Meeting Claire

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I’m not a writer, more like an accidental scribe. This is my first posting so its raw and I wasn’t really sure were to post. I selected Erotic Couplings as I felt the intent of the story is better served in this category. I know this isn’t the perfect story. It has slow build, so if you are seeking a quick sex scene you will want to look elsewhere. Feel free to leave suggestions.


This was to be our first meeting in person and it had come on extremely fast. We met online; actually I met your cousin Zoe online late one evening in an erotic chat room. Your cousin Zoe showed me a picture of you and her together and I knew right then that I had to meet you in person and seduce you. It took several months of online interaction with Zoe, but I finally convinced her to send me me your cell number.

I called you out of the blue, pretending I had dialed the wrong number. You were quick to want to hang up and end the call but I was able to keep you engaged in conversation for over an hour. Zoe had told me everything I needed to know, what questions to ask, and topics to discuss to keep you interested.

At the conclusion of that first call I asked if I could call you again, you agreed and we quickly established a regular routine. I would call you on Monday evenings after our first day back to work and you would call me on Thursdays. We would email each other every other day and sometimes send risqué pictures.

After several months of our weekly calls, I informed you I had an upcoming business trip scheduled and I would be coming to your hometown, Toronto, the 3rd weekend in May. Why then? Because Zoe had let me know that your fiancé would be out of town. He had a weekend conference to attend out of town so I was hoping to take advantage of the whole weekend and spend as much time with you and hopefully in you that I could.

For you this meeting was a “platonic” one, but for me it was to see if the chemistry that we developed through our written words, elicit pictures, and secret phone conversations would explode into a sexual engagement in person. Would you go beyond your limits of a “platonic” relationship and engage in your secret, hidden desires or would you hold fast and honor your commitment to your fiancé.

You had committed to dinner on Friday and to spend the day seeing the sites on Saturday. Friday’s dinner was to be our first meeting and my chance to lay the groundwork for the rest of the weekend. I flew in Thursday to make final last minute arrangements and to make sure I was well rested.

Friday afternoon I sent you a text, letting you know we had dinner reservations at the Canoe Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in the city with views overlooking Lake Ontario. I arrived 15 minutes a head of our agreed upon time, so I could be the gentleman to open the door to the limousine car I specially arranged for you. As you exited the car my eyes fell upon your shapely legs and tan thighs. My jaw opened in anticipation of seeing the rest of you as you continued to emerge from the car.

Your cousin Zoe told me that you loved to get dressed up and you didn’t disappoint. Dressed in a stunning Emerald Green cocktail dress (Dress Link), wearing matching high heels, you you wore an emerald necklace around your neck that plunged between your tear drop shape breasts, matching ear rings, and a diamond ankle bracelet. Lifting my eyes back up to yours, our eyes immediately connected with your face erupting into the most beautiful and engaging smile.

Your long flowing blonde hair was up this evening in a bun, soft and vibrant. Your exposed neckline was alluring and I it took all of my will power not to lean in and gently kiss it. Though I have seen you in pictures and through video chat once before our meeting, your beauty immediately captivated me and I instantly realized you are far more alluring, and sexy in person than pictures could ever capture. I only could have hoped that I had made as good as a first impression to you as you had on me.

I took your soft, gentle fingers in my palm, curling my hand around them and raised them to my lips, placing a soft kiss onto the back of your hand in greeting. It was only now that I utter my first words to you, “Hello Claire, you look absolutely amazing this evening. I hope you had a nice trip in to the city.” You nodded yes and told me you did and that I looked stunning in my tux with matching vest.

As we walked up the stairs you slid your arm through mine establishing my role as your escort for the evening. My heart raced, my loins stirred, and my thoughts raced in thought of navigating my plan of seduction. I could have ravished you then in the side enclave if only the hostess hadn’t stepped forward to meet us.

Neither Zoe nor I had anticipated your acceptance of me as your escort so soon in the weekend, let alone at dinner the first night. How I wished Zoe had been here to see you melt into me as we quickly moved up past the valet and doorman, into the large open entryway etimesgut escort of the towering TD Center.

