Massage for my mother in law

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My wife Cindy had been asked last minute to go to a conference in the city so she needed to travel up the night before and stay at a hotel. My mother in law Cathy was visiting for the week and we were both a bit annoyed that Cindy was going, but it actually made more sense to be there overnight rather than getting up at a ridiculous time in the morning and drive the three hour journey to get there on time.

Cathy and I got on pretty well, and I have to admit I had a bit of a crush on her. Also the fact that being my mother in law somehow made her more appealing so I wasn’t too disappointed that I would have to spend an evening alone with her if I was perfectly honest.

Cathy had just turned 60 but I didn’t think she looked her age at all. She had shoulder length blonde hair, sparkling eyes, a killer smile and a cracking figure for a woman her age. I had often jacked off fantasising about fucking her, but of course there was no way that was going to happen.

Cathy had been out walking all day around the town doing some shopping and we talked over dinner about where she had been and what she had planned for the rest of her time with us. We had a couple of glasses of wine as well and I could tell she was feeling the effects of the alcohol somewhat, as was I.

After dinner we both sat in the lounge and chatted some more about this and that before she came up with a bit of a request.

“Dave, I was wondering if you might do me a huge favour?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well Cindy mentioned how good you are at foot rubs and my feet are absolutely killing me this evening after my long walk. I was wondering whether you would mind giving me a foot rub?”

My cock jumped in my pants. I was certainly keen to help her out, and I decided if I could persuade her into letting me rub her all over her body rather than just her feet.

“Of course Cathy, it would be my pleasure. Just your feet? Or would you like me to massage anywhere else?”

“Oh, what else can you do?”

“Well im not a qualified massuese by any standards but Cindy loves it when I massage her back. But i’ll give anything a go really. Shoulders, neck, legs, anything at all.”

“Hmm well my back is a little stiff come to think of it, would you mind?”

“Of course not. If you go upstairs and lay on the bed i’ll go and get the oil and I’ll also turn the heating up so that you dont get cold.”

“Will I need to take all my clothes off then?”

She winked.

“Erm, I guess it would be more effective to massage directly onto the skin, but you take off as much as you are comfortable with,” I replied.

“Great, ill let you know when im ready.”

She grinned, her eyes sparkling, and she almost jumped out of her chair disappearing upstairs into her bedroom and closing the door behind her. I went to the hallway and turned the heating up a few degrees and headed to my bedroom to fetch the oil. I also decided to change into a loose pair of shorts and a tshirt, just for comfort and ease of movement. After a couple of minutes she called out to me to let me know she was ready.

I went to her room and opened the door. My heart skipped a beat and my cock jumped again in my shorts as I entered the room. She had taken off all her clothes and was laying face down on the bed with a small towel laid over her bottom.

She looked up at me as I came in.

“Is this ok?” She asked.

“Perfect,” I replied.

I could barely hide my excitement. Here was my mother in law laying naked in front of me waiting for me to touch her all over!

I noticed my cock was trying to escape from my shorts so I tried my best to hide it by turning my back to her until I was ready. I went to the bedside table and placed the massage oils down and chose some relaxing music on my phone for a bit of background ambience.

I went straight to her side and started to apply the oil to her back.

“Do you like it hard or soft?” I asked.

“Oh give it to me nice and hard please.”

I grinned.

“Ok let me know if you want more or less pressure.”

“Will do.”

I started to rub the oil into her back but soon realised that I would need to stand in front of her to be able to reach both of her sides equally. I could see the sides of her breasts where they were pressed into the bed and my cock twitched again.

Aware that my cock was now fully straining against my shorts I nervously moved round and stood at her head, her face only a couple of inches away from my crotch.

I noticed her head move slightly, but couldn’t be sure if she had göztepe escort noticed my bulge.

I continued massaging her back, moving my fingers down her spine and bringing them back up her sides. I got a bit more confident and allowed my fingers to drift more down her sides, and they brushed against the sides of her breasts. There were no complaints from Cathy so I continued, making sure that after a few rounds I was fully stroking her breasts each time I brought my hands back up to her shoulders. Every now and then she would quietly moan or sigh so I presumed I was doing ok. I thought I would check.

“All ok?” I asked.

“Mmmm yes its lovely, thanks. Although could you possibly go a little lower on my back please?”


I moved my fingers further down her back. In order to reach all the way down I had to lean over her more, which caused my crotch to move closer to her face. Suddenly with one movement I noticed the tip of my cock touch her head. Again I wasnt sure if she had realised, but there were still no complaints. I reached down so that my fingers massaged the top of her butt cheeks and dragged my fingers up her sides, again touching the sides of her breasts.

She moaned and told me to go lower still. I wasnt sure how far I would be able to go before I was fully grabbing her ass, so I tested her to make sure I wasnt crossing any boundaries. The next movement I went halfway down her ass, and she moaned again.

“Mmm thats it,” she said.

