Me in the Next Apartment Building

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If you don’t remember, my name is Megan and I’ll admit it, I’m a voyeur. A few years ago I’d say I was ashamed of that fact, but now, I feel just the opposite. It started one night when my cable was out and I could see this couple having sex, it was something very new to me and I just loved it. Over the past year I’ve been watching from my window looking at them from their window, every time I could the man shoot his load right onto his lady. I never found out literally anything about them, I never saw them walk in or out of the building, so I couldn’t tell what car they had let alone their the most basic piece of information: their names. I never found a boyfriend either, I guess you could say, the orgasms I got from watching them were more than enough for me. So on the one year anniversary, as luck would have it, that night another one of their sex nights, and I was ready and waiting for them to get naked as I was in my robe at about 9:30.

“Come on, let’s skip the kissing, she knows you love you, just rip her panties off her and fuck her,” I said.

It was as if they could hear me, because then he pulled off her dress rather quickly and then got on his knees to ripped off her panties too. He came right over to her and began eating her out as she was standing.

“Oh my, do you have any idea where that pussy has been?” I asked.

I giggled a bit and couldn’t help but undo my robe yet again. I actually broke out something a little new I hadn’t done while watching them, a dildo. I slowly inserted it right into my pussy as the man was eating the woman’s pussy.

“Oh yes my strong man, show her that you’ll take her cum by the waterfall, and let her do it now,” I said.

I swear they were like the female version of Viagra for me, it just made me wanna shove that dildo deep inside my pussy, so far that it would be inside me completely. I didn’t put it in there that far, but it sure felt like it though. I got sweaty very quickly and began playing my nipples too. I pinched them hard, really hard and I just screamed.

“Fuck!!” I screamed.

I didn’t mean to scream that loudly, I was immediately worried someone heard me.

“Hey!!” My landlord yelled.

I was a little turned off, but they were still going strong. They were fucking in cowgirl style, and he had his hands on her boobs. Let’s just say I was more turned on than ever. She was bouncing up and down and I was thrusting my pussy faster than ever.

“Oh yeah, fuck her and shoot your load, shoot it all over her,” I said.

Over that year I saw this man shoot cum all over woman’s body. I saw him shoot on her tits, ass, stomach, back and even on her feet a couple times. I had to wonder where it was gonna land this time, and about 5 minutes later I got my answer. About 3 minutes before, he had picked her up and held her up side down as she blew him and he ate her out. He couldn’t hold it forever and shot it on her face. I came on the floor about 20 seconds later and still just had to watch them cuddle a bit. They were leaning back on their fridge and had their heads right next to each other as they both were completely naked. I saw them kiss once, and then something happened I never ever expected, they both raised their heads and looked right at me.

“Oh shit,” I said as I fell to the floor.

I looked over again and the woman did not looked pissed, but pleased as did he. Then the woman blew me a kiss.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I asked.

Of course they couldn’t hear me, but the question had antalya escort to be asked. I had no idea what was going on, obviously they weren’t repulsed by me watching them. Then all of the sudden my phone started ringing, I had it right on the counter by the window. I picked it up and didn’t recognize the number, I looked over at them and they both were standing up and the woman had a phone in her hand as she was smiling. She nodded and pressed her boobs against the glass. You have no idea how nervous I was, but I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I asked very nervously.

“So, I get the voice for the body, did you enjoy the show?” The woman asked.

I was speechless, I couldn’t get anything out.

“Well, my husband and I have noticed you watching us, do you like watching us?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” I replied softly.

“Good, so we’ve been putting on a good show, did you cum?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

She stayed silent for a minute and kissed him.

“So, do you mind if I ask your name?” The woman asked.

I thought of lying to her, but then I thought of something, how did she get my phone number?

“How did you get my phone number?” I asked.