Our personal hostess quickly ushered us over to the elevator, past the dozen other couples waiting to be called to their table. We had a private reservation for two this evening, which meant expedited seating as we were whisked quickly up to the 54th floor in the private express elevator.

The hostess guided us over to our table, located in the corner over looking the vibrant city and the beautiful, blue Lake Ontario. The view was breathtaking and we were to have an amazing evening enjoying the sun setting over the western end of the lake in a just a few short hours.

I pulled your chair back and seated you, taking the opportunity to quickly brush my fingers over the warm soft skin of your tanned shoulders. I felt an electricity flow through every part of my body and I through you as well, as communicated by your glowing smile and shy turn of your head.

Setting down our water, the waiter quickly returned with our Pinot Noir from the Pillitteri Estates Winery near Niagara-On-the-Lakes. Our conversation is relaxed, full of light banter, subtle flirtation and smiles that clearly show our easiness with each other.

Passing you the bread dish our fingers touched, lingering longer than necessary with the warmth of our touch radiating through us. I saw you inhale a little deeper than normal and I knew you were feeling the same electric excitement that I was. My thoughts returned to a conversation we had one night after you went out drinking with your cousin Zoe. You mentioned that it had been a hard week for you and your fiancé and that you couldn’t keep me out of your mind. You thought about me kissing you, your back up against the door, having me lean down and pressing my lips firmly against yours.

I leaned forward and beckoned you near. I quickly looked side to side, to see if anyone was paying attention to us. To my surprise everyone around us was in looking in awe at your beauty. I smiled wide and I whisper ever so softly to you, “You are the most beautiful woman tonight Claire. Everyone in this restaurant is looking at you. You are absolutely stunning and radiant.”

Your face became flushed as you blush upon hearing my words. You tell me thank you for such kind words and lay your hand on top of mine briefly, letting me know that it has been awhile since you have heard such words and that you truly appreciate them.

The waiter returns to our table and we order our meal. We both started with the northern woods mushroom soup and then decided to share a green bean salad. You have the tea smoked duck breast for your main course while I have the ash crusted beef rib eye. We add the side dish of rapini, lemon and Ontario pecorino to round out the main course of the meal.

This night the restaurant had a live band playing soft jazz, so while waiting for our meals to arrive, I extend my hand ask you for a dance. You were surprised, caught off guard even, but eagerly accepted my invitation with a smile. We sauntered over to the small dance floor, sparsely filled by two other couples, and started to dance. Taking your left hand in mine, I pulled you gently closer to me, and then placed my right hand slightly around your hip. I didn’t want to pull you too closely, as I would have exposed my state arousal that I have been feeling since the first moment I took your hand at curbside.

We danced for several songs this way and then you moved closer, pressing your body against mine; I felt your head lay down upon my shoulder, your sigh audible as I wrapped my arm further around your waist. I knew you could feel me against your abdomen, but I didn’t care. I wanted you to know what I was feeling.

At the end of the song, you tilted your head up towards me and I smiled broadly, our eyes fully engaged and lost in each. Returning to our table I once again held your seat and touched your shoulder. This time my touch lingered as you placed your hand on top of mine. I seated myself just as our main course arrived.

Chapter 1 – Part 2: Dinner is served

My fingers trailed off your bare left shoulder Claire as I spied the waiter bringing over our dishes. He placed your plate squarely in front of you, steam rising from your tea smoked duck breast. I watched your every move as you leaned over to breath in the amazing aromas and spices of your meal. I was treated to a stunning view of the top of your breasts and for a brief moment I believed I saw a flash of an erect nipple. As you continued to savor the aromas of your dish, I couldn’t help but think about how your sweet nectar would taste later this weekend when I’m laying between your thighs devouring your rich honey.

The waiter quickly finished serving the remainder of our dishes, topped off our wine glasses, and departed. Effortlessly I spooned out a serving of the rapini onto our plates. We enjoyed our meal and the wine had its etimesgut escort bayan intended effect, further placing you at ease and lightening the evenings conversation with ever more playful banter.

