Memory Of Neighbours Keeps Him Going

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I’m a lonely man and haven’t slept with my wife in over one month as she has gone to her native place with our children due to school summer vacation. My only sexual encounters in these days have come when my right hand meets my dick in a dark place. The following story will remain in my mind fresh for a long, long time.

My neighbour told me on Sunday night that I should meet him in his flat on Monday evening. I went to my own flat and get cleaned up after work, then go to his flat. I was about to press calling bell, but found the main door open a bit. It came into my mind that probably he might have opened it seeing me to come. So, without hesitation I entered the flat.

The first thing I heard was a woman laughing in the bedroom. It wasn’t his wife, Soma’s laugh! As quietly as I could, I crept over to the door. My eyes nearly jumped from my face as I looked into the room.

There were three naked women on the bed. One was Soma; one was Soma’s good friend Vijaya. The third was Kajal. Both of them are leaving nearby. They all had lovely bodies. Soma was very familiar to me. I had admired Vijaya and Kajal’s body before, but seeing them nude was a treat. My dick was rock-hard instantly at the sight of all the naked, womanly beauty.

Then I noticed what was happening on the bed. Kajal was moving around to get her pussy near Vijaya’s mouth. Soma was sitting at the foot of the bed, in between Vijaya’s wide-spread legs, adjusting the harness of the strap-on dildo that hung from her waist.

Kajal looked at me and slowly lowered her crotch onto Vijaya’s upturned face. She looked in my eyes, licked her lips and adjusted herself on Vijaya’s tongue. Soma followed Kajal’s gaze and saw me in the doorway. She smiled at me and nodded her head toward the chair in the room, and turned back to face Vijaya’s splayed legs. Soma moved up and began to tease Vijaya’s pussy with antalya escort ten-inch dildo. When she had the fake cock covered with Vijaya’s creamy juices, she slowly but steadily worked all ten inches into Vijaya’s humping cunt. Soma’s thrusts matched Vijaya’s bucking hips as they’d done this before, which would have been news to me.

Kajal toyed with her own hard nipples as she rocked on Vijaya’s tongue and watched Soma and Vijaya go at it. Soma lay on Vijaya’s body the way a man would, breathlessly told Vijaya how much she was enjoying the close-up view of Vijaya tongue-fucking Kajal’s cunt, how beautiful she was, how much she liked shoving her hard dick into Vijaya. Panting hard, Soma would talk, then suck and nibble on Vijaya’s big, hard nipples, as she was trying to catch her breath.

What a scene—Soma’s firm ass humping between Vijaya’s strong legs, and beautiful Kajal being tongued by Vijaya.

Kajal turned to me and calmly said, “Hi, could I suck your cock?”

As if in a trance, I stood up and slipped off my cut-offs and boxers. My dick stood straight out when it was released. My erection seemed to draw me onto the bed and Kajal’s mouth.

Soma was behind me now, as I stood between her and Kajal, straddling Vijaya’s chest. While Kajal took my cock down her throat, Soma started massaging my balls with one of her soft hands. Kajal moaned around my dick as she started to climax on Vijaya’s tongue. She finally had to let my prick go so that she could make more noise. Her orgasm went on for a long time, so did her loud wailing. Then she rubbed her creamy juices all over Vijaya’s face as she slowly relaxed again.

Kajal eased herself from Vijaya’s face. She and I moved to the floor beside the bed, because Vijaya and Soma were starting to bounce around so much I could hardly stand up. Kajal took my meat back into her mouth, slurping on lara escort the purple head of my dick.

Soma licked Kajal’s juices off of Vijaya’s face and they shared a long, tongue-teasing kiss. Vijay broke the kiss when she started to shudder into her own orgasm. Soma kept giving it to her as she heaved and moaned and then, collapsed, breathing hard. They shared another long kiss before Soma slipped the dildo out of Vijaya’s cunt.

Soma climbed off Vijaya and crawled over to Kajal. She looked sexy as hell with a slippery dildo sticking out of her crotch. Soma pushed Kajal’s legs apart so she could get her tongue into Kajal’s pussy. As she worked on Kajal’s cunt, Vijaya removed the dildo from Soma’s waist and strapped it onto herself.

Seeing Soma licking Kajal’s pussy was all I needed to explode and fill Kajal’s mouth full of my salty seed. Kajal hungrily milked my cock dry.

Kajal fell back on the bed and said she needed something bigger than a tongue in her pussy. Vijaya told Kajal to get on her knees and she’d give her a good fucking from behind. Soma said she wanted Kajal to tongue her to orgasm. I was in heaven as I waited Soma lie back and spread her legs wide so Kajal could tongue her pussy.

Kajal stuck her ass in the air as she worked on Soma’s cunt. Vijaya moved up to Kajal’s ass and teased her cunt with the head of the dildo. Then she slowly eased all ten inches of rubber into Kajal’s cunt. Kajal moaned into Soma’s cunt as Vijaya fucked her with the dildo.

Soma looked at me and told me to join in wherever I thought I could fit. I walked to the foot of the bed and noticed how enticing Vijaya’s ass looked as she humped Kajal from behind. I climbed up behind Vijaya and started to tease her cunt with the head of my cock. Vijaya told me to fuck her good and hard. I rammed all the way to Vijaya from behind, manavgat escort which in turn made Vijaya push ten inches of dildo into Kajal, which pushed Kajal’s face harder into Soma’s pussy. This brought Soma to a moaning orgasm. She looked at me and humped her cunt into Kajal’s face in time with my strokes into Vijaya.

When Soma had calmed down some from her orgasm, she moved away from Kajal’s face. She slid under Kajal so that she could lick Kajal’s clit while Vijaya fucked her pussy with the dildo. Seeing Soma eating pussy again went straight into my balls. They boiled over and filled Vijaya’s cunt till it overflowed and ran the insides of her thighs.

I pulled out of Vijaya and sat back to catch my breath and watch Soma lick pussy. Soma’s tongue on her clit as Vijaya took ten inches of fake cock up her cunt brought Kajal to a screaming orgasm. Her clit apparently became very sensitive, she made Soma stop licking it. Soma moved so that Kajal could lie on her stomach. Vijaya slowed down and gave her a last few long, strong strokes, then finally pulled out Kajal’s flushed pussy.

Soma crawled over to Vijaya and said she wanted to suck my come out of her pussy. Soma took the fake cock off Vijaya and proceeded to clean her vagina. Kajal crawled over to me and said she wanted to feel the real thing in her cunt. She pushed me onto my back worked my dick with her hands until it was mostly erect again, then eased herself down on it. She rode me slowly and sensuously until we both climaxed again. Soma and Vijaya had moved into the 69 position and soon brought each other off.

Before we put on clothes; Vijaya and Kajal reminded me that Soma was left, she didn’t get my meat. I took up that opportunity, mounted her and pumped her like a sex-crazy animal. Suddenly I announced that I was going to come, Soma wished to delay it. But it was too late and I was already coming. I got up after some time.

Vijaya and Kajal kneeled down between Soma’s legs and started licking her vagina. She had a massive orgasm after a couple of minutes. I hope we will be able to arrange a reunion including my wife when I finally get back to the world.

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