“Well, from your facebook page Megan Hunt, we got your name from Ted, your doorman, he adores you. I’m Tina and this my husband Matt, can I ask you something?” Tina asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

I literally had no idea what question she’d asked me, it could have been anything.

“Would you like a closer look at me having sex with my husband?” Tina asked.

My pussy was soaked once again all of the sudden, obviously me being caught kind of turned me off, but then I was hornier than ever.

“Do you mean me coming over there?” I asked.

“Yes, are you interested, because Matt and I love having an audience,” Tina replied.

How could I pass this up, I was down, but still could not speak.

“I’ll take that as a yes, come on over, we’re in apartment 8C, Stan our doorman will let you up,” Tina said.

She hung up the phone, and I rushed to put something on. I ran down the stairs and went across the street. I went in and Stan let me up there. I was just in a pair of shorts, panties and a shirt with no bra on. I got up to their door and before I could even knock, Tina opened the door and she was still naked.

“Wow, you are much hotter only a couple feet away than 300,” Tina said.

“So are you,” I said slowly as I was checking her out.

She took my hand and brought me into the apartment, we all sat down on the couch with me in the middle and Matt’s cock was much bigger close up too. They both started caressing my legs softly and got really close.

“You know we’ve been talking about you a lot lately, we have always wanted to try something,” Matt said.

I knew exactly what they were talking about, but I wanted them to actually say it.

“And what is that complete naked strangers,” I asked.

“Oh come on Megan, you’ve seen us have sex over 200 times now, yes, we’ve been keeping track. It’s what George Constanza called it a menage trois.” Tina replied.

It was as silent as hell in there, you could hear a pin drop from the apartment across the hall. Tina came towards me and gave me a gentle kiss right on the lips. I never kissed a woman, but this was all new to me and I was more than open to try something new. Then Matt turned my head over towards him and he gave me a gentle kiss too. I liked it, so I wasn’t about to get up and kemer escort leave. They were both naked and I could tell they were horny as hell. They both put their hands on my breasts and with each other their other hands, they pulled off my shirt.

“Oh, no bra?” Tina asked.

They both leaned down and began sucking on my nipples, I couldn’t believe I had 2 strangers sucking on my nipples, and one of them was a woman. I just leaned back a bit and took this unexpected pleasure the best I could. They both were sucking on my nipples as if this was literally last chance to have sex. I was sweating up a storm. I put my hands onto both of their heads and that just seemed to make wanna fuck me more. They got a little more frisky right then and they both accidentally bit my nipples.

“Ow!” I yelled.

“Oh, we think it’ll be worth it,” Matt said.

He got down on his knees in front of me. He leaned down towards my pussy and began eating me out with his wife literally only inches away. He spread out my pussy lips as far as they would go right away. I had seen him do it to Tina so many times, and i never imagined that it felt that good. He stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy and moved it around, I just had to moan out loud.

“Fuck me!!” I screamed.

Tina kept sucking on my nipple and I just tried to not just explode like dynamite. I had one hand on his head and the other on her head, and I wasn’t too sure which of them was pleasuring me more. Tina also began licking my nipple really slowly, which made them fling a bit which made me poke at a huge orgasm even more. My pussy was as wet as a waterfall then, I looked down at Matt and his face was drenched, even after just fucking me for a couple minutes. Then Tina leaned towards my face and kissed me again.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a woman Megan,” Tina said.

She kissed me again and got down on her knees with him. She leaned down towards my pussy and got some for herself. So this night was definitely something much different than I thought it would be. No offense to Matt, but it was no contest between which one of them could pussy better. She made me scream very loudly and move around like I was on a mechanical bull. I had to put both of my hands onto her head and she was probably as close she could possibly be to me. She stuck her fingers up into my pussy too, I mean she really got up in there. Matt got onto the couch with me and laid a couple more kisses on my lips. I released Tina’s head a little and used one hand to grab onto Matt’s incredibly hard cock. I stroked it very slowly and of course it was a hell of a lot harder than i imagined it would be.