With each sip of wine you took I enjoyed seeing your lips touch the side of the crystal clear wine glass, observe the wine rush past your lips and flow down past your throat and into your stomach. I imagined over and over watching those same full lips wrapping themselves around my engorged cock, feeling your tongue slide up and around my slit, and having you drink every last drop of my cum as I explode into your throat. (Zoe told me how much you love to have a man in your mouth; I couldn’t wait to experience that for myself.)

Having enjoyed the setting sun earlier in the meal, we were now enjoying the view of the lights from the sailing yachts and the city skyline below as the waiter returned. Having cleared our plates he presented us with our dessert menus. Though tempting, I had other plans for us this evening and really the only dessert I had in mind were your sweet lips, but I indulged you and let you look the menu over.

Looking over at me you let me know that you couldn’t decide and asked if I had a choice. I asked you if you wouldn’t mind waiting that I had a very special dessert already planned in a place I thought you would love. You agreed to wait and I asked for the waiter to close out the bill. I had already arranged for payment so there was no need for any additional pleasantries with the staff.

Before I stood, I pulled out my phone out, sent off a quick text and proceed to rise from my chair. Pulling your chair back, I took your hand in mine, once again placing a kissing upon it, and guided you out of the restaurant. We quickly descended to the main lobby level and with your arm once again placed through mine; we exited the building and sauntered down the steps into the waiting car.

Chapter 2 – Part 1: The ride to a view

I opened the rear door to our waiting car. Your eyes lit up as you took in the 2018 Mercedes – Maybach Pullman Guard edition. Entering from opposite sides of the vehicle we both sank into the luxury around us. (I can’t help but think how much I would like to take your cousin Zoe for a ride in this car to the vineyards on the other side of the lake, making a mental note to follow up on later.)

The driver swiftly pulled away from the curve and set his course to our next destination already having received his instructions long before dinner. Our arms were laying together on the center console and I made a reach for your hand. You felt the back of my fingers gently caressing yours, sending an electric spark through us both, as I heard an audible sigh escape from you as you enjoy the warmth of my touch. I can sense your breathing hesitate with each new caress from my hand; we coyly and playful slowly intertwine and then separate our fingers.

I look over and see your head gently resting back, your eyes are closed, your lips slightly parted, and your facial expression one of erotic bliss. I detect a new scent in the vehicle and I immediately know its coming from you. My eyes shift downward and I take in your wonderful cleavage fully on display for my eyes to take absorb. The emerald pendant laying seductively between the breasts I so wanted and needed to ravish.

You opened your eyes and caught me admiring your pendant and your breasts. I smiled broadly and for the first time that night felt a rush of blood to the head on my shoulders and not to my organ between my thighs. You smile back at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking and what I wanted, but I can sense that you want it too. The sexual tension in the air is broken as we both let escape a quick laugh.

Our ride is brief, with us quickly arriving at our destination, just a short three and half blocks away from dinner. As we near our destination, I slip a black velvet eye mask out from the side leather pouch of the door. (Just one piece of a set I hoped we would use later this weekend) Saying to you, “Claire, this has been an amazing night so far and I want it to continue. Please indulge me and place this over your eyes, so I may surprise you with the next step in our adventure this evening.” You take the mask from my hands and placed it over your eyes, temporarily blocking out your visual senses and entrusting me once again to be protect you.

Our driver slowed the car, turned into a driveway, and moved up a slight ramp to the point I had chosen for us to walk to our destination. As the car stopped, I told you I would be right back, and then I opened my door to the cooling summer air. I knew that as soon as you felt the breeze that your nipples would be fully erect and I wanted so much to see that happen without you watching me.

Exiting the Maybach, I moved around the back of the car, reaching your door, opening it, and accepting your extended hand into mine. Even blind folded, you exited escort etimesgut the Mayback eloquently without a slip. The cool flowed around your body and I could see it was having its intended effect on you that I had hoped for.

I guided you up onto the sidewalk. I stood behind you, placed my hands on your shoulders, and whispered, “Look up Claire and remove the blind fold.”