I dared not go any further than that, but noticed that every time I reached down the towel covering her ass was moving further down revealing the top of the crack between her cheeks. Still hard, my cock continued resting against her head as I reached down, stroking her ass and her breasts.

I decided to switch it up so I concentrated on her shoulders and neck, which allowed me to step back a bit. However being stood up straighter caused the tent in my shorts to be more pronounced. As I massaged her neck I realised that I would need her to move her head. It was currently to the side meaning she was looking to my left, but I needed her to straighten it so that her neck would be relaxed.

“Could you straighten your head for me please? Hang your chin over the end of the bed.”

She did as I asked, shuffling forward on the bed slightly to make it more comfortable. This caused the towel to shift down further, revealing more of her butt. I looked down and realised that she was now looking directly at my cock, which twitched in response. Again she said nothing but allowed me to continue.

“I just need to bring your arms forward.”


I stepped to the side and took hold of her left hand, gently holding it, and guided her arm so that it came forward and rested over the edge of the bed next to her head. I reached over and did the same with her right.

Walking back round to the foot of the bed I stood at her head again. As I walked past her left arm her hand grazed the front of my shorts, knocking my penis slightly.

Again there was no reaction from her.

I continued and concentrated on her neck and shoulders, rubbing the knots out of her muscles.

After a while I could hear her breathing become heavy and I wondered if she had fallen asleep.

“Ill move down and do your feet now,” I said.

“Mmm-hmm,” she replied quietly.

I stepped to the side again, again brushing past her hand, and walked down to the head of the bed where her feet were. Picking each one in turn I massaged them firmly, making sure I really got my fingers in there to relieve any aching. After fifteen minutes or so I was done with them, and started to rub her ankles and calves.

“Would you like me to do your legs while im here?”

“Oh yes please, that would be lovely,” she sighed.

I figured I would need to move the towel slightly as it had travelled down over the tops of her thighs so I thought I better warn her.

“You can just take it off if it gets in the way,” she said.

My cock jumped again. She was giving me permission to see her ass, and from the way her legs were parted I was sure to be able to see her pussy too!

“If you’re sure?” I asked.

“Go for it,” she said softly.

I removed the towel and sure enough I was now able to see between her legs. Her pussy was beautiful! She had shaved, or waxed, and I could clearly see her labia which were glistening in the light and looking slightly swollen. Her clitoris was poking through the folds of the skin, staring at me. My cock was just istanbul escort about ready to leap out of my shorts but I somehow managed to keep it contained.

I concentrated on her left leg first, as I was able to reach it more easily from my position next to the bed. I moved my hands over her skin, pressing my fingertips into her muscles.

I started with her calves and moved up slowly to her knee and the bottom of her hamstrings. I edged further up her thigh until my fingertips were inches away from her pussy and pulled back again. I thought id be really pushing my luck if I touched her there.

In order to reach her other leg properly I needed to climb up onto the bed so I jumped up onto it and knelt, straddling her right leg. I repeated the massage on this leg before I was just about done.

“Thats about it,” I said. “Is there anywhere else that you’d like massaged?”

“If its not too much trouble would you mind doing a bit more on my back and sides?”

“Of course not,” I said. “I’ll do a bit from here before I move round again.”

“Ok that sounds good,” she replied.

I moved up her legs and knelt between them. Not only did it give me better access to her lower back but it also gave me a much closer view of her ass and pussy. I wished I had my phone on me so I could take a picture!

I leaned forward and resumed the massage of her lower back and her butt cheeks, using my thumbs to press into her. I rubbed my thumbs deep into her cheeks, which had the added bonus of parting them revealing more of her pussy and her little butthole. She moaned as I did this, confirming once again that no lines were being crossed and that I was doing a good job.

After I had spent some time here I needed to get off and move round to her head once again so I could reach her upper back and her sides. I took one last look at her pussy and climbed off the bed. My cock had remained rock hard this whole time and was showing no signs of getting soft.

I moved round and took my position at her head which was still hanging off the edge of the bed. I resumed the back massage again, moving my hands and fingers down her back and up her sides, again making sure I got a handful of her breasts.

Eventually she spoke, just as my hands were moving back up her sides.

“If your shorts are making you uncomfortable don’t feel you need to keep them on for my sake.”

I paused what I was doing, my hands conveniently resting on the sides of her breasts.

“Umm,” I murmured, unsure how to react.

“Here, let me help you.”

She reached forward taking hold of the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang up as it was freed, almost hitting her in the face.

“There you go, let the poor guy breath,” she said.

I chuckled. “Thanks, he was getting a little claustrophobic in there!”

“You’re welcome,” she replied, smiling.

She rested her arms back in front of her and I stepped out of my shorts, kicking them to the side. My cock was now pointing directly at her face and it throbbed as I continued rubbing my hands over her skin.

Seeing as I was now basically naked in front of her I suddenly became brave.

