Mata Hairy Ch. 1

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Even though the cold war is over I still am attached to the special groups for covert intelligence. Since my mother immigrated from Iran and I have Iranian and other Middle Eastern connections I have been attached to the Middle East section. The boss called me that I needed to fly to Baghdad and recover some important papers regarding the latest arms build up, as our mole in the Government was getting a little shaky. He was a high-ranking Government official with links in the ministry of defense. Not for nothing I was known as the “Mata Hari” of counter intelligence though more likely I was nicknamed as “Mata Hairy.” I couldn’t help it I was the hairiest woman in the agency. Ever since Peter had seen me naked when we were caught in an operation and stripped while being searched he has told almost everyone that I am extremely hirsute, which of course I am.

Maybe it’s the Iranian blood in me that gives me an Asian look but my underarms and pubic hair have been very hairy not that I am ashamed about it. I am hairy and I like my extremely bushy underarms and my pubic forest and mind you I like hairy men too. Nothing turns me on then a very hairy muscular chest and I have a strong love for well-hung men. One of my fantasies resolves around sucking off two men at the same time. Anyway I will never forget the lust in the eyes of the men and Peter too when I was stripped and humiliated. Peter ogled at the unusually long hair in my luxuriant armpits and my overgrown pubes. Instead of stopping them he was encouraging to feel my bushy underarms. In fact he was shouting, “Oooohhh how long and silky is her underarm hair. I wish I could lick and caress her underarms.” I was shocked and horrified at his depravity.

I gathered my documents for my visit to Baghdad. I of course had to highlight my Middle Eastern features and I do know a bit of Persian. My flight was via Islamabad in Pakistan where I was to meet our agent there who liaisoned with the high-ranking official in Baghdad, Ali. I landed in Islamabad close to midnight and antalya escort was met at the airport by guess who – Peter now stationed there. He was to accompany me to Baghdad. I was appalled. How would I manage to keep this sex-starved maniac away from me? The flight to Baghdad was at 7 in the evening the following day and after a laborious time consuming affair at the customs and immigration I went to his flat.

Peter as unusually quiet and did not bother me and I settled into the guest bedroom. I heard him making some calls and I slowly drifted to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I saw that Peter had actually sleeping next to me. To give the devil his due he did not do anything untoward and without disturbing him I got up and wandered around the flat. It was indeed very modest and had only one bedroom and indeed one bed, which he had given me. I fixed myself a cup of tea and made one for him too and came back into the bedroom. He was still asleep but what took me back was the massive bulge in his pajamas. He had without doubt the most enormous cock I could imagine unless he had stuffed a pillow in his crotch. I have seen and sucked several well-hung men but I had yet to see such a massive prick in any men. I was dying to open the strings of his pajamas and look at his prick.

I placed the cup of tea by the side of bed and he stirred and turned on his back. His pole stood straight upright as I gazed at his monster cock. I slowly opened his drawstrings and his giant cock sprang up. I’d never seen anything like it, except on a horse. Veins ran all through it, and it pulsated. His dick was as long and thick as any cock I could see. He stirred he was mumbling, “I want to see her hairy body. What bushy underarms. I want to lick her armpit forest” Was he referring to me. Anyway his monster dong twitched. I couldn’t stop myself as his cock sprang up like an angry lion as I wrapped my hand around the bottom of the shaft as I started sliding my hand along the shaft. His eyes were still closed and as I stroked alanya escort his cock, I stared at his balls. An irresistible urge to suck his cock filled me. I licked up his balls and up his cock until I came to the head. I looked at the hole on top, and I wrapped my lips around the head and started bobbing my head. I went slowly at first, but picked up speed quickly. Every time I went down, I took more cock into my mouth. Soon, I was swallowing almost the whole thing. Just when I thought I couldn’t take the last inch, he stirred and sat up and grabbed me by the hair and forced it down my throat. He was groaning. His teeth were clenched. I wondered what was happening. Then I felt the warm splash in my mouth. Then another. Then another. It was salty and gooey. I loved it. A little slipped out of the corner of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. He was now smiling but I did not want to let go off his cock. I wanted to keep sucking his enormous dong. He swiftly took off my nightie and stared lastly at my hairy body. I made no effort to hide anything as I lazily lifted my arms to let him see my bushy underarms. I wanted his dick hard and if my unusually hairy underarms could thicken his massive dong, which was semi-hard in my mouth, I would keep them aloft till his cock hardened. I didn’t have to wait long as his eyes were riveted at the extremely bushy hair in my unshaven pits. He reached out to pull at the long jet-black tufty hair in my unshaven pits. “Oooohhhhhhhhh” he moaned as he caressed the long bushy hair in my pits “What a lot of hair you have in your underarms darling” he groaned. His dick sprung up again so fast it slapped me in the chin. Shaking the hair from the side of my face, I licked his dick from his balls to the blowhole of his cock. Then I wrapped my lips around the head. I felt it pulsating again in my mouth. First I sucked him slow. On every down stroke, I took more of his salami into my mouth. He grabbed me by the head and made me take it all. It must’ve been at least alanya rus escort as big as my forearm. I could feel his dick poking my tonsils. His hands were now tugging at the wild untrimmed growth in my armpit jungle. I blew him with crazy fury. On every stroke, my mouth engulfed every inch of his dick. He moaned and grabbed me by the hair. I took out his cock from my mouth all wet with my saliva and looked at the large, purple colored mushroom and once again I scooped his cock up into both hands. He groaned deeply as I began to massage his hardening shaft and tug gently on his massive balls. I moved my hands up and down his shaft, squeezing him and tugging gently on his swinging sac while my lips and tongue worked seductively around the head of his dick. His hands had completely been hidden in my furry armpits as he bent down and put his tongue in the mass of hair in my unsheared underarms. “Ahhhhhhh” he gurgled as his tongue twirled along the long bushy hair in my unshaven pits. I wrapped my lips around his bulging head and swirled my tongue across it before taking him deep into my throat. He put his hand on the back of my neck and fucked his cock up into my mouth as I sucked and slurped his rigid member. I worked him over aggressively with my lips and mouth.

All this had the desired effect. I felt his cock swell between my lips. He tensed and shoved up into my mouth. I slid my fingers under his balls and pressed against his scrotum. Hot creamy seed began to fill my mouth. I swallowed it down my throat as quickly as he pumped it into me. I continued sucking him until he was completely drained. I sat up and wiped the excess cum from my lips and chin, then licked my fingers clean.

Ho looked totally satisfied and I thought his eyes had become a little soft. His flaccid member was still in my mouth as his hands hungrily roamed the lush jungle in my bushy underarms. He told me that the job in hand in Baghdad was fraught with danger and that I must be ready to fuck Ali the bureaucrat as well as the Minister Ahmed and his assistant Leila who was a very horny bisexual woman who was even more hairy than I was. He said that he had got through to the Minister by fucking Leila and since Leila was being fucked by both Ali and Ahmed my best chance would be to seduce them and get the vital papers.

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