Matt , Lisa at School Ch. 05

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(If you haven’t already, please read Matt and Lisa at School — Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. This will make much more sense if you do. There is also more detailed family background in A Family New Year’s Eve series and A Surprise Visit.)


It was about five o’clock late Wednesday afternoon, two days before the start of Parents’ Weekend at the school, when Matt returned to the apartment after a 30 minute run. He started peeling off his sweaty clothes as he hit the stairs. When he reached his room, his cell phone rang. Actually, it played an old clip from the movie Dracula. “The Children of the Night…what music they make…” Matt had down-loaded it and assigned it the day after his beautiful older sister told him about Uncle David’s rather off-beat explanation of his status within their family. Matt didn’t care — he loved his uncle — and no one could deny the impact he’d had on their lives.

“Hey, Unc…” Matt answered as he flipped his phone open. “Just thinking about you…I wish you were coming, too.”

“So do I, Matt…so do I,” David lamented, but only for a moment before Matt’s father interrupted.

“Afternoon, Matty. How are you doing? How are the girls?” Steven asked his son.

“Hi, Dad! Nice surprise, guys. Everything’s fine…Lisa and Margie are great, Pops! They’re out right now, but boy, are they looking forward to the weekend.” The college freshman paused as he lit a joint and took a deep drag.

“Good,” David said, kind of in a hurry. “That’s why I called. I want to go over a few things with the two of you, okay?” Father and son both answered affirmatively. “Great — I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I’m late for a meeting.”

(David was not the prototypically meek CPA. It was his chosen profession, but his clientele was more colorful and more connected than most.)

“First thing, Nephew…your new friends seem to check out okay. The pool hall is owned by a group here. Good businessmen. I’ll send you a name and a phone number later. Show the head guy…you’ll never get hurt on the goods or the distribution, I promise.”

“Thanks, Unc…really, what ever I can do… Dad, these are the guys you’re gonna meet in a couple days.”

“Don’t worry, Matty. You’ll find a way to repay me, I’m sure.” David’s chuckle was quite dirty. “But for now, just listen…both of you.

“First of all, I want everybody to get to know each other well. It looks serious between Brian and Kathy and I want my son to have the opportunity to see her at play. Second, I hear good things about Margie. I want your mother to spend time with her…if you don’t mind, I might like to use her with a client some time.”

“I know she would be honored, Unc. She’s kind of old-fashioned like that.”

“You haven’t seen her yet, have you?” Steven asked his brother. “I look forward to double-plugging the little cutie with you, bro.”

“I’ll see her soon enough, I’m sure.” David continued. “Meanwhile, for this weekend, I want you, Matthew, to take control…of everything. Steve, I want you to make sure nothing goes wrong. Both of you okay with that?” Again, both father and son agreed. “Matt, your mother tells me you are getting quite good with your vocal talents. True?”

“Yes, Uncle David.”

“There’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with that gift, Matthew. Your parents and I are very proud of the way you’ve handled yourself so far. This weekend may be a real test for you.” After a significant pause, David’s voice flattened out as he asked, “You know, don’t you Matt, that marrying your sister may not be the best choice for either of you?”

Matt gasped. “Son,” his father broke in gently, “we can all see how much the two of you love each other.”

“Thanks, Dad. We do, too. But no…I mean yes, David. We know we can’t, but we plan on staying as close as we can for…well, forever, I guess.”

“We all hope for that, Matt,” David continued. “But for the weekend, give her some time with Andy. You, too, stud…try dipping your wick in his backside…I’m sure you can convince him, if he needs it. Brain told me you two could be twin brothers…could be very cool.

“Also, I want him a little distracted when your new friends entertain his sister at the pool hall. And I can’t think of a family more distracting than yours, you perverts!” David chuckled again along with this brother and his nephew.

“Reservations are at the same hotel where Brian and Lisa stayed before. This time, though, you have the Presidential Suite for the weekend. Matt, tell your hot little sister that Anthony knows she is coming back and the room service crew has already been tipped.

“Finally, Matt, you need to exercise your best judgment this weekend regarding Kathy. I know you would never do anything to hurt your cousin…but you will fall in love with her this weekend. Won’t he, Steven?”

“I did, Matt…the first time…no, actually we had met once before, but when they came to the house a few weeks ago…I beşiktaş escort am totally smitten with the girl. So is your mom!” His father laughed. “So is your Uncle David, son.” “So what’s the story, Unc? What do you want to happen? I’m not a slave to my desires… like you, Dad.” David laughed out loud at his nephew. But then he turned serious again.