“Would you like me to do your front now?” I asked.

“Oh yes please,” she moaned. Without me needing to give her directions she rolled over onto her back, shifting back into the same place on the bed.

The back of her head was now resting just on the very edge of the bed and she looked up at me as I stared at her naked body. Her breasts were heaving, her pussy now completely on show as her legs were parted wide.

“Everything ok?” She asked, bringing me out of my trance.

“Y-yes, sorry,” I stammered.

She smiled and I started massaging her front. I rubbed the oil into the front of her shoulders, round her neck under her chin and moved my hands down between her breasts. I brought them back up her sides, letting my fingers trace lines underneath her breasts. I circled my hands back down her chest again, but this time I cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them and running my fingers over her nipples.

She moaned and I repeated the movements several times, noticing her nipples getting harder with every pass.

Eventually my hands drifted lower over her stomach. Again, in order to reach lower I had to lean over her. My tshirt started to get in the way so I took it off and threw it to the side. I was now totally naked.

I noticed she smiled as I leaned over her, my erection now at the side of her head level with kadıköy escort her cheek. I saw her eyes shift in order to get a good look of it close up.

I leaned all the way forward, my hands reaching towards her pussy.

“Lower,” she sighed.

I went a bit further but stopped before I reached the top of her slit.

“Lower,” she said again.

I took this as permission and reached all the way down, my fingers on the insides of her thighs and my thumbs resting either side of her labia.

“Mmm that’s the spot,” she murmured.

I pressed my thumbs together, trapping her lips between them, and drew them up slowly causing her to moan. I repeated this a few times and she parted her legs some more giving me better access.

I massaged her pussy some more, using my fingers to stroke her lips, occasionally running the length of my middle finger between them until the tip rested at the entrance to her hole. She was soaking wet and soon my fingers were covered with her juices.

She moaned as I gently rubbed her clit and so I began applying more pressure, rubbing it faster with one hand as I probed her pussy with the other.

Her moaning became louder and she began panting as I brought her closer to orgasm. Suddenly she cried out as her body started shaking.

“Oh fuck, yes right there, dont stop!”

I continued exactly what I was doing and she came, coating my fingers more with her juices.

She sighed as she recovered and I brought my hands back up to her breasts and massaged them some more. She turned her head so that she was looking directly at my cock.

“May i?” she asked, looking longingly at me.

“Please,” I said breathlessly.

She opened her mouth and licked the tip of my penis before sucking the head all the way in. I groaned as she sucked me in, soon taking the whole length. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard causing her to moan in return.

Using her right hand she began wanking me furiously and I could feel my balls start to tighten. I let her know I was close and she sucked me harder.

I held onto her tits as I erupted in her mouth. My cum spilled out down her cheek and she grinned as she kept me inside her mouth. She swallowed what she could and when I had finished she released me from her cum covered lips. I bent over and kissed her, thanking her for an amazing blowjob.

“Thank you too,” she replied. “Have you got any more in there for me?”

“I sure have!” I replied.

“Good, lay down here and let me climb on top of you.”

She sat up and moved over. I did as she said, laying down where she had been. She straddled my face and leaned forward, taking my dick in her mouth again, sucking me back to hardness while I kissed and licked her pussy.

She tasted so good and I was a little disappointed when she got off me, however the disappointment ended abrubtly as she spun around and straddled my hips.

She held my cock flat between her legs and started grinding her pussy onto me, making sure she stimulated her clit with my engorged head. She covered my entire shaft with her juices and lifted her hips slightly.

She reached between her legs and aimed me at her hole and in one movement she impaled herself with my cock. We both moaned as I filled her up and she sighed as she began riding me. I reached up and grabbed her tits again, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She sped up and relentlessly bounced up and down on my cock.

Suddenly she stopped bouncing and sat up straight, her eyes closed tightly and her head falling back pushing her breasts outwards. Her orgasm ripped through her and I felt her pussy clenching my rod. This tipped me over the edge causing me to cum at the same time.

I gritted my teeth as my own orgasm took over and I spurted jets of cum deep into her belly.

“Oh yes Dave, fill me up with your cum, give it to me!”

She collapsed on top of me as our orgasms subsided and I embraced her as my cock softened inside her, eventually slipping out causing my cum to dribble out of her down onto my balls.

We lay together for a while in each others warm glow before eventually she spoke, suggesting we go get cleaned up.

“Good idea, lets go have a shower together.”

She grinned and gently got off me, climbing off the bed onto the floor. I followed her and led her to the bathroom. We shared the shower together, our bodies close as we washed each other clean.

My cock hardened again as she rubbed it clean and I made sure I paid lots of attention to her pussy, rubbing her clit some more. We got out and dried each other off and headed back to bed.

We lay naked in each others arms, kissing and touching each other. We spooned and made love again, and again I came inside her, and we soon fell asleep, me cuddling her from behind, my now semi hard penis wedged between her ass cheeks.

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