Me , Miss Cocker

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A few weeks ago, I moved into the final year of school. Our English teacher had left at the end of the previous school year, and we had a new teacher, Miss Cocker.

Now to say Miss Cocker is a babe is an understatement, she is about 6.2′ tall and she has long voluptuous legs, which are usually stocking clad, blonde hair that goes just below her shoulders, blue eyes and full red lips. As well as being beautiful, she also dresses very sexily. This particular day, she wore a red office suit, which consisted of a skirt that came down to her thighs, and a jacket, which was buttoned low, which revealed a low blouse, which at certain angles, gave you an excellent view of her breasts.

Her breasts are, I would say a 38c, and they don’t sag, but very firm, and they are of course implants. On this day, the best day of my life she wore stockings, of which you could see the tops of at each side up the slits of the skirt. She wore six inch heels, which when I saw, gave me a raging hard on. They were black with chunky soles and strapped up. Her fingernails were quite long and polished, which went excellently with her thin feminine hands.

She was flirting quite a bit during the lesson, which nobody minded whatsoever, she came round looking at our work, antalya escort sat down on my desk, crossed her lovely long legs over one another and leaned down towards me, and I got a perfect view of her breasts, which she noticed and said, “if you wait ’til later, you may catch a better glimpse” and with that she carried on with the lesson.

Well as you would expect, I stayed after the bell had gone and she said to me when everyone had left ” I have noticed you staring at me, and you constantly have a bulge in your trousers, would you like me to relieve you of that?”

“Oh yes please Miss” was my reply, I was until that day a virgin.

She locked the door and put down the curtain. There wasn’t a chance of anyone looking in as we were in a top floor room.

She began slowly rubbing up and down her thighs, then removed her jacket and blouse, to reveal a small laced red bra. Her breasts bulged out, and that wasn’t the only thing in the room bulging out. She leaned over the desk of where I sat to watch the show and kissed me, it was a long kiss, I could taste her lipstick, then we probed each other’s mouths with our tongues, and after about 10 minutes, she told me to strip. I agreed and began to take off my clothes, and when I looked antalya rus escort up, I saw her stood in just stockings and a matching panties and bra set. She asked me if I had any requests to which I said “could you leave your shoes and stockings on?”

“Yes,” she said “this is the last chance to get out, I have a surprising secret which may disgust you”. But even with that I stayed, she pulled me close to her body, and I could feel a bulge in her pants, no way, she was a shemale.

“I warned you” she said, but if anything my penis got harder.

“Please Miss, suck my cock” I pleaded. My cock is 8 inches long and is quite thick. She bent down and began to suck, it was the best ever experience, being blown by my teacher, who is nearly 30 and has a penis, by now began to hang out her lingerie.

“Can I suck yours Miss?” was the first thing I said when I saw it hard. It was nearly as big as mine. I took it in my mouth and kissed the head of her penis, then began to suck, I felt some pre-cum, and it tasted sweet. While I was blowing off my English teacher, she was fumbling about in her draw and pulled out a tub of Vaseline, and moaned “take me now, I want to feel you inside me”, and I didn’t need a antalya ucuz escort second to think, I applied some to my penis, then began to lick out her tight ass, which was lovely and round, and it tasted great. After about 5 minutes of ass licking, I rubbed the Vaseline to her ass then slowly pushed my 8 inches into her. She was bent over her desk, and I began pumping harder then she let out a huge wail, and then I blew my load in her ass.

“Ever thought about being fucked up the ass yourself?” she asked when I withdrew my penis, and with in 5 minutes, I was in the position she was in a few minutes ago, it was absolute ecstasy.

After all the antics, she invited me round to dinner, which I accepted. When we arrived, I was amazed, she had a great house. She led up to her bedroom and I picked out her clothes for dinner. I chose a black mini dress and high heels with transparent heels to go with it. We then made love on her bed before going down for dinner.

After dinner I rang home to say I was staying over at a friend’s and I stayed the night.

I have now moved in with Julie, after she was sacked when the head found she was a transsexual. We make love about 6 times a day now and I am in heaven, and what’s even better, no one else at school other than the teachers knows she is a shemale, and none of them know we are living together.

We are now planning to get married, and I am now living my fantasy, and from time to time she brings round her friend, who is also a transsexual, and I have the greatest sex ever imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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