“But your cousin is, Matthew. As much as you and I are alike, my son and your father share many of the same qualities. Matt — Kathy has already told Brian that she wants to be treated the same as your mother and your sister. When she sees Margie already getting the same treatment, well the thing is, Kathy thinks that what she has with her brother is the same as you and Lisa or your mother and I…or your mother and you. It isn’t even close. You have to find out if he can provide it for her…I don’t think so, but you have to talk to him and then talk to your father about it. If you think it is the right thing to do, I want you to make her your slut, Matthew.”

“But Uncle David…even if everything feels right — believe me, you don’t know how much I appreciate your faith in me — what about the logistics of the whole thing? If I’m her Master, how do I take care of her long distance?”

“Don’t worry about it, Matty,” his uncle reassured him. “If it happens, we’ll talk about it then. But you’re covered, Nephew…I got plans for you, remember? I gotta go…have any questions, email me or ask your dad, okay?”

“Ya…sure, Uncle David. Just one thing — what we talked about the other day, about coming back…that’s all still good, right?”

“Of course, Matt. You should know by now that whatever I tell you — I mean it.” David chuckled in reply.

“Thanks again for…you know, everything, Uncle David. Dad, I’ll talk to you later — say hi to Mom. Love you both,” he said as he closed his phone and leaned back on his bed. They gave him a lot to think about. He relit the joint, took a drag and then put it out in his ashtray. He was thinking about his sister and Margie when he lay back on his pillow and closed his eyes.

It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when he opened his blue eyes again. He smiled at the beautiful twenty year-old girl, sitting naked at the foot of his bed. Her thick brown hair fell in waves over the smooth, seductive curve of her soft shoulders. Her back was arched as she sat with her right foot on the floor and her left foot tucked under her right thigh. Matt watched her as she smoked the joint he’d left in the ashtray. He loved the way her rosy pink nipples dominated the pale triangles left by her tanning bikini on her perfect 34B breasts. His eyes drifted down, knowing he would find the third patch of pale skin covering the baby-smooth flesh of her shaved mound. Her pussy lips opened like a budding flower under his gaze, her moisture gathering in the bottom of her slit.

Matt sat up against the pillows as he finished waking up. He reached for the joint and took a hit, looking around the room. “Where’s Margie, baby?” He blew out the rest of the smoke and handed it back to his older sister.

Lisa stood at the end of the bed and walked slowly towards her younger brother while swiveling her trim hips and flipping her long hair, both moves calculated to drive him crazy. She loved getting to him before his cock was fully hard, but it always fun to tease him…just a little. She took a final hit and snuffed the joint out in his ashtray. Their lips met as she bent over him, covering his mouth with hers. Matt sucked the smoke out of her as she crawled up beside him on the bed. “Our little China Doll is making dinner, Matty. She said we had about 30 minutes before she would be done.” Lisa started kissing his neck when she sat back on her heels. “Eeeuuuwww!!! What have you been doing? You’re all salty, bro…” She kissed him quickly on his lips. “Come on…help me…we have time to get you in the shower, little brother.”

Matt laughed and left himself in her capable hands. Together, they stood naked and entwined under the hot spray of the shower they shared. Lisa soaped up a washcloth and quickly but thoroughly, scrubbed her brother down from head to toe while he shampooed his hair. She rinsed him off once and then lathered up her hands again. This time, she sank to her knees and took his large, thick shaft in one soapy hand and his ball sac in the other. Her fingers moved gently over him, removing all traces of the sweat from his workout, from the tip of his dick to the back of his ass crack. When she was sure he was clean, she asked him for the nozzle and sprayed the rest of the soap from his flesh.

Lisa pulled her younger brother out of the shower and wrapped him with a warm, fluffy bath towel. She patted his fit, slim torso down as she walked him back to his bed. When she had the towel arranged as she wanted it, Lisa pushed Matt gently down on his back and crawled up beside him. This time, she only tasted beylikdüzü escort bayan his sweet skin as she licked the side of his neck. “Mmmm…much better, Matty,” she sighed into his ear. “I didn’t see you around campus today. I missed you, bro.” Lisa snaked her hand down and wrapped her delicate fingers around his thickening shaft. She could feel the pulsing blood filling his magnificent tool as her fingers manipulated his sex and it made her desire even stronger. Lisa kissed her way slowly down her brother’s body, letting her hard, pointed nipples drag along his flesh until her cheek rested on his hip. She opened her mouth, her breath drawing his length into her, just between her soft lips.