Slowly, you reached your hands up to your eyes, removed your blindfold and took in the CN Tower, lit up like a Roman candle. You jumped slightly backward and full of excitement turned and wrapped your arms around my neck. Giddy with excitement, your eyes were a alight and full of wonder.

I extend my arm forward and pronounce, “Claire, your dessert awaits at the top. Are you ready?”

“Are you ready?” So many meanings for this phrase on this night, at least for me at this moment. Are you ready for the special dessert I have had prepared for us 447 meters above the ground? Are you ready to throw away your commitment to your fiancé, as Zoe predicted you would? Are you ready to be taken, ravished, and beg for more? “Are you ready?”

Chapter 2 – Part 2: Claire’s Dessert

Once again, we linked arms as we stepped forward and moved to the first entryway. We were quickly met by our personal guide and taken to the VIP entrance where we once again enjoyed a private elevator. The elevator reserved for statesmen, and celebrities, and tonight us. You asked if we were going to the 360 Restaurant for dessert and I said no, somewhere a little more special.

The elevators took a little over 120 seconds to whisk us up 146 stories to the Skypod. The rush of the assent filling my stomach with a slight queasiness only matched by what I had felt for you all evening Claire. In the evening, the sky pod is normally lit up bright for its visitors, but this night, the Skypod’s lights are dark, the interior lit only by the light from 146 white candles in 1.5 meter tall bronzed candle stands placed periodically along the deck.

As we exited the elevator, we are met by our hostess, dressed in her little black dress and wearing only a single strand of pearls. On any other evening, my thoughts would have been focused on the stunning hostess in front of me, but not tonight. This night, this weekend, you had my full attention Claire, you were the woman of my desires.

As the hostess guided us forward and away from the elevator room, you raised your hands to your face in awe as you set your eyes upon the view to our front. Together, we see the lights of the city skyline from a perspective few ever get to experience. You placed your hand in mine, turned to me with a smile a mile wide, brightening the whole observation deck by the glow of your face. “Paul, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful surprise.” With my hand in your grasp, you pulled me around the Skypod counter-clockwise, taking in the whole panoramic view of the skyline and lakeshore.

Stopping abruptly two-thirds of the way around the Skypod, you looked back at me, then forward, back to me, and then forward once again. This part of the observation deck was dark, lit only by a single white candlestick placed on the small table to our front. The table is covered by a starched white tablecloth; a plate full of assorted chocolate covered strawberries on one side with a bottle of Champaign chilling in an ice bucket stand next to it. Once again you looked at me and said with a slight break in your voice, “Paul, I don’t know what to say. This night is beyond my wildest dreams.”

I guided you over to the table, poured us each a glass of Champaign, and then raised the juiciest, most succulent, chocolate covered strawberry to your lips. “Claire, put your tongue out for me.” I requested. You complied immediately and I reward you by teasing your taste buds by running the chocolate covered tip of the strawberry slowly over your tongue. You tried to grasp it with your teeth, but I am to quick. Removing it before you can grab it. “No Claire, not yet.” I whispered.

You re-opened your succulent lips without me having to ask and again I run the strawberry over your tongue. This time, with a smile, I nodded my consent and you took a bite from the fruit. Fruit that in any other place or time is ordinary, but that night represented all that was forbidden to you. After swallowing your first bite, we raised our glasses in a toast. “To you Claire, you are a stunningly beautiful woman and I could not have spent the evening with a more titillating woman than you.”

Chapter 2 – Part 3: Paul’s Dessert

Claire, do you remember what happened next? How could you possibly forget? We continued to enjoy our dessert and sip the Champaign as we walked hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder around the observation deck, absorbing the amazing views from above the Toronto skyline. Nearing the table once again, you stood facing out, looking to the northwestern skyline, with me standing directly behind you.

I placed my hands gently, yet firmly on your waist, where I could feel the heat of your body radiating through your dress. You took a slight step back and I a step forward. You melted into me as you wrapped my arms fully around your waist. I leaned my head in so the sides of our heads were touching.

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