulge of his cock through the expensive material and traced its outline.

At her touch, his fingers stopped investigating her. “I’m sorry,” he looked away from her. “I can’t get hard for you. It has been years since I have had an erection.” Seemingly defeated, he began to pull his hand back from between her thighs.

“How long?” She asked quietly.

Pouring himself another glass of sake, “Three years, but the last time my wife had sex with me was over five years ago. She is no longer interested in sex, now my body can’t do it even if I want to.”

Mia reached for something in her pocket. “Don’t worry, I have something that will work.” She showed him the small blue pill. She put it in on her tongue and wrapping his tie around her hand, pulled him towards her. As they kissed, his tongue duelled with hers and she passed the pill from her mouth to his. Swallowing the pill, he slowly began to run his hands up her back, feeling the slight ridge formed by her bra. He followed the line under her dress shirt around to the front and cupped her breast through the thin fabric.

“Mmmm.” She moaned against his mouth as he found her erect nipple and rubbed his thumb across it. Wanting no barriers between them, she began to unbutton her shirt. As the fabric parted, he caught glimpses of her pale skin, the shadow of her cleavage, and the dusky circle of her nipple. Pushing the white shirt off her shoulders, he left her in just her lacy white bra and pencil skirt.

Giving him a final kiss, Mia backed away from him. Standing in front of him, she unzipped her skirt. With a quiet whisper, the dark fabric fell to the floor and she was left in just her underwear. She gave him a moment to take in the sight of her nearly naked form. Her matching lace bra and panties were made of incredibly thin fabric. She knew he could clearly see her nipples pushing out her bra, and the fabric was sheer enough that her triangle of blonde pubic hair was unmistakable too.

Mr. Yamamoto reached for her as she sat down on his lap, straddling him. His fingers instantly delved between her open legs, pushing aside the thin, damp fabric to find her pussy. His thick fingers worked themselves into her, twisting and turning to find her most sensitive spots. She squirmed on his lap, pressing herself against his groin.

While one of his hands was occupied between her legs, the other one had managed to undo her bra without her knowing. Skillfully, he managed to extract her arms through the straps and tossed the bra to the other side of the dining room. She found her bare nipples raking against his crisp dress shirt, the raspy feeling sending bolts of pleasure straight to her pussy.

“You’re so wet. You must like me touching you here,” he pressed his thumb against her clit, sending a shudder through her body. “You respond whenever I touch you there.” He began to run his thumb back forth across her sensitive clit while she shivered against him.

“I want to see more.” Moving swiftly, he manoeuvred her from sitting in his lap to laying on the floor in front of him. His fingers hooked in the straps of her panties, sliding them down her satiny legs until they too ended up in a pile on the floor.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked as he knelt between her legs. The neat blonde thatch of hair between her legs had his full attention. She opened her legs wider so her pussy lips parted so he could see the damp pink flesh that awaited him.

He moved onto his hands and knees, lowering himself to lay between her legs, his lips poised right above her womanly flesh. “I’ve never seen a woman with blonde hair down here before, at least not in person.” His fingers reached out and he traced the outline of the triangle of hair before sliding down her slit to find where the dampness originated.

Mia moaned as she felt his fingers once again wiggle their way into her tight opening. “So, you’ve watched some foreign adult films?”

Mr. Yamamoto’s lips touched her clit for a fleeting second, enough to cause her body to tense in pleasure. “Yes. Years ago I liked to watch bostancı escort it. My wife never wanted to have sex, so I found release through them, but it has been years since I watched them.” He continued on his exploration of her pussy, his tongue darting out occasionally to taste the juice he was coaxing from inside of her.

Watching his graying haired head moving between her legs as he explored her turned her on. He expertly tongued everywhere around it, but never actually touched her clit. He was driving her wild. She ran her fingers through his hair, using it to grip his head and move it to exactly where she wanted his attention. She felt the puffs of air on her clit as he chuckled seeing her lose control.

His lips closed around her clit, sucking it into his mouth. Mia let out a gasp of pleasure, he back arching off the floor, her hips moving closer towards him. Alternating between sucking her and using his tongue, he quickly brought her to the edge of climax, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“Wait.” She cried. He raised his head from between her legs, his lips shiny from her juice. “I want you too, I want to suck your cock.” She sat up, forcing him to sit too. “Lay down,” she whispered to him.

Mr. Yamatomo lay down on his back as Mia moved between his legs. Running her hands up his thighs until they found his crotch, she felt his hardening cock. “I think the pill is working, don’t you?” He nodded, swallowing hard as her hand closed around his cock.

Mia rubbed him though his clothes, feeling the heat of him, feeling it growing under her touch. The pill was definitely taking effect, he was getting rock hard. Finding the zipper of his pants, she pulled it down and reached inside.

She easily found her way through the front of his boxers to his growing shaft beneath. He jumped at the first touch of her bare hand. Teasingly, she traced his erection from base to tip, only letting the very tips of her fingers caress him.

“That feels so good.” He closed his eyes as she lifted his worked his cock out of his pants. Though not yet fully erect, his cock was over 6 inches already and wonderfully thick. She wrapped her fingers around him and stroked down, pulling his foreskin back to reveal the glistening head of his cock. She leaned down to plant a kiss right at the tip and he groaned.

Mia jerked his cock until it was standing upright for her and rewarded her by drooling precum. The sheen of precum was irresistible to her, she couldn’t stop herself from leaning down to taste him. As her lips closed around his cock, the nutty flavor of his precum exploded in her mouth. She wanted more. Her tongue swirled around him, massaging him while her hands stoked him, working his precum up from his balls to her waiting mouth.

Mia’s mouth travelled further down his shaft each time she moved her head up and down, swallowing more of his rock hard shaft. She could feel his scrotum tensing as he came closer to orgasm under her attention.

Swinging her leg over his, she straddled him, her core directly over his upright cock. She started to lower herself onto him, her hand guiding him into her waiting pussy.

“Wait,” he seemed to sober instantly, “I don’t have any protection.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Mia shifted her hips and his bare cock slipped inside her.

She felt herself opening around him, stretching over his invading cock. She shifted again, settling him deeply within her, her moist flesh encasing him. Mia shivered at the deliciously full feeling spreading through her pussy.

Placing her hands on his chest, she steadied herself and rocked agonizingly slowly back and forth. She savoured the feeling of his cock inching its way inside her, stimulating the nerves of her pussy with its veins.

While he enjoyed having her riding him, Mr. Yamamoto’s patience was wearing thin. Mia’s slow pace was driving him crazy. He needed more. He wanted to make her cum for him. Moving his hips slightly, he pulled only a few inches out of her before sinking back inside. She felt him grab her hips and move them faster, his fingers digging into her bare flesh as his passion grew.

Mia rode him as fast as she could, her breasts bouncing freely as she fucked his cock, her fingers scratching at the cloth that covered his chest. Mr. Yamamoto’s grip on her hips was bruising as he held her in place while lifting his hips to pound her pussy from below. Over and over he pierced her cunt, her swollen flesh parting for him, accepting his hard, hot cock until she was impaled completely. Each time he pulled her down on him, she could feel the material of his pants against her labia, her bottom resting on his swollen scrotum.

Catching her breasts in her hands, she pulled on her nipples, sending pleasure bolts straight to her groin, causing her pussy to contract around the hard shaft inside it. She could hear him breathe heavily every time she tightened around him.

As she got closer to her orgasm, he movements became sloppier. Her rhythm became erratic as she came close to exploding in pleasure. His hands on her hips tried to guide her back into a rhythm, but she was too far gone. With a swift movement, he rolled them over so she was now beneath his powerful body.

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