“Oh no…no no no!” Margie giggled as she saw what her roommates were about to do. “I worked too hard on dinner!” She pulled her Master’s cock away from his sister’s mouth and popped it into her own for a quick taste. “If you don’t eat now, the dumplings will be ruined!” She tried to pull them up off the bed, but Lisa kept going back to her brother’s crotch. But the struggling stopped soon enough when they smelled the Taiwanese treats that Yuan Mai Ling had prepared for their evening meal.

Matt sat up and sniffed the air. Then he grabbed his sister and stuck his nose into her pussy and sniffed there as well. “Ma ma hu hu,” he said to Margie with a gleam in his eye. Literally “horse horse tiger tiger” it was the Chinese equivalent of “six of one…” and it set all three to laughing. Telling Margie that they would be up as soon as they dressed, brother and sister embraced and kissed deeply, promising each other they would continue their incestuous little encounter later.

Well after dinner was over and the three students had finished their studying for the evening, Matt called both girls into his room. The tall, trim young man was sitting at his desk, rolling some thin joints, wearing just a pair of cut-off sweat shorts when Margie and Lisa walked in together, smiles on their beautiful faces. Margie’s long, lustrous black hair and golden skin contrasted delightfully with the white ‘wife-beater’ tee shirt and little white panties she wore. Lisa’s smooth, tanned flesh and wavy dark brown hair played off perfectly against the black stretch-lace cami and boy shorts she wore. Matt loved that outfit on her — he could see the paler flesh of her breasts and shaved mound through the sheer, sexy material. As always, when either one or the other…fuck, anytime he was in a room with them…his cock started to grow. “Oh, Lord,” he sang to himself, “it’s hard to be humble.” He grinned and said, “Let’s talk.” Aside from Uncle David’s comments about future job and marriage plans, Matt told the girls pretty much everything that had been discussed earlier when he spoke with David and their father about the upcoming weekend. When he told Lisa that her favorite Room Service waiter knew she was coming, she responded with hardening nipples, a strong, pungent release of her scent, and a very wicked little grin. She turned to Margie and ran a fingernail lightly up the inside of her thigh. Margie moaned as Lisa spoke softly to her. “I know you think William and Henry are great…and they are…but wait ’til you meet these guys, baby. You’re gonna love room service!” Lisa moved her finger under Margie’s panties, feeling her moisture start to pool at the bottom of the hairless slit. She brought her finger back to her mouth, sucking the pearly drop off the tip.

“Wait, baby cakes,” Matt spoke firmly to both girls, his tone quite obvious. “Before we start this party, we have to get this weekend organized.” Both girls paid attention, as he knew they would, but they didn’t seem pleased. “At least,” he relented mildly, “we have to start.” Matt stood up and offered his chair. “Who types best while stoned, ladies?” Margie giggled and pointed at Lisa. Lisa nodded and sat down in her brother’s chair. Matt moved to his bed and rested against a pile of pillows by the headboard as he lit one of the joints he rolled. Margie lay across the bed on her side, propped up on her elbow, her face even with her Master’s hips. Matt took a hit off the joint and passed it to Margie. He exhaled and said, “Okay, let’s start with a list of everybody’s names…”

An hour and a half later, Lisa was playing with the formatting on the 3-day itinerary they had created for the weekend when Matt’s cell phone rang. He saw his new friend’s name in the caller ID and flipped the phone open. “Hey, J…how you doing?” He took a drag from the joint in Margie’s hand while he listened to Jamal Compton, the manager of the pool hall he and the girls had been hanging at lately. “She’s sitting about five feet away, J…should I put you on speaker?” Matt listened for a second longer and then pushed a tiny button on his phone and Jamal’s voice filled the room.

“Hey, Lisa, how you been?” Jamal rocked his voice down low, trying to sound like Barry White.

“Since bostancı escort bayan last night, lover?” Lisa giggled. “I’ve been just fine, thanks for asking.” She looked at her brother with a question in her eyes. He just shrugged. “Is there something I can do for you, Jamal?”

“Actually, little girl, there is. If, of course, you don’t mind,” Jamal started to ramble and then caught himself. “If you and your brother aren’t too busy, and it’s not inconvenient, I would love to visit you both and discuss your…lifestyle.”