“Much harder than I thought it would be,” I said.

“I’m glad you like it Megan,” Matt replied as he came towards me again.

He laid his lips on mine and we made out for about 3 minutes as Tina just kept fucking me. I leaned back as far as I could and he put his hands back onto my boobs. He squeezed them tightly and then it was all just too much for me, in about a heartbeat, I squirted Tina’s face like a super soaker.

“Shit!!” I screamed.

I just tried to catch my breath real quick, being fucked like that, it was no easy task. Even though I just had probably the biggest orgasm of my life, they didn’t wanna stop. Tina reached over to a side table with a drawer and pulled out a dildo.

“Do you think she can take it?” Tina asked Matt.

“Let’s find out,” Matt replied.

Then she slowly inserted that dildo konyaaltı escort into my pussy. It was big, but not huge. She put it in there about 3/4 of the way and I was in paradise. She began thrusting it slowly and with each thrust, i came just a little tiny bit more. She leaned over to kiss me a few more times too.

“You like having a woman kiss you don’t you?” Tina asked.

I just nodded my head a bit and kissed her. Matt was watching her thrust that dildo and then he got on the floor again and began eating out Tina. I finally got to see that up close too, call it wanting to explore more of my new found lesbian side, I leaned over and began licking Tina’s nipples. She had big C-cup tits with good sized nipples too. I sucked on them just how she sucked on my nipples a few minutes before.

“Oh my Megan, i had no idea,” Tina said.

I didn’t answer her on that one, I just enjoying sucking on this hot chick’s nipples. I at least managed to not bite her nipples, and I sucked on them as passionately as I could. Then Tina started belting out some moans, now that she was being double teamed.

“Shit yes, a fantasy came true,” Tina said.

Well, that explained something, but i didn’t care. I felt her up and soon both of us ladies had reached the breaking point, we both just had big orgasms. Then Tina just attacked me, she got on top of me and we began making out as passionately as we could, obviously someone like something.

“Whoa, Megan, are you a lesbian?” Tina asked.

“Maybe for you,” I replied.

“Well, if you are, you’ll love this,” Tina said as she pulled something else out of the drawer.

It was a strap on, she put it on with the dildo and got back on top of me. She inserted the dildo into my pussy again and began fucking me in missionary position. It was bar none th wildest thing i ever tried in my life, and I loved it. Our boobs pressed up against one another, and it was a perfect fit too. She kissed me once again and put a little space between us. She was thrusting as hard as she possibly could as Matt just sat back and watched his wife fuck me as he stroked his cock. We both belted out some big moans as loudly as we could, but we actually didn’t get bitched at.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a woman like this,” Tina said.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her a little closer, my pussy began to get just a little sore, after all, my pussy wasn’t used to having a cock inside it, the best I had was a small dildo, and the one she was using was at least twice as big. Matt got right by us and stroked his cock really closely, about 5 minutes after that, he began moaning loudly.

“Come on sweetie, show her how much you love to cum on hot women,” Tina said.

He did as his wife commanded, he stroked his cock really quickly and shot his load onto both of our faces. Oh how i missed the feel of cum on my skin, believe it or not I used to hate it, but being without it for so long, i missed it dearly. Once I was had cum on my skin, I was in an even better paradise. After that, we all just crashed on the couch and stayed silent for a few minutes. I never had a threesome before, or had sex with strangers, so it was all new to me.

“So Megan, you still haven’t found a man to eat you out?” Tina asked.

“I’m afraid not, but maybe we could work something out again sometime,” I replied.

Then they both looked at each other once and kissed.

“We like that idea, but whenever you aren’t involved, feel free to watch us,” Tina said.

So it did happen again, a couple weeks later they called me and wondered if they could taste my pussy juice again. Something I wondered about was me being lesbian, still to this day I can just figure it wasn’t just her, but the whole situation that brought it out, and it was good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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