“We would love to, Jamal. You know, Parents Weekend is coming up…you still interested in meeting our mother? Anytime after that would…” Lisa was cut off mid-sentence.

“I don’t mean to push, little girl…” Jamal interrupted, “but I have a very interested companion with me right now and she would love to meet you…now.”

Lisa looked at Matt for his reaction. He just smiled and nodded his head. “That’s no problem, baby. Who is with you? When are you coming over?”

Jamal chuckled into the phone. “I didn’t think it would be…you know, for white folks…you too, Mai Ling, if you there…y’all ain’t too shabby. Uhmm…” his voice got a little lower, “I know I told you I had a little brother…don’t think I ever mentioned Charisse. She with me now. She wants to talk to you, Lisa. Before you ask, she’s my beautiful baby sister.”

“I can’t wait to meet her, Jamal,” Lisa’s voice sounded so husky with desire. “When will you be here?”

“At your driveway now, pretty girl. Front door open?” The all heard the sound of a car outside shutting down.

“Mai Ling is getting it. See you soon,” Lisa closed the phone to end the call and she and her brother followed Margie upstairs to the living room.

“Oh my goodness!” They heard a young woman exclaim along with the sound of a kiss. “Jamal, please introduce me to this beautiful…uhmm, half-naked girl.”

Margie replied herself in her lilting Chinese accent. “My name is Mai Ling. You must be Charisse, Please come with me.” Margie took the young girl’s arm and brought her into the living room with Jamal trailing behind.

Matt stood in front of the couch, his long arm draped casually over his sister’s shoulder. His eyes opened wide as Margie brought their guests around the corner. She was freakin’ hottt!!! He held out his hand and felt how warm hers was as he looked into her strange green eyes. He pitched his voice only slightly, but enough to relax her. “No wonder J never mentioned you, Charisse. You are so much better looking than your brother!” Matt brought her hand to his lips, “I’m Matt and this is my sister, Lisa. Welcome to our home. Please, let me take your jacket. What can we get for you?”

“You might want to chill, little brother,” Jamal’s deep voice came from behind Margie. He held a bottle of champagne in one hand and a baggie of pot in the other. “Why don’t we open these and maybe we can just talk for a little while.”

A few minutes later, all five were seated comfortably in the living room. There was a glass of cold, sparkling wine for everyone and an ashtray with several joints. Matt lit one, took a hit and passed it to Charisse. She was indeed a beautiful young woman. Her hair was feathered around her face; it looked so soft framing her youthful visage. She wore a white silk halter that molded itself to her firm breasts, highlighting the young woman’s excited nipples and black leather severely low-rise jeans that contrasted with her café-au-lait skin, much lighter than her brother’s. Five minutes, a few sips and a few tokes later, Lisa asked Charisse how they could help her.

She spoke with a soft, musical tone. It was clear she’d had voice training and a good education. “My brother tells me that you are very close…for a brother and a sister. I find that I am very curious…and Jamal said you would be willing to talk about it.” She turned to her brother sitting next to her on the couch and kissed him on the cheek. “I’ve always loved him,” she continued speaking to Lisa and Matt as she moved her fingers tenderly over Jamal’s face, “but…I don’t know…” She turned back to Lisa. “How did you finally…get over…uhmm…you know?”

Matt stood, leaving Lisa on the love-seat across from the couch, and took Jamal into the kitchen. “Okay, J, level with me. Where we going with this? What you want from your sister, man? And may I say she is one gorgeous woman, bro!” Jamal told Matt he wanted whatever his sister wanted…no more, no less.

Matt pitched his voice with almost full control. “Tell me what you really want, Jamal.” The bald, macho, powerful black man felt compelled to answer the young man.

“I want to fuck Charisse the way you fuck your sister, Matt.” He stopped, looking stunned that he’d admitted his deepest wish so easily. “I mean…uhmm…”

“I know what you mean, J…the next question…what does Charisse want?” Matt paused as Jamal looked up sharply at him. “You know what I can do to…influence people, J. You’ve seen it with your own crew. I can influence Charisse, if that’s what you want. Or I can just make her really comfortable with the whole thing. But you gotta let me know, man.”

“Fuck, Matt…I don’t want to rape my baby sister…but, Christ, did you see her? She’s interested — I know it…just make her real comfortable, son…let’s see what gonna happen